my precious child I see your pain and struggles I’ve been there in your

darkest moments when life felt too heavy remember the times you cried until

you had no tears left I was holding you giving you strength to keep

going look back at your journey no matter how many times you’ve

been knocked down you always got back up stronger than before you’ve left those

past hurts behind you know what needs to be done come to me when you’re

uncertain when the obstacles seem insurmountable or you’re exhausted

remember my deep love for you your life keeps moving forward powered by my

constant love my spirit gives you strength and your life is full of

blessings even now after everything you faced and accomplished you may feel

unsure weak or worried you might question if I’m really watching over you

I want to remind you of my Limitless love and tell you to release those negative thoughts your life story is

written in my book I guarantee your success I’m your heavenly father your all powerful God giving you life and

strength I am your provider with amazing plans for your future pay attention to

what I’m saying open your heart and be filled with hope because I will always

bless you every day doubts and discouragement will try to break you but

my grace and love will constantly surround you give yourself completely to me because I want to show you incredible

things you haven’t seen yet I have so much to reveal and many

dreams to place in your heart I’m your father your protector your deepest love

your faithful friend when you pray and talk to me know that I I am

near one day I will wipe away all your tears and remove all the pain you experienced I’m saying these words so

you’ll always remember my promise to you and know how much I care about your happiness fulfillment and blessings

trust me completely and don’t let doubt fear or thoughts of loss affect you if

you keep moving forward holding firmly to my words the best things will come to you quickly and abundantly I love you

and will always be here for you I’m watching over you your family your finances and your health I hear every

prayer you pray and I will answer each one according to my plan and timing

you’re going to receive more than you ever dreamed of I’m strengthening your faith and giving you the courage to move

forward with confidence and certainty come to me with hope and be filled with my peace every morning I’ll awaken your

soul to a new opportunity so you can experience my love and know me better

I’m telling you this so you’ll know and be confident that I’ll always support you no matter what challenges you

face every day do these things be grateful for the blessings you

have take time to seek me sincerely nourish your soul with my holy

words and let my promises strengthen your spirit understand that my love and power

reside Within You release any anger or frustration you have toward those who

have hurt you I promise the enemy won’t defeat you or make you stumble those who tried to harm you will

recognize their mistakes realizing how they’ve wronged me and you I’ll deal with them so you don’t

have to worry keep moving forward free from past

wounds new friends will come into your life seeing your joy and valuing you

deeply offering genuine affection don’t don’t worry about what’s ahead I’ll make

sure you’re not alone today I’m infusing your spirit with fresh energy and affirming my love

for you embrace my affection remember I’m always with you loving you

unconditionally I’m also watching over your family keep them in your prayers

I’m working in their lives in ways you may not see keep praying your family

desperately needs your spiritual support I’m with each of them


[Music] for your loved ones I have the power to

intervene because I love them deeply every person is precious to me and I

lovingly care for everyone you hold dear just focus on praying let go of any

resentment false talk bitterness and anger trust me completely and live

knowing that I am in control of everything at the right time give your worries to me and you’ll

see big changes in your surroundings if you doubt my ability to reach someone

in your family keep believing I have the power to change

Minds personalities and hearts soon you’ll see evidence of this

you are my child and I have wonderful blessings in store for you despite the world’s challenges

obstacles and hardships every day will bring beautiful surprises that show my love for you

filling your life with profound Joy you are truly blessed and favored

but I see how the enemy tries to Cloud your spiritual vision and numb you to the reality of your worth and how deeply

loved you are my love for you isn’t just a story or a passing fantasy today I’m

reaching out to your heart to show you the depth truth and wonder of my love

the choice is yours to accept or reject it to trust or to doubt

it would be such a shame if you missed out on my love thinking you don’t deserve it or you’re not good enough who

has made you feel you’re not valuable look around at the universe at all of

creation I made it for you placing you in this world to experience Eternal

happiness the challenges you’re facing now are only temporary the problems

you’re dealing with will end but you with your Eternal Soul will stand strong

and and Victorious now ask yourself who is your heavenly father whose child are

you I’m your true father valuing you more than the most precious diamonds no

material thing in this universe can compare to how much you mean to me remember this message I’m giving you

today from now on Walk With Dignity never accepting mistreatment or

humiliation from anyone my beloved child you are royalty with the blood blood of

Kings coursing through your veins don’t let anything hold you back each passing

day you will grow more like me moving from one Triumph to the next becoming a

powerful conqueror filled with wisdom and my boundless love pay close attention to what I tell

you believe in my words and follow my guidance if you do this defeat will

never be your destiny keep moving forward knowing you are the child of the most high yes difficulties will come and

you may stumble at times but remember I the Divine have forgiven you no one can

stand against you I am speaking directly to you filling you with

courage I want to sweep away any negative thoughts and firmly plant the truth of your immense immeasurable worth

in My Kingdom understand this clearly your struggles have meaning your

perseverance matters your prayers your sleepless nights your tears your

faithfulness through hardships all of it will yield great rewards and profound

blessings positive changes are coming for your family don’t let doubts creep

in or despair overtake you you will see the evidence with your own eyes don’t

grow weary of doing what is right and good even when your hands ache and your

eyes overflow flow with tears the day is coming when everyone will witness your triumphant return you’ll bring back the

incredible fruits of your labors and struggles it may not all make sense right now but in your heart you know

that giving up isn’t a choice your future rests securely in my hands I am

the one who holds your very life what I’m asking from you is unwavering Faith

a courageous and steadfast belief in the promises you’re hearing and and accepting right now these promises are

the foundation for your blessings the Bedrock on which many good things will be built in your life I urge you seek me

today immerse yourself in my spirit and receive all that I am ready to give you

find rest and peace in my presence quiet your spirit bring order to your thoughts

and direct the strength I give you toward the most important areas of your life your Rel relationship with me your

family your dreams and the purpose I’ve given you Let My Words reverberate in

your mind and be etched deeply in your soul and heart know that my love for you

is so immense that I won’t allow anyone to harm you or let the blessings I’ve poured out on you go to waste you must

never give in to defeat if in the coming days you feel you can’t go on and you think it’s not

worth it to keep fighting and living remember that you are battling against mere

feelings but I have the ultimate Authority I will grasp your hand and

keep you from sinking deeper I will save you and raise you up my love for you

knows no bounds let me hold you close soothe you and give you the genuine love

that comes from Heaven I know full well how many times you have made mistakes

how often people have let you down and how frequently you’ve told yourself that you no longer believe in love they

offered you a kind of love but it was marred by selfishness which isn’t true

love at all real love should be untainted without hidden motives

unconditional transcending the physical and material realm this authentic love

can only be found in me I am the one who loves you without conditions nothing you do or become will

ever change my love for you I adore you exactly as you are with all your

strengths and weaknesses every single day I am right there beside you helping you confront

challenges protecting you from harm and eager to pour out blessings on you today

I urge you to be more careful about who you allow into your life to prevent this kind of pain from happening

again embrace my love and be filled with my peace my Assurance and my my

truth in this moment I am placing my mighty hand on your heart washing away

all your pain let my love envelop you restoring

and anchoring you so you won’t feel the need to search for love in other

places when you are filled with my love and truly connected to me you won’t

carelessly give your heart away out of loneliness or sorrow you won’t attempt to fill the emptiness in your heart with

people who only only want to use you for their own gain I am healing the hurt within you

and filling the void in your heart I am refreshing your weary Soul so you can

live with Vitality purpose and Confidence from this point forward you will live in this genuine and sincere

relationship with me seek me out each day absorb my peace and you won’t be

fooled by anything or anyone else embrace my authentic love and accept my

true affection I will never disappoint you you reached out to me called my name

when you were in the depths of struggle and I am here to bring you comfort and provide the answers you’ve been waiting

for it brings me joy that you trust in me you have prayed and knelt before me

inviting me into every aspect of your life and this demonstrates how much you value our

relationship although I already knew what you would ask before you even spoke a word I take great Delight in your

prayers your words are like Precious incense a fragrant offering rising to my

Altar and touching my heart the fact that you have such strong unshakable faith and that you are well

aware of my love for you and my desire to help you brings peace to your heart

because you will receive what you have asked for you and your loved ones will not

have to endure such difficult times again I am going to impart wisdom to you

sharpen your mind and enable you to sense trouble before it strikes believe

press forward and anticipate the good things I have in store for you I will place the names of certain

people on your heart individuals you need to connect with you may not have

seen or spoken with them for some time but I am sending you to be a blessing to

them you are going to be the answer to their prayers my cherished one I’m always here

for you ready to bless and support those who trust in me completely as you walk through this new

door I’m opening stay humble and grounded dive into the Bible Let My

Words fill your heart and mind building up your faith and confidence come to me

each morning listen closely and hold my promises dear when you pray on your knees it’s a

powerful thing keep praying like that my dear one when you feel low bowing before

me you’re actually reaching the heights of Heaven my hand will be there lovingly

touching your head all of Heaven says Amen to your heartfelt

prayers now go forward bravely into your day my angels are with you my love

surrounds you and I will protect you I love you deeply it’s time to keep moving forward

no matter what’s happening around you or what you see press on eyes straight ahead holding tightly to the progress

you’ve made and to my hand you know that even in tough times and scary

situations I’m right beside you I’m your father your creator your friend your

protector your shelter and your safe haven helping you brings me incredible

joy I love to bless you and be with you always my presence and faithfulness will

never leave you bad news might come but nothing can separate you from my

love with me you’ll find the strength to persevere to embrace all the good things

I have in store and to reach your destination in life you’ll hear many

things that shouldn’t trouble you or Rob you of peace and rest don’t be afraid of potential

challenges don’t worry your life is in my hands your health is part of my plan

your future is bright and secure so don’t let fear hold you back listen

carefully to these promises keep them in your heart and after hearing me spend

some extra time with me share all your concerns thoughts and fears I know

you’ve made mistakes and I’m here to forgive you my powerful blood will cleanse you helping you release guilt

and regrets that slow you down each time you come to me I will strengthen you

greatly bless you abundantly and multiply your blessings I will help you keep

overcoming and succeeding but remember what I’m telling you

today you have many things to do so don’t let anything or anyone stop you do

you understand my message tell me you believe it if you truly grasped how much I love

you you wouldn’t have so many sleepless nights worrying about things that may

never happen I know the real hard challenges you’re facing right now but remember my

promises don’t let fear control your thoughts stop worrying and being anxious

when it’s not needed you might lose your way in all that chaos and not get anything done so please give your

worries and burdens to me without realizing it your worries are taking

over I want to keep you safe calm your fears and pain break the chains of fear

and save you from the shadows of doubt I don’t want you getting lost in the deep pit of fear it’s all to help you really

understand my love and the rescue I’m offering when I gave my life on the

cross it wasn’t for nothing I rose again with power and I’m

always with you Bound by my blood in a bond that can’t be broken the the past and any forgiven

mistakes can’t change that let go of the secret burden you’re carrying inside

throw it into the sea and don’t go back for it because the chains that held you

are now broken if your past still weighs heavily on you think carefully about who you

trust beating yourself up over past issues ignores how much I love and care

for you many people see your worth but you might not see the love all around

you in hard times when you feel alone and think I’m punishing you for old

mistakes look at my words and remember I won’t bring up what I’ve already

forgiven don’t live in fear or worry know that I love you my child and want

to come into your home to do an amazing Miracle I’m standing at the door knocking will you let me in to do

something new wonderful powerful and Supernatural in your life I’ve seen your struggles and will never let lack attack

your home or hurt your family I will pour out blessings on your household because you’ve been faithful prayed

fasted and stayed committed to me the time is near when you’ll see the rewards of your devotion I’m about to fill your

home with abundance Joy courage and health keep your heart rooted in my

words as I plan to keep every promise I’ve made to you get ready for a big change and stop

holding on to Old worries and sadness my blessings also bring wisdom

strength and understanding to make wise choices they protect the gifts I give you so they can grow and reach others

have faith and trust because I am transforming your life preparing you for many opportunities ahead you planted

seeds of Faith deep inside yourself for years facing many trials without losing trust in me or my power this steady

faith has brought you Victory hold on to this Faith it’s the way for my grace and

mercy to flow freely into your life I will take care of the seeds you’ve planted bringing a Rich Harvest in your

life and the lives of those around you the time to gather the rewards of your

faithfulness is almost here and what I’ll bring to your home will be bigger than your wildest

dreams my precious child you are worthy of all the good things life has to offer

your unwavering faith and humble spirit will take you far in this world get ready because I’m about to

open new doors for you leading you to exciting unexplored places and bringing

incredible blessings into your life don’t be afraid don’t falter and Don’t

Stray From the Path I’ve laid out for you stay strong persevere and hold

tightly to everything I’ve given you don’t let doubt or discouragement Cloud

your vision the challenges you face now are nothing compared to the blessings that are

coming your way very soon these blessings are real genuine and right around the corner instead of

worrying about how difficult the journey ahead might be or questioning your own abilities trust in me you are not a

failure or a loser regardless of what anyone says don’t let it bother you those who

Envy you cannot stop the blessings I have in store for you I am here to comfort your heart especially when the

next step seems too hard keep in mind that even if the sea doesn’t part I can still enable you to

walk on water Feel My Love Today I am here to heal the heartaches

that cause fear doubt and uncertainty which can make you feel stuck continue

to trust in me because the plans I have for you are amazing and wonderful you

can’t even fathom the incredible things that are coming your way don’t let the Troubles of this world bring you down

your life can change dramatically in an instant stop dwelling on the past let go

of your worries about the future and simply enjoy my love and strength I am

actively working in your life right now presenting you with a chance for new beginnings and an opportunity for your

story to change allow me to mold your future my powerful hands can completely

transform your life don’t be deceived by what you see around you those are merely

illusions that lead to disappointment and fear instead follow my guidance and

listen to my voice embrace the Bible meditate on my words and live by faith

have faith in my power because through faith The Impossible becomes possible I

bring Comfort I am here to heal you I hold your heart and feelings gently

protecting and loving you deeply except my love the words you hear from me will

soothe all sadness you are loved regardless of how much time passes or what imperfections

you might have my love for you is unwavering and eternal trust in my

protection find safety In My Embrace here in my arms you will find a

place of Refuge Don’t Be Afraid now my Holy Spirit fills you with love and

tenderness causing a deep change within you your thoughts words and beliefs

undergo a powerful transformation as my word takes root in your soul strengthening your faith I have seen

your tears and witnessed the despair in your heart when it wavered I quickly came to protect you from harm when

unexpected trials struck you and ungrateful people tried to take out their frustrations on you

their actions stemming from ignorance amaze me they use the very tongue I gave

them to hurt you and raised the hand I created to try to ruin you they have

wandered far from me unable to see their own foolishness and unaware of the seriousness of their

mistakes they fail to realize that there is a guardian watching over you fighting your

battles they don’t know they are destined to fail I will defeat those who

try to harm you and remove anyone who attempts to put you down I will expose

the forces of evil hiding in the dark they will see your true strength they think you’re weak deceived by their own

false beliefs not realizing who they are actually challenging but you you are safe with me

no danger in this world can harm you even in the midst of difficulties sicknesses talk of wars and contempt

from those who are lost humble and faithful Hearts like yours will Triumph

not through wealth power fame or Applause but through my spirit living

within you the true essence of life purify your heart strengthen your faith

and walk peacefully on your path for I am with you protecting you from unseen

dangers no curse can touch you speak these words out loud keep them close to

your heart I am covered in the power of Jesus blood I am

safe take a moment to learn from me I want to fill each morning with joy for

you to ease the burdens on your mind and to heal the Deep wounds that time has

left on your soul I will erase all traces of bitterness and sorrow giving you a heart

free from past hurts you will no longer lie awake at night haunted by old

pains the hurt that others have inflicted on you will come to an end every morning may you feel deeply

loved Guided by me into the new opportunities I give you this day is a Day of Victory a day to overcome all

obstacles and be triumphant be encouraged for I have saved you cleansed

your spirit in my presence and forgiven all your mistakes understand what many Overlook

if I have forgiven your sins they are also forgotten stop living in the past

trapped in sorrow and regret your future and victory are found in me don’t

endlessly criticize yourself for past errors I will give you the strength to

overcome and be victorious remember my words everything works out for the best

for those who love me hold my hand and believe in my promises stand up and walk

with Renewed Energy and courage I have many blessings waiting for you but to receive them understand

that in the realm of abundance there is no room for sadness complaints doubt or

disbelief your faith brings me joy my presence surrounds you and my spirit

fills you have faith and see with your own eyes my promise is becoming your

reality I love you my beloved child I see you striving

each day facing challenges with courage and perseverance even when the path seems unclear and the

obstacles appear insurmountable remember that I am always by your side guiding your steps and

providing you with the strength you need to overcome in moments of Doubt or fear

turn to me and find solace in my unwavering love I am your rock your

Fortress and your Shield when the storms of life threaten

to overwhelm you I will be your shelter offering you peace and

protection remember that your identity is rooted in me you are not defined by

your past mistakes or present struggles you are my precious

creation fearfully and wonderfully made embrace the unique gifts and

talents I have bestowed upon you and use them to make a positive impact in the

world as you navigate the complexities of life trust in my wisdom and guidance I have a

plan for your life a purpose that is greater than you can imagine even when the road ahead seems

uncertain have faith that I am directing your path towards a future filled with hope and

promise in times of loneliness or heartache know that you are never truly

alone I am with you always holding you close to my heart I feel your pain and understand

stand your struggles cast your burdens upon me and I will give you

rest when others try to bring you down or discourage you remember that your

worth is not determined by their opinions or actions your value is immeasurable in my

eyes you are a treasure a precious gem that I cherish Above All Else as you

face the challenges of each day arm yourself with the truth of my word let

my promises be your anchor giving you the courage and confidence to face any obstacle that comes your

way meditate on my teachings and let them transform your mind and

heart in a world that often promotes selfish ambition and materialistic Pursuits dare to be different let your

life be a reflection of my love and grace show kindness to those who are hurting compassion to those who are lost

and forgiveness to those who have wronged you remember that true success is not

measured by worldly standards but by the impact you have on the lives of

others use your god-given talents and resources to make a difference in your community and

Beyond be a light in the darkness a Beacon of Hope for those who are

struggling as you grow in your relationship with me you will discover a peace that surpasses all understanding

this peace will guard your heart and mind even in the midst of Life storms trust

in my love and let it be the foundation upon which you build your life when you

face Temptation or find yourself straying from my path remember that my

grace is sufficient for you I am always ready to forgive and restore you turn to

me with a repentant heart and I will welcome you back with open arms as you

journey through life keep your eyes fixed on me I am am the author and perfector of your faith I will never

leave you nor forsake you trust in my timing for I know the plans I have for

you plans to prosper you and give you a hope in a future remember that your

ultimate Destiny lies Beyond this Earthly life I have prepared a place for you in my eternal Kingdom where there

will be no more pain sorrow or tears keep this hope alive in your heart and

let it be a source of strength and comfort and time times of trial my child you are loved beyond

measure you are valuable Beyond comparison you are destined for greatness not because of your own

abilities but because of my power working through you embrace your identity as my beloved child and walk in

the confidence that comes from knowing you are mine as you face the joys and Sorrows of

this life remember that I am always with you I will guide you strengthen you and

love you every step of the way trust in my goodness and let your life be a testament to the transforming

power of My Love You are not alone my child you are

part of a family my family surround yourself with others who share your faith and let them be a source of

encouragement and support together you can build each other up and spur one

another on towards love and good deeds when you feel overwhelmed by the demands

of Life remember to take time to rest in my presence find Quiet Moments to pray

to meditate on my word and to Simply Be Still before me in these moments of solitude you will

find renewed strength and perspective as you encounter those who are lost and hurting be a reflection of

my love to them share the good news of my grace and salvation with both

boldness and compassion let your life be a living testimony to the transforming power of

my love remember that I have given you a spirit of power love and

self-discipline do not be afraid to step out in faith and pursue the dreams I have placed in your

heart trust in my provision and guidance and watch as I open doors of opportunity

before you in a world that is often marked by chaos and uncertainty be a

beacon of Hope and stability let your faith be unwavering Your Love

unconditional and your joy contagious as you live out your purpose you will

inspire others to seek me and find the same peace and fulfillment that you have

discovered my child I have great plans for you plans that will unfold in my

perfect timing trust in my sovereignty and surrender your fears and doubts to me I

will lead you you step by step day by day into the Abundant Life I have

designed for you as you face the challenges and triumphs of this life

always remember that you are loved beyond measure my love for you is

unchanging unending and unconditional rest in the security of My

Embrace and let my love be the foundation upon which you build your

life you are my beloved child and I am proud of you keep walking in faith

trusting in my goodness and living out your purpose with boldness and Grace I Am With You Always cheering you

on and guiding your every step with everlasting

love amen

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