my beloved in the depths of your being where the Echoes of Eternity whisper I

am ready to pour out an abundance of blessings upon you no force in the

universe can hinder the Torrance of goodness I have prepared for you the plans I have crafted are unshakable

woven into the very fabric of Destiny as you face the challenges that rise before

you like towering mountains remember that my presence is an un breakable Fortress surrounding you even when the

world seems to crumble and shadows Loom my light will never fade from your path

in this sacred moment as you lend me your attention allow my words to become a soothing bomb for your weary

Soul let them seep into the crevices of your heart mending wounds and igniting

hope this time we share is a precious gift a Divine exchange between the

infinite and the finite as I etch my desires upon the tablet of your heart I ask for your

unwavering faith and steadfast commitment trust in me with a tenacity

that knows no bounds for I have placed my unwavering confidence in you stay

true to the path I have set before you even when the Winds of adversity threaten to sway you let your feet be

rooted in the Bedrock of my promises for they are unassailable and eternal every

word I have spoken over you will come to pass like the rising of the sun after the darkest night I reserve my richest

blessings for those who remain steadfast in their devotion unwavering in the face

of Temptation and deception those who stand boldly in my name bearing the scars of righteousness

will be adorned with the crown of Victory your seasons of hardship are fleeting and the ashes of your past will

be transformed into the gold of Triumph every Endeavor born of pure intentions will flourish under my

watchful gaze and your blessings will multiply like stars in the night

sky this is my Covenant with those who anchor their lives in me Everlasting

peace unspeakable joy abundance beyond measure and the constant companionship

of my angels immerse yourself in the steps of my teachings for they hold the key to

unlocking the mysteries of the ages in this new era where deception often masquerades is truth the Wonders I will

accomplish through you will Eclipse all counterfeit Miracles no obstacle no

matter how formidable will stand in the way of my purposes for your life fix

your eyes upon the path I have illuminated and find solace in my presence for it will guide you to

unimagined Realms of blessing you are a rare treasure cherished and

set apart for a Divine Purpose as I entrust you with the abundance of Heaven

I have confidence in your stewardship you will not squander the gifts I bestow upon you but rather you will cultivate

them with wisdom and humility your life will become a river of generosity

nourishing the lives of the needy and bringing Solace to the Brokenhearted affirm your commitment to

walking in integrity and utilize ing my blessings for the greater good

demonstrate your devotion through your thoughts words and deeds guard your heart against the pollution of the world

and let your speech be seasoned with Grace and Truth refuse to align yourself

with anything that brings harm or SWS Discord when you rise each morning let

your first breath be an invocation of my love declare with boldness that I am

your God your guide and your Shield I will Elevate you above the storms of

life and you will emerge with your dignity intact and your hands overflowing with

abundance those who once sought your downfall will find themselves ens snared in their own devices for I am the

defender of my beloved ones my strength is your refuge and my love is your

unassailable Fortress Let Your Presence be a testament to the unshakable peace and

unwavering faith that resides within you may your countenance radiate the light

of my glory leaving those who oppose you in awe of the transformation I have

wrought in you no weapon formed against you will prosper and no lie spoken against you

will stand I will be your rear guard and my love will be your impenetrable

armor in the shelter of My Embrace you will find rest and restoration no matter

the season of your life my affection for you is unchanging and eternal a constant companion on your

journey I see the depths of your heart and your faithfulness in the face of Trials moves me

deeply now is the time to rise up to fully embrace the blessings I have in

store for you cast off the shackles of Despair and step into the radiant light

of my love I desire for you to love yourself with the same Fierce intensity

that I love you you recognize the Priceless treasure that resides within

you and refuse to allow anyone to diminish your worth with their false

narratives break free from the chains of limitations and negative beliefs and receive the fullness of my Holy Spirit I

long to Grant you a freedom that surpasses all understanding except my invitation to walk in forgiveness and

Grace for my love for you knows no bounds even even in your moments of

doubt and fear your faith has been a flicker of light guiding you back to my

presence there may be those who seek to disrupt your peace and hinder your progress but as you abide in me daily

feasting on the Mana of my word you will find strength and resilience that cannot be shaken I am your God your father your

unwavering Ally and your constant companion on this journey of life you

are never alone Al never forsaken my deepest desire is for you to be enveloped in the Shalom peace that

surpasses all understanding secure in the knowledge of my Limitless love for

you so my beloved rise up and step into the fullness of the destiny I have

prepared for you let my love be the anchor that holds you steady and my

wisdom be the compass that guides your every step you are my cherished one and

together we will write a story that will Echo Through the Ages a story of

unwavering love unshakable Faith and the transformative power of my

grace my cherished one Justice is Dawning its radiant beams piercing

through the shroud of trials that has enveloped you I have witness the anguish etched upon your soul the scars left by

those who took advantage of your Gentle Spirit yet in the face of adversity you stood

Resolute a pillar of Tranquility amidst The Tempest you resisted the Allure of

Vengeance the siren Call of anger and frustration your unwavering faith in my sovereign hand my Divine justice has not

gone unnoticed as you immerse yourself in the Wellspring of my word drinking deeply of its love and wisdom I will

fortify the chambers of your heart my presence will illuminate every facet of

your being infusing your home and workplace with the incandescent glow of my grace like the first tentative rays

of sunlight caressing the Earth dispelling the lingering Shadows of night so too will my light permeate the

darkest recesses of your existence with each passing day I will instill within

you a newfound courage empowering you to make decisions with unwavering

conviction you will find the strength to distance yourself from false companions and the snares of harm placing your

trust solely in me embrace this word that I plant within

the fertile soil of your spirit each morning tend to it with faith and diligence nurturing The Garden of your

soul in due time you will bear witness to the emergence of lush foliage vibrant

blossoms and bountiful fruit a testament to the transformative

power of my love no longer will you fall prey to the minations of those who seek to

manipulate your emotions or Lead You astray with deception for I’m imparting to you a

profound wisdom and acute spiritual discernment you will navigate life’s

complexities with Keen Insight making decisions Guided by my still Small Voice

Within impervious to the cacophony of external pressures in the sanctuary of

my peace you will find Solace and restoration the tumultuous attention that once swirled around you will

dissipate like the Morning Mist and those who sought your downfall will Retreat into the Shadows this year I

will Usher you into a season of unbridled Joy vibrant health and indomitable strength seiz this precious

gift carving out sacred moments each day to commune with me in the secret place

let the fragrance of your devotion rise like incense before my throne moreover

lavish your loved ones with the gift of your undivided presence greet each morning with a radiant smile allowing it

to illuminate the countenance of those who share your home let not the sun set

on your anger for harboring resentment only breeds Discord resist the temptation to pass judgment or raise

your voice in frustration instead seek my strength to approach challenges with

a spirit of calmness and wisdom in moments of weariness resist the urge to

make hasty decisions allow yourself the grace to rest and recharge trusting that I will

grant you Clarity in due time establish healthy boundaries between your professional and personal life refusing

to allow the burdens of work to encroach upon the sanctuary of your home when

confronted with conflict let gentleness be your shield and kindness your sword diffuse the Flames of anger with a

soft answer for harsh words only fuel the fire choose to respond with love

even in the face of provocation guard your tongue from inflicting wounds for once spoken words

can never be retrieved my heart’s desire is to Lavish you with blessings beyond measure but I

also yearn for your life to be a Living testament to my love kindness and Purity may your home be a Haven of Peace where

words are seasoned with Grace and even playful banter is infused with gentleness be mindful of the power of

your speech for it has the capacity to build up or tear down let your Dwelling Place be a Wellspring of spiritual

refreshment its atmosphere purified by The Living Waters of my

presence just as pure water is contaminated by pollutants so too can the sanctuary of your home be tainted by

Discord and negativity strive to cultivate an Ambiance of Tranquility

where the light of Harmony dispels the shadows of strife Perfection is not the goal but

rather a heart that continuously seeks to align itself with my will saturate every corner of your home

with the fragrance of worship allowing Melodies of praise to reverberate through its

Chambers Adorn your walls with simple yet profound reminders of my

faithfulness letting them serve as touch stones of encouragement throughout the

day as you yield to the transformative power of my word your very being will

undergo a metamorphosis and as you change so too will your home be restored becoming a

Beacon of Hope and inspiration to all who enter its threshold those you hold dear will be

drawn to the light that emanates from within you compelled to open their hearts to the reality of who I am I am

not a mere religious observance a weekly ritual to be adhered to out of

obligation I am the living Eternal God all powerful holy and true I am the one

who lavishes boundless mercy upon those I love fiercely protecting them as a lioness guards her Cubs but to those who

seek to steal kill and destroy I will unleash the full force of my righteous

indignation you my precious one are counted among the faithful who have

captured my heart I tenderly cradle you in the palm of my hand Sheltering you from the

storms of life your ears are attuned to The Whisper of my voice your heart

devoted to seeking me in the Stillness of solitude you diligently study my word

allowing it to take root in the depths of your being as you walk in obedience

to my commands your life will undergo a profound transformation your character will be

forged in the furnace of adversity emerging stronger and more resilient with each passing trial you will become

a living epistle a testimony of my grace and faithfulness for all to see and

though the path may be strewn with obstacles and the journey fraught with challenges you will not succumb to

despair for you know with unshakable certainty that I have been I am and I

will always be by your side I will be your Shield against the onslaught of the

enemy your refuge in times of trouble I will grant you victory over every foe

restoring what was unjustly taken and multiplying your talents and gifts I will Elevate you to new heights

clothing you with garments of praise in exchange for the ashes of mourning you will be adorned with the beauty of

Holiness a radiant reflection of my glory these words will be etched upon

the tablet of your heart a constant source of Hope and encouragement in the darkest of

nights in my presence you will find the peace that surpasses understanding the

comfort that calms every fear prepare your heart for the blessings I have in

store for you this year are Beyond Your Wildest imaginings trust in my promises for they

are as sure as the Rising Sun they will come to pass in the name of the Father

the Son and the the Holy Spirit an unbreakable Covenant sealed by the blood of

Calvary walk by faith not by sight casting aside every Shadow of Doubt seek

my face in the first light of dawn and as surely as the sun bathes the Earth in its golden Rays so too will my glory

illuminate your path the darkness will flee before the radiance of my truth and

your heart will overflow with the abundance of my love your spirit will be infused with the supernatural strength

and the fog of uncertainty will lift from your mind devote yourself to fervent prayer

carving out sacred moments to commune with me intimately lay aside the distractions of this world and entrust

your thoughts desires and decisions to my capable hands I know the weight of

the burdens you carry the perplexing circumstances that threaten to overwhelm you in those moments when the way

forward seem seem shrouded in obscurity remember my words live by

faith all things are possible to those who believe to those who cling to the

unshakable truth of my love and faithfulness the enemy May whisper lies

taunting you with thoughts of Abandonment as though I Delight in your

suffering but you my beloved know better you have tasted the goodness of my love

a love that remains steadfast and unrelenting even in the face of the fiercest

trials I have always been your Shield your Defender your everpresent help in

times of trouble my love for you is not contingent upon your performance or your

ability to navigate life storms flawlessly it is a love that endures A

Love That Conquers A Love That Never Fails so trust in me my precious ious

child allow me to direct your steps to be the guardian of your soul believe

with unwavering conviction that I am your life your future your strength and

your Shield hold fast to the assurance that the Miracles you long for though yet

unseen are already in motion orchestrated by my sovereign hand for I

am the one who speaks life into Barren places and brings Beauty out of

Ashes I am the Creator who fashion galaxies with a word the Redeemer who

mends broken hearts with a touch and I am the father who loves you with an everlasting love a love that

knows no bounds rest in the Embrace of my unfailing love my

child Let It Be the Anchor that holds you steady in the tempests of Life the

compass that guides you through uncharted waters for in me you will find

the strength to rise above every challenge the courage to face every fear

and the wisdom to navigate every decision I Am With You Always In The

Valleys and on the mountaintops in the sunshine and in the

shadows my love for you is unchanging unshakable and unending so lean into my

presence draw from my Limitless strength and Trust in the goodness of my plans

for your life for I am the god who turns mourning into dancing who exchanges

Beauty for Ashes and who leads you from Darkness into Marvelous Light and as you

fix your eyes on me as you surrender your heart to my loving care you will

discover the Abundant Life I have destined for you A life filled with purpose passion and unending Joy my

beloved child in the depths of your being where the Embers of Faith flicker

amidst Shadows of death doubt know that the faintest spark is all I require each day as you seek my presence

I invite you to leave behind the burdens that weigh upon your soul entrust your life to me for I am the steadfast anchor

amidst the tempests of existence your belief in me though at times fragile is a precious gem that I

cherish it is the key that unlocks the floodgates of blessings pouring forth

from the Heavenly realms as you walk by faith Guided by the

Unseen hand of Providence your path shall lead to unexpected joys and

resurrected dreams the hopes you once buried in the catacombs of Despair shall rise a new

infused with the breath of divine promise in moments when surrender seemed

the only Solace and the weight of Trials threatened to extinguish your very essence I come to you bearing the balm

of love and the Bounty of Heavenly gifts prepare your heart for the tides of

Destiny are turning those you thought lost shall find their way back to you drawn by the

gravitational pull of forgiveness and Reconciliation as you have grown in

faith it is time to extend your hand to those who hunger for Hope be ready for

doors shall swing wide on their hinges and the chains that once constrained your blessings shall shatter in the

realm of the extraordinary where my word Reigns Supreme The Impossible becomes a mere footnote in The Chronicles of your

life my precious one the future that awaits you surpasses the grandest

visions of your imagination the fractured bonds within your family shall mend knit together by

threads of compassion and understanding forgiveness a balm for wounded Hearts

stands at the threshold awaiting your embrace Let Your Love flow freely a river

unhindered by the debris of past hurts individuals who recognize your

innate worth and celebrate your gifts shall cross your path drawn by the magnetism of Divine

Purpose stay true to the course I have charted for you for it leads to the shores of authenticity and

fulfillment guard your words for they hold the power to shape Destinies let truth and kindness be the

currency of of your speech even in the face of adversity pay no heed to those who sow

Discord with Whispers of Deceit for their lies shall crumble like sand castles against the tide of Truth be

vigilant for there are those who would seek to piler the blessings I have bestowed upon

you as you Journey with me I call you to delve deeper into the Wellsprings of my

wisdom Surrender Your Heart fully for therein lies the key to unlocking the

portals of the supernatural material possessions and fleeting achievements pale in comparison

to the Eternal Treasures I have in store for you step into the realm of the

miraculous where my love and power entwine to rewrite the narratives of your

existence declare your unwavering Devotion to me and watch as I transform

not only your life but the lives of those you hold dear the seeds of Faith you have swn

through prayers fasting and unwavering dedication shall yield a harvest beyond

measure I stand at the threshold of your being knocking gently awaiting your

invitation will you grant me entry allowing me to usher in a new era of

Wonders and Supernatural breakthroughs your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed and I vow that scarcity

shall never again darken your doorstep or cast its shadow upon your loved on ones abundance Joy courage and vitality

shall flood your home a testament to my unwavering commitment to your

well-being rest assured for my promises are anchored in the Bedrock of

Eternity Embrace The Winds of Change and release your grip on the past with its

burdens of worry and despair the blessings I bestow upon you

come adorned with wisdom empowering you to make choices that multiply goodness and transform

lives gratitude shall be your compass guiding you through the

Uncharted territories of divine favor behold I am crafting a new chapter

in your life untethered from the shackles of depression loneliness

bitterness and envy prepare your heart for I am swinging wide the gates of opportunity

leading you to Uncharted Landscapes of abundance and fulfillment my love for you is an

eternal flame unwavering and all consuming fear not for your life is

cradled in the palm of my hand let not the cacophony of negativity or the barbs

of malicious tongues penetrate your soul pay no mind to the minations of

those who seek to derail you from your God ordained path in the face of adversity anchor

yourself in my love and seek solace in the sanctuary of my presence your heart and mind are

fortified with faith hope strength and joy an impenetrable Fortress against the

assaults of the enemy as you stand firm in my word your

adversaries shall be confounded marveling at the transformation that has taken place within you the trials that

once threatened to overwhelm you shall dissipate like Mist in the morning sun and the worries that tested your faith

shall be but a distant memory today as you awaken to a new dawn

embrace the peace and joy that surround you even if your physical eyes cannot

yet perceive it your spirit can sense the shift in the atmosphere you are not the same person

you were yesterday for my divine presence envelops you infusing you with

strength and resilience you are not not defined by weakness failure or defeat

rather you are a conqueror Rising Victorious on the wings of my grace

declare with unwavering conviction that your trust in me is unshakable for therein lies the key to

unlocking the floodgates of Heaven’s favor in moments when the unexpected

storms of life assail you and the actions of others leave you feeling abandoned know that your tears are

precious to me each drop is a sacred offering a plea that ascends to the very

throne room of Heaven it is here in the place where Destinies are forged and

miracles are birthed that I hear your cries and respond with tender

compassion you are never alone for I am the constant companion who remains

steadfast when others fade away my love for you knows no bounds expanding with

each passing moment in the sanctuary of my presence you can

pour out your heart laying bare the depths of your soul I am here listening

intently ready to Bear your burdens and guide you toward wholeness allow yourself to grieve for

in the release of Tears there is healing but know that in the aftermath of Sorrow

Joy shall rise like the dawn painting your world with Hues of Hope and happiness the trials you have endured

have been a Divine preparation shaping you for the abundance that is about to flood your life so my beloved lift your

eyes to the Horizon for a new chapter is unfolding the pages are crisp and

waiting to be filled with the stories of my faithfulness and your unwavering trust together we shall write a tale

that will Echo Through the Ages a testament to the power of a life surrendered to the author of all that is

good and beautiful ful step into this moment with anticipation for the dreams you once

held close to your heart are about to take flight the desires that have Lain

dormant buried beneath the weight of disappointment shall burst forth like

seeds breaking through the soil reaching towards the sunlight of my

promise as you navigate the path ahead remember that my love is the compass that guides you and my word is the lamp

that illuminates your steps embrace the challenges that come your way for they are opportunities for

growth and transformation in The Crucible of adversity your faith shall be refined

emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before and as you lean into my strength

you shall discover reservoirs of courage and wisdom within yourself that you never knew existed each day as you

commune with me I invite you to let lay aside the weights that hinder your progress the past with its regrets and

mistakes has no claim over your future for in my eyes you are a new creation

washed clean by my blood and empowered by the breath of my spirit so rise up my

child and step into the destiny that awaits you trust the process even when

the colors seem to clash or the image appears unclear for in due time the

final picture will be revealed in all it breathtaking Beauty as you embark on this new chapter

know that my blessing rests upon you I am opening doors that no one can shut

and I am closing doors that no one can open I am orchestrating Divine

connections and aligning the stars in your favor so go forth with confidence

knowing that the one who called you is faithful I will never leave you nor forsake you and my love for you is an

anchor that will hold you steady through every storm embrace the adventure that lies

ahead for with each step you are walking deeper into the heart of my purpose for

your life remember my beloved that you are not defined by your past your struggles

or your limitations you are defined by my love my grace and the destiny I have ordained

for you so let your heart be filled with expectancy for The Best Is Yet To Come

I am the god of the impossible the one who makes a way where there seems to be no way trust me with your whole heart

and watch as I move mountains on your behalf for nothing is too difficult for

me and my plans for you are plans to prosper you and give you a future filled

with hope so take my hand my precious child and let me lead you into the

Glorious unknown for in the Uncharted territories of Faith you will discover

the true depths of my love and the magnitude of my power and as you surrender your life to me you will find

that The Greatest Adventure of all is Walking In step with the one who created the universe and calls you by

name I love you with an everlasting love and my delight in you knows no bounds so

Stand Tall my child with unwavering determination and perseverance

when weariness threatens to overtake you pause to catch your breath but never

lose sight of the prize that awaits you let your spirit be infused with the

indomitable strength that flows from my presence propelling you forward with renewed vitality and

joy in the face of opposition meet your adversaries with the grace and wisdom

that I have instilled within you let your kindness be a disarming force your

patience a testament to the character I am shaping within you when they thirst for conflict offer

them the refreshing water of compassion when they stumble be quick to extend a helping hand guard your heart with

vigilance keeping your Treasures hidden from those who would seek to exploit them let your actions speak louder than

words displaying the quiet strength and discernment that comes from walking closely with me rise above the petty

gosp goip and malicious schemes for your destiny is too Grand to be sidetracked by the

trivial as you press onward with unwavering faith and tenacity your

enemies will watch in disbelief as their attempts to derail you are thwarted at every turn for you are a part of my

grand design and nothing can stand in the way of my perfect plan for your life

with each step you take know that you are drawing closer to the Magnificent doors that I have prepared for you

beyond those thresholds lie blessings that will take your breath away experiences that will stretch your faith

and expand your horizons in ways you never thought possible so reaffirm your trust in me my

precious one enter into my presence each day with a heart wide open ready to

receive the wisdom and guidance that I long to impart to you let our bond be

the driving force behind every decision you make every path you choose to tread

your bravery astounds me my child rise with the assurance that Victory is already yours for I am the

god who goes before you clearing the way and making crooked paths straight you have tasted the sweetness

of my provision the abundance that flows from a heart filled with gratitude in

the Stillness of your soul take a moment to reflect on the Myriad blessings that surround you your very existence is a

testament to my love a love that sustains you through every trial and celebrates with you in every Triumph the

people I have placed in your life the roof over your head the food on your table all are reminders of my unwavering

commitment to your well-being when the cares of the world threaten to overwhelm you remember the

legions of angels that stand guard over you ready to do battle on your

behalf their presence is a tangible reminder of the supernatural protection

that surrounds you the Divine hedge of favor that encircles your life I

understand the weight of responsibility that rests upon your shoulders the desire for everything to unfold

according to my perfect plan you long for provision and stability for the

assurance that nothing can shake the foundation of peace that you have built your life upon yet even in the midst of

the storms I am calling you to fix your eyes on me to let gratitude be the lens

through which you view the world for a thankful heart is a fortress against the lies of the enemy a bull workk that

stands firm against the onslaught of fear and doubt when the enemy tries to flood your mind with negative thoughts

threatening to drown you in a sea of worry and despair raise your hands high and surrender declaring the truth of who

I am and who you are in me let your faith rise like a battlecry shattering

the chains of anxiety and setting you free to walk in the fullness of my joy remember that I am the god who sees

you who knows the depths of your heart and the magnitude of your dreams I have crafted a future for you

that is beyond your wildest imaginings a destiny that is intricately woven with

purpose and meaning you’re not a mistake not a random collection of cells and

molecules you are fashioned by by the hands of the Creator himself my love for you is the

Cornerstone upon which all other blessings are built the unwavering Foundation that will never crumble or

fade it is a love that pursued you even when you were lost a love that continues

to chase after you with Relentless passion and abandon and when you stumble

when you fall short of the mark know that my love for you does not waver or

diminish I see beyond the surface of your mistakes beyond the facade of perfection

that the world demands and i gaze upon the beauty of your surrendered

heart so come to me my child with all of your Brokenness and

Imperfections with all of your doubts and fears pour out your heart before me

trusting in the safety of my presence and the tenderness of my touch for in the sanctuary of my love

there is no condemnation no finger pointing or harsh judgment let your

spirit be at peace your thoughts anchored in the truth of who I am and who I have called you to be and as you

rise each day with faith and expectancy know that I am going before you

preparing the way and orchestrating the details of your life with meticulous care so fix your eyes on me my beloved

and let your heart be captured by The Wonder of my my love let my presence be the first thing you seek in the Morning

Light the last thing you whisper in the quiet of the night for I am your Shield

your Defender your everpresent help in times of trouble I am the god who never

Slumbers or sleeps the one who watches over you with a Fierce and protective love that knows no bounds so trust in me

my child with every fiber of your being lean into the promise of my faithfulness

the assurance that I will never leave you or forsake you for I Am The God Who

holds your future in the palm of my hand the one who is writing a story of redemption and hope that will Echo

Through the Ages rest in the certainty that I am fighting for you moving mountains on your behalf and parting the

Seas of impossibility that stand in your way for nothing is too difficult for me

no dream too big or challenge too daunting I am the god who speaks life into existence distance who calls forth

the dawn with a whisper and sets the stars in their place and I am the one who has called you by name who has

fashioned you for a purpose that is greater than you can imagine so let your heart be filled with the radiant light

of my love let your spirit soar on the wings of my grace for you are my beloved

child and I Delight in every moment that you spend in my presence trust in the unfolding of my

perfect plan for every every step you take every breath you breathe is infused

with my purpose and my power and as you Journey onward know

that I am leading you into a land of abundance a place where every longing of

your heart will be satisfied and every dream will find its fulfillment for I am the one who makes a

way where there seems to be no way so let your faith rise like the dawn

let your hope burn brightly in the darkest of of knights for I am with you always holding you close to my heart and

guiding you with my loving hand and in the end when all is said and done you will look back and see the

Fingerprints of my faithfulness woven throughout every chapter of your story

so trust in me my child with all that you are and all that you have let your

life be a Living testament to the goodness of my love a shining Beacon of Hope in a world that so desperately

needs needs to see my light for I Am The God Who Never Fails the one whose love

endures forever and I am calling you to rise up and take your place in the Grand Story

of redemption that I am writing across the pages of History so let your heart be brave your spirit be bold step out in

faith trusting in the promise of my presence and the power of my love for I

Am With You Always leading you into a future that is brighter than you can

imagine and in the end when you stand before me face to face you will know

beyond a shadow of a doubt that every moment of your journey was held in the palm of my hand every tear was

seen every prayer Was Heard for you are my beloved child the one whom I have

called and chosen the one for whom I gave everything and my love for you will

never fail never waver never come to an end if you trust in me I will throw open

the gates of Heaven unleashing A Deluge of blessings upon you my words will be etched upon the

walls of your heart a compass guiding you steadily through life though you may stumble my

forgiveness knows no bounds I am a god of infinite compassion

eager to lift you from the depths and set your feet on Solid Ground the blessings I have in store for

you eclipse the trappings of Earthly wealth they are Treasures beyond measure

more precious than the rarest gems when I speak of opening the heavens

Embrace This Promise with unwavering Faith declare with

conviction I Trust You Lord for my love for you is no trivial

matter no ephemeral sentiment it is a love that permeates

the very fabric of creation step into the world and Marvel at the Wonders that surround you the vast

expanse of the sky the life-giving breath in your lungs the warmth of the

sun upon your skin these are all tokens of My Affection tangible expressions of

my love for you and here I stand your everpresent guardian and

deliverer how many times have I snatched you from the jaws of Despair illuminating your path through through

the darkest valleys you embarked upon this year with a heart full of dreams and

aspirations though challenges may have Arisen do not allow them to extinguish the flame of your

hope press on for your dreams are precious to me they are threads woven

into The Grand Design of your life a life imbued with Divine Purpose I yearn

to manifest my love and power through you to fill you to overflowing with my Holy Spirit

as you grow in spiritual discernment profound truths will unfold before you wisdom will flow from my heart to yours

equipping you to navigate life’s complexities with Clarity and Grace you will become a conduit of my

light touching lives and bringing transformation in extraordinary ways let

your life be a Living testament to the power of my word as others witness the fruit of your faith they will Marvel at

what can be accomplished when when one anchors their trust in me hold out your hands for an abundance

of blessings is about to rain down upon you receive them with gratitude and diligence knowing that they flow from my

Limitless Storehouse even now the portals of Heaven are swinging wide releasing favor

and provision into your life in return I ask only for your unwavering

devotion whisper words of love and faith pledging Your Allegiance to me until the

end of your days lay your burdens at my feet for I long to shoulder your fears

and worries enfolding you in a cocoon of love and showcasing the Marvels I can

accomplish in your life today a new chapter unfurls A

Narrative of transformation and wonder expect shifts in your circumstances seismic changes that will

reverberate through every aspect of your existence your family will be touched by my grace

their hearts softened and their faces illuminated by the radiance of my presence within you as you walk through

the world others will be drawn to the kindness and joy that emanate from your being a reflection of the Divine Light

That dwells within I anoint you with wisdom beyond your years with the capacity to birth

your deepest desires into reality I am intimately acquainted with your longings your quest for fulfillment

and happiness that is why I impart these words to You urging you to cling to them

as a Lifeline I am attuned to your every emotion your every heartbeat my shield

of protection surrounds you ensuring that no weapon formed against you shall prosper Stand Tall your character

unassailable your dignity intact walk with your head held high a

smile playing upon on your lips make your way to me in prayer each day

confident that I will guide your every step bask in the love I lavish upon you

for in my presence your burdens melt away and your spirit Soares When Trials

assail you let praise be your Battle Cry lift your voice in worship your hands

reaching heavenward should anyone question your joy Proclaim with boldness it is because

God is with me though some may not comprehend pay

them no mind my heavenly hosts stand ready to fight on your behalf as you surrender

your all to me kneel before me your heart laid bare relinquishing every

hindrance and entrusting yourself wholly to my Mercy you hunger for change for a

metamorphosis of the soul I am poised to Breathe new life into your weary spirit

to unfold you in a love that defies description embrace my word as your

daily sustenance sharing it far and wide a Beacon of Hope to your loved ones and

Community you are my cherished son my precious daughter and into your hands I

place my promises of love and blessing guard them as the most precious of

treasures a sacred trust that will never fail you let my faith fness be your anchor my

love your constant companion and my wisdom your Guiding Light whatever

challenges may come your way know that in me you will find the strength and

resilience to overcome them all fear not the future nor let the

unknown trouble your heart for I have mapped out a journey for you that is

filled with hope and promise a future overflowing with blessings Beyond Your

Wildest imaginings trust in my purposes even when they are shrouded in mystery lean

into the goodness that I am weaving into the fabric of your life a goodness that

will astound and Amaze you all that you need I will provide in abundance for I

am a god of lavish generosity a father who Delights in fulfilling his promises

to his children walk in the assurance that my blessings are chasing you down

overtaking you at every return for it is my heart’s desire to see you flourish

and Thrive to watch you step into the fullness of all that I have planned for

you believe it my child and watch as the impossible becomes possible as dreams

become reality and as my promises are fulfilled in your life now and forever

more so take courage my child for your breakthrough is on the horizon the

dreams that have Lain dormant are about to Spring bring forth the promises that have carried are about to be fulfilled

keep pressing on keep believing and keep trusting in my unfailing love for I am

the god of the impossible the one who specializes in turning Barren wildernesses into Gardens of

abundance I am the god who turns mourning into dancing sorrow into joy

and ashes into Beauty so fix your eyes on me the author and finisher of your

faith trust in my timing lean into my love and watch as I transform your

desert places into an oasis of blessing for I am faithful and I will complete

the good work I have begun in you your story is not over my child The

Best Is Yet To Come keep holding on to my promises keep anchoring your hope in

my unfailing love for soon you will look back on this season and Marvel at the

way I have woven every trial and every tear into a testimony of my goodness and

Grace I am with you now and always my love surrounds you my strength

upholds you and my grace empowers you so take heart my beloved for your finest

hour is about to unfold step into the new beginning I have prepared for you

and watch as I make all things beautiful in my perfect timing you are loved you

are cherished and you are destined for greatness embrace the journey trust in

my leading and know that I with you every step of the way working all things

together for your good and for my glory in me you will find the strength

to rise the courage to soar and the faith to move mountains

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