SERIOUS “GOODBYE” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my beloved child this is your heavenly


speaking I see your worries and fears

consuming you leaving you frantic and

Scattered but I have come to impart my

wisdom to

you wisdom is the most important thing

it shows you how to live rightly the

knowledge you gather is useful

information but I want to guide you into

a time where you actually live out my

word my word is precious powerful and

holds the answers you desperately seek

so stop reacting to situations with

Panic or by hiding away instead tune

your heart to my gentle guiding Whispers

as you heed my voice you will no longer

just react to life tossed about by

circumstances no I will transform you

into someone who thoughtfully responds

to struggles and joys

alike even now as you listen I am

removing the blinders from your eyes

allowing my light to flood in and chase

away the

darkness Deliverance is stepping into

your life receive

it you have searched so long for answers

wondering what you’re doing wrong but

the answer is simple you need more of my

word my

instruction I don’t say this to scold

you but to encourage you I long to use

you and make your life a shining example

of my goodness I have wonderful plans

for you plans to help you thrive and

have a bright future so don’t grow tired

of doing what’s right keep living with

integrity and at just the perfect time

you will reap amazing blessings I know

many of your days have been hard but I

am here now to lead you out of this dry

difficult season your time of feeling

trapped and alone is over I will nourish

your soul make time every day to savor

my word read it absorb it and then put

it into practice this is crucial don’t

just listen to my word and deceive

yourself actively live it out in every

part of your life as you hear my word

and then obediently follow it you will

grow and be set

free my word is the key to the Abundant

Life you

crave understand that you are in a

spiritual battle clothe yourself with my

armor look at your reflection and say I

am saved I am right with God through

Jesus my faith is my shield I walk in

peace and

Truth declare I know exactly who I am a

cherished child of the most high God


made I am telling you to fight today and

I’ve given you the faith you need now

take that faith and stretch it believe

for things that seem

impossible you are stepping into a new

season a season of breakthrough strength

and victory cling tightly to me and

watch in awe as I move mightily on your

behalf I will part the waters crumble

the walls and lead you into Wide Open

Spaces of freedom and

joy never forget that you are mine and I

am with

you my love for you is fierce unshakable

and Without

Limits I will be your Refuge your helper

and your source of

wisdom you can rest in the certainty

that I will guide your steps and provide

for your needs nothing is too difficult

for me so lift your head high Square

your shoulders and walk forward with

confidence not in your own ability but

in the power of my spirit within you I

am writing a story with your life that

will display my power love and Glory a

story that will draw others to me your

job is to stay connected to me saturate

yourself in my word and my presence talk

to me continuously pouring out your

heart and listening for my

response the more you get to know me the

more you will trust me and the more you

trust me the more unshakable you will

become so let me fill your mind with my

thoughts thoughts of hope abundance and

purpose let me fill your heart with my

desires desires to love radically give

generously and live

righteously and let me fill your mouth

with my words words that that Speak Life

bring healing and dismantle strongholds

as you do this you will see your life

transform from the inside out old

patterns and habits that pulled you down

will fade away replaced by the fruit of

my spirit blossoming within you love joy

peace patience kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and

self-control these beautiful qualities

will spill out into every area of of

your life touching your relationships

your work your leisure and your

service people will encounter me through

you and your life will become a beacon

directing others to the Hope found in me

alone this is my dream for you A life so

infused with my presence that you can’t

help but radiate my glory wherever you

go a life of adventure purpose and

uncontainable joy a life that makes you

glad to be alive and eager to see what

each new day

holds I am inviting you into this kind

of Life an extraordinary

life but it starts with small daily

choices choosing to prioritize me

choosing to obey me even when it’s hard

choosing to trust me in the face of

fear it’s in these little moments that a

life of greatness is

forged so rise up my child rise up and

take hold of all I have for you I will

be with you every step celebrating your

victories and catching you when you

stumble you are never alone and you are


loved let this truth seep into your

bones and ignite a Holy Fire Within you

until you burn with the unquenchable

conviction of who you are and whose you

are my beloved child just as I called

Abraham to venture into the unknown

trusting in my guidance and

provision so too do I beckon you to step

out in

faith embrace the journey before you

even if the path seems unclear at

first remember Abraham’s obedience

transformed him into a father of Nations

and his legacy continues to inspire

Generations sometimes I may need to

guide you toward your destiny with a

firm hand as I did with

Joseph though the path may be be marked

by challenges and trials know that I am

always with you nurturing your growth

and preparing you for the great plans I

have in

store awaken to the power of my love

which is the very breath that sustains

you my precious one I want you to

understand the depths of my love for you

it is a love that knows no bounds and is

not diminished by your struggles or

failings however I also desire for for

you to live a life of active Faith let

your faith be more than mere words let

it be evident in your actions and

choices when you align your life with my

love you will experience the fullness of

the gifts I have placed within

you I am the source of your hope even

when it feels like all hope is

lost just as a Tree finds nourishment in

the depths of the Earth let your soul

find its sustenance in in

me I will refresh you and cause you to

flourish radiating my light to all those

around you you are a vital part of my

plan just as Esther Ruth Sarah Joseph

and Rahab

were each of them played a unique role

and now it is your turn to rise up and

take your place do not let fear or

complacency hold you back take bold

steps forward knowing that I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand invest

in your spiritual growth cultivating the

gifts and fruits of the spirit within

you immerse yourself in my word

meditating on it day and night and you

will find success and blessing in all

that you

do as you rise up and step into your

god-given purpose my glory will shine

through you you will witness the

extraordinary let this knowledge ignite

a fire within your soul propelling you

forward with unwavering

determination my child I am opening your

eyes to see with spiritual Clarity and

your ears to hear the gentle Whispers of

my spirit I am drawing your heart closer

to mine aligning it with my perfect will

embrace the joy that comes from Walking

In step with me for I am the very source

of Abundant Life Trust in the process

even when the path ahead seems uncertain

I am your faithful guide leading you

through the narrow places and into

spacious places of freedom and

fulfillment resist the temptation to

shrink back in fear for I am always with

you holding you securely in the palm of


hand my beloved child in this very

moment in the precise circumstances that

surround you I have purposefully placed

you like a tender seed nestled in the

earth I have planted you with great care


intention I have prepared the ground

digging deep to create rivers of Living

Water that will nourish your

roots every aspect of your life every

situation you find yourself in is part

of my divine plan for your growth and

flourishing do not be afraid when

challenges arise for they are a natural

part of the journey stand firm anchored

in the unshakable foundation of my love

and truth truth trust that I am using

every trial and struggle to strengthen

you and shape you into the person I

created you to be the enemy may try to

discourage you but remember that I am

always working for your good what was

meant to harm you I will transform into

a powerful testimony of my grace and

Redemption I have chosen you my precious

one to bear fruit that will last your

unique gifts and experience Es are not

an accident they are seeds of Destiny

waiting to

Blossom as you abide in me I will

cultivate those seeds nurturing them

with my love and wisdom in this season

you may feel the weight of my pruning as

I gently remove anything that hinders

your growth trust the process even when

it feels uncomfortable or painful I am

making room for new life for an

abundance of fruit that will bring

healing in and joy to

many embrace the peace that I offer you

letting it settle deep into your

soul you no longer need to strive or

worry for my presence is with you always

I am leading you step by step into the

fullness of your destiny revealing New

Horizons filled with promise and

purpose as you walk forward in faith

keep your heart open to my still Small

Voice allow me to guide your every

thought and action trusting that my ways

are perfect surrender to the rhythm of

my spirit letting me set the pace and

direct your path remember my child that

you are not a puppet controlled by

circumstances or the expectations of

others you are crafted by my own hands

with meticulous care and boundless Love

In The Quiet Moments listen for my

whisper I am always speaking words of

affirmation encouragement and guidance

my love for you is constant and

unwavering a River of Life that flows

from my heart to

yours you are my beloved created in my

image and likeness you carry my light

and my love wherever you

go never doubt your worth or your

identity in me I have set you free from

the chains of fear insecurity and

self-doubt my love casts out all fear

replacing it with a holy reverence in

awe I am your father your Creator and


Redeemer in me you will find the courage

and strength to embrace your true self

and live out your god-given

purpose so my child hold fast to these

words let them take root in your heart

and mind shaping the way you see

yourself and the world around you trust

in my unfailing love and allow it to be

the compass that guides you you through

every season of life in my presence you

will find the peace joy and purpose that

your soul Longs

for walk forward with confidence knowing

that I am guiding your every step

embrace the unique path I have carved

out for you trusting that it leads to a

life of abundance and

significance remember these words and

let them take root in your

heart allow them to shape your thoughts

your actions and your

dreams you are loved you are chosen and

you have a glorious future ahead of

you my beloved child today you and I are

connecting in a powerful way I am

joining my life to

yours everything you need to grow strong

and Thrive I provide for you

now my love washes over you making you

clean and whole I sacrificed myself to


you have faith the faith you need is

already inside of you because I put it

there now rise up and act plant yourself

and build your life where I’ve placed

you remember

Abraham when I told him to go to an

unknown place he went without question

he figured it out along the way trusting

me so trust me now and take a step

forward don’t be afraid this world is

not yourth true home I have something

far greater in store for you something

that will Amaze you but for now live

fully in this moment breathe deep take

in the beauty all around

you I want you to enjoy the Abundant

Life I died to give

you when you follow me Faithfully

blessings and favor flow into your life

doors open opportunities come I connect

you with others who walk in my favor

these connections have a holy purpose to

grow my kingdom on Earth I’m bringing my

power back healings miracles signs and

wonders I’ve called you I’ve given you

everything you need to make a difference

in someone’s life that’s why I made you

and when you put me in my ways first

I’ll take care of everything else your

needs your health your peace of mind I’m

setting you free from things that have

trapped you for so long like I sent an

angel to rescue Peter from prison I’m

sending my spirit to move you to the

right place stay rooted in my word it

will save your soul my Living Word will

work wonders in your life read it and

you’ll see amazing things happen right

before your eyes get ready because

things are going to start happening fast

dreams will come true quicker than you

imagine keep your eyes on me and you’ll

have perfect peace be full of joy

because the things you’ve hoped for are

about to become real I love you so very

much I’m watching over you singing over

you healing you I am your God who

provides your God who heals your God who

is more than enough your God who is

peace my precious child I want to share

with you the incredible blessing of the


portion throughout scripture I have

bestowed this special gift Upon My

Chosen One ones and today I am offering

it to

you just as I loved Hannah and gave her

a double portion despite her struggles


infertility I see your pain and your

heartache I know the areas of your life

where you feel lacking or

unfulfilled but take heart my child for

I am the god of abundance and I desire

to pour out my blessings upon you in


measure remember my servant Elisha

who boldly asked for a double portion of


Spirit he understood the power and

significance of this

request when you seek me wholeheartedly

and ask for a double portion of my

spirit I will grant it to you I will

equip you with the wisdom strength and

anointing you need to fulfill your

god-given purpose and impact the world

for my kingdom I Am The God Who restores


redeems just just as I gave job double

for his trouble I will take the

struggles and challenges you have faced

and use them for your good I will

restore what the enemy has stolen and

multiply your blessings beyond measure

trust in my plan and my timing for I am

working all things together for your

benefit as you walk in obedience and

surrender to my will I will open the

windows of heaven and pour out blessings

upon you that you cannot contain

I will give you a double portion of joy

peace and provision you will experience

the Abundant Life that I have promis to

all who follow me remember my child that

as a believer in Christ you are a

firstborn son or daughter in My

Kingdom you have the right to a double


inheritance claim this promise and walk

in the fullness of all that I have for

you do not settle for less than my best

for I am able to do exceedingly

abundantly above all that you could ask

or imagine I am calling you to a life of

greatness and

impact as you receive your double

portion use it to bless others and

Advance my

kingdom be a light in the darkness a

voice of Hope to the Hopeless and a

reflection of my love to all you

encounter your double portion is not

just for your own benefit but for the

benefit of those around around you so

rise up my child and claim your double

portion believe in my goodness and my

faithfulness trust that I am able to do

far more than you could ever dream or

imagine as you walk in obedience and

surrender to my will I will pour out my

blessings upon you in double

measure I am your father your provider

and your source of all good things I

Delight in blessing my children and

giving them the desire of their hearts

receive your double portion with

gratitude and joy knowing that it comes

from my hand of love and

favor I am with you always my child I

will never leave you nor forsake you I

will guide you strengthen you and

Empower you to live a life of purpose

and significance keep your eyes fixed on

me and watch as I multiply your

blessings and use you to impact the

world for my glory with all my love your

heavenly father

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