my precious child I come to you today bearing gifts of Tranquility fortitude

and understanding your heartfelt prayers have reached me and I am touched by the

purity of your intentions you seek guidance and you have chosen wisely in coming to

me first and foremost know that you are cherished exactly as you are I am aware

of your imperfections but I also see the genuine repentance within your your

heart your efforts to transform your behavior mindset and treatment of others have not gone unnoticed I have chosen

you for a life abundant with blessings though challenges may arise you will face fewer hardships moving forward my

Holy Spirit and teachings Grant you exceptional wisdom you are developing the ability to make prudent decisions

distancing yourself from those who masquerade as friends while stealing your peace faith and sense of security

from this point onward you will remain steadfast in the face of any obstacle you approached me today out of

necessity and you will depart empowered your countenance radiating with my

authority your eyes sparkling with joy and your grateful spirit and enchanting

smile opening doors and shattering chains I am poised to Lavish you with

copious blessings rise and embark on your journey I will bring virtuous

individuals into your life who will nurture your Spiritual Development and cultivate Harmony within your

home however be cautious of those who seek to seow seeds of doubt and division

attempting to drive a wedge between you and your loved ones yes you possess Faith but some in

your family remain skeptical not yet fully opening their hearts to me I

intend to work through you to demonstrate my love and extend hope to them I I bestow upon you the strength

and courage necessary to care for your family effectively always remember your need for me seek me constantly and

immerse yourself in my word and spirit in moments of Despair remember that

there is always hope for you and your family a steadfast promise of my protection love guidance and Abundant

Blessings your home will be enveloped in care and my love now do you accept my marvelous

blessing with joy and faith I find you utterly endearing

particularly in the way you communicate with me the manner in which you close your eyes in

prayer I cherish the moments when your heart swells with joy and divine happiness which I bestow upon you

alleviating any pain or worry after our time together I want you

to feel overwhelmingly loved you need not walk in sorrow or dwell on your

troubles my love for you is immense and today you will experience that love

profoundly I will demonstrate it to you proclaiming it with my mighty words if

anyone attempts to trouble you you will be instantly filled with my Divine love

if anything saddens you know that my comforting Embrace surrounds you erasing

your pain and filling your heart with joy your loved ones will take notice of your happiness and wonder about its

origin while those who oppose you will Retreat acknowledging their inability to

dishearten you a Divine Shield of protection encircles you and Legions of

angels stand guard over your home ensuring the safety of your family at all

times have complete trust in my love for you it is genuine and not merely a

figment of your imagination it is as real as the air you breathe more powerful and wondrous than

any miracle you could seek my love sustains you offering true

life the most precious gift of all your daily gratitude waking each morning to

thank me and placing your life in days in my care showcases your profound Faith

even when others doubt or ridicule you you stand firm believing in an all powerful God you cannot see embodying

true belief and devotion yet you are well aware that that I am real watching

over you and attentive to your needs with this Faith you possess you shall

rise living feeling and knowing that you are a child of the creator of the universe with immense confidence in

every step you take and a radiant face exuding happiness my dear child your unwavering

gratitude touches my heart deeply tomorrow I will be waiting to embrace you with my love once more even before

the break of dawn I know how much you cherish your children they are precious to me as well

I have inscribed their names faces Hearts thoughts desires errors battles

and dreams in my book I have not overlooked what they mean to you I wish

for you to have peace and to cease worrying about the decisions they have made are you concerned about their

straying do not fret over things beyond your control entrust your concerns to me

and focus on your own Journey excessive worry drains you and robs you of Peace

conserve your strength and Faith for I desire your prayers for them the time

has come for you to let go of what you must release the doves have grown and must now fly release them with

confidence let them spread their wings towards Freedom as long as you pray for them my protection detective mantle

shall always cover them accept what I say and have faith in my

will your mind is burdened with unnecessary concerns when you yield to the

temptation to control make decisions for your children or open or close paths for

them leave those matters to me there is a boundary they must not overstep the

honor of your family and your home which must always be upheld if if they Heir

silence is not your ally I will endow you with strength peace and the wisdom necessary for

conflict yet do not let anger guide your words be mindful of your speech for

words and actions can either wound or heal I have treated you with kindness

offering you love and salvation now turn your focus to your

beloved children trust me they May falter and tears may be shed but the

Salvation you have received will reach them too at the right time they will

face the limits I have set true remorse will Dawn upon them and they will return

home with blessings that bring joy and enrich your household gifting you further years of

happiness with open arms and Grace you will receive them back offering another

chance keep praying for your children and soon you will feel my peace surrounding you know that your children

rest securely in my care a blessing to your family the moment for healing has

arrived to appear in my presence and lay before me all Discord and all lack of

forgiveness it is time to cast aside differences and embrace a beautiful

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