my beloved I am stirring your spirit with a fresh word a Divine assignment is

coming the seasons are shifting and along with them Personnel in the

palace watch as I Dethrone even those leaders who seem firmly established for

No Authority stands that I have not established and the heart that becomes haughty I will bring low for I alone am

God Eternal assessing the allegiance of men’s hearts and measuring righteousness with my right

hand even Kings with great power must bow before my Supremacy or be swept away

like chaff in the wind yes prideful Empires will topple and false ideologies

will implode for I Am shifting the spiritual foundations of societies in this hour the instability spanning

Nations and systems in upheaval are but birth pangs preceding the emergence of my kingdom in New Dimensions of

authority order and fruitfulness for still to come our glory

is days when my Supreme Reign shall Infuse every sphere of society with peace Justice and the knowledge of the

Lord so brace yourself beloved for escalating shakings and realignments

ahead but fear not for I guard your life as the apple of my eye while structures

crumble around you perfectly positioned in me your life shall be an oasis of

presence and power where my Still Waters Flow freely to nourish your soul hear

your roots grow deep in my word upholding you through the Winds of Change as others stumble in the darkness

the Luminous glow of my spirit will illuminate your path into Realms of heightened Vision discernment and

Authority in me you have grown to be ready for this important time as the world shifts from

Earthly rule to my kingdom tested in valleys of lack and limitation you have emerged

wholeheartedly devoted to me seeking only only my will and

Glory this purity of motive and loyalty of Love Now qualify you for promotion

into greater spheres of influence in my Endtime campaign to redeem planet Earth

in times of change and uncertainty I offer my guidance entrusting you with

the humble task of spreading kindness and hope your role is to be a compassionate

listener and a helper in small but meaningful ways addressing injus IES and

suffering with a heart full of empathy and understanding you are invited to join

hands with others who share a vision of kindness and humility working together

to heal and comfort where there is need your dedication to these humble

Endeavors Guided by a spirit of selflessness and love will Forge meaningful connections and make a

positive difference in the lives around you now is the time to embrace embrace your role as contributors in a period of

gradual change and Improvement those among you steady and reliable in your efforts will play a

vital role in this period of transition helping to open New Paths of understanding and

cooperation the values once sidelined like compassion fairness and integrity

are now becoming the cornerstones for positive change in various aspects of life these ideas which once might have

seemed distant or abstract are now becoming more tangible and relevant step forward and take your

place as agents of positive change inspired by the faithful examples set forth in my

word remember Joseph who despite being sold into slavery and unjustly

imprisoned Rose to a position of influence in Egypt using his wisdom and

integrity to save many lives consider Esther who bravely

approached the king to save her people demonstrating great courage and faith in the face of pote

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