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said my dear son today as always I

extend my unconditional love and

guidance to you I feel the weit of the

challenges you have been facing and

witness the tears you shed on your

journey however know that I am by your

side every step of the way guiding you

with my loving hand and sustaining you

with my Infinite Strength even in the

darkest moments when doubt clouds your

mind and fear tries to take hold of your

heart I am here enveloping you with my

comforting love trust in my promise that

I will never leave you nor forsake you

together we can face any Challenge and

overcome any obstacle let me be your

rock your Fortress and your safe Refuge

you are never alone for my love for you

is eternal and unshakable you are a part

of me a precious creation made in my

image and likeness in you I see my light

shining and my grace flowing even in

moments of darkness and despair remember

that you are loved beyond measure and

equipped to overcome any obstacle you

encounter do not fear for within you

lies an unbreakable strength a

reflection of my infinite love trust in

yourself for you carry my Essence within

you when you feel lost look within and

you will find the flame of hope that

never goes out you are my perfect

creation and I am always by your side

guiding you with love and care my

promises to you are firm and true just

as the Covenant I made with Abraham in


where I chose him to be the father

of a great nation and would bless him

abundant ly likewise I promise you

prosperity and blessings in abundance do

not fear for I am with you do not be

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you and help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand


trust in my word for every promise

I make is sealed with eternal love and

my faithfulness is

unmatched understand that man’s time is

not my time while you yearn for

immediate answers and quick Solutions I

operate according to the perfect plan I

laid out for your life before the

foundation of the world trust in me even

when the heavens seemed silent and

blessings seem distant for as it is

written in Isaiah – for my

thoughts are not your thoughts neither

are your ways my ways declares the Lord

as the heavens are higher than the earth

so are my ways High higher than your

ways and my thoughts than your thoughts

trust in my infinite wisdom for even

when you do not understand my plans I am

working for your greater good also

remember the words of my beloved Son

Jesus recorded in Matthew

– come to me all you who are weary

and burdened and I will give you rest

take my yoke upon you and learn from me

for I am gentle and humble in heart and

you will find rest for your souls for my

yoke is easy and my burden is light when

you feel the weight of your burdens come

to me and find Rest In My Loving Arms

son I know the challenges you are facing

may seem overwhelming at this time but

remember that just as a Potter shapes

clay to create a masterpiece I am

shaping you through your trials trust in

me for I have a greater purpose for

every struggle you face as as it is

written in Romans

and we know that in all things God

works for the good of those who love him

who have been called according to his

purpose these words are not empty

promises but Eternal truths that sustain

your journey even when tears flow and

uncertainty surrounds you know that I am

working all things for your good trust

in my wisdom and unconditional love for

amidst the difficulties I am sculpting a

masterpiece of Your Love life revealing

your true Essence and preparing you for

a greater purpose continue steadfast in

your faith and Devotion to me for the

blessings I have promised you are on the

way as it is written in Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for

you declares the Lord plans to prosper

you and not to harm you plans to give

you hope and a future trust in my word

and know that I am working all things

for your good even when paths seem

uncertain and the future seems unclear

remember that I have a perfect plan for

you every challenge you face is an

opportunity for growth and for the

manifestation of my love and grace in

your life trust in me and know that I am

always by your side guiding you with

love and care my beloved child hear

these words so that you never forget who

you are and the love I have for you in

every step of your journey I am by by

your side watching over you with love

and guiding you with Divine wisdom I

know you face challenges that seem

insurmountable but I want you to

understand that you are capable of

overcoming them and growing with every

obstacle you encounter life is a journey

full of ups and downs Joys and Sorrows

but it’s important never to forget that

each challenge is an opportunity for

growth just as a diamond is shaped

through friction you are molded and

strength and through the difficulties

you face every moment of adversity is a

chance for you to discover your inner

strength and draw closer to me your

creator do not fear the obstacles that

arise in your path for I am with you at

all times trust in my presence by your

side and in my ability to turn what

seems like a heavy burden into an

invaluable blessing believe that through

your faith and determination you are

capable of achieving great things and

overcoming any challenge that comes your

way always remember that you are a

perfect creation and loved by me do not

let the voices of doubt and fear stop

you from moving forward as long as you

maintain your unwavering faith and keep

your heart open to receive my guidance

nothing will be impossible for you look

to the future with hope and confidence

knowing that I am preparing a path of

blessings and accomplishments for you

every dream you hold in your heart every

desire you long to fulfill is destined

to come true just keep walking with

faith and determination trusting in my

love and wisdom to guide your steps in

times of darkness and uncertainty do not

lose hope for the dawn is near remember

the words of Psalm

weeping may endure for a night but

joy comes in the morning believe that

after the storm will come the calm and

that every tear shed will be rewarded

with an extra dose of joy and happiness

therefore my dear child do not give up

on your dreams and do not lower your

arms in the face of adversity keep

walking with faith and courage knowing

that I am with you every step of the way

trust in my unconditional love and my

ability to turn the impossible into

possible with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you

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