my dear child I know life feels overwhelming right now worries and troubles swirl

around threatening your peace but I want you to know that I am here with you surrounding you with my

love and strength the challenges you face will not define you or Rob you of the good

things I have planned you’ve been through a lot already you’ve poured yourself out for

others giving generously of your time and energy and now in a season that

should be filled with blessings hardships are testing your faith but hear me do not be afraid what I have in

store for you is greater than anything you’ve lost I am the author of your

story I have allowed these trials because I am preparing you for amazing things ahead get ready to witness a

miracle that will leave you and your loved ones in awe they will be so moved that they will humble themselves

recognizing my love and regretting their doubts even those who questioned you will seek your forgiveness they may have mocked

your faith but my kindness is so great that I have come to personally demonstrate my

love so I am speaking to you now with gentleness and Care encouraging you to

remain calm and courageous hold fast to your dreams and don’t let the hardships of this world

frighten you there will be moments when it seems like everything is

crumbling While others are gripped by fear turning to hatred and abandoning

The Hope I’ve given you will stand firm like a tree planted by water you will

grow in wisdom and Faith bearing good fruit and your hope will

endure you will know peace protection and an abundance of spiritual blessings

even as others are consumed by anxiety and emptiness because they have turned away from my

guidance don’t follow the crowd Keep Your Home Free from strife and disagreements

distance yourself from those who try to make you doubt pay no attention to hurtful or

foolish words keep evil at Bay stay vigilant and courageous encourage your family members

to forgive and show kindness to one another so work on forgiving each other

I have already forgiven everyone and do not continually remind them of their wrongs I forgive and forget their

transgressions which I have cast into the the depths of the sea don’t keep reopening Old Wounds don’t dredge up

long past mistakes don’t stir up Conflict by rehashing offenses I’ve

already forgiven or by blaming one another for recent missteps forgive and

release and my holy spirit will dwell in your hearts those who truly love and

know me always strive to forgive and forget not allowing guilt or disputes to

dictate their em emotions behaviors or thoughts pay attention to my words be

faithful and heed my guidance and you will see your life transform for the better experiencing many of the

blessings I’ve promised come alive your emotions Won’t Be Shaken by

unexpected changes and your problems won’t bring you down I want you to live

in peace with a deep inner calm I’m not saying you’ll have a life without

challenges only those who are fearful desire a life without the need for effort or

responsibility time and again I have told you to work hard and be brave not to give in to fear or quit you don’t

have to be paralyzed by fear or plagued with doubt just as I have been with you in the past helping you overcome

difficulties I will do it again and again my love knows no bounds my

kindness is inexhaustible your life is secure with me your accomplishments are

recorded in my book your success is assured your Victory is certain tomorrow

I will once again provide the strength your heart requires I will pour out joy and blessings on your family the windows

of heaven will open and prosperity will rain down on your household tell me you

trust in the plans I have for you for nothing and no one can thwart them today

I reaffirm this Covenant between you and me be strong and and brave set your

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