SERIOUS ???? “NO! DON’T DO IT!” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | I LOVE JESUS |

my beloved child trust in me believe in my light my love and my

faithfulness I will never fail you always remember my grace and favor

surround you and I aim to bless you richly my love for you is boundless and

my loyalty steadfast no matter how dark your path may appear my light will guide you I

urge you to press on to live according in to my word and to keep

praying only then will you see my wisdom unfold in your life bringing success to

your path rise up once again open your heart and speak my truths Proclaim your

freedom let no curse bondage your chain restrain you for I Am with You illuminating your way protecting you and

showering you with love I will never leave you I am Forever by your side guiding and blessing every part of your

life even if doubts persist in your homes they will change once they see how deeply my love affects you and the

Miracles my healing brings to your life don’t be afraid to serve as my instrument if you face ridicule or

difficulties respond kindly and leave the outcomes to me take my hand and move

forward with me towards your blessings knowing deep in your heart that my love

for you knows no bounds we will walk this New Path together for you’ve

realized that fulfilling your dreams isn’t something you do alone the road may be filled with obstacles and

challenges but with me by your side it will feel easier and more manageable whatever you face will not

bring you down but will instead fill you with fresh strength and happiness with

me by your side day and night acting as your steadfast Guardian I will show you

that whenever you choose bravery and strive hard I will always be there to support you

walk with me and do not stray either right or left I want to guide you personally on this journey filled with

Miracles towards a destination rich with Wonder and joy where hopes are renewed

and blessings are plentiful it’s time to let go the burdens you’ve been carrying to give me

all your fears and worries I aim to clear your mind of

those heavy memories that have dragged you down as you listen L to my voice now

feel your heart being freed from despair your soul is healing tears wash away

your sorrow and guilt embrace my forgiveness it is yours to accept there

is no one else in the entire universe who can offer you such Limitless

love remember in life there are seasons for everything problems may arise and fade

away but what’s most important is that you make me a priority in your life I will handle your struggles and provide

you with the wisdom to make solid decisions and consistently find

peace however it’s time to stop trying to handle everything on your own you

need my assistance in all things that is the truth I urge you to take a break

from those efforts that cause you anxiety take a moment to reconnect with

me revive the dreams you thought were lost and rekindle your forgotten desire

desires I want to talk to you about a future filled with blessings that await you earned by your steadfast faith and

bravery and overcoming challenges your resilience and strong

character shaped by the sweetness of my love demonstrate your deep spiritual

sensitivity during tough times I have always been there for you providing comfort and strength helping you see

your purpose and Destiny clearly feed on my words in your heart love and respect yourself as I love you

and show the same patience and love to your family soon you will see the Miracles you’ve been hoping for even

those with difficult personalities will change and the lost will find their way

back to your home welcome them with love and understanding without judgment

remember you are alive and forgiven through my grace and love come to me each morning to be filled with peace and

wisdom by your strong faith I am bringing a Revival to your life it’s

time for healing to let go of old grudges and seek reconciliation and

peace let go of past thoughts and memories that drain your energy and Steal Your

vitality I love you and want to bless you richly dedicate the first moments of

your day to me and you will experience my love performing powerful miracles in

your life and in your family you will hear my voice and feel the warmth of my

words wherever you are bringing encouragement courage to your soul and

strength to your heart you need to be patient with everything happening in your life find peace within yourself

remember I’m by your side and will honor your faith everything that happens serves a purpose while you might not

understand it now when this period ends and you receive the blessings I’ve prepared for you you will understand why

it’s important to believe trust have patience and wait you have already

received many blessings because of your perseverance and there are more to come

I know you love me for who I am not just for what I provide you see me as your father your

God your lord your friend your creator continue in this way keep believing in

my word and my promises no matter what you face and always put put me first in

your life no matter what happens because I will not let you be defeated or

shamed choose your friends wisely and ignore those who try to discourage you

or steal your faith you won’t be in this difficult situation forever I will come

at the perfect time and rescue you I see your discouragement as these trials

sometimes test your faith but do not lose heart persevere stand strong soon you

will find your way back to the the path you need to walk the path that leads to my blessings I know waiting can seem

endless filled with many reasons to give up however I urge you to keep believing

the challenges you face today are shaping your strength and no one can take away the blessings and gifts I have

for you I love you if you provide faith I will perform Miracles if you accept my

love you show me your loyalty and commitment to follow my will there are are many beautiful things

I plan to give you and your family for your future and your well-being your obedience is a powerful

tool that clears obstacles and keeps your emotions and Spirits strong unwavering against

challenges you know my love well and you have often shown your

faith you operate on a higher level here we combine your faith loyalty and

determination to strive and never give up this is the attitude you need to

master and welcome the blessings I have for you my dear child I am here ready

don’t make me wait if others tempt you towards what they claim is better do not listen you

are a branch and I am the tree you must stay connected to me to receive the

nourishing strength you need for your dreams to grow and be renewed if you separate from me you will lose your way

if you move away from my embrace conf confusion will Cloud your thoughts if you ignore my words and advice disobey

my commands and forget my love you will fall prey to the adversary you won’t find words of

eternal life and Truth anywhere else this is your family this is your

home however there will be those who try to lead you astray they will use

enticing words trying to convince you that you don’t need me stay alert and be

prepared because the enemy comes to steal steal kill and destroy but do not

fear nothing will harm you if you remain in me I will provide everything you need

every blessing I give you has Eternal significance I’ve come to save you I do

not want your soul to be lost I will surround you with my power and protect you but you must promise not to give

your time or attention to those who might lead you away from your blessings my beloved child I understand that you

are seeking peace and harmony for your loved ones do not lose heart for if you

stay close to me you will soon see the results of your faith and my response to it the miracle you need is just around

the corner listen carefully to my words spoken with love even if some things are

unclear now hold these words in your heart I speak gently Without Anger you

have been searching for answers and I have given you space to live your life and make your own

choices when you ventured into the unknown you did not ask for my guidance or entrust your path to me you took

control and now as difficulties arise you question why I allowed them my

precious one I asked for your heart and for you to follow my path I asked you to

bring all your plans to me to feed on my word to seek my will you did this for a

time but then grew weary and chose to rely on your own strength you pursued a risky path for personal gain thinking

you were lacking something and ran from the true Joy I had prepared for you I

called to you in dreams at night and in countless Ways by day but you did not listen out of my great love for you I

stepped into your life you went into battle alone and because of your stubbornness you fell to the

depths there hurt sad and lost with tears and cries you called out my

name Jesus save me rescue me from this place my dear friend I saw your heart I

saw your childlike tears I accepted your repentance I reached out my hand and

rescued your soul from the pit beloved child I speak tenderly to

your soul if you want a life of true Faith you must stay connected to me

forever you have no alternative if you want Victory remain

United with my spirit always purified and shielded by the power of my blood

within the safe harbor of my love come my child come

home open your mouth and receive the bread of life which will renew your soul


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