my beloved child you are not the same as you were before today you stand ready

poised to make choices with a new found shess pay no heed to those mired in

negativity seeking to drag you back their approval is not needed many

secretly wish to see you fail when you share your plans they will try to sway you to make you Retreat to your former

State broken and defeated but this will not be your fate for I am

right here with you you will Forge ah head Unstoppable and when the time is right

your faith will be the key that unlocks the doors and I will walk through them with you news of your struggles will

spread but I will place incredible blessings within your reach handle them

with care letting them multiply and pave the way for even greater things in time you and your loved ones

will work towards a future and home filled with hope encourage your children

teach them many things the leaders of the future are growing up under your

roof but this can only happen if you honor me at home letting your children

see it let your life speak volumes about what you believe don’t just accept a short temper

like it’s some fixed part of you to me anything can be changed the coldest Hearts can be made soft

those who once spoke in Rage will soon laugh and smile like little children on

the lips that once spoke against me I will put a cleansing fire and only kind

words will come out words sweet like sugar that’s how much I can transform

you so your family knows my power is the real deal even when the world comes after

them for their beliefs even when they say I’m not real and can’t do a thing for you trust me my glory is about to

show up in your home like never before your neighbors will see my light shining

at night with angels glowing on every part of your house an incredible

Spiritual Awakening is starting with your family these are the final days and

plenty of people talk about them wanting to uncover the secrets of my return but

deep down they aren’t really looking for me I’ll only show my love to those who

truly honestly believe in me who aren’t scared to hand their whole soul over to me those who carry my message and give

up their lives for it out of pure love for others this is the strong word I’m

planting deep inside you take note of where you’re hearing this and remember

this exact moment stand tall and look way out into the distance a spiritual Revival is sparking

to life inside you today you’re going to feel a shift in your world a change for the good in your

money situation and a surge of love in your heart I know all about your hard times

how much effort you put in and the way you feel like giving up what you’re

going through hits me so hard don’t forget I suffered

too your heart is clean and honest don’t make things tougher than they need to be

you didn’t cause all your problems you were just trying to do what’s right you’re dealing with a ton of pressure

and the ones putting demands on you don’t really care stop blaming yourself

stop feeling guilty if you can’t meet their expectations spend some time with me and

let me deal with them pray and don’t lose hope I’ll take care of what you

need don’t make promises to anyone or get tangled up in debt I’ll give you the

strength to resist the urge to make everyone happy and say yes to everything

I’m not judging you I’ve forgiven you why keep suffering for people make up to

tear you down those who have made room for me in their hearts aren’t condemned

the ones who turn away from Bad paths ditch old habits and cut ties with negative influences for good I’m

offering you a life brimming with joy and a soul washed clean of guilt this is

the most amazing miracle you could ask for hold on to and look forward to everything else will fall into place

freedom from debt Harmony in your family meals on your table work opportunities

and the self-respect that comes with a job these are the blessings I want to give you welcome this mindblowing gift

of love into your heart today say it loud and clear that you trust in me and

feel my spirit filling you up completely right now

take on today with guts and confidence because I’m about to do a new thing in your life meet the morning with a smile

get up with energy and step out knowing your blessing is just around the

corner I’m giving you the peace you’ve prayed for along with patience and

wisdom the courage you’ve asked for and strength Beyond what’s

normal I’m handing you a faith that won’t budge to get you to your success you’re going

to make it you’re almost there keep pushing and don’t quit it’s time to give

it all you’ve got all your strength all your soul all your faith it’s time to

stare down your fears and limits the blessings I’m sending aren’t only for you I’ve got your family in mind too I’m

still building a wall of safety around everyone you care about my precious child hear my voice a gentle whisper

amidst the noise of the world I am here always present forever

faithful in the depths of your being I have placed a Wellspring of strength a

reservoir of resilience that will carry you through the darkest of nights and the fiercest of storms when the path

ahead seems unclear and the burdens weigh heavy upon your shoulders remember

that I am the light that illuminates your step St S I am the compass that guides you towards your true north

towards the purpose I have carefully woven into the fabric of your existence you are not a mere Wanderer in this vast

universe but a cherished creation fashioned with intention and love your

life is a sacred story unfolding Page by Page chapter by chapter with each moment

holding the potential for transformation and growth in the face of adversity when the Winds of Change threaten to uproot

you know that your Roots Run Deep anchored in the soil of me unwavering

love I am the gardener who tends to your soul pruning away the dead branches that

hinder your flourishing and nurturing the seeds of potential that lie dormant within

you trust in the process even when the path is steep and the terrain uneven for

Every Mountain you climb every Valley you Traverse is an opportunity to discover the depths of your own

resilience and the the boundless nature of my grace you are not defined by your failures or your

mistakes but by the courage with which you Rise From the Ashes of disappointment and the tenacity with

which you pursue the dreams I have planted in your heart each setback is a stepping stone a

chance to learn to grow and to become more Fully Alive so my child when the world around

you feels chaotic and uncertain find solace in the Stillness of my presence in The Quiet Moments When you

tune out the noise and tune into my voice you will find a peace that surpasses understanding a joy that

defies circumstance I have not called you to a life of ease but to a life of purpose a

life rich with meaning and filled with opportunities to make a difference in the world around you you are a

lightbearer a hope Giver a love spreader you need ly equipped to shine in the darkness and bring warmth to the cold

places your journey is not a solitary one for I am with you every step of the

way cheering you on from the sidelines celebrating your victories and comforting you in your defeats I am the

friend who sticks closer than a brother The Confidant who listens without judgment the Healer who mends the broken

places when you feel overwhelmed by the demands of Life remember that I am your

source of strength an inexhaustible well of Grace and power draw from my reserves

when your own run dry lean on my Everlasting Arms when your legs grow

weary I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind

embrace the unique gifts and talents I have bestowed upon you and use them to make a mark on this world that cannot be

erased your voice matters your story matters your presence matters in a world

that often feels divided and disconnected be a bridge builder a peacemaker a compassion Giver let your

life be a testament to the transformative power of kindness the radical nature of forgiveness and the

healing balm of empathy and when the day is done and you lay your head to rest may you find

comfort in the knowledge that I am the keeper of your dreams the guardian of your soul I will never leave you nor

forsake you for you are mine and I am yours forever and

always so my child rise with courage walk with faith and love with abandon

for you are a masterpiece in progress a work of art being shaped by the hands of

a loving Creator trust the process embrace the journey and know that I am

with you every step of the way my dear one as you navigate the the

twists and turns of this life remember that I Am The Anchor that keeps you steady the Firm Foundation upon which

you can build your hopes and dreams when the storms of uncertainty rage around

you I will be your shelter a safe haven where you can find rest and restoration

for your weary soul in the moments when you feel small

and insignificant when the vastness of the universe seems to dwarf your own

existence remember that you are an integral part of my grand design you’re

not an accident or an afterthought but a precious and irreplaceable piece of the cosmic puzzle your worth is not measured

by the accolades of others or the possessions you accumulate but by the depth of your character and the kindness

of your heart you are a treasure a rare and precious gem crafted with care and

imbued with purpose as you walk through the fires of trial and tribulation know

that I am with you you refining you like gold molding you into a vessel of strength and resilience the Flames may

be hot and the process uncomfortable but on the other side you will emerge

stronger wiser and more beautiful than before when the world tries to conform

you to its mold when it pressures you to compromise your values and

beliefs stand firm in the truth of who you are and whose you are you are a

child of the king royalty in the eyes of heaven and nothing can strip you of that

identity when you stumble and fall when you make mistakes and mess up remember

that my love for you is not conditional on your performance I am the god of Second

Chances the one who picks you up dusts you off and sets you back on the path of purpose your scars and your struggles

your pain in your past do not define you but rather they refine you shaping you into a person of depth empathy and

wisdom embrace your story for it is a part of the larger Narrative of

redemption and Grace that I am writing across the pages of history as you journey through this life

may you find joy in the simple things Wonder in the everyday moments may you

have eyes to see the beauty that surrounds you ears to hear The Whispers of my love and a heart that beats in

rhythm with mine when the noise of the world threatens to drown out my still

Small Voice carve out moments of solitude and silence spaces where you can quiet your

soul and listen for my gentle Whispers it is in the quiet places the

secret places where you will find the strength and guidance you need to keep moving

forward my beloved child in this Sacred Space Between Us I

I invite you to embrace the profound truth of my unwavering love for you it

is a love that transcends the boundaries of time and Circumstance a love that pulses with the very essence of life

itself you are not merely a creation but a cherished extension of my own heart

forever intertwined with the Divine in the moments when Shadows seem to loom

and doubts whisper their deceptive Tales remember this you are never alone my

presence surrounds you like a luminous Shield deflecting the arrows of fear and

despair your faith even in its most fragile form is a beacon that pierces through the darkest night Illuminating

the path to Victory you see my child the battles you face Are Not Mere Earthly skirmishes but

Cosmic struggles against unseen forces that seek to dim your light yet in the

midst of these trials I stand as your unwavering Ally your steadfast protector

when you cling to your faith when you anchor your heart in the Bedrock of my promises the enemies of your soul

tremble and Scatter like leaves in the wind do not let the weight of circumstances crush your spirit or the

delays and blessings erode your trust for in The Crucible of hardship I

am refining you shaping you into a vessel of resilience and strength your

faith tested by fire emerges is pure gold a testament to the power that resides within you in The Quiet Moments

When doubts and complaints threaten to Cloud your vision remember to guard your heart with vigilance immerse yourself in

the Living Waters of my word allowing it to saturate every fiber of your being

for it is in this Sacred Space that you will find Solace renewal and the unshakable Assurance of my love even in

the face of stumbles and missteps my forgiveness awaits you with open arms

it is a forgiveness born of sacrifice a forgiveness that washes away the stains of the past and ushers in a

new dawn of redemption no enemy can overpower you when you are enveloped in the shelter of my grace for I am your

God your Redeemer the one who mends your Brokenness and breathes new life into

your weary Soul listen closely my child and Let My

Words take root in the fertile soil will of your heart when you kneel in my presence when you pour out your heart in

Earnest prayer the extraordinary becomes possible the chains that once bound you

will shatter and the doors to Freedom will swing wide open in the midst of the

fiercest storms you will find an unshakable refuge in my love a place

where fears dissipate and hope rises like the morning sun do not allow the

weight of sadness to keep you trapped in its suffocating grip when the battles seem Relentless

and the weariness threatens to overtake you remember to hold fast to me let my

love be your anchor your Guiding Light through the Tempest the voices of criticism and condemnation May clamor

for your attention but they hold no power over you for in my eyes you are a

radiant reflection of my own image as you stand tall in the face of

adversity commit your ways to me seek my face with an unwavering heart

and allow my wisdom to guide your every step trust in the closeness of our

relationship for it is a bond that cannot be broken when you come to me with a pure

and Earnest heart when you ask for that which aligns with my will I will open

the floodgates of heaven and pour out blessings beyond measure picture yourself in the pages of my book where

your story is being written with every passing moment it is a story of

redemption of Love That Conquers All remember my child that your Victory

is not contingent on your own strength but on your humble dependence on me in

the face of challenges and opposition your unwavering faith will be the key

that unlocks the doors of Triumph I am your God and you are my warrior

a vessel Chosen and anointed for such a time as this as you serve me with a

whole heart I will be your constant companion your unshakable foundation but remember the enemy is

Relentless in his Pursuit seeking to ens snare you in a web of discouragement and

despair stay alert keep your Spiritual armor securely fastened and let your

mind and soul be ever ready for the battles that lie ahead in the moments when rest seems Elusive

and the burdens of Life weigh heavily upon you remember to enter into my

presence it is there in the secret place of our communion that you will find true rest for your

soul do not allow the storms of life to rob you of your peace or erode the

foundation of your faith for I am your Shield your Fortress and your everpresent help in times of trouble

even when the enemy’s attacks intensif and the Darkness seems to close in know that I am fighting for you in the Unseen

realm the battles you face are not yours alone for I am Waging War on your behalf

confronting the forces of evil that seek to destroy you you are never abandoned never

forgotten For You Are My Chosen One my precious child do not be intimidated by the

taunts and threats of your adversaries for their words are empty and their power is

fleeting fix your eyes on me the one who is greater than any problem or challenge

you may face let my strength be your anchor my love your unshakable

foundation your past mistakes and Imperfections do not define you for in

my eyes you are a new creation washed clean by my blood when the enemy tries

to accuse you and drag you down with guilt and shame remember that my grace is sufficient my love is unconditional

and my forgiveness knows no bounds stand firm in the face of adversity proclaiming the promises I

have spoken over your life declare with boldness that I am with you always even

to the End of the Age trust in my goodness lean on my Everlasting Arms and

know that my plans for you are plans of Hope and a future as you step into the blessings I

have prepared for you do so with confidence and expectancy do not allow doubt to Cloud

your vision or hinder your faith for the blessings I have in store for you are Beyond Your Wildest Dreams a testament

to my lavish love and infinite provision in the end as you walk in obedience and surrender to my will you

will find that my blessings will overflow into every area of your life you will have more than enough to meet

your own needs to bless your family and to extend generosity to those who are in

need for I am the god of abundance the one who Delights in giving good gifts to my children so come my child come into

my presence with a heart full of faith and expectation allow my love to heal your wounds my strength to carry you

through the valleys and my wisdom to guide you on the path of righteousness for I am with you always

your constant companion and your unfailing source of Hope as you embark

on this new chapter of your journey know that I am leading you into a season of unprecedented growth and

transformation you have weathered the storms you have faced the Giants and you

have emerged Victorious now it is time to step into the fullness of your destiny to embrace

the call that I have placed upon your life remember my child my love for you

is an everlasting love A Love That Will Never fail never waver Never Fade Away

You Are My Chosen vessel my beloved child so rise up my warrior and let your

light shine brilliantly in the darkness and as you walk in the power of my spirit as you trust in the promises I

have spoken over your life you will see my hand move in ways that will leave you in awe Miracles Will Follow You doors

will open before you and the impossible will become possible for I am the god of

the impossible the one who speaks life into dead places the one who makes a way

where there seems to be no way beloved even when it feels like the whole world

has turned its back on you know that I am always here forever by your side in

the midst of the loneliness and rejection I am the one constant the unshakable foundation beneath your feet

like a lighthouse guiding ships through a turbulent sea I will lead those those who have strayed back to the safety and

warmth of your presence the night may seem long and dark now but Dawn is coming as surely as

the sun rises each morning painting the sky in glorious shades of gold and pink

unity and Reconciliation will return peace to your life I am the great healer

mending shattered hearts and restoring broken bonds where bitterness and unforgiveness

once rained I planting seeds of compassion and Grace watch as they take root and

Blossom their fragrant petals perfuming the air with the sweet scent of

redemption this is my solemn promise to you as unchanging and dependable as the

rhythm of the tides no matter how Fierce the storms of life may rage I will be

your unbreakable anchor cling to me and you will not be swept away your place is

here in the circle of My Embrace sheltered beneath my unrelenting

love when sorrow threatens to eclipse the light in your soul dare to Hope

again I am breathing new life into the barren spaces transforming ashes into

Beauty Like a Phoenix rising majestically from the flames you will

emerge stronger and more radiant than before the painful chapters of your

story were not written in vain I will weave even these threads into a stunning

new tapestry my beloved there is no mountain too high no Valley too deep no

distance too vast for my love to reach you in the face of every Challenge and

adversity I am fighting for you the path ahead may seem treacherous and unclear

but I will be the lamp Illuminating each step navigate by the light of my truth

and you will never lose your way when the lies and betrayals of others leave

Jagged wounds upon your spirit I am the bomb that soothes and restores bring

your pain to me and I will tenderly bind up every cut until not even a scar

remains Others May abandon you but my devotion is steadfast and true nothing

in this universe can separate you from the intensity of my passion for you lean

in close for I have a secret to whisper in your ear this is not the end of your story my

cherished one it is only the beginning of a breathtaking new chapter I am

standing on the threshold ready to guide you into exciting Uncharted Territory the dreams that have Lain

dormant will be dusted off and brought to vibrant life you will scarcely believe your eyes as you witness the

unfolding of countless long awaited Miracles the weariness that has settled

deep in your bones will be replaced by Renewed Energy and Zeal like a seasoned

Explorer setting out on a Grand Adventure you will face each day with unwavering confidence and fearless

determination no foe will be able to stand against you for I am your shield

and your strength victory is already written in the stars over your

head when anxiety comes knocking trying to steal your newfound peace simply lift

your eyes to me I will dissolve every worry with a single glance of my infinite

love breathe deeply of my soothing presence and let it flow through your

entire being carrying away all stress and strain in me you will find rest for your

weary Soul beloved this is your time to rise up and shine with the radiance of a

thousand Sons no more cowering in the shadows of insignificance no more making

yourself small my power is surging through your veins propelling you toward

the Magnificent Destiny I have prepared just for you it’s time to unfurl your

wings and soar on the Limitless currents of my favor when the naysayers and

critics try to hold you back with their Petty judgments and taunting jeers refuse to shrink plant your feet firmly

on my unshakable promises and stand your ground nothing they say say or do can

diminish the royalty that flows through your veins You Are My Chosen handpicked

for such a time as this those who mocked you will stare in slack jawed amazement

as I shower you with honor and blessing the same ones who pushed you aside will now be clamoring to celebrate your

success through it all remain gracious and kind let humility be your trademark

for it is a salv that promotes healing and restoration as you reflect on the remarkable

transformation taking place be sure to boldly acknowledge my role in it all

refuse to give credit to luck or coincidence Proclaim unashamedly that it

is by my mighty hand alone that you have been lifted from the merry pit and

placed on Solid Ground let your life become a living testimony of my goodness a vivid

reminder that there is no limit to what I can do close your eyes now and picture

me kneeling beside you my hands cued protectively around your face feel the

tender caress of my spirit upon your cheek I’m speaking words of affirmation

and encouragement over you drawing out the beauty and potential that has Lain dormant for far too long you are my rare

treasure a flawless diamond in the rough I’m carefully cutting away everything

that has obscured your true brilliance though the process may be uncomfortable

at times each strategic incision brings you closer to the magnificent person I

created you to be yield to my loving craftsmanship knowing that nothing is

wasted in my capable hands the lies that have defined you for so long the limiting labels and false

identities are being Stripped Away in their place I’m speaking words of life

and purpose over you you are not the sum total of your past mistakes and

failures you are not damaged goods or a hopeless cause you are my glorious workmanship

designed to shine like a beacon in the darkness resist the temptation to wallow

in guilt and self- condemnation when those poisonous thoughts come slithering into your mind

slam the door in their faces refuse to grant them even a moment’s lodging instead

fix your gaze upon the truth of how I see you spotless blameless and holy my

grace is sufficient to cover even your deepest shame as you walk in the light of your true identity others will be

irresistibly drawn to the supernatural glow emanating from within never underestimate the power of

your testimony beloved it is a formidable weapon in the fight against Darkness even now heavenly aliance ments

are being orchestrated on your behalf what the enemy meant for evil is being expertly fashioned into something

breathtakingly beautiful the crushing disappointments the shattered plans the

painful betrayals I am transforming it all into a stunning Monument to my infinite

wisdom and Grace So throw off the cloak of heaviness that has weighed you down for far too long Shake loose the

shackles of fear and insecurity that have kept you bound straighten your shoulders and lift your head high for

royalty does not cower step forward with boldness and Assurance knowing that the

King of Kings is marching ahead of you preparing the way a new sound is rising

up within you a glorious battlecry of freedom and joy it is the sound of

shattered chains and broken strongholds the triumphant declaration that nothing can keep you from the Glorious Destiny I

have ordained let that Roar build until it shakes the very foundations of Hell

let the enemy tremble at the fierce love in your eyes as you embark on this exhilarating

new season refuse to be distracted by the fleeting pleasures of this world keep your gaze fixed Straight Ahead your

spiritual ears attune to the sound of my voice I am your constant companion and

guide leading you along paths of righteousness and peace stick close to

me and you will never stumble or fall when Temptation comes knocking trying to

lure you off course remember that I have already provided a way of Escape lean

hard into my strength and I will fortify you against even the most persistent attacks greater is he that is in you

than he that is in the world no weapon forged against you will

prevail beloved this is your moment the stage has been set the script written in

the annals of Eternity all of creation is holding its breath

waiting to see what I will do through a yielded vessel step out from behind the

curtain and take your rightful place in the spotlight it’s time for your gifts and talents to shine I have anointed

your head with the oil of favor and blessing marking you as one who walks in unwavering

Authority so Arise My Love and shake off the dust of yesterday throw open the

windows of your soul and let the fresh wind of of my spirit blow through every hidden chamber I am doing a new thing

beloved even now Springs of Living Water are bubbling up from deep within

sparkling rivers of mercy and Grace the drought is over winter has lost its icy

grip the time of singing and dancing has come lift up your eyes and behold the

breathtaking Vista stretching out before you lush Green Meadows dripping with Dew

snowcapped Peaks glowing in the warm light of dawn crystalline streams flowing Swift and strong all of creation

is echoing my lavish declaration over you it is time to live again breathe

deeply of the sweet fragrance of redemption and feel Joy Rise up to meet

you this is what it means to be truly alive to walk in the fullness of my

resurrection power to radiate my otherworldly peace and wholeness no more

going through the motions no more settling for stale leftovers I have set a table before you

Laden with the choicest Delicacies come taste and see that I am

good as you Feast on my faithfulness let gratitude be the word that shapes your

days resist the gravitational pull of cynicism and negativity choose instead to focus on

the innumerable gifts I have lavished upon you even the tiniest blessing is a

precious Jewel a glittering deposit of my favor in your life string them

together into a glorious Garland of Praise when the journey grows weary and your feet are blistered and sore

remember that I am your everpresent help I am the rock beneath your feet the anchor that keeps you steady When Storms

rage all around lean into me and I will refresh your fainting Spirit my yoke is

easy and my burden is light before you were even a whisper of an idea I chose

you I called you by name and engraved you on the palms of my hands nothing can

snatch you from my Fierce and tender grip so straighten your crown dear one and wear it with humble

confidence not because of anything you have done but because of who I have declared you to

be my Royal seal is upon you marking you as one who belongs to me forever no

power in hell or on Earth can revoke your lofty position now precious lamb it

is time to rest I will keep watch through the long night hours ensuring

that no harm comes near your dwelling in the morning you will rise renewed and

re-energized ready to face the new day with contagious enthusiasm

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