my beloved Child Focus your energy on what truly matters in life your loved

ones your spiritual journey and enriching Your Existence through my guidance communicating with me showing

kindness to others and practicing forgiveness even towards those who

continue to mistreat you when faced with confrontation respond with love and

compassion rather than anger or Revenge demonstrate the depth of your

love to them just as I willingly give myself for my children you are prepared to go to

Great Lengths so that your family can know me intimately be blessed and live with

freedom as the world continues to turn and Whispers of unrest spread do not

allow fear to take hold of your heart or the hearts of your loved ones I will

never leave you or forsake you remain Vigilant While others are consumed by

fear here you will bear witness to incredible Miracles unfolding before your eyes the trumpets are sounding

indicating that your deliverance is Drawing Near but for now continue to pray

believe strive and live life to the fullest do not be afraid of what the future may

bring trust in my promise nothing is too difficult for me

to accomplish I deeply value your love express your love for me as it brings me

great joy to hear it from you amen my precious child have faith in my

words all the challenges and hardships you have faced will soon fade away the

sorrow that burdens your heart will dissipate and never return A Renewed sense of courage and joy Will Spring

forth within you if you simply trust in my miraculous power hold fast to this faith you will

never be alone in this world my love will continuously surround you both day

and night I repeat these words to you daily so that your soul will truly

comprehend that there is a God in heaven who Shields you from life’s storms

keeping you safe and loved speak this word aloud trust meditate on it commit it to

memory for it is my desire that all of you learn to believe and trust with your whole heart it is the truth I love you

deeply have faith in this love demonstrate your faith to me in this very moment and when you find yourself

surrounded by troubles and fears feeling as though everything is crumbling around you remember that I am calling you to

trust in me bring your requests to me and I will provide for your needs have

confidence that I will answer you entrust your dream dreams your deepest desires and your aspirations to me and I

will be right there beside you guiding your every step I will never leave your

side not even for a moment I do not get distracted by trivial matters call upon me in your

times of struggle and I will be there to listen when life becomes overwhelming

find solace in my presence I am here to calm your worries and bring Tranquility to your heart

do not perceive me as distant for in my eyes you are precious and one of a kind

as you navigate through life gaze up at the sky the radiant sun and the gentle

clouds serve as reminders of how much you mean to me always remember that with

faith and trust in me All Things become possible embrace the blessings that are

available to you today Peace Love safety forgiveness understanding warmth

patience and comfort are all within your reach know that I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that you

live in peace to give you strength during difficult times and to fill your heart with courage do not be afraid each

morning you will awaken feeling refreshed and with a renewed perspective

move forward without hesitation and climb to the summit of that mountain no challenge that life presents

to you will be insurmountable that is why why you must place your trust in me nourish your mind

with my teachings and allow the spark of the Divine gift I have bestowed upon you

to shine brighter you will receive Abundant Blessings so that you can be a

blessing to others your enemies will see you and turn away as they witness my Holy Angels

surrounding and protecting you the forces of Darkness will hesitate to

confront you this is the spiritual height to which I desire to elevate you

so come listen to me today and return again tomorrow allow me to engrave this

message a new in your heart each day my intention is for these words to

instill unwavering courage within you tonight as you close your eyes you will

encounter me once more your spirit will be rejuvenated and your afflictions will

find Healing as you hear my voice comforting your soul in your dreams I will visit you I will speak with you

about the grand plans and awe inspiring wonders I will accomplish in your life rise up move forward March onward with

confidence Victory and blessings await you on the horizon abundant prosperity

and divine wisdom are yours I will place you among kindhearted individuals who

will support and encourage you countless opportunities will unfold before you do

not Overlook any opportunity that comes your way use this energy to to embark on new Ventures focus on gaining knowledge

and working diligently I have high aspirations for you as you grow spiritually make sure

your education also advances pay attention to my words never

forget the crucial word trust disregard those who spread negativity wasting

their time searching for reasons to dismiss my message ignoring my teachings

and refusing to trust in me choose to walk alongside me be

cautious of insincere friends who flatter you with sweet words but Harbor harmful intentions they do not desire

your happiness and will attempt to separate you from me if you encounter troubles come to me if you are weary

talk to me if you have any doubts or needs remember that I am always here ready to listen and to demonstrate my

love for you a bright future filled with blessings lies ahead of you you but

always keep in mind that your heart belongs to me and I seek your loyalty

faith dedication and Trust I have the final say in all matters so you can rest

assured your life is secure in my hands I will not let you

down people may have their opinions and say things about you but they cannot touch you their words will have no

impact on you I love you you will not stumble or be defeated

you will flourish I will heal you of any illness and I will bless your family

with abundance and Tranquility now is your time that is why my voice reaches

you who said you cannot change they are deceiving you with

jealousy in their eyes and envy written on their faces they told you that you would

remain the same that you would only worsen that failure was your only path

in that you deserved nothing but you chose to draw closer to me and although

initially you felt Unworthy of my love and doubted that I would ever notice you

you discovered that my words my faithfulness and my presence are

genuine Heaven showers you with an abundance of love the contempt you once

felt has been washed away by this overwhelming love I have replaced your

heart and mind with one that is pure and tender ready to love and Embrace

Life innocent yet as steadfast as a warrior your past no longer defines you

embrace your new self enriched with wisdom and patience I bring you peace and your role

is to pray and strive to eliminate old harmful habits and thoughts my

protection and Care envelop you day and night in the darkest times do not fear

falling my my light forms an unbreakable shield around you open your heart to me

prepare yourself for transformation and welcome my Holy Spirit who will guide you to the truth he will shape and mold

you just as a Potter shapes the clay fear and doubt have no hold on you your

heart has room only for my love do not give in to worry or uncertainty you are

cherished the promises I have made to you are unfolding my plans will Veil I

have the final say in all matters and I’m always by your side trust in my unwavering nature as solid as a rock

immune to the influence of others take a moment breathe in the Heavenly peace I

offer especially when time is pressing and you must depart carry this tranquil

peace with you and leave your worries with me you may feel unworthy at times

but my commitment to you remains steadfast out of love my view of you

remains unchanged you desire to come closer to me yet there is hesitation when it comes

to letting go of the burdens that cause your unrest doubts arise and you find

yourself still carrying that heavy load of resentment listen to my voice lend your

ear to this sweetness that heals you allow me to write and sew my word into

your soul hear me say I love you my beloved child I embrace you with open

arms holding you close to my heart as you set out on your journey today

remember that no matter what challenges you may face I am always with you my

love for you is unwavering and eternal when darkness surrounds you and

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