my beloved child I want you to know that

no matter who you are where you are in

life how old you are or where you live

the blessings I’ve promised are for

you they’re yours to take hold of and

apply to every part of your

life if you look at your children and

worry that they don’t seem blessed or

favored by me don’t lose heart blessed

shall be the fruit of your

womb anything you ask in my name I will

do you’ll be blessed in your baskets and

bowls blessed when you come in and go

out all the days of your life this isn’t

a short-term deal it’s a permanent state

that you enter into and live in I myself

will make sure that any enemies who come

against you will be defeated they might

attack from One Direction but they’ll

scatter before you in seven

directions it doesn’t matter who rejects

you or denies you because I’ll just

raise up someone else to show you favor


acceptance what really counts is that I

will cause your enemies to be defeated

in front of you now when people oppose

you fight against you reject you or say

bad things about you you don’t need to


yourself I will take care of that for

you I will command my blessings on you


storehouses and everything you put your

hand to I Will Bless You In the Land

I’ve given you I will make you my holy

people set apart for myself just like I

promised you but you’ve got to do your

part too keep my Commandments and walk

in my

ways then everyone on Earth will see

that you’re called by my name and

they’ll be in awe of

you I’m going to give you

Prosperity I’ll open up the windows of

heaven and pour out my bounty sending

rain on your land right when you need it

and blessing everything you do

You’ll Be the One Lending money to many

not borrowing from them this is what I

want for you it’s the definition of

being blessed by me it’s not just words

it’s a reality that will unfold in your

life in amazing ways growing bigger and

bigger over time it starts as a Tiny

Seed of blessing in one area but it

keeps growing producing more and more

fruit and bringing me more and more


my blessing on your life will make you

the head not the tail you’ll always be

on top never on the bottom as long as

you carefully obey my commands if you’re

hearing this know that this is my desire

for you because it gives me the most

glory to make you successful to bless

you and to put an unbreakable Shield of

favor around you people might try to get

through that Shield wondering what your

secret is but it’s my favor and my

anointing that makes you different as

you grow in wisdom and maturity you’ll

gain favor with me and with people as my

favored and anointed child you can’t

lose you’ll always get what you’ve

prayed for or something just as good or

better that’s how it works when you’re

favored by me so I’m saying it now this

time in your life is called favored by

God and you won’t leave this place I’m

asking angels to be sent into your life

right now now to make sure that

everything you need for what I’ve called

you to do shows up right on time and

that everything you’re praying for or

something even better happens in your

life live in the fullness of this truth


child let your life show the world how

good and faithful I am how much I love

to bless my children beyond what they

can imagine may my favor rest on you

powerfully and may my name be glorified

through everything I do in you and

through you

my dear child from the moment you

entered this world I have cherished you

deeply though the world may not have

always treated you kindly or fairly my

love for you has never

wavered when others turned away I stood

by your side ready to guide you

forward as you grew and faced challenges

I was there to lift you up and give you

strength I cleansed you of the pain and

hurt you experienced anointing you you

with my healing

touch I made a sacred promise to always

be your protector and provider to Shield

you from harm and Grant you Abundant

Blessings it brings me great joy to see

you flourish and Thrive I desire for you

to have the very best that life has to

offer not just spiritually but in every

aspect of your

existence I want to Adorn you with

prosperity success and fulfillment

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

imagine yourself clothed in the finest

garments with elegance and Grace that

catches the eye of all who see you

picture your life overflowing with

abundance nourishing food comfortable

shelter and all the resources you need

to pursue your passions and purpose

visualize yourself surrounded by loving

relationships supportive communities and

opportunities for growth and impact this

is the life I have in store for you my

child a life of beauty purpose and

blessing a life where you radiate with

the confidence and Assurance of knowing

that you are deeply loved and highly

favored by your heavenly

father but this favor is not just for

your own benefit as you receive my

blessings and walk in the fullness of

the destiny I have for you you become a

light to the world around you your life

serves as a testament to my goodness and

faithfulness inspiring others to seek me

and experience the transformative power

of my

love I know that the Journey of life is

not always easy there will be times when

You Face obstacles setbacks and

challenges that threaten to dim your

light but even in the midst of these

trials remember that I am always with

you I will never leave you or forsake

you and I will give you the strength and

wisdom you need to overcome every

obstacle in your path trust in my love

for you my child

lean into my presence and allow me to

guide your every

step as you align your life with my will

and purpose you will experience the

fullness of my favor and blessing in

ways that exceed your

expectations I have called you to be a

royal priesthood a holy nation set apart

for my glory you are not meant to live a

life of mediocrity or struggle but one

of abundance purpose and impact embrace

your identity as my beloved child and

step into the destiny I have prepared

for you as you go forth in this world

carry my love and light with you

wherever you go use the gifts and

resources I have given you to make a

positive difference in the lives of

others and to advance my kingdom here on

Earth remember that no matter what

challenges or obstacles you may face my

favor and blessing are upon you I will

open doors of opportunity that no one

can shut and I will make a way where

there seems to be no way trust in my

goodness and faithfulness and watch as I

work all things together for your good

and for my glory my child you are

precious and valuable to me beyond

measure I Delight in you and rejoice

over you with singing you are the object

of my affection and the recipient of my

favor walk in the confidence and

Assurance of knowing that you are loved

cherished and highly favored by your

heavenly father may my blessings and

favor surround you like a shield

protecting you from harm and guiding you

into the Abundant Life I have prepared

for you may my love fill your heart to

overflowing giving you the strength and

courage to face every challenge with

unwavering faith and

purpose my beloved child I long for you

to experience the fullness of my

blessings in every area of your life my

heart’s desire is for you to enjoy the

very best the most nourishing food the

most comfortable home and a life

overflowing with

abundance why do I want this for you

because when you thrive it brings glory

to my name your blessed life points back

to me your heavenly father it’s a

testament to what only I can do for you

not something you can achieve on your

own trying to attain these blessings

through manipulation will only lead you

astray the things you gain will become

false Idols distracting you from me but

when you align your life with my ways

everything falls into proper order the

season of your life is marked by my

special favor upon you as you grow in

wisdom maturity and closeness with me my

favor will naturally Flow To You

spilling over to influence the people

around you as well I yearn to Adorn you

with my grace and shower you with both

spiritual and tangible

blessings I want to elevate you so that

your life shines brightly for all to see

like a city on a Hilltop that cannot be

hidden this is my will For You

especially as you tune your heart to my

voice know that you have entered a

season of unprecedented Divine favor

this truth may surprise you as it’s not


taught favor is not automatically given

to every believer at Salvation rather

it’s bestowed upon those who diligently

seek wisdom and maturity in

me as you prioritize this growth

aligning your finances relationships and

personal life with my word favor will be

your reward your salvation is secure in

me but experiencing the fullness of my

favor depends on your pursuit of wisdom

if you find yourself lacking favor

simply draw near to me and ask for

wisdom in every area of life I give

generously to all who ask as you listen

to this message I am equipping you with

everything needed to walk in enduring

favor this favor will span years of your

life not just a fleeting moment I have

entrusted you with this message because

I have a significant assignment for

you a role to play in my grand Plan of

Redemption my favor will surround you

like a shield protecting you from the


attacks as your Good Shepherd it is my

joy to guide you illuminating your path

and leading you to Green

Pastures even now I am dispatching

angels to war on your behalf thwarting

every scheme of the enemy meant to

derail you though the enemy May seek to

lead you astray my Angelic host will

form a hedge of protection around you

hiding you from his sight he will will

search for you but will not be able to

penetrate the Hedge I have placed around

you just as I did for my servant

job rest assured I will never leave you

or forsake

you my hand of favor is out stretched

toward you and I Delight in showering

you with blessings all glory honor and

praise belong to me for I am the source

of every good thing in your

life as you step into this new era of of

favor I encourage you to share your

testimonies with others your stories of

my goodness will inspire and strengthen

those around you and as you Faithfully

support the work of spreading the gospel

you are storing up Treasures in Heaven

your generosity does not go unnoticed it

is credited to your account remember I

am not limited by your current

circumstances I can do far more than you

could ever ask or imagine so trust in my

goodness even when you don’t understand

my ways I am committed to meeting every

one of your needs according to my


riches as you seow seeds of faith and

obedience you will reap a Bountiful

Harvest in due

season the law of multiplication is at

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