my beloved

Child In This Moment inhale the very

essence of who I

am release the burdens Weighing on your

soul the worries fears and distractions

breathe them

out now receive the message I have for

you today know that the words I give

will not always be easy or Pleasant to

hear but they will always build you up

give you courage provide guidance and

lovingly correct you when

needed for you are my precious ones my

people broken and poured out

for I declare over you this day New Life

the path before you is yours to walk

will you choose my perfect desires and

calling despite the thick Darkness

blanketing the Earth you belong to me I

have chosen you your Worth to me is

immeasurable from the very throne room

of Heaven I skillfully formed you with

my own hands for a specific purpose in

this time and season on the earth no

more wasting time on trivial matters no

more entertaining things I have declared

lifeless today I make all things new for

you once again embrace the renewed Mind

and Spirit I am developing within you

simply rise up and embody the blessing

and gift that you already

are don’t strive or strategize to become

something be who I have already made you


be I am presently separating the genuine

from the counterfeit in your midst many

claim to stand with you but their hearts

are far from you do not be dismayed for

I am adding to your numbers raising up

true voices to partner with my appointed

prophetic people for my

purposes hold back for now until I tell

you to engage when I give the command

you will arise with focus and precision

your efforts will hit the mark for it is

my spirit moving and operating in and

through you orchestrating all things to

align with my

plans can you not discern it I Am

shifting you connecting you guiding you

into situations and relationships that

may surprise you do not Define how

things should be according to your

limited perspective

declare things that are not yet manifest

as if they already are let my peace

govern your mind and heart disregard the

pessimists and naysayers trying to

dislodge you from the position I have

placed you in you are my deliverers and

judges in the earth anointed by me in


hour you who were far off and have been

brought near I will never abandon you or

leave your side you are securely within

my circle of protection prepare yourself

I’m sending you out to Herald the

message of what I am doing in the earth

boldly Proclaim my name everywhere you

go and in all you

do when darkness seems to be increasing

set your Gaze on things above I am your

helper I am the maker of the heavens and

earth do not cower in dread at the chaos

You observe all around

you catastrophe May de to encroach on

every side but it will not come near you

you will only be a witness as the wicked

reap what they have sown keep your eyes

lifted my Elite ones my selected and

chosen ones for displaying my kingdom

Reign on Earth release the giftings I

have placed Within You release

mountain-moving Faith release my weighty

presence that rests upon you show the

world your authentic self and you will

effortlessly reproduce my glory all

around you be strong my beloved take joy

in me and let it be your strength ready

yourself in haste examine your own heart

be willing to appraise your own life

bringing any misalignments under my

grace and

authority to those who are wandering

thirsty and directionless I issue this

invitation come to me come to me and I

myself will guide you I am drawing my

lost and Scattered Lambs back into the


come and feast at my table come and

drink from my Wells that never run dry I

will satisfy your deepest longings I

guarantee as certainly as Heaven exists

that I am releasing my salvation and

Truth into you you will never be

abandoned or forsaken all of this I have

set in motion by my great power and for

my good purposes I am lifting you above

every force of Darkness that has

harassed you for you are enthroned with

me in the Heavenly Realms let go of all

anxiety no matter what you see with your

natural eyes Faith perceives what I am

unfolding behind the scenes what I am

orchestrating and ordering in this


moment rest knowing that I am working

all things out for your good be at peace

for your soul is safe in my care stand

firm do not waver or surrender any

ground my Deliverance is breaking

through and it will become evident to

all my precious child everything in your

life happens for a reason even if it’s

not always clear to you trust in my

perfect plan knowing that I am always

working for your good when doubts arise

remember my words and hold fast to them

they will guide you through any

Challenge and lead you to the blessing

blessings I have in store for you I am

constantly at work in your life removing

obstacles and resolving conflicts I am

constantly at work in your life removing

obstacles and resolving conflicts

however I will also allow trials to come

your way as they serve to strengthen

your faith and

character when You Face these difficult

times cling to my promises and know that

I will help you

endure your perseverance will be


and every step you take in pursuit of

wisdom will be

blessed though enemies May plot against

you do not let your faith

waver my angels watch over you and my

presence surrounds you and your loved

ones offering protection and comfort be

patient with those who frustrate you and

let go of any bitterness as it only

harms your own Spirit even when you

experience Injustice or missed

opportunities remember that my love for

you is

unwavering those who have wronged you

will face the consequences of their

actions and through your forgiveness

they may find their way back to me I

will restore what you have

lost stay focused on nurturing your

relationships and managing your


wisely devote your time to prayer and

studying my teachings and avoid wasting

energy on trivial

matters the challenge is I allow in your

life can be overcome by trusting in my

promises and facing each day with

courage and

Faith your success begins with the

morning prayers you offer to

me I am aware of your struggles and

moments of Doubt but I encourage you to

release those thoughts and immerse

yourself in my word in times of hardship

I will be your guide let my promises be

etched on your heart providing stability

and comfort in the midst of life’s

storms stay connected to me listening

for my voice in The Quiet of each new

day draw strength from the light that

Dawns with every sunrise and Stand

United with me for together we are

unbeatable remember I will never abandon

you you are loved and blessed and

wonderful things are on the

horizon a miracle Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams is on its way trust in my

sovereignty and pay no mind to the

negativity that surrounds you believe

that you will flourish even in the face


adversity for I will nurture your growth

in spite of scarcity and doubt your

trials will be transformed into triumphs

a testament to your unwavering faith and

resilience even when the path ahead

seems uncertain place your trust in me

for I alone hold your future

no matter how low you may feel my hand

is always there to lift you up though I

may seem silent at times know that I am

always with you my strength will sustain

you until you achieve

success the time to act is now seize the

moment and move

forward while the world around you may

be consumed by fears of scarcity and

conflict you can rest assured that you

and your family are under my protection

and blessing when I tell you to walk

walk when I tell you to rise Stand Tall

when I declare that you are victorious

believe it don’t dwell on the mistakes

and sins of the past for they are behind

you now I have transformed your life and

you are no longer the same person you


were your future is secure in my hands

and in my presence I will watch over you

so approach me daily with joy and Faith

regardless of your emotional

state even on days when you wake up

feeling unsettled and plagued by doubts

come to me

still I love you unconditionally and

desire for you to take that step of

Faith toward

me do not be afraid for I am here to

help you I cherish our conversations

your trust and the sincerity of your

emotions I hear you When you pray

whether your words are many or few it is

the genuiness of your heart that matters

most to me remember even if your faith

is as small as a mustard seed it is

sufficient for your prayers to reach

heaven from there I send you Solace and

demonstrate my love I know your needs

and I will provide for you according to


will all of my answers are for your

benefit you and your family are destined

to prosper ER and be greatly blessed

living in my presence for

eternity I am intimately aware of your

needs and deeply care about your

emotions I offer you my peace which

surpasses anything the world can

give accept it with

faith I heard your cry for help and

welcomed your Worship in my presence my

answer is on its way anticipate it

embrace it and celebrate the miracle I

will perform in your life

today I don’t want you to be worried or

discouraged any longer I hear each and

every one of your prayers I am creating

a way through the Wilderness from my

Throne flows a mighty river that washes

away all your troubles leaving your soul

cleansed Serene and at peace ready to be

filled with faith hope and

Tranquility stop allowing repetitive

thoughts to bombard your

mind allow me to enter those hidden

Corners where oppressive and sorrowful


reside I am the Lord your savior I have

forgiven your

transgressions therefore you should not

torment yourself with doubts and

self-blame if you truly love and believe

in me stop believing that your problems

have no

solution it is not my wish for you to

live in tension and distress or to spend

your days looking down without the faith

to lift your eyes to the

heavens today I want you to be liberated

from all your worries although you live

in a world filled with pain you were

chosen for this very moment you were

born in the right place and no matter

how challenging your journey has been it

has all been a part of my plan let today

be the day your faith is

reignited through your experiences you

have gained the humility necessary to

receive the wisdom and blessings I am

ready to bestow upon you your financial

concerns will diminish when you loosen

your grip on material possessions

remember your family is more precious

than your wealth or even your own future

treat yourself with patience and

kindness and don’t demand Perfection

from yourself perfectionistic Tendencies

only create barriers and lead to

confusion everyone sins and makes

mistakes but remember you have me I see

how much it pains you when you deviate

from my teachings and allow your

emotions to drive you to actions you

later regret

know that forgiveness and grace are

available to those who genuinely repent

of their wrongdoings and desire to

change with each New Dawn comes a fresh

opportunity and renewed mercies that I

will personally deliver into your hands

I will come to you knock on your window

and awaken you my precious child I want

you to know that my light shines upon

you always Illuminating the path ahead

in my eyes you are infinitely valuable

and cherished I have great plans for

your life

to prosper you and not to harm you to

give you hope in a future so trust in me

with all your heart lean not on your own

understanding but acknowledge me in all

your ways and I will make your path

straight the road will not always be

smooth at times the storms of life will

come crashing against you threatening to

sweep you away fair weather friends May

abandon you in your hour of need their

hurtful words and accusations can Bur

deep making you doubt

yourself but do not be afraid for I am

with you I will never leave you nor

forsake you when you walk through the

waters they will not overtake you when

you pass through the fires you will not

be burned I will give you the strength

and courage to persevere so let go of

relationships and people that drag you

down you don’t need to beg anyone to

stay or waste time trying to convince

them of your

worth instead

rest secure in the knowledge that I see

you I know you and I love you

unconditionally my affection for you is

not based on your performance or

achievements it is steadfast and

unchanging in The Quiet Moments When

loneliness threatens and you long for

companionship and understanding turn to

me I am always available ready to listen


judgment pour out your heart to me and I

will comfort you encourage you and

provide for your needs as you draw near

to me I will draw near to you remember

Faith pleases me I Delight in your

sincere humble

devotion external shows of piety hold no

weight with me I look at the

heart and when you come to me with pure

motives and loyally commit yourself to

me I take

notice I will move Heaven and Earth on

your behalf answering your prayers and

rewarding your faithfulness in ways that

will leave you in

awe you are my beloved I prove the

depths of my love for you at the cross

where I bore your sorrows and took the

punishment for your sins and just as I

defeated death and rose again in power I

now offer you the victory the same

Mighty power that raised Christ from the

dead is at work in you giving you the

strength to

overcome so do not worry about what lies

ahead the future is in my capable hands

stay stay close to me and take comfort

in my care let my peace which surpasses

all understanding guard your heart and

mind I am not a distant or detached God

I am intimately acquainted with all your

ways your hopes dreams and struggles

matter deeply to me the enemy will try

to fill you with fear doubt and

discouragement he comes only to steal

kill and

destroy but I have come that you may

have Abundant Life resist the devil firm

in your faith and he will flee from you

I have equipped you with Spiritual armor

take up the shield of faith and wield

the sword of my word you are more than a

conqueror through my great love for I

know the thoughts I think toward you

thoughts of peace and not of evil to

give you a future and a

hope so call upon me and come and pray

to me and I will listen to you you will

seek me and find me when you seek me

with all your heart I will be found by

you I will bring you back from

captivity I will gather you from all the

places where I have driven you and I

will bring you back to the place from

which I sent you into exile for no

matter how far you may wander my love

will pursue you my grace will find you

in the farthest corners and the darkest

pits I understand the pain and heartache


carry I collect all your tears in my

bottle I record each one in my

book I too was despised and rejected by

mankind a man of suffering and familiar

with pain so cast all your anxiety on me

because I care for you let me carry your

burdens my yoke is easy and my burden is

light you are never too broken for me to

fix or too dirty for me to

cleanse when you come to me with open

hands and a repentant heart I will

abundantly pardon I will take your sins

and cast them into the depths of the sea

remembering them no more I will remove

them as far as the East is from the

West though your sins are like Scarlet I

will make them white as snow though they

are red as Crimson they shall be like

wool for my blood has the power to

purify you from all

unrighteousness I will give you a new

heart and put a new spirit in you I will

remove your Stony heart and replace it

with a heart of Flesh the plans I have

for you are good the thoughts I think

toward you are

precious if you could count them they

would outnumber the grains of sand on

the seashore I know every detail of your

life I’m familiar with all your ways

when you sit down and when you rise up I

perceive your thoughts from afar I’m not

like the people in your life who have

hurt you abandoned you or betrayed your

trust I am faithful even when you are

faithless my mercies are new every

morning my compassions never fail my

steadfast love will not depart from you

and my Covenant of Peace will not be

removed do not base your reality on the

fleeting opinions of

mankind do not allow past traumas or

current trials to Define you you are who

I say you are my masterpiece created a

new in Christ to do the good works I

prepared in advance for you to do your

identity is found in me your worth flows

from my unfailing love keep running the

race I have marked out for you do not

grow weary in doing good in due time you

will reap a harvest if you do not give

up never settle for anything less than

the destiny I have for you the future is

bright and my Best Is Yet To Come

the words on you are hearing are not

random chance I have a portioned them to

you as medicine for your soul I am

speaking them over you even now they are

the very Oracles of Heaven let them take

root in the fertile soil of your heart

and bear the Peaceable fruit of

righteousness you are precious and

valuable in my sight I am on your side

and fighting for you I know the

wonderful plans I have for you I will be

be your God throughout your lifetime

until your hair is white with age I made

you and I will care for you I will carry

you along and save you though the Earth

give way and the mountains fall into the

heart of the sea I will not abandon you

I have summoned You by name you are mine

when you are in distress call to me I

will answer you I will be with you in

trouble I will rescue you and honor you

and Crown you with my Sal ation amen

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