my beloved child I am always with you

communicating in countless ways through

gentle Whispers that breathe life into

your soul through comforting words of

Love That soothe your

spirit day and night I will keep filling

you with liberating truth so you can

awaken to your true identity and

overcome every

challenge you are mine you are my

Valiant Champion my loyal and obedient

Warrior I give you enourage and Empower

you as you march forward I am attentive

to your prayers I hear your please you

seek me diligently with a genuine and

pure heart you come before me humbly

asking boldly because you trust in my

love for you and believe my answer is on

the way your heart’s cry will find

Solace your spirit is calm and sincere

and soon you will experience my presence

you don’t have to wait for heaven to

witness my glory you already have access

to incredible

blessings wherever you are your faith

and faithfulness will unleash Mighty and


wonders I will provide you with the best

nourishment and the sweetest Delights

always giving beyond what you

request keep moving forward don’t stop

as numerous blessings are on rout go out

to meet them you will be ready to

welcome them your fervent prayers and

brave battles will yield immense

blessings treasure this chance you have

life I am strengthening you don’t

retreat persist in prayer and diligent

honest work entrust your heart and

allegiance to me pursue my presence and

all your needs will be met make it a

habit to listen to these messages daily

open your heart and I will Infuse it

with Faith and Hope as you journey

through life and face trials the enemy

will try everything to erode your faith

undermine your confidence and break your

spirit but remember no one is mightier

than the holy and almighty God who

deeply loves you the enemy seeks to harm

you but his attempts will always fail

his schemes won’t succeed he will be

defeated and those who stand against you

will be

disgraced I want you to recognize and

feel in your heart your true

identity not the person the world

pressured you to be

come you were never a bad or negative

individual you opened your heart to me

and I transformed you giving you a fresh

start so love

yourself face challenges resolutely and

remain faithful to my teachings remember

my commands and always bear in mind that

I am your father if I welcomed you with

love even when you were lost I’m even

more welcoming now I am always here with

open arms ready to pardon you if you

turn away from your sins and your past

mistakes will be completely

erased have the same trust as a little

child who not yet knowing how to worry

rests and sleeps peacefully trusting

that someone will care for them and


needs similarly entrust your faith to me

it is the greatest gift you can give me

embrace these words inspired by my love

and written with affection for you who

always listen to me who close your eyes

and choose to believe who are not

ashamed of your faith let every word you

hear warmly Comfort your heart with

healing love in the world there is much

Despair and

hopelessness people struggle for basic

necessities they Envy those at peace

consider themselves wise and clever yet


unfulfilled they live anxiously feel

lost seek countless answers and follow

misguided paths but they refuse to

believe that there is an almighty God

who loves them with an everlasting love

and waits for them with open

arms I have chosen you because of your

simple and sincere heart you have stayed

with me not straying even when you’ve


mistakes you understand that nowhere

else will you find this kind of love and

these welcoming arms ready to give you


chance be patient listen to these words

every day and take the time you need

carve out a special place and time in

your busy schedule every minute you

spend with me will be

multiplied I will perform incredible

Miracles you didn’t even ask for I will

take you to places you never imagined

and open doors you thought were

permanently closed my promises are

trustworthy and my words are true the

words you hear are reaching your life

one by one and they will not return to

me without accomplishing what I intend

they are filled with your faith

intertwined with your prayers moving my

heart I love you and will always bless

you abundantly so much that your despair

will end

forever listen to these words of

blessing that bring peace to your soul

and strength to your

heart sit with me and let’s look at the

Horizon filled with beautiful blessings

while you share your dreams with me I

hope you haven’t forgotten them I

remember them

when you were small I planted the dreams

in your thoughts of the things you

wanted to do when you grew up your

desire to be happy and explore far away

places you were so full of joy but as

you Grew Older your smile

faded I understand it’s not your fault

what has happened to you you were taught

to carry a burden on your shoulders that

wasn’t meant for you while the real

culprits those who were supposed to

support and guide you washed their hands

of responsibility and left you

alone I waited quietly watching as the

flame I placed within you lit up your

nights of sadness and showed you a

glimmer of beautiful hope you knew that

being rejected by people was not the end

for you you felt something inside that

you couldn’t

explain you had to keep moving forward

to overcome all your obstacles and you

longed to leave your place of suffering

and board a ship that would take you far

away I watched you moved by your actions

you’re not selfish only thinking of

yourself you aim to grow to succeed and

one day you hope to return and help many

of those you love I knew you already you

carry the seed of life in your heart

your whole being is enveloped by my Holy

Spirit and all the trials you’ve endured

have prepared you to reach this

moment I love you and I believe in you I

know you can achieve what you set out to

do do and you don’t give up easily I’ve

seen you cry struggle against fear and

anxiety but as the night faded the new

light of day brightened your face and

with a fresh smile you stood up it’s my

child the angels of heaven declared

watching closely and ready to support

you to keep you from falling and assist

you in any way to realize your dreams

you call out to me I answer I reveal

Supernatural insights I give you

strength I’m still touched by your

bravery and I must bless you abundantly

I have no choice I’m faithful to my word

and I fulfill my

promises you have shown enough maturity

and commitment and you are ready to

ascend to a unique and higher spiritual

level don’t compare yourself to others

what you have now is enough you have

your own dreams focus on them and don’t

waste time feeling inadequate because of

someone else’s success whether whether

it’s real or not let others chase their

dreams but you should stay grounded in

reality you have worked tirelessly

without a break your efforts won’t be

forgotten or just remain notes on Dusty

paper you didn’t come this far only to

fall back I brought you here to claim

your land of blessings the beautiful

goals you’ve worked so hard for will be

achieved and

multiplied you and your family will be

blessed abundantly even as others around

you Lament their

hardships yet you will praise my holy

name for your

Prosperity while many mourn lost

opportunities your mind is like fertile

soil to me every morning when you listen

to my voice I am planting seeds that

will soon grow into new

ideas the gates and windows of heaven

will open your heart will witness this

immense love and you will not turn back

failure will cease to exist in your life

because my presence is so powerful that

you will find your only direction is to

turn here listening to my

word every day you will truly find

happiness whether the skies are cloudy

or sunny as you wake up driven by a

powerful determination inspired by

Divine guidance you may find yourself

feeling stronger more energetic and full

of ideas that seem divinely

inspired try to release your fears and

anxieties have the confidence to speak

with people in positions of authority

remembering that they are human just

like you reach out to others with

kindness and a smile and you may be

surprised at how they open up to you in

return your positive words and actions

can brighten people’s day in meaningful

ways remember that the obstacles and

challenges in your path are only

temporary setbacks not signs of ultimate


keep faith in yourself and in the


ahead my dearly loved child I want you

to know that everything you have lost

will come back to you better than before

and with my

blessing you were created to succeed not

to fail you are mine and I love you

deeply my promises guarantee your

Victory do not fear for I have always

been with you I am with you now and I

will never leave your side the miracle

you are hoping for is on its way simply

trust me remember those times when you

felt stuck and hopeless yet my spirit

showed you my powerful plans for you I

did not choose you to be defeated you

are destined to overcome but I want you

to pursue me and know me more fully

there is no love in existence as pure

and immense as mine some people may not

grasp it and may even reject and deny it

they struggle to believe that they too

are deeply loved

in their negativity they try to persuade

others that they are perpetually alone

and that no God in the universe cares

for them so

profoundly but here I am standing before

you with open arms waiting for your


dreaming sometimes crying heart to

surrender to me your motives are pure

and honest my wish is to give you the

wonderful things you desire for your

loved ones I will not allow you to fall

into overwhelming debt I do not want you

enslaved to anyone the blessings I

provide are free yet I give them to you

not just to keep for yourself but to

share with others and help those in

need a seed that remains hidden is

wasted allow the River of Life to flow

do not hinder your own

abundance I am the god of those who

assist share and give I am your provider

I I will increase all the blessings I

give you so you lack

nothing I have decided that your

struggles are

over realize this I sustain you daily

nourishing your spirit with messages of

faith hope and love these are not mere

pleasant words to share they are

messages of eternal

life if you hold them in your heart and

mind they will guide you to countless

victories you will not need to fear your

foes you will not face times of lack and

your children and their children will

never need to beg you will not be

trapped or conquered I am increasing

your capacity to understand the

supernatural power of my Holy Spirit I

am not merely touching your emotions I

am equipping you with strength and

self-control so you can rise up and work

fight and win causing your enemies to

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