my precious child this week you will

experience amazing things happening all

around you as you witness the

Fulfillment of my promises keep me in

your thoughts I will generously bless

your efforts aspirations and all the

positive things you

achieve no matter what you’re doing or

where you are your loved ones are under


protection remember to be kind to them

express your love and share my message

even if they are hesitant to accept it

you have a lot on your plate but don’t

forget that my deepest desire is to

bless you

abundantly your part is to trust in that

be brave and

determined cherish these words because

when good news comes your heart will be

filled with pure

joy what you’re hearing now will

resonate within you giving you

tremendous encouragement and strength

you’ll feel a deeper connection with me

knowing that no obstacle adversary or

misstep can separate you from my love my

blessing is on its way genuine and real

but I want you to cultivate patience to

Value nurture share and manage wisely

all the incredible things you will

receive for those who love and trust in

me there is triumph and hope but for the

impatient who quickly lose heart there

is only disillusionment and frustration

they can’t force seeds to sprout faster

and in their impatience they succumb to

despair the enemy like a roaring lion

targets those who lack faith in me

seeking to trap them and lead them to

destruction but you who love and believe

in me will keep me in your thoughts

throughout this week when you rise even

before the sun you will feel my presence

you will hear my words grasp my

teachings and develop the patience to

better understand your family and treat

your children even more lovingly so they

don’t carry burdens when they Venture

into the world shift your mindset

instead of dwelling in fear entrust

those fears to me leave your anxieties

with me move forward with my blessing

always remembering how deeply I love you

don’t be afraid for you have a special

place in my heart what does it matter if

people reject you even when you treat

them with kindness and respect some

ungrateful ones may still respond with


today I intend to fortify your spirit

mind and body so you no longer falter or

become sick from

disillusionment you need love good holy

perfect Eternal genuine love and this is

the love I offer you those who hurt you

may claim to provide love but always

expect something in return if you don’t

comply they make you suffer more with

each passing day to today you will be

liberated from this

oppression you will no longer rely on

anyone in this world you won’t need

flattering words to feel good about

yourself nor will you be upset when days

pass without

communication only for them to approach

you seeking something or blaming you for


problems I am freeing you from the

prison of wickedness you fell into by

trusting others too

much your enemy masquerades as an angel

of Light seeking to steal what

rightfully belongs to

you but I don’t desire your money or

possessions to impress me I want you to

live a life free from sorrow and

contempt you shall live for me you shall

be strong you will no longer feel hurt

when many Overlook you or blindly trust

any human being no matter how pure and

good they may seem you will be truly

courageous and extraordinarily happy if

you prioritize my word follow my will

and patiently await all the blessings I

will bestow upon you I will bring the

right person into your life at the

perfect time provide you with the

employment you need open doors for you

bless you abundantly and free you from

debts all this I will do simply rest

with humility and gratitude trust in my

love and power I will accomplish many

beautiful things within you you will be


surprised seek me every day tell me you

believe come to

me if you’re feeling down today let go

of what weighs you down I will take your

burdens and transform them one by one

sadness into Joy remorse into peace

guilt into hope the depression That

clouds your mind and tempts you to

believe lies I am erasing it forever I

am the almighty God you are my cherished

child obedient and faithful you deserve

the freedom I am offering you today you

must be free from all mental

suffering through the power of my pure

and Holy Blood as you listen to my voice

receive complete healing from head to

toe wherever you are Stand Up Lift Your

Dreams from the ground and walk follow

this path that leads to the summit of

the Holy Mountain to the place of your

Victory the feelings I am placing in

your heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit

this blessing I set before you is true

and genuine you are receiving it if you

believe in me and in my Eternal Word you

are not mistaken in trusting your heart

to your heavenly father who loves you

deeply it’s not just in your mind

powerful and Supernatural Miracles will

happen to all who listen to me and dare

to believe with humility and

simplicity who respect my word

acknowledge their faults abandon evil

and choose to March forward without


back beloved child I hold you

dear I long for your healing and to

break the chains that bind you I am

removing Every curse and spell that has

trapped you making you believe in

falsehoods in this universe there is no

power greater than

mine anything else is a fabrication just

lies upon lies the heavens and the Earth

tremble at the sound of my voice and the

forces of Darkness fall defeated unable

to withstand the glory I reveal no

creature mortal or spiritual can oppose

you harm you or cause you distress for

you are never alone My Embrace surrounds

you my Holiness envelops you and the

power of my blood protects you day and

night no more sorrow no more pain the

tears of Despair will stop flowing

Embrace and feel the peace and joy I am

giving you now acknowledge that you

receive it and believe in me kneel down

in gratitude for the love and wonders

that are about to

unfold do not be afraid for the trials

of today may have caused you grief but

as you hear my voice these words reach

even the darkest corners of your heart

my light dispels all the darkness that

clouded your mind my holy Spirit stays

with you driving away fear there is no

place for fear

here as you listen I comfort your soul

heal your sicknesses and forgive your

sins even those that haunt you in your

dreams and pull you back to where your

tears once dried from

weeping in these moments with me much


change you will rise transformed

shedding the veil that clouded your

spiritual vision opening your eyes to

the Supernatural realm seeing beyond

what is visible to

Mortals I anoint you with the oil of

wisdom igniting within you a fervent

passion putting out the harmful words

you once spoke you will no longer hurt

yourself with disdain or judgments of

defeat my dear child today is a turning

point in your life soon you’ll notice a

profound change within yourself and

others will see it too I brought you

here not to succumb to despair or seek

validation from others only to end up

defeated instead I want you to live

victoriously you no longer need anyone’s

approval and their words will no longer


you I’m opening many opportunities for

you and it’s important that you seize

them you already know what needs to be

done rise up and move forward with

determination never looking back

challenges won’t stop you gossip won’t

phase you and lies and slander won’t

shake your resolve you are an overcomer

the enemy hasn’t beaten you your love

loyalty and courage are stronger your

commitment to persevere remains

unwavering I will make you Gentle and

humble yet filled with unshakable

determination your faith is

steadfast today you receive this

blessing you know it’s true I feel your

heart stirring as these words leave an

indelible mark on your soul you are

reborn free from Fear When Storms Come

you’ll find shelter In My Embrace The

Miracle you seek will come swiftly

you’re in the right place and your

attitude is

praiseworthy it brings me great joy when

you worship me in the privacy of your

room pouring out your Soul sharing your

pain and needs through

tears I admire your faith and

trust sometimes you feel like you can

only share your burdens with me as if

only you and I understand you’ve carried

this heavy weight but remember I’m here

to help you’ve sought me earnestly and I

will always respond to you you need my

strength to break free from the things

that hurt confuse and worry you you

yearn from my power for peace and

Tranquility to sleep peacefully and wake

up with joy here’s my response hold fast

to the faith that sustains you and the

promises I’ve made I am your Advocate

Defender Shepherd provider and God I

hold you securely I am your friend

together we will rejoice when your

long-awaited blessing arrives I promise

it expect it and guarantee it you will

receive it change is coming fill your

mind with my promises that bring healing

transform your thinking and respond

differently when faced with challenges

remember first that I will never forsake

you no matter how difficult the trial

you can always hold my hand you know I

love you I could never abandon you after

lavishing you with so much love you are

my precious child immensely valuable to

me whenever you face tough situations

the enemy will try to pull you down

pushing you into despair but deep within

you know you’re not alone or forsaken

you are Priceless to me you are my

beloved child never forget this truth

always cling to my promises they are

true powerful and

effective my Covenant with you is

unbreakable my commitment to you is

eternal I will always be with you I love

you if you’ve just awakened call out my

name if you go to bed weary and wake up

anxious call on me if your mind is

overwhelmed by sadness or thoughts of

defeat say my name shout it if you must

let your adversaries witness your

courage and believing in me stand firm

because of your love for me without

shame sing it out shout it loud your

voice is sweet to my ears say my

name Call on Me Jesus Jesus

Jesus From Dusk to Dawn keep calling my

name talk to me with kindness express

your love for me by simply saying my

name heal your soul bring peace where

threats quiet down enemies disappear

sicknesses leave and pain Fades from

head to toe my power works miracles in a

Heart Like Yours one that finds joy and

is unashamed to call out my name at any

time Jesus I love you say loudly to push

away all negative thoughts Jesus I trust

in you let fear depart and let strength

and courage return to you go ahead do it

call my name with faith and confidence

for it is certain that every knee will

bow every tongue will confess and every

nation soul and heart will declare that

I jesus am the king of kings Lord of

lords my spirit will fill you and will

always be with you know that in my holy

name lies all strength all power all

authority the entire universe awaits my

return Heaven and Earth will pass away

but my words will endure forever my

words will remain and I hold blessings

for you that surpass your wildest

dreams you’ve heard many say that there

is power in the name of Jesus and now

it’s time for you to say it to feel it

to witness the incredible and wonderful

events that can happen around you

I want your testimony to be authentic to

spread my grace and mercy with eternal

love and Majestic glory to everyone who

approaches me each

morning unafraid to speak boldly with

courage faith and confidence in my holy

and Powerful name say it Jesus Jesus I

trust in you

always when you come to ask of me come

confidently show me your faith your

gratitude is the greatest gift you can


me this moment we share is the most

wonderful thing that can happen

today so come without fear for I will

not turn you away your sins have been

washed away and paid for by my precious

blood there is no reason to feel ashamed

when entering my presence even when you

were furthest away when you forgot about

me I had mercy on

you I sent thousands of angels to rescue

you from the clutches of evil to clear

every obstacle from your path so you

could return to me tomorrow you will

come again you will bring good news to

me you will share with me the Miracles

you’ve begun to see the changes and

wonderful things happening in your life

your loyalty will be confirmed and I

will listen with immense Joy this is why

I have brought you here again to

transform your life I don’t want you to

return to a place filled with hatred

scorn sadness and despair

I’m speaking to you will you believe me

or will you listen to those who try to

pull you away from your faith demanding

Perfection from you while they

themselves are filled with sin and


thoughts in this world no one can claim

Perfection before me so don’t lose your

faith or spirit because of those who

close doors on you here you are deeply

loved and there’s only one true path an

open door for you to walk through and

receive eternal

life complete happiness and Lasting Joy

with me you will always find love

acceptance genuine affection and

Holiness you can come confidently day or

night whether you feel you have failed

or if you’re dealing with weaknesses

that led you to mistakes and sins here

you are accepted come as you are no

matter your

circumstances I always hear your prayer

of repentance and I’m ready to give you

another chance if you accept my

forgiveness and want to start over just

come and give me your heart you don’t

need to explain anything I understand

that you need my love and here I am

loving you let me hold you close in your

time of difficulty I hear your thoughts

and know you’re hurting today from the

moment you woke up I’ve been listening

your distressed Soul felt alone but I

was already here and I won’t leave

you there are days when you feel strong

but in this world full of hardship don’t

feel guilty or defeated if you think

your faith is faltering I want to tell


something you believe in me you’ve

witnessed many miracles and you know I’m

always ready to help you again and

again my beloved child listen closely

for these words come from the depths of


heart make me a promise

whether in good times or bad hold fast

to your

faith my love surrounds you

always I will uphold you with my strong

hand and Empower you with my word come

to me both in the morning light and


Shadows never give up even when life

seems off track if you stumble remember

my arms are open wide ready to forgive

if your faith wavers know that your

emotions can be misleading you are

maturing spiritually learning to walk by


conviction rather than fleeting feelings


perceptions stand firm on my promises

what I speak I will bring to pass what I

promise I will fulfill I am not like

humans who

deceive when I Proclaim my love for you

it remains

constant when my blood purifies you see

yourself as liberated not

condemned your past sins are wiped away

and your future shines brightly

ahead there will be moments when you

tangibly sense my presence but feeling

me is not a constant state to experience

the miraculous trust in my promises with

joy relying not merely on your physical

senses turn to the scriptures for my

written word is truth the promises I’ve

made to you and your loved ones will

come to

fruition with faith in me and anything

is possible I love you

deeply I have heard your prayers I am

orchestrating a tremendous Triumph in

your life you will shed tears of joy as

I mend your wounds and remake your life

I’m lifting the despair that has weighed


down soon you will regain what seemed

lost for good I see your courage and

wholehearted choice to trust

me as you read this message hear my

voice speaking intimately to you listen

intently knowing you are enveloped in my

love and my spirit is reaching out to

you we both know the roots of your

anguish yet the sorrow is

temporary today it comes to an end I

will flood your soul with peace and fill

your heart with

gladness I will respond to your requests

in ways that surpass your hopes and

expectations you will see circumstance

es that once seemed against you work out

for your

good I do this out of my great love for

you I have seen your passion genuine

faith and commitment to seeking me and

obeying my will amidst

adversity you may not understand

everything but you have remained

faithful you Haven an abandon your

beliefs you’ve prioritized me in your

life and home instructing your family to

seek me with that same devoted

persistence you’re on the cusp of

overcoming all the negativity that

previously held you

back though you once felt fear you

decided to trust in my boundless love

and grace you embraced my forgiveness

and clung to my

promises therefore I am now removing

every hindrance every foe every sickness

and from this day forward I will shower

you with Abundant Blessings I recognize

your Valor your profound realization of

the necessity to rise in faith pushing

through discouragement and doubt so that

you can witness and receive all the

blessings I have in store for you these

blessings are copious and bestowed with

utmost sincerity the quantity of your

words is irrelevant to me it is your

faith that matters my presence will

permeate your household and your family

will personally witness my awesome power

they will be astonished as they observe

the incredible things I do for you

declare to me your belief in Who I Am My

Love For You runs deep You Belong To Me

eternally you are burdened with so many

weights and today I’ve come to lift them

from your

shoulders allow me to assist

you don’t conceal your burdens learn to

find Rest In the Arms of one who loves

you unconditionally who is steadfast who

keeps promises and possesses is the

ability to truly transform your

life I have the power love and

compassion to carry you in all your

weaknesses to understand you completely

and to see you without a trace of

judgment Your Soul Bears deep wounds and

at times you struggle to trust anyone or

anything you’ve lost faith in the

existence and authenticity of Love

though many have shown you love and

friendship their intentions were

sometimes insincere

but let me tell you something crucial my

child I love you

profoundly I long to restore your mind

in an instant you may insist you are all

right that you don’t require my

intervention however if you could

perceive your soul with spiritual

sight if you could examine your spirit

and heart you would recognize the depth

of your wounds you would understand that

it’s not your

fault not not a reflection of your

identity the way you behave and react

even when your family reaches out to you

that is not your true

self the pain inside you has grown so

severe that it’s become

unbearable and you’ve grown accustomed

to bearing this burden

daily pay close

attention you awaken lacking the will to

persevere so weary and disheartened that

you overlook the good in everything

failing to recognize the multitude of

wonderful blessings I’ve placed around

you you are not inherently negative you

do not possess a flawed character you

were not born with anger and wrath in

your heart gaze into the mirror once

more the individual you see is beautiful

you believe you see nothing but look

again remember the days you laughed the

nights you wept over a cherished one

lost acknowledge your capacity for both

laughter and tears born of love you

understand the meaning of love but you

choose not to remember I will envelop

you with so much love that you will


forget these words are not mere happen

stance you need my love desperately and

you know someone else who needs my


too if you both Surrender Your Hearts to


completely their healing will commence

today share these promises with them

come and listen each day as you treasure

these words they will dwell within your

soul and spirit you ache because someone

belittles you but remember I love you

with an everlasting love You Weep

because you feel ignored yet I have been

knocking at your heart’s door for so

long come find Solace In My Embrace this

is where you truly belong here I will

lavish upon you the love you deserve and

you will grant grasp your true

worth you won’t need to plead with

anyone for morsels of love and

friendship life can sometimes feel like

an endless search for love and

acceptance whether you’re in a

relationship or not the yearning for a

deep connection and the fear of being

alone can be overwhelming you may have

experienced the pain of betrayal The

Sting of rejection or the emptiness that

comes from feeling unheard and

unseen but I want you to know that you

are not not alone you were created with

a Gentle Spirit in the image of Love

itself that profound need for love that

you feel is a part of who you are and

it’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s easy

to believe the lies that tell you that

you’re not worthy of love that you’ll

never be accepted for who you are fear

can keep you from reaching out from

taking the risk of being vulnerable but

the truth is true happiness and

fulfillment come from

within no matter how much many people

surround you if you don’t love and

accept yourself first you’ll always feel

a sense of

emptiness it’s important to be

Discerning about who you trust with your

heart not everyone has your best

interests in mind and some may even seek

to hurt you but don’t let the actions of

a few rob you of your joy and dignity

your worth is not defined by how others

treat you you have the power to reclaim

your dreams to heal from past wounds

and to create a life filled with love

and purpose it may not be easy but it is

possible and you don’t have to do it

alone seek out those who will support

and encourage you who will love you for

who you are remember you are deserving

of love respect and happiness don’t

settle for anything less amen

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