my beloved child I have a message for you that comes from the very depths of

my heart it’s crucial that you read and understand it for yourself don’t rely on others to explain

it to you this is something you must discover on your own before your time on Earth is over

it’s essential that you fully grasp what I’ve taught and the example I’ve set for

you your relationship with me your salvation and walking with me daily are

the most important things in your life how can you truly follow in my footsteps if you haven’t closely studied

and put into practice the wisdom I’ve left just for you there’s no other way

please read every word carefully don’t miss a thing time is precious and I will

return when you least expect it no one knows the day or hour but just like in

Noah’s time people will be caught up in their daily lives distracted and

unprepared your soul is worth so much more than getting sidetracked by the temporary things of this world life on

Earth is short so make sure you’re investing in eternity with me keep that

your main focus even when the world tries to pull you away it’s truly the

only thing that matters put me first and then take good care of the blessings in

your life your loved ones what you’ve been been given and the life you have

show me how grateful you are for it all but never let me be last on your list

always work to keep me and my spirit at the very center of your day-to-day

life this is a caution for many who say I am their lord and savior they may

believe I died and came back to life for their sins but they still live however

they want not really following me or becoming my disciples some don’t even

listen to what I’ve said much less do what I’ve taught it’s up to you to open

my word in your quiet time and keep growing in your faith you can’t carry your cross if you

don’t understand what that means my Shepherds should be warning their flocks

don’t get complacent halfway up the mountain don’t think you’ve made it and can live however you want don’t go back

down into sin and worldly living only to come part way back up and fall asleep

never making it to the top I’m cautioning you now to be ready

you can’t say you didn’t know even some who do know will stand before me one day

shocked when I say I never knew them you have the chance to read and live out my

word it’s foolish not to do that before you die I’m sounding the alarm I don’t

want you to stay asleep it’s time for my people to wake up and be completely prepared for my return

the faithful servant who’s found doing their job when I return will be blessed

but if someone assumes I’m taking a long time and starts mistreating others and indulging in bad behavior I will come

back unexpectedly and bring severe consequences you can’t just live for

yourself you don’t belong to yourself your body is a temple of my spirit living within you it’s time to

completely surrender to me you can’t have one foot in my kingdom and one foot in the world that won’t do you any good

thinking you’ll be fine with divided loyalty is a false sense of security so please wake up and take my words

seriously listen to me above all others focus on my word and let it guide you my

precious child I know you’ve been running around in circles for far too long circles that have kept you stuck

held you back and made you feel unworthy but I’m here to tell you that it’s time for a

transformation it’s time to let go of those old ways of thinking and embrace the new life I have for you you can’t

keep going around in circles and expect different results it’s time to forget those negative ways that have been at

the back of your mind holding you hostage my beloved child I see the lies

that have taken root in your mind lies that tell you you’re unworthy that your

sins are too great to be forgiven that you’re too far gone to be be redeemed but I tell you

today those lies are from the pit of Hell designed to keep you from walking

in the Abundant Life I have for you today I invite you to cast off those lies and embrace the truth the truth is

that you are fearfully and wonderfully made knit together in your mother’s womb by my own hand you are not a mistake and

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