SERIOUS ALERT! THAT’S WHY I CHOSE YOU” – | Advice from God Today! Last chance! Don’t ignore| I LOVE JESUS |

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son trust in me for I am an

expert in making the impossible possible

I have been by your side before and I

promise to be there again just as Storms

Come at the command of my voice the

uncertainties that trouble your heart

will also find peace in my presence come

to me and I will provide you with the

rest you long for dispelling anxieties

and fears in me you will find a safe

refuge and strength to face challenges

strengthen your faith for through it

doors once deemed impossible will open

trust in my love love and in my ability

to transform your life remember you are

never alone I divert you from unfounded

fears and people without power over you

I urge you to remain calm and not be

swayed by alarmists or threats I am the

one who leads and determines your

destiny even if Legions of enemies rise

against you or you face consequences do

not despair for you are my beloved child

I will protect you from evil though the

world may seem to crumble stand firm and

courageous I will never abandon you this

is my greatest proof of Love through

this message I speak directly to you

your heart feels My Touch bringing

answers to your doubts trust in me for I

am your loving father always present

find peace in my presence knowing that I

am with you every step step of life’s

journey I love you deeply and I am

proving it now in this very moment I am

removing all the contempt and suffering

that have marked your life caused by

those who have failed you believe me

nothing you have experienced has been in

vain now you possess strength wisdom and

maturity to fight for those you love and

to help others who have faced similar

adversities the time of your Liberation

has come come you are ready to be an

instrument of my love Illuminating the

lives of those in the

shadows however your enemies know your

potential and will try again to bring

troubles and steal your peace if you

allow them to disturb your sleep and

forget your faith plunging into the

abyss of fear anxiety will attack you

again but the truth is this my love for

you is vast my Mercy infinite and my

hope the holy spirit will not allow you

to be tormented again even if you

stumble and fall I will be there to lift

you up again do not think that I have

turned my gaze away from you if you fall

into the traps of the enemy I will

rescue you if your faith wavers and your

heart fills with negativity I will

continue to fight for you purifying your

soul and filling it again with my word I

will not allow anything or anyone to

separate you from my love neither sword

nor hunger nor scarcity nor disease nor

conflicts nor dangers remember in all

these things you are already more than a

conqueror you have turned away from Evil

and have given me your heart with your

own words you declare to believe in me

as your savior and protector your

loyalty is unbreakable you are not one

to critic criticize and deny me when

facing challenges you do not complain to

just anyone you meet preserve your

tongue value your life your family your

future and your blessing recognizing the

value of my Redemption even if many

disrespect this Sacred Love My Heart

remains full of love for them and I do

not stay away from those with ill

intentions continue to pray for them do

not let people people who reject my

words influence you move forward persist

do not stand still today I bless you

with a wonderful opportunity I grant you

unwavering strength Advance with

confidence and face bravely the

adversaries and challenges that arise

start each day strengthening your faith

through my words present me with your

faith and your requests know that

nothing is impossible possible for me

you have my full support I will always

be here to help you stay calm and feel

the peace I offer you are entering an

extraordinary life cool me I am calling

you in my presence is your place when

you kneel and pray with faith reverence

and respect my armies will come to your

aid for now I ask you to remain calm do

not let your heart be troubled

your soul will find Serenity in this

loving Embrace that surrounds you accept

it I have decided to bless you you cry

out to me and I will answer you your

life will be

transformed believe I give you a renewed

heart and even those who know you will

be surprised you will receive help from

where you least expected but remember to

be grateful for many doors of blessings

and new opportunities will open to you

believe in these words and share them

never forget to pray to talk to me it’s

simple just close your eyes and say Lord

I need you and I will be by your side

for that is the truth I will never

abandon you as long as you value my

grace and the blessings I give you I

will always be by your side for your

faith and attitude please me in these

confusing times do not open your soul to

erroneous beliefs do not let hatred

invade your heart do not associate with

the wicked by speaking ill of innocent

people do not believe everything you see

hear or read if someone speaks ill of

another do not listen do not fall into

the traps of the malevolent stand firm

in the truth Guided by kindness and

compassion value in integrity and

honesty in all your actions thus your

heart will be a place of peace and your

mind will be clear to discern between

right and wrong remain faithful to the

principles that lead you to light and

love if my words seem confusing to you

due to your concerns take time to listen

to them again I wish for your heart to

understand the signal that I constantly

send you you ask for peace and

tranquility and I will grant them to you

but also keep my words in your heart

when the enemy approaches to weaken you

and ridicule your faith my voice will

guide you and your spirit will welcome

it my word is a light for your paths

sweeter than honey giving you strength

and courage to face and overcome any

challenge no one can cause you harm if

you remain Vigilant with my words on

your lips and in your mind day and night

do not fear for I will alert you to any

danger and when the malevolent rise

against you you will be safe I am the

source of your strength when you utter

these words with true Faith you will see

the wicked Retreat your home will be a

refuge against poverty lack and illness

for my word planted in your home is the

protective shield of your family I long

to see your heart inflamed with faith

your eyes shining with hope and your

mind always Vigilant prepare yourself to

welcome the countless blessings that are

coming your way the time has come to

claim territories and reap the fruits of

your hard work everything you have

experienced has contributed to a greater

good you and your family will witness

Miracles and understand the special

purpose I have for each of you let

rivers of living water flow from your

eyes many will be touched by by miracles

signs and healings as they cross your

path they will find Hope in your

presence and many will recognize my

reality and Truth through you today I

pour upon you Showers of Love

dissipating the dark clouds of Despair

and enveloping you with the shadow of my

grace open your arms receive this love I

offer you and feel this wonderful

emotion emanating from your being today

I heal the wounds that remained the

chains that imprisoned you now you can

look to the future with renewed Hope and

Faith with love God I hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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