my beloved child this month will bring a season of great blessings well-earned rewards and

profound realizations you’ve endured hardships heartaches and unforeseen

trials these experiences have molded you but know that you don’t face them

alone your current struggles aren’t the end of your journey I’m here to lift the burden of

sorrow and despair from your heart alleviate your pain and remove your

anguish I’ll lead you to a brighter tomorrow filled with the radiance of Hope where tranquility and happiness

walk beside you on this path you’ll find strength in your weaknesses solace in

times of trouble and New Beginnings arising from moments of hopelessness trust in me for in the

coming month I’ve prepared Marvels for you blessings that surpass your wildest

dreams your unwavering faith will be met with Abundant Blessings you’ll witness

how I transform challenges into opportunities your anxieties into

Serenity and your pain into Joy this month will reveal my love and

faithfulness to you in unprecedented ways even amidst great obstacles

remember I possess even greater power to guide you to Triumph and fulfillment you’ll stride confidently toward a

future filled with prosperity and purpose those who doubted you will be astonished by your achievements they’ll bear

witness to your successes for I’ll demonstrate my might in your life Paving

paths adorned with both tangible and intangible riches prepare yourself to embrace my

generous provision as I intend to elevate you and bless every aspect of

your existence the hardships you’ve endured will no longer cast a shadow over your

happiness this month marks the beginning of a fresh ch chapter and the opportunity for greater things to

unfold you’ll embark on your plans with renewed Vigor you’ll discover a newfound

energy in your financial matters and familial relationships everyone will Marvel at

how I bless and expand your endeavors your success will not be a product of chance but rather a result of your

unwavering Faith the fruits of your diligent efforts and your trust in

me I’m working on your behalf opening doors that no one can shut preparing a

banquet of blessings that exceed your imagination keep your focus on me press

forward with courage and don’t be deterred by obstacles even in the midst of a tempest

you’re enveloped by my peace when uncertainty looms my light will

illuminate your path persevere with faith and you’ll witness the

extraordinary things I’ll accomplish in your life step forward confident that a future

brimming with hope and fulfilled promises awaits you don’t be daunted if

the month begins with adversity believe in my promises and the blessings I’ve spoken over you you’ll

see how I transform your trials into powerful testimonies of my goodness walking with me means no

obstacle is insurmountable no challenge too formidable for I am your refuge in

strength in times of trouble Embrace this month with courage and confidence

knowing that my love sustains you and empowers you advance assured that I will

meet your needs march on recognizing that each challenge presents an

opportunity for growth in this month remain steadfast in your faith and keep

your gaze fixed on me my blessings will overtake you I’ll envelop you in my

strength and cause you to flourish in every sphere of life this will be your month of Victories and

accomplishments a season when I’ll guide you to the opportunities you’ve been seeking prepare yourself for I am about

to fulfill my promises to you you’ll witness how circumstances begin to work

in your favor together we’ll scale the loftiest mountains and overcome the most daunting

challenges on this day I encourage you to place your trust in me and seek my

assistance whenever the need arises remember that I am attentive to your

prayers know that I have the power to transform any situation regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in I

have the power to turn your defeat into Victory so go forth persevere and have

faith in me this month I shall Grant you the desires of your heart and Aid you in

achieving your objectives I shall fortify you to attain many of your goals

and Supply you with the resources NE necessary to embark on new Endeavors each day shall present an

opportunity for growth and progress toward the realization of your dreams ready yourself for this month shall be

one of opportunities and blessings walk with joy knowing that you can always

depend on me and I shall be by your side to guide and prosper you in every facet of your

life the era of Wonders persists I’m about to do something extraordinary for

you simply believe Don’t Be Afraid or allow your heart to be burdened by your current

circumstances I won’t abandon you to navigate this path alone I’ll protect you from all harm enabling you to

overcome the weight you bear remain courageous my child stay Brave and resilient don’t be defeated by

this challenging season for miracles continue to occur all that is required

of you is to place your complete trust in me and then witness as I perform a mighty miracle in your

life I understand that you may feel discouraged weighed down by all the disheartening news you’ve been hearing

weary of negative predictions that only disqui you exasperated by what science

or people say about your situation but hear this your story isn’t

over no matter how Bleak or hopeless it appears now I can work wonders in you I

can heal you I can liberate you from this Affliction simply trust in me and

cling to my words for they bring healing to your body and strength to your

bones my dear child I want you to comprehend that it is my will to heal you that you may

experience physical restoration and renewal of your soul for my greatest desire is for you

to have life and have it in abundance so that you may relish the fullness of my

goodness and the benefits of my grace it is time for you to arise to

cease your weeping and lamenting over the gloomy days the season of your

sorrow has ended I don’t want you to dwell on the past any longer today I have come to

bring healing to you to restore every cell of your being for I am a Divine

healer who attentively hears the cries of his children simply present before me

whatever afflicts your body body then I will remove your ailments and cure your

illnesses I will grant you the healing and renewal you seek enabling you to

press forward my child I ask you once

more place your faith in me trust me completely and hold fast to my

teachings let them be the bomb that heals your wounds and rejuvenates you let them flow through you like an

endless stream make me your refuge and I promise you will not face any harm no

sickness or disease will overcome you for I am your healer the one who mends all your afflictions who rescues your

life from Despair and surrounds you with kindness and compassion believe in my word and stand

firm through this challenging period I won’t forsake you or leave you behind

simply keep moving forward and never relinquish your faith remember there is

nothing beyond my reach no issue concern or sickness is too great for me to

handle even the obstacles you’re currently facing cannot hinder me from working a remarkable miracle in your

life you need only believe and trust in me then everything absolutely everything

will be well do not worry about how things will unfold do not be impatient

or attempt to force the miracle I have in store for you simply trust trust

trust in my love for you and allow me to accomplish my will in your life open your heart to the possibility of the

impossible let me demonstrate how I make possible what is impossible for man in science always remember that you are not

alone in this world I’m with you I’m holding your hand and I will guide you

to the place of your Miracle you need only trust me I will heal you of all

illness that is why today I tell you to regain your strength and rise up do not

give up keep moving forward fight for your faith and you will receive

Everything you ask of me I don’t want you to become disheartened or lose your spirit don’t allow fear or uncertainty

to grip you and don’t let the world’s views obstruct your path place your trust in me and I promise I’ll work A

great miracle in your life remain strong in your belief and continue moving towards the miracle you

fervently prayed for don’t be afraid of your journey for I will complete what

I’ve begun in you I’m going to do something wonderful and magnificent in your life my beloved child I want you to

know that I am always with you even in the midst of life’s challenges and hardships I see your struggles and feel

your pain but I promise you that better days are coming trust in me and hold

fast to your faith for I am working behind the scenes to bring about a new season of abundance and Restoration in

your life I know that financial difficulties have been weighing heavily on your heart you may feel like

Prosperity is slipping through your fingers with each passing day but I assure you that this period of lack and

scarcity is coming to an end just as the dawn breaks after the

darkest night a new chapter is about to unfold in your life one filled with

blessings and provision Beyond Your Wildest Dreams rise up with renewed strength and courage knowing that I am

your rock and your Refuge when the obstacles seem insurmountable and the crisis threatens

to overwhelm you remember that nothing is too hard for me my power knows no bounds and I am

more than able to transform your circumstances and bring healing to every area of your

life declare with boldness that blessing is on its way that AB abundance is

beginning to flow and that my peace which surpasses all understanding is taking root in your heart do not allow

despair to steal your joy or doubt to Cloud your vision instead fix your eyes

on me and my unwavering promise to never leave you or forsake you believe that

the days of hardship and lack are passing away and a new era of prosperity

and blessing is Dawning Embrace this promise and trust that even in the midst of adversity I am working on your behalf

to bring about your welfare and success refuse to be paralyzed by fear or

uncertainty open your heart wide to Faith and begin declaring with confidence that good things are coming your way close your eyes and visualize

the abundance that is about to flood into your life picture my mighty hand moving swiftly to change your situation

and bring about a dramatic turnaround hold fast to the truth that my love for you is constant and my

resources are Limitless always ready to meet your every need remember that every challenge you face

is an opportunity for growth and a chance to draw closer to me do not be afraid to step out in faith

and trust that I will be with you every step of the way guiding you and upholding you with my righteous right

hand keep in mind that faith can move mountains and when you put your trust in

me there is no limit to what I can accomplish in and through you arise with determination and purpose

knowing that my plan for you is one of wholeness prosperity and peace speak

words of faith and confidence declaring that blessings are going to pour into your life and that abundance will

permeate every facet of your being face each new day with hope and gratitude remembering that in times of

trouble I am your shelter and your strong tower trust that the difficulties

you are experiencing are only temporary but my love for you is

Everlasting hold tightly to my goodness and faithfulness knowing that even in the

midst of hardship I am working to secure your well-being and restore your

finances take comfort in the assurance that your financial struggles will come to an end your debts will be wiped out

and your anxieties will be lifted from your shoulders From This Moment forward lack

will no longer cast its shadow over your household your children or your children’s children I will bless you

abundantly and supply all your needs according to my riches in glory remember that even in the darkest of times my

light shines brighter still and in my presence there is no room for lack or

distress so open your heart to Hope and walk in obedience and Faith trust that I

will never fail you and that your life will be a living testimony of my

miraculous provision receive this promise with joy and Thanksgiving in your heart declare with

conviction that your finances will be restored your debts will be cancelled

and your endeavors will prosper you are my beloved child and it

is my desire to see you walk in the fullness of my blessings all I ask is that you stay

receptive to my guidance and my word do not worry about tomorrow or fear any

obstacles that may arise on your path keep your focus on me the author and

finisher of your faith believe in my ability to supply all your needs according to my glorious riches remember

if you abide in me no circumstance or challenge can ever separate you from my

love my grace is sufficient to restore your finances and provide for your every need simply put your trust in me and my

eternal plan and you will see prosperity and success best in all your endeavors

follow my teachings and turn away from sin and you will experience the Abundant Life I have promised you my blessings

will overtake you and everything you put your hand to will prosper for if you walk in my ways and

keep my Commandments you will see every area of your life transformed for the better my child hear my voice and obey

my instructions for in them you will find the wisdom and joy you see

do not deviate from my word but heed it and turn from wickedness and you will witness a remarkable turnaround in your

life my blessings will chase you down and all your undertakings will flourish

remember that sin only leads to sorrow pain and ruin but by turning from sin

and obeying my word the floodgates of blessing are opened wide hope and peace

will abound giving birth to prosperity and plenty so do not be deceived sin

will always lead you down a path of Destruction death and despair but if you draw near to me

forsake sin and distance yourself from anything that separates you from my presence you will find Grace and you

will begin to see significant changes in your life my love will be poured out upon you causing your relationships

health and plans to flourish trust that my spirit will guide guide you in the paths of righteousness

bringing wholeness and goodness by following my word you will

discover the key to a future filled with hope and blessing these blessings will bring not only material wealth but also

spiritual riches imparting to you a deep peace and abiding Joy walk in my ways my child and watch

as my love transforms every aspect of your life leading you to the Fulfillment

and satisfaction you long for my child today I encourage you to make

wise choices and walk in obedience no matter what path you choose know that

your decisions will always have consequences if you choose the way of sin those consequences will be painful

and destructive but if you choose the path of Truth love righteousness and

forgiveness the consequences will be beautiful and life-giving I ask you to put your trust

in me and believe in my my word I am the god who spoke the universe into existence who knows you intimately and

loves you unconditionally I am the one who will always Stand By Your Side ready to lead

you in the way that leads to life in all its fullness remember that obedience to my commands is not an unbearable burden

but a pathway to Liberation and genuine fulfillment for my heart’s desire is and

always will be for you to experience the Abundant Life that comes from walking in my

ways use this day to reflect on your choices and align your heart with what is true and

right I am here to support you to love you and to guide you into a life

overflowing with my affection trust in me and you will see that your choices when rooted in

obedience and faith will yield blessings far beyond your imagination do not be

afraid to move forward do not fear failure or hardship simply lean on me

and step out with courage and determination I promise you that if you do this nothing will be able to hold you

back you will grow in wisdom strength and boldness know that every step you

take in obedience to my guidance is a step closer to the Abundant Life I have in store for you by trusting in me and

walking in my ways you will discover a deep and Lasting joy that can only be found in living in my

love move forward with confidence and do not lose heart in this journey of faith Faith soon you will see a flood of

blessings pouring into every corner of your life touching not only you but also those around you I love you my child I

want you to understand the depth of My Affection when we talk I cherish you

your humility and attentiveness when I speak touch me deeply you honor me with your presence

listening intently as I share my words eager to receive strength and wisdom you

embrace the peace and comfort I offer and it fills me with joy to see your grateful and tender heart when I see

your tears it moves me profoundly for the sacred words I impart are already

healing your deepest wounds and transforming your soul your sorrow and

anxiety are Vanishing never to return as your heavenly father I desire

your well-being Above All Else and so I lavish you with blessings beyond measure

trust in my love and my plan for your life and you will see a new season of abundance and restoration unfold before

your eyes hold fast to your faith for better days are surely coming my dear

child my light shines upon you whenever you come to me patiently sharing your

heart and waiting for my response I want you to know deep in your soul that your life has great meaning

and purpose every experience whether joyful or challenging is part of the

path I’ve lovingly prepared for you don’t ever think your days are wasted

even in the fiercest storms the sun still shines above the clouds when you

go through deep Waters or fiery trials do not fear you will not be overwhelmed

or consumed no weapon formed against you will prosper it’s normal to feel afraid

unsure or inadequate at times s but don’t let these feelings control

you my child if unchecked they can lead you into a dark place in moments of

weakness whenever you feel you can’t go on run to me for Refuge when you are weary and burdened

come to me and I will give you rest give your worries and cares to me and you will find peace and comfort for your

soul life’s challenges are not meant to crush you but to help you grow as you

face your struggles you will discover the strength I’ve placed within you even when you feel

overwhelmed remember with me by your side nothing is impossible I am your source of Courage

Faith perseverance and power to overcome any obstacle you are my special creation

made in my image there is a passion and determination in you that can accomplish

great things when Unleashed don’t let anyone’s criticism extinguish your inner

fire I know you fully I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you before you

were born and I’ve set you apart for important purposes I filled you with my spirit so

you can thrive in all you do be aware that some may be envious of

you and those you thought were friends may turn away but you don’t need a huge following

to succeed be loyal and fair to the true friends family and co-workers who

support you and you will be immensely blessed by their presence in your life I

see you and I know that loneliness can be overwhelming at times you may feel

like no one understands but I know you better than you know yourself I know

what you will say before a word leaves your mouth that’s how close we are have

faith in our relationship run to me in your hardest moments and celebrate with me in your

joy don’t hesitate to share your pain and frustrations with me I will never

leave you or abandon you even if your parents friends or loved ones were to Desert you I will always be

here this is my unshakable promise to you it doesn’t matter what mistakes

you’ve made or how many times you’ve stumbled I’m right here ready to forgive you and give you a fresh start that is

my I guarantee with every step you take in laughter and in tears I will be by

your side with arms open wide ready to wrap you in my unfailing

love so go forward my precious child with courage and kindness seeing each

new day as an opportunity to become more of who I created you to be rest secure in the assurance that you

are held by a love that will never let you go you belong to me now and forever

and together we can face anything that comes that problem that weighs on you

the one only you and I know about it’s under my control help is on the way talk

to me about it and find peace it’s so important that you learn to stand on the Promises I’ve given you I heard you when

you cried out filled with doubt and fear that’s why I’m speaking to you now to

assure you that you can place your trust fully in me just believe have deep

unshakable Faith doors will open storms will calm you will be Victorious and

blessed in ways you can’t imagine don’t be afraid I’m here to help you don’t

lose hope my love for you will never change press on knowing that I am with

you giving you strength this is not the time to give up stand strong I am

providing you with the courage and wisdom you need for this situation I will shield you protecting

you from the enemy’s grasp when you are exhausted I will pick you up and Surround you with my loving

presence if there’s something you need to talk about a heavy secret you’ve been

carrying that you can’t hold inside any longer share it with me I won’t judge or

condemn you for whatever you confess I’ll never tell anyone the things you share with me I shed my blood for you

because I want to forgive you and set you free I don’t want you to live in

constant worry and fear I’ve spoken to you many times to give you peace and

confidence when you allow worries to dominate your thoughts it affects your health and your family if you let bad

news chip away at your faith and trust in me you open the door for discouragement and defeat to come

in I’m not angry with you I I want you to understand how I feel when we talk my love for you is deep and

unwavering I am touched by your humble Spirit and the way you listen so intently to

me when you take time out of your day to hear my words Desiring to be

strengthened by them you receive the comfort and peace I long to give you

seeing your heart respond to me moves me deeply when I see your tears I am filled

with gratitude because I know my words are t touching you in a profound way bringing healing to wounds you didn’t

even know were there your sadness and worries will be removed

completely as your heavenly father my greatest desire is for you to thrive and to shower you with immeasurable

blessings when my light illuminates your life and you come before me attentive

and patient as you express your needs and wait for my response I want you to grasp this truth deep in your heart your

life is in used with Incredible purpose every experience you go through both

good and bad is part of the greater plan I’ve designed uniquely for you your days

are never meaningless even when the storms rage around you always remember that above

the darkest clouds the sun is still shining when you pass through deep Waters or walk through the fires of

adversity do not be afraid you will not drown or be burned earned no scheme the

enemy devises against you will succeed feeling fear uncertainty or

insecurity at times is part of Being Human but today I urge you not to let

these emotions overwhelm you left unchecked they can pull you into a pit

of despair in your most vulnerable moments whenever you feel like you can’t endure any longer run to me for shelter

and safety when the weight of life life leaves you drained come to me and I’ll

give you rest hand over your anxieties and burdens to me and you’ll find the

peace and Solace your heart craves the challenges you face in life are not intended to destroy you but to

develop you they are opportunities for growth in confronting your problems

headon you’ll tap into reservoirs of inner strength you never knew you had

even when you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of troubles with my help you

are able to conquer anything I am the Well from which you draw your courage Faith patience and

power to rise above every challenge you are no ordinary creation but a masterpiece formed in my very likeness

within you Burns a passion and determination that when fully released will Empower you to do incredible things

don’t allow anyone’s criticism or judgment to Snuff out your inner light I say this because I know you inside and

out I knit you together in your mother’s womb I called you by name before you

took your first breath I’ve set you apart for significant assignments I’ve anointed you with my spirit so that you

will succeed in all you put your hand to do some people may look at you with jealousy and friends you counted on May

desert you but you don’t need a massive crowd of supporters to fulfill your destiny

for those few loyal friends family members and colleagues who stay by your side through thick and thin cherish them

show them steadfast love and fairness and you’ll be greatly enriched by their friendship and

support I see you my child I understand the depths of loneliness you feel at times and how

often you feel misunderstood by others but I know you more intimately than you

know yourself I know the words on your tongue before you speak them that’s how deeply connected we are have completed

confidence in our relationship in Your Darkest Hours take refuge in

me in your times of joy and celebration share them with me feel free to pour out your heartaches

and disappointments to me I will never desert you or turn my back on you even

if your father and mother forsake you even if your closest friends and loved ones abandon you I will always be right

here with you this is my solemn unbreakable promise

it doesn’t matter how badly you’ve messed up or how many times you’ve fallen short I’m here arms open wide

ready to forgive you and give you a fresh start that’s my commitment to you

I will walk alongside you every step of the way in times of laughter and Times of Tears with arms outstretched ready to

unfold you in my Fierce unconditional love so March forward with bold faith

and a tender heart viewing every new day as a chance to grow and flourish you can live with confidence

knowing that you are loved with an affection that will never fade or fail you are mine now and

always together we can take on any challenge that arises that secret

struggle that only you and I know about I’ve got it under control relief is

coming talk to me about it and let my peace flood your

heart it’s crucial that you learn to stand firmly on the Promises I’ve made to you I heard your cry for help when

you were lost in a sea of uncertainty and anxiety that’s why I’m speaking to you

now to reassure you that you can trust me completely just believe believe with

every fiber of your being doors of opportunity will swing wide open the

raging storm will be stilled you will emerge Victorious and blessed Beyond

Your Wildest Dream dreams don’t yield to fear I am here to help you every step of

the way don’t sink into discouragement my love for you is

constant and unchanging keep pressing forward knowing that I am with you infusing you with

Supernatural strength this is not the moment to hesitate or hold back take a bold stand

I am supplying you with all the courage and wisdom you need to handle handle this challenge I will hide you under the

shadow of my wings shielding you from the enemy’s grasp when your strength is depleted and

you feel like you can’t go on I will lift you up and sustain you with my unfailing

love if you’re carrying a weighty secret that you can’t keep inside any longer and you desperately need someone to talk

to share it with me I won’t sit in judgment over you or condemn you for

whatever you confess I will never betray the trust you place in me by sharing the private matters you bring to me my blood

was shed for you because my heart’s desire is to forgive you and set you free from the chains of your past I

don’t want you to live imprisoned by chronic worry and fear I’ve spoken to you time and again so that you can walk

in peace and confidence when you let worries run rampant in your mind it

takes a toll on your health and your relationships with those closest to you

when bad news comes and you allow it to erode your faith and trust in me it

creates an opening for discouragement and defeat to rush in I’m not angry with you my precious

one I want you to understand the depths of my feelings when we talk together like this my affection for you is

passionate and unchanging I’m deeply moved by your humility and the way you listen so

attentively to me when you carve out time in your busy day to quiet yourself and and listen to my words wanting to be

encouraged and strengthened by them you open yourself to receive the comfort and Tranquility I long to pour into you

witnessing your heartfelt response to what I’m saying stirs me deeply when I

see the tears flowing down your face I’m filled with thankfulness because I know my words are bringing healing and

restoration to the deepest parts of your soul every trace of sorrow and anxiety

will be forever wiped away as heavenly father I want nothing more than to see you flourish and Thrive

my arms are always open to Lavish you with blessings beyond measure so rest in

my love my child quiet your heart in my presence I

am with you and I will lead you into a bright hope-filled future you have my

word my cherished child I am here prepared to Pardon and Grant you a fresh

start this is my vow to to you at every stage through all the happiness and pain

I stand with you welcoming you into my caring Heavenly Embrace so my dear one proceed with

courage and compassion viewing each day as a new opportunity know that my infinite

eternal love sustains you you are mine forever together we can overcome any

obstacle the matter known only to you and me is safely in my hand

a resolution is close declare your trust in me discover your peace it’s crucial

for you to find comfort in my promises I heard your desperate pleas your confessions of feeling lost that’s

why I’m reaching out to you to relieve you of your burdens and invite you to place your faith in

me the doors will open the Tempest will subside Triumph will come and your

blessing will arrive do not be afraid for I am here to help you do not be

discouraged for I love you keep moving forward for I am with you infusing you

with bravery don’t give up now persevere I give you the strength and wisdom to

conquer this trial you are facing I will protect you under my wings where the enemy cannot harm you I will pick you up

and soothe you with my love when you feel exhausted if you need someone to talk to

if you carry a weight and a secret in your heart that you can no longer bear share it with me I won’t judge or

condemn you for what you say I won’t reveal the things you tell me I shed my

blood for you because I want to forgive you I don’t want you to stay anxious and fearful I have spoken to you often so

that you may be at peace and have faith if you allow worries to dominate your

thoughts it not only affects your health but also your family’s well-being letting distressing news shake your

faith opens the door to defeat and sorrow remember I’m not sending any

hardships to trouble you despite the many challenges you face I am here

transforming any negativity because I deeply care for you so do not fear come

and talk with me I am eager to reveal my plans for you provide guidance and give

you the wisdom you need to make wise choices in this current stage of your life it’s essential not to wait time or

live without considering your future it’s important to avoid negative influences and those who belittle you

for your beliefs give them to me I will handle them I have the power to change

Hearts trust that I know the best way instead focus on your

future it is my desire for you to be successful respected blessed and content

plant new seeds of love and expect to reap abundant joy and prosperity I have the ability to love

forgive support and share my word in extraordinary ways show my love to your

family through your actions if it’s necessary for me to remind you daily to keep your eyes on me

I will do so I will reach out to you in countless ways I am easing your worries

healing your emotional wounds taking away your pain and completely renewing your heart you will see firsthand how I

help and support you in every way I will surround you with my love and protect you I want you to show my strength and

power to this world with your joy and your smile I am placing special gifts

uplifting talents loyal friends and a family in your life who will learn to love and respect

you when they witness each miracle I am performing in you I am increasing your

strength and your will to live remember that the enemy will send

negative people your way those who see everything as bad and

negative with Barren dreams and limited Vision lacking faith and

enthusiasm therefore I command you not to listen to them not to pay attention to them their aim is to discourage you

and fill your heart with negativity be courageous and true to yourself work

hard and never give up because you are constantly loved supported blessed and

cherished I am clearing your path surrounding you with countless Guardian

Angels stand tall and smile for you are precious to me my love for you is

immeasurable spend time daily with my teachings be mindful of your actions and

your words keep your personal struggles and vulnerabilities close to your heart

I will bring trustworthy people into your life individuals who will believe in you and offer their support and

assistance I have the power to lighten your burden and heal your heart regarding the concerns you’ve shared

with me I will handle them personally trust in my promise my love for you is

unwavering you are my Brave child endowed with a warrior spirit and

unshakable strength burning with passion you have all the necessary qualities to

overcome any challenge you face pay attention to the problems that weigh you

down they will not end if you run from them you have to confront them you are

strong your fight is one of life or death stand up if you were of a cowardly

and weak heart I would not be speaking to you and as you hear my words in your

heart you know that I am confirming everything I have told you before I have told you many times and I will continue

to do so nothing and no one can defeat you the enemy will use his tricks daily to

confuse you and make you believe that I’ve abandoned you when things don’t go well for you I’m right there with you

every morning by your side through thick and thin during joy and sorrow setbacks

and seeming losses it’s during these times that I hold you closer trying to show you my

immense love that’s why I speak to you seek you out and remain here encouraging

you to always believe don’t doubt or fear when it feels like the world is against you

causing pain and suffering pause reflect and find peace in your

belief I have overcome the world and equipped you with Mighty tools my love your hope and your faith

in my love always find Solace and hope letting it replenish your spirit and mind

use your faith as a shield against the adversaries assaults the time will come when you’ll

leave many troubles behind joyfully realizing how you’ve surmounted numerous

challenges and received many blessings you once thought were Beyond reach you

will come to understand how great my grace is how immense my Mercy is and how much I love you infinitely even with all

your mistakes I wanted to lift you up encourage you revive you and bless you in such a way that you will never doubt

how real this love I have for you is look now ahead with your faith full of

life confidently navigate through the storms of lies that you may encounter on your journey do not look to the sides do

not be distracted let your mind not be filled with things that are unimportant or have no value for your

future focus on seeking me persist in believing in me pray with all your heart

dive deep into to my teachings look after your loved ones and let my presence in your home and life be your

utmost priority soon a significant blessing will come your way trust this

for it will happen it might seem Beyond reach now but the miracle you seek from

me will materialize I’m The Giver of Life and can also bestow Health upon you

the riches of the earth and the heavens are mine to command when I speak the storehouses of Heaven open

showering you with endless blessings I can provide you with resources and opportunities in the most

unexpected places I have the power to shift the perspectives of those who once viewed

you unfavorably I can transform hearts and Minds with me nothing is beyond reach

you must stand and walk in faith if you truly believe in my might hesitation and

indecision have no place now speak to your family urging them to embrace

seriousness in their faith they should pray engage with my word

wholeheartedly and seek me earnestly ignore those who have belittled you claiming you lack Talent

or a future attempting to break your spirit by asserting that you have no place in this world but what a surprise

they will have this Earth was created for you you

have my approval and my authority I have given you the keys of

Faith you have access to my heavenly Throne you were born to Triumph you are

like a majestic Eagle destined to soar High depart from those who trample upon

your faith who disregard me and discard the gifts I bestow upon them turning

their backs on me I have blessed you with immense spiritual blessings you are seated beside me in

the celestial Heights I have adorned you with my mantle of Holiness and even the enemy fears you

for they know whom they will face you are here in this world to honor me to

produce good in your life to see your family Thrive and to find joy in every season whether easy or

challenging will you trust me will you heed my words you know that my ultimate

goal and purpose are always for your benefit and flourishing we share a profound connection you sense and

acknowledge the extraordinary Divine transformation occurring within you your

eyes are being opened to promises you’ve never seen before and change is happening the moment for the miracle

you’ve been waiting for is getting closer be glad for there are even more wonderful things on the horizon for

you I love you deeply I’m ready to shower you with blessings from

above my teachings will be etched in your heart guide guiding your every step firmly in my ways ensuring you remain

embraced by my love I overlook your errors Being Human means making

mistakes yet I am a god of compassion I welcome your sincere regret and I am

here to lift you up from any low point my blessings exceed any material wealth

the treasures I have for you are more valuable than all the riches this world can offer if I tell you that I will open the

heavens for you receive my promise with faith and respond to me believe me earnestly for this is not

a game my love is not hidden and the affection I hold for you is no mystery

go out and behold the sky feel the air you breathe the sunlight that caresses

you these are gifts I send you my way of expressing my love for you I have

watched over you countless times rescued you from the throws of death delivered

you as you wandered in darkness and error you entered this year with much enthusiasm and aspirations for

greatness and now facing obstacles and trials do not falter do not cease but

press onward your dreams will be realized for they are significant and

valuable to me I have bestowed upon you a purpose to fulfill I want to show my

love and power through you filling you with my Holy Spirit each day amen

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