my dear child don’t let worries about the future or regrets about the past weigh you

down have faith in me in the journey I have laid out for you you possess more

strength than you realize and when you fully dedicate yourself to following my path you will

witness numerous achievements and blessings in your life the incredible things I can

accomplish through you will amaze you I am always by your side offering patient

and wise guidance at every turn remember it’s impossible to solve everything in a single day but I have

the ability to change the world and transform your circumstances for your benefit don’t be anxious about what lies

ahead let your sleep be peaceful and undisturbed upcoming events shouldn’t

fill you with worry seek peace from me and I will grant it to you

now it’s your responsibility to remain calm when sudden challenges or urgent matters come your way you know the

actions to take I have given you my peace trust in my goodness raise your

hands towards heaven and with the faith that resides within you express your

gratitude saying thank you my God for being so dependable I long to hear those

confident words from you when my angel hear your thankfulness they rejoice in

Praise every part of the universe knows that I will extend my hand and as a loving father respond to your prayers

with Miracles and wonders as you Express gratitude and praise I will do remarkable things in

your life the gateway to my presence is wide open for you your sincere praise is

the key that unlocks it step inside and I will fill you with my spirit empowering you enhancing your spiritual

vision and blessing you abundantly when you feel overwhelmed by troubles and unable to find any light

remember that you are actually being planted and nurtured for growth I am removing obstacles that hinder your

progress preparing you to flourish my love for you is immense and eternal you

have remarkable strength within you capable of achieving far beyond your wildest

dreams filled with my Holy Spirit you are deeply loved and ch perished don’t

cling to material possessions or human titles that hold no true significance while it’s true that you

need material things and finances to bless others as I have said before do

not worry put me first give me your soul and your heart focus on your family on

prayer and diligently carry out your work be honest in all you do and treat

others with respect I will provide everything you need without sorrow or tension without

entanglements disputes or fears I am going to bless you abundantly

more than you could ever imagine but you must follow my instructions revisit this message

letting each word resonate and settle in your spirit I will imprint my plans in

your thoughts and etch my promises in your heart stay focused and avoid

distractions don’t waste your energy and time time on trivial Pursuits I want to see you alert prepared well trained and

ready this powerful message is your training ground overcome every setback

and failure they are merely stepping stones in your journey stop dwelling on

the past and concentrate on the possibilities that lie ahead today’s

overwhelming storm will seem like a mere Breeze tomorrow keep moving forward and

you’ll discover the hidden Beauty and hope in every new begin beginning I will always be with you loving you and

guiding you every step of the way trust in me in my power in the dreams I plant

in your life and in the gifts and talents I have given you treat your family and all who support you with

kindness and respect I myself have arranged things for your success not for selfishness but

for you to bless others I will be an oasis in the desert for you you those

who seek to hear from me will come to you receive this Divine affection with joy in this way you will face any

challenge that arises on your path now tell me with love I receive your love

beloved God you asked me to speak to you you need to feel assured that you are on

the right path today I have come to reveal my thoughts and my love for you

first take a moment to let go of negative emotions know that you are forgiven stop

feeling isolated I have always been with you avoid people who feel alone in their

thoughts who doubt my promises I promise to always be there if they don’t believe

don’t let their disbelief affect you I assure you I am here with you trust and

sense my presence I am your father my Pro promises are steadfast and deep in your

heart you recognize this truth my love for you is eternal remember that day as

dusk fell and I was on the cross I proclaimed it is

finished this statement stands as the ultimate expression of Love indelibly

written in history this love which is beyond removal or

misunderstanding empowers those who embrace it to withstand any trial or storm

my plans for you I know them well my thoughts have remained the same

yesterday today and forever I have loved you love you and will continue to love

you believe it now and take refuge In My Embrace give me the challenges that

weigh upon you until now your faith is not wavered trust in my word abide in me I

will continue to stand by your side I have never left fear not do not despair

your help and support come from Heaven at the moment you need them in my perfect timing you will see that

trusting in me will bring you many blessings and wonderful fruits you are entering a time of rejoicing and joy

today I am here to let you know that I am with you watching over and protecting you in

yours I have ordained your coming and going so that nothing May interrupt your journey I understand your concerns and I

know you’re right you are human and your adversaries are formidable turn to me with your heavy

burdens lay them at my feet and watch as I transform your worries into immense

blessings through my promises and might remember I have always been with

you am with you now and will always be there for you eternally you are never alone stay

strong recall your bravery and use the gifts and tools I’ve given you to overcome the challenges in your life you

will conquer the difficulties tear down barriers defeat adversaries and drive

away any negative forces seeking to invade your home all by living according to my guidance rise and Proclaim my

teachings break the chains on your loved ones your mission is to stand against

unseen spiritual foes they are terrified of me and when they see your boldness

and certainty they will scatter from your presence but if you show Fear if you

spend your time complaining about what occurs around you if you become angry with me when problems arise or when your

provision does not arrive on time malevolent beings will be waiting to exploit that opportunity and fight

against you in your weakest moment but fear not guard your heart fill your mind with

my holy words and good faith hold fast to your faith and no matter what happens

no matter what you see do not cease to believe do not let doubts and complaints

Escape your lips do not speak ill of this holy affection that cares for you so deeply and desires you even if you

feel weak and have faltered remain steadfast in your faith for my forgiveness is for

you my beloved child when you come to to me with a repentant heart turning away

from wrongdoing no foe can overpower you as long as you stay under my protective

cover pay attention grasp this truth and grow in

understanding I am your God your deliverer the one who pardons your missteps and purifies your heart who has

triumphed over your accusers who rescues you from the depths and fills your mouth

with joyful praise you know in your heart that I am real when you humble

yourself and talk to me amazing things happen I will sustain you through the

tempests of life even when Fierce winds batter you my love will be your Refuge

shielding you from the enemy’s onslaughts you are not and will never be a captive to

hopelessness if you’re feeling low right now if your determination is waning hold

fast to me don’t get sidetracked by what others are doing to you keep your eyes on me don’t let fear sway

you always remember there’s no one in all creation who cherishes you like I do

who has the power to rescue you from your errors from the cruelty of false friends or from the disgrace brought on

by your loved ones you may feel besieged now as if everyone’s trying to drag you

down but trust that I will Elevate you even among your family

members a day will come when they will will admire you regret their behavior

and weep with remorse and you’ll extend forgiveness just as I

forgive you’ll show them love but guard your heart carefully shielding it from

further pain and entrust your heart to me instead I’ll watch over it no harm will

befall you rise up today and look ahead with optimism because I’m sending a multitude

of blessings your way and to your loved ones but I desire your

dedication you will pursue me obey me and allow me to accomplish my purpose

through you you will let me use your voice to Proclaim my message you have

the faith for me to perform extraordinary wonders in your life I know I can rely on you and you can

approach me with Assurance anything good wholesome and encouraging that you

request from me I will provide for you I have an open book and today I inscribe

on its pages that you and I have reaffirmed our covenant that you have chosen to serve and trust in me and that

I love you and will work Marvels through you it is already sealed by my sacrifice

and Resurrection now choose to sign it yourself with commitment and love you

have my steadfast promise in this life you will overcome with your humble spirit and your faith you will conquer

adversity I am your God you are my warrior you serve me wholeheartedly and

I will not let you down stay alert and Vigilant I will assist you but your mind

and soul must be prepared and watchful you have told me that you think there is no rest for you but you must

trust and enter my presence when you are distressed I will give you rest don’t

allow your anguish to steal your faith or peace the enemy never rests they aim

to make you stumble laying snares to drain your resolve and make you abandon your

faith it has always been this way but I watch over you and protect you from the

assaults of adversaries even as you sleep at times you may perceive that

cruel and violent struggle yet you have also passed through immense battles without even

being aware I defend you in the Heavenly Realms fighting against evil spirits

they won’t get near you when they try to harm you you are immensely favored and blessed having a tremendous advantage

over those who oppose you because I am on your side I am your heavenly father

all powerful and Invincible don’t view your problems as bigger or stronger than me don’t let

difficult times intimidate you or suffocate your spirit Don’t Be Afraid

when you hear their shouts or intimidation you don’t have to be Flawless or faultless for me to love and

protect you your family and your home enemies rush to bring you down with lies

and nonsense with fabricated issues and baseless allegations I’ll Safeguard you from

these harsh attacks and lead you to victory out of these troubles don’t fixate on your past mistakes or

shortcomings my word gives you assurance and promises you Victory you will soon

receive the rewards for your perseverance the Acclaim for your courage the recognition for your

determination to Triumph the Crown of Life and many blessings you need to

accept and believe in declare with your lips and your heart that you will receive them if I did not abandon you

yesterday I will not abandon you today I have always been with you in your bad

days in your good days in times of joy and affliction I have not rejected you I

have not forgotten you stand firm firm if you feel your faith wavering Proclaim

aloud the promises I have given you tell those who trouble you that I am with you

every day until the end you depend on me hold fast to my grace don’t dwell on

doubts of whether you deserve such an abundance of blessings if you will believe me accept this blessing i bestow

upon you when it is in your hands it will multiply into great gifts and and

beautiful rewards soon you will have all you need to bless your family and share with the

needy abundance of bread health strength and peace but you must use your faith

and come to receive these blessings without hesitation doubt no more don’t walk

backward don’t hide from my presence in the darkness I am speaking to you because I

want you to come and I desire to answer your prayer removing all curses and

illnesses from you and your family I am not seeking to take something from you but if I do it is because I intend to

give you even better things you are entering a significant and decisive

moment you have changed so much you are not the same as yesterday you are ready

you will make decisions with confidence avoid listening to those who always see the negative side of things

don’t try to make everyone happy some people don’t want to see you

succeed if you tell them about your plans they might try to bring you back down to a place of defeat but remember I

am with you keep moving forward and when it is time for New Opportunities use

your faith and I will be there with you they will see the challenges you have

overcome I am going to give you wonderful blessings I want you to Value them and use them wisely so they grow

and lead to even greater things my beloved child as you journey

through life know that I am always with you guiding you towards a brighter

future nurture and Inspire your children for they are the seeds of change that

can transform families and communities your home is where the leaders and heroes of Tomorrow are being

nurtured your children will play a crucial role in spreading my message before my return

but this can only happen if you honor me in your home and your children witness your faith in action let your life be a

living testimony to your beliefs never believe that you are destined to have a bad character or that

change is impossible with me all things are possible I can transform even the

hardest of hearts and the most troubled of souls those who once spoke harshly will now laugh with childlike Joy I will

purify the lips of those who once offended me and they will speak only words of

kindness through my power your family will see that change is real even if the

world challenges their faith and tells them that I do not exist or that I cannot help them trust in me for my

glory will be revealed in your home your neighbors will witness my Radiance and

angels will illuminate every corner of your dwelling people will be amazed by

the miraculous events unfolding in your household a remarkable Spiritual

Awakening is taking place within your family these are the end times a topic

of much discussion people are curious about the secrets of my return yet they

do not truly seek me in their hearts my love will be revealed to those who

sincerely trust in me who fearlessly entrust their souls to me follow my

teachings and dedicate themselves to this message and the love of

others this is the powerful message I am imparting to you

now remember where you heard this and take note of the time and date stand and

look to the Horizon as far as your eyes can see today you will experience a

miracle in your life changes in your financial situation and an increase in

love within your heart I see the hardships you face your struggles and the desperation you

feel it deeply touches my heart and I feel your pain so intensely that it is

as if my tears are mingling with yours remember I too suffered for you I

sacrificed my life on the cross so that you could have a life filled with joy

you carry guilt that you need not bear your heart is pure and good life does

not have to be so complex not all of your troubles are your fault you were

simply trying to do what is right you have tried to keep your word but people continue to demand more placing you

under immense pressure those who pressure you show no compassion it is

time to stop blaming yourself do not be discouraged if you cannot meet everyone’s

expectations spend time with me and leave those unkind individuals to me

continue to pray and remain strong I will provide for your needs do not make

promises to others or become entangled in debts any longer I will help you

resist the temptation to always say yes which allows some people to take advantage of you do not let the unfair

judgments of others weigh you down I am not judging you I have already forgiven

you why continue to suffer because of the lies others create to bring you down

there is no condemnation for those who have invited me into their lives who repent of their wrongdoings leave their

past mistakes behind and permanently distance themselves from negative influences and insincere

friends I promise you a life of abundance free from guilt and with a purified

Soul this is the greatest Miracle you could ask for accept and look forward to

everything else you require will follow freedom from debt Harmony in your family

provision for your daily needs the opportunity for fulfilling work and the dignity that comes with honest

labor these are the gifts I long to bestow upon you Embrace this extraordinary Miracle of Love in Your

Heart today declare with your entire being that you trust in me and feel the Holy Spirit filling you completely I

love you deeply face today with courage and confidence for I will work wonders

in your life greet the day with Joy Rise with enthusiasm and walk with confidence

for your Victory is closer than you think I am granting you the peace you sought in prayer you asked for patience

and now I add wisdom you called for courage and I give you divine strength I

am bestowing upon you unwavering Faith to March towards your Triumph you will

achieve it do not worry your goal is near stay focused keep your eyes on the

prize and do not falter now is the time to fight with all your strength soul and

Faith now is the moment to confront your fears and limitations the blessings I am sending

you are not only for you but also for your family I am still building a wall

of protection around all those you love even those who refuse to acknowledge me

but their minds will change I will make sure of it soon they will return to

Faith Guided by my hand the division in your family will end I will eliminate

all Discord forgiveness will be restored and unity will reign you will Shout with

joy when your home is once again filled with laughter place your right hand on your heart now and give thanks for this

immense blessing you are receiving maintain a thankful heart and stand firm against anything that tries to undermine

your blessings be assured that what I give you will remain yours be brave leave your doubts and

fears behind for past sufferings will fade into Distant Memories I’m writing a new story for you

and your family healing any wounds my dear child I want to share

something special with you if you’re ready to take on the challenge of moving forward with unwavering

determination remembering my promises when faced with obstacles and listening

to my guidance then embark on this journey of Faith with me

the time will come when you’ll witness the rewards of your faithfulness and you’ll be amazed by the

incredible plans I have in store for you trust in me and my intentions for your

life let my peace replace any turmoil you may be experiencing I am with you every step of

the way as we navigate through challenges and difficulties together don’t be afraid of the

struggles you face they will not harm you will’ll overcome your troubles together even when it feels like you’re

being overwhelmed by the waves of Life remember I’m always by your side you

won’t be consumed by the waters let go of your fears and focus on the blessings that await you at the end of this

journey trust in the love and protection of those who care for you maintain that

sense of trust and a hopeful attitude the darkness may try to obscure

the light of your freedom and distance you from from the brightness that illuminates your path but remember the

heavens and the Earth belong to me I created the universe and all of creation

obeys my command I am bringing new Winds of restoration into your life the

threats of the storm have passed it’s time to smile you will see your family filled

with happiness I will grant them a fresh start to all who turn away from their

misguided ways and give me first place in their hearts changes are taking place around

you some of which you may not even be aware of people are noticing you some

may Envy you While others admire you and will Express their admiration something is happening within

you you seem vibrant and joyful they will ask you to share your secret and

you will tell them that I am your lord the author and creator of your faith and

salvation the only only one who blesses you because I hold the power of my resurrection in my hands my name is

Jesus close your eyes now kneel down wherever you are and pray receive my

blessing in your heart and declare with all your faith and strength Christ lives

rise up and continue walking confidently in my will my forgiveness is genuine

when your heart is purified by my powerful blood the gates of eternity open wide for you celebrate with joy for

this is the day of your Supernatural Victory you will conquer giance and Triumph on every path you take in my

mighty name you have prayed you have hoped now it is your turn to be lifted up and prosper your burdens have a limit

your distress will come to an end the sleepless nights are about to cease

today the thoughts that race through your mind and trouble you the worry and

discouragement when you thought your suffering would never end they are freed from Cruel

emotions I am healing you with love patience and tenderness mending the memories that

hurt you and left their mark on your life nothing is impossible for me I can

raise the Fallen breathe life into the dead and heal your wounds those that

bleed and tear your skin and even the hidden wounds that only I can see you

don’t need to feel ashamed I love you I understand you and

know you completely you were harshly mistreated by the envious by those who despised you

and couldn’t see your worth but my blessing upon you is abundant I will work so many miracles and wonders in

your life that you will no longer remember your sorrow you have my protection you are surrounded by

thousands of angels stay committed to the right rightous path I’ve set before you avoid the traps laid by those who

lack Faith don’t associate with them or compromise your values for temporary

gains it’s better to stand alone than to be in the company of those who add no value to your

life I will soften the hearts of those in positions of authority and Grant you

favor in worldly matters victory in heaven is already

yours and my angels are delivering your decree of Freedom your distress will

vanish hold your head high be Resolute and smile with the authority I’ve given you

I am your Defender against all adversaries let your faith radiate through your eyes you are destined to

Triumph it is certain and will come to pass stand courageously before those who

challenge you I hold the final decision Victory belongs to you

when you grasp the miracle I’ve bestowed upon you find a quiet place kneel down

and above all dedicate your life to me completely Pledge Your Allegiance to me

our bond is Sealed With My Sacrifice a covenant of eternal love embrace it

wholeheartedly affirm your dedication to me never waver even if my response seems

delayed do not stumble on your journey face any obstacle with your head held

high reject belittling words and don’t be swayed by negativity remember who you

are a child of the almighty Washed by the blood of the Lamb of Great Value to

your heavenly father cherished and beloved in the heavens this is who you

are this is how I want you to think and feel every moment feel the Embrace of my

eternal love I am yours and you are mine live it believe it open your mouth and I

will fill it with gra great blessings I desire to provide for you I want you to

trust in my love and believe with all your heart that I will always be by your side to bless you and support

you you will face some trials but remember that I am with you always

guiding you and strengthening you take comfort in the knowledge that I have overcome the world and through me

you too will overcome my love for you is Everlasting and nothing can separate you from it I

have I have called you by name and you are mine I will never leave you nor forsake you trust in my plans for your

life for they are plans to prosper you and give you hope and a future as you walk with me I will reveal my heart to

you I will teach you my ways and show you the path you should take I will fill

you with my wisdom and understanding so that you may know me more deeply and

intimately I will Empower you with my strength so that you can face any challenge that Comes Your

Way remember my child that you are never alone I am always with you even in the

darkest of times when you feel weak I will be your strength when you feel lost

I will be your guide when you feel afraid I will be your comfort I will

never abandon you or Leave You To Face your struggles alone so take heart and

be of good courage trust in my love and my promises walk in faith fath knowing that I am

with you every step of the way and when you reach the end of your journey you will see that every trial and every

struggle was worth it because they brought you closer to me and prepared you for the incredible future I have in

store for you I love you my child with an everlasting love you are precious to me

and I Delight in you never forget how much you mean to me I am I am your

father and you are my beloved child rest in my love and let it fill you with

peace and joy

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