my dear child rest assured that you are

blessed and loved by me the difficulties

you are experiencing now will soon pass

and you will find relief and peace I am

always here for you offering my guidance

protection and unconditional

love just as surely as the sun shines

after a storm I will lead you out of

Darkness into the

light have faith in my great love and

power which can overcome any

obstacle wherever you are you and feel

my presence simply close your eyes and

call out to me and I will hear you

whether you shout in desperation or


quietly miracles happen when you have

faith search the scriptures and you will

find my promise that through your belief

and prayers you will witness Amazing

Things become reality so do not be

afraid or lose heart ask me for what you

need and I will provide it speak against

Financial hardships and life stor arms

with authority drive out conflicts and

hostility from your home speak my word

boldly and with conviction for nothing

is impossible for me when it comes to

blessing you to strengthen your faith

and understanding of my word do not be

intimidated by those who oppose your

family many are trapped in their own

sins and loneliness prowling like lions

to attack and Rob innocent families but

stand strong with all those in your

household lift your hands praise me and

pray in my holy

name when I hear your faithful voices

your foes will scatter and be

defeated tomorrow wake up refreshed in

your mind and spirit push aside negative

thoughts and commit to diligently

seeking me no matter what you will make

progress and have hope for your family

even if you’ve experienced

setbacks it’s true that some may falter

in their faith over time but I am always

ready to forgive cleanse hearts and

souls and give strength to overcome

Temptation if they stumble again they

can humbly get back up ready to repent


change I will be here waiting for them I

know you are only human living in a

challenging world it’s difficult to walk

through mud and filth without soiling

your clean clothes with mistakes and


but hear this directly from me I am your

loving father and constant companion in

all matters of shortcomings mistakes

sins and forgiveness I am your strong

Advocate and

Defender you are truly blessed in the

Heavenly Court your sincere heart

guarantees your success for you have an

advocate who defends you a judge who

loves you and pardons your faults

because you have taken refuge in the

Salvation I secured for you on the

cross so tell me do you accept my

forgiveness will you gladly receive my

blessing will you leave the past behind

no more grieving those who have hurt

you what seemed like love became

Obsession and they skillfully ens snared

you with

lies but that is over and done with now

the painful memories will slip from your

thoughts and tomorrow you will not dwell


negativity get up and be thankful for

your life and loved ones and for the new

mercies I am arranging for you I am

elevating you spiritually to a place

where problems disappear when you close

your eyes and reach out to me I am

setting you free to strengthen yourself

and get ready for the new opportunities

that will soon bring wonderful blessings

for you and your

family but for now please confirm

wholeheartedly that you believe and

joyfully accept my love and blessing

today I am speaking to you with deep

affection and love feel your worries

melt away as you listen to my

voice pause for a moment to re

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