SERIOUS “DON’T TEMPT FATE BY…” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | G

my beloved child child of the most high

a great battle rages

unseen a cosmic struggle for the very

Souls of

humanity and you beloved find yourself

caught in the midst of this Timeless war

between light and

darkness the enemy that ancient serpent

seeks to ensnare you to bind you with

chains of Despair and doubt his weapons

are many trials and tribul ations

heartache and pain Temptation and deceit

but fear not for I have not left you

defenseless in the Arsenal of Heaven

There is a weapon mightier than any the

enemy can forge in the fires of hell and

that weapon my child is my word Eternal

unshakable alive with World shaping

power and this day I call you to take up

the sword of the spirit and wield it

with holy

boldness in this journey called life

there will be moments when the path

ahead seems shrouded in

uncertainty when the challenges you face

threaten to overwhelm your weary

soul but amidst the Shadows I whisper to

you a Timeless

truth the answers you seek the strength

you need the wisdom to navigate every

trial it all flows from one sacred

Source my word just as a map guides a

traveler through Uncharted lands

Illuminating the clearest route to their

destination so too does my word light

your way it is a beacon forever shining

forever true a Divine compass pointing

ever toward home in a world of Shifting

Sands and fading fancies my word stands

unshakable a foundation of stone upon

which you can confidently build your

life my cherished one I have gifted you

with the ultimate guide for life my

living breathing word within those

sacred Pages lie the answers to every

question your heart could ever ask the

solutions to every problem you will ever

face I have not left you defenseless or

alone wandering aimlessly through a

Labyrinth of confusion no I have

provided the very keys to unlock

wisdom’s door but like any test success

Li Li not in mere possession of the

answers but in the diligent application

of that

knowledge it is not enough to Simply

read my words you must absorb them into

the very marrow of your being allowing

them to shape your thoughts guide your

steps and transform your heart as you

meditate upon my truth day and night it

will become a part of you woven into the

fabric of your soul and oh what Joy

awaits Those Who hide my word in their

hearts for in the midst of life’s

tempests when the Winds of adversity

rage and the waves of Sorrow threaten to

pull you under my words will rise within

you a Lifeline of Hope and strength in

those moments you will find my promises

are Not Mere platitudes but anchors that

hold fast unbreakable cords of Love

tethering you to my unwavering

faithfulness yet I know my child that

there will be times when doubt Creeps in

when the en Whispers lies and the

world’s Allure beckons you to stray from

the path of

righteousness in those moments remember

this my word is not a rule book of

restrictions but a letter of Liberation

every command every statute every

precept flows from the depths of my

heart a heart that desires nothing less

than your absolute flourishing when

Temptation comes knocking offering

fleeting Pleasures that leave the soul

empty and a speaking Let My Words Be

Your shield and strength wield them like

a sword cutting through deceptions fog

revealing the truth that sets you free

for I have called you to life abundant a

life rooted in my love nourished by my

grace and overflowing with the fruit of


spirit as you step out into the world

each day armed with the power of my word

know that I am with you my presence a

constant companion on this journey of

Faith just as the sun rises each morning

painting the sky with the brilliant Hues

of Promise so too does my Mercy greet

you a new with each Dawn my compassion

never fails my faithfulness reaches to


heavens so let your heart be filled with

courage Your Mind Anchored In Truth and

your spirit empowered by The Living

Word walk boldly in the light of my love

confident that no matter what Trials

come your way I will guide you through

for I am the Good Shepherd and my rod

and staff comfort and protect leading

you beside Still Waters and restoring

your soul and as you navigate the twists

and turns of this Earthly Journey may

your heart find rest in the knowledge

that I am preparing a place for you a

Heavenly home where every tear will be

wiped away and sorrow will be no

more there in the radiant light of my

presence you will at last see fully know

completely and love perfectly so fix

your eyes on the Unseen my beloved and

let your heart be captivated by the

Eternal for the things of this world are

but a Mist Vanishing like the morning

dew but my word endures

forever it is the solid rock upon which

you can stand the unshakable foundation

that will never fail and when the final

trial of life life draws near when you

stand before me face to face you will

discover the ultimate truth that every

trial every test every challenge was but

a gentle teacher urging you ever closer

to my

heart in that moment as you look back on

your life you will see how it was woven

together by my loving hand creating a

masterpiece of Grace and Redemption so

take courage my child and let your heart

swell with hope for I have given you the

words of Life a treasure beyond measure

a lamp to your feet and a light to your

path cling to them cherish them and let

them guide you home to the safety of My

Embrace and always remember my love for

you knows no bounds it is a love that

conquers death a love that moves

mountains A Love That Will Never Let You

Go you are mine now and forever and

nothing can separate you from the

intensity of My Affection so go forth my

precious one armed with the sword of my

word and the shield of Faith be strong

and courageous for I Am With You Always

even to the end of the age and as you

walk in obedience and trust you will

find that every step brings you closer

to the Abundant Life I have planned for

you A life overflowing with joy peace

and purpose

May My Words Be The Very breath you

breathe the heartbeat of your existence

the compass that guides you through

every Valley and over every Mountain for

as you abide in my word and my word

abides in you you will bear much

fruit fruit that will last fruit that

will nourish a hungry World desperate

for hope so let your light shine my

child reflecting the radiance of my

truth be a beacon of love in a world

shrouded in

darkness a vessel of Grace in a land

parched and thirsty for

Redemption and as you do you will

discover the secret to a life well-

lived a life rooted in my word nourished

by my love and overflowing with the joy

of my presence for I am the Alpha and

the Omega the beginning and the end the

author and perfector of your faith and

my word my precious powerful word will

guide you every step of the way until at

last you are welcomed into the glory of

my eternal

Embrace so hold fast to my words my

beloved and let them be the anchor for

your soul the source of your strength

and the Wellspring of your joy for in

them you will find life abundant and

everlasting a life that surpasses your

wife wildest dreams and deepest

longings I love you with an everlasting

love my child and my word is the very

expression of that love cherish it live

it and let it transform you from the

inside out for as you do you will

discover the power to overcome every

obstacle the wisdom to navigate every

Challenge and the peace that surpasses


understanding this is my promise to you

written in the pages of my word Ed upon

the tablet of my heart you are mine and

I am yours forever and always so Let My

Words Be Your guide your comfort and

your joy as you journey through this

life and into the Glorious eternity that

awaits when the enemy Whispers lies into

your mind lies that say you are unloved

unworthy Unforgiven you must learn to

recognize his voice for his native

tongue is falsehood and there is no

truth in

him beloved those poisonous words are

not my words for you my words bring life

and light and glorious Freedom so train

your spiritual ears to hear my voice

above all others immerse yourself in the

life-giving waters of scripture drinking

deeply from the Wellspring of wisdom on

every page like a master Craftsman

commits his tools to memory so you must

hide my words in your heart line upon

line precept upon precept day after day

sowing seeds of Truth in the fertile

soil of your soul there will be Seasons

when you feel your strength fading your

spiritual vitality sapped and drained

weariness will come discouragement will

Claw at your resolve the enemy will

press in close his breath hot against

your neck but in those moments of

trembling weakness my word will be an

unbreakable anchor for your storm toost

heart remember this immovable truth I

will never abandon you to fight your

battles alone even in the deepest

valleys the darkest nights the loneliest

wildernesses I am with you always your

everpresent help your Mighty

deliverer and when you cannot take

another step I will carry you so let

your spirit be infused with my words of

promise I will never leave you nor

forsake you breathe in that unbending

declaration and feel your courage

rise greater is he that is in you than

he that is in the world let that

Assurance course through your veins like


fire no weapon formed against you shall

prosper wrap your heart in the

Invincible armor of that

truth as you saturate your mind with

scripture you will find your perspective

trans transformed your vision cleared of

the enemy’s smoke and

mirrors lies and Hal truths will be

exposed by the Searing light of divine

revelation and gradually you will

discern with greater Clarity the schemes

and strategies of spiritual

foes resist the urge to cower in dread

or ring your hands in

worry for I have not given you a spirit

of fear but of power and love and a


mind so each day choose to fix your eyes

is on things above not on Earthly

trials look past fleeting circumstances

to the unchanging character of your

God train the eyes of your heart to see

the Unseen to perceive my fingerprints

in your story even when the pages feel

stained with tears and in those pages

you will find me in the beauty of a

glorious Sunrise spilling color across

the Horizon I am the light that shatters


in the gentle caress of an evening

Breeze I am the comforter who soothes

wounded souls in the mighty Roar of

ocean waves I am the voice that commands

galaxies yet Whispers words of love to

you in the Sheltering bows of a towering

Oak I am your Refuge your safe haven

from every raging

storm in the sweet fragrance of a rose I

am the one who causes all things to work

together for your good

beloved there is no corner of creation

that does not bear witness to my

presence my power my passionate pursuit

of your

heart so let my word awaken your

spiritual senses let it illuminate My

Endless evidence of Grace in your life

let it attune your soul to the frequency

of my faithfulness until the static of

the enemy’s lies Fades

away as you learn to abide in my word

you will will discover a deep reservoir

of strength for the battles you face not

a fragile fleeting strength that Withers

under pressure no this is an unshakable

strength forged in the fires of

adversity tempered by the hammer of my

truth on the Anvil of your soul it is

the strength that empowered young David

to slay Giants the strength that enabled

Daniel to stand uncompromising among

Lions the strength that propelled Peter

to walk on wind whipped waves and that

same strength child of my heart is yours

so let my word be the lens through which

you view your struggles let it Define

your identity not your insecurities let

it shape your thoughts not your fears

let it fuel your faith not your doubts

and let it ignite a holy resolve within

you a resolve to not simply survive but

to thrive to flourish to rise

victoriously above every onslaught of

the enemy remember you are not defined

by your past failures or present

weaknesses you are defined by the blood

of calvary’s lamb and the power of His

Resurrection Life within you in me you

are a new creation the old has passed

away in me you are more than a conqueror

no matter how many times you have felt

defeated in me you have a hope and a

future even when your current chapter

feels clouded with

uncertainty cling tightly to these

truths in the face of the enemy

attacks wield them with bold Authority

for they carry the weight of Eternity

and as you do you will find your spirit

fortified your resolve reinforced your

faith Rising like a shield to extinguish

every flaming arrow of the evil one but

beloved hear my heart this battle is not

one to be fought with gritted teeth and

white- knuckled

self-effort it is a battle to be waged

on your knees in the secret place of

Prayer for it is there in that Holy

Sanctuary that my word takes deepest

root it is there that strongholds are

broken and shadows are banished and

chains are shattered it is there that

you will find your fiercest weapons and

your sweetest communion with me so come

to me weary Warrior bring me your

burdens your fears your scars bring me

your Mustard Seed Faith and your

faltering prayers and in exchange I will

give you rest for your soul soul I will

pour my love into every wound I will

whisper my words aresh into your aching

spirit and I will Infuse you with

strength to scale any wall face any

giant withstand any fiery

trial for you child of my heart were

born for this battle destined for this

glorious purpose equipped with my word

as your sword and my spirit as your

guide and I promise you no matter how

hot the forge or Fierce the fight I will

be with you shielding you strengthening

you upholding you with my righteous

right hand so take courage precious one

fix your eyes on the finished line stand

firm in my truth wield my word with

tenacious faith and fierce devotion and


forget you are forever loved forever

secure forever victorious in me let the

battle rage let the enemy roar I have

overcome and in me so will you

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