my precious child I want you to know

that I have something extraordinary

planned for

you a blessing so unique and Powerful

that it will transform your life in ways

you never thought

possible this blessing is reserved for

those who have endured hardships and

trials you see some of you have grown up

in households where lack of faith was

commonplace some of you had no one to

guide you in your Faith no one to teach

you how to pray or seek me perhaps you

didn’t even have a family member who

prayed but I saw you even then I knew

the struggles you would face and the

obstacles that would be placed in your

path I still have a plan for you your

ancestors and relatives may not have all

been faithful

followers as a result you may have

experience stagnation poverty sickness

and various setbacks throughout your


life but one day my grace and mercy

reached out to you I called you and you

answered by giving your life to me that

moment marked the beginning of a new

Journey for you you sought deliverance

from the demons and curses that had

followed you since childhood and I began

to mold you shaping you into the person

I always intended you to

be as you grow in faith I will open your

spiritual eyes allowing you to discern

the evil practices and actions of

certain people that have been working


you you will become aware of the

wickedness and bloodline curses that had

held you back for so

long now I want you to know that I am

breaking those curses and releasing a

once in A- lifetime blessing upon you

this blessing is exclusive to my

children who have chosen to follow me

with their whole Hearts it is for those

who have endured years of hardship and

have remember a remained faithful to me

I am doing a new thing in your life and

it will be unlike anything you have ever

experienced the blessings I have in

store for you will be a testament to my

power and love people will see the

transformation in your life and know

that it is the work of my hand so take

heart my child the trials you have faced

have not been in vain I have seen every

tear every struggle and every moment of

pain and now I am rewarding your

faithfulness with a blessing that will

change the course of your life and the

lives of generations to come trust in me

for I am your God and I will never leave

you nor forsake you I am breaking the

chains of generational curses and I am

setting you free to live the Abundant

Life I have always intended for

you Embrace this new season with joy and

expectation knowing that I am with you

every step of the way

your story will be one of Victory

Redemption and overwhelming

blessing and through your life others

will come to know me and the power of my

love hold fast to your faith for The

Best Is Yet To Come I am proud of you my

child and I cannot wait to see all that

I will accomplish through you you are

mine and I will never let you go my dear

child I am going to bless you

tremendously ly the fact you are here

today receiving this word pleases me

greatly you have escaped the

generational curses that plagued your


bloodline as far as you know you are the

only one who wholeheartedly answered

when I

called because of this you are entitled

to a special generational blessing these

blessings that I have in store for you

are real and

Powerful when I bring you into the

abundance I promised you will live in

houses filled with good things you did


provide you will draw water from Wells

you did not dig and eat from Vineyards

and Olive Groves you did not

plant when you experience this goodness

from my hand and are satisfied remember

that it is I the Lord your God who gave

it to you for some of you the

generational blessings begin with you

because you were the one who broke the

curse you were the one who answered when

I called you to serve me as a result I

am restoring to you all that should have

been yours all that was stolen from you

over the

years even though no one in your family

was able to pass on generational

blessings there is still an inheritance

stored up for you as a child of God

Redeemed by Jesus you are considered the

first generation to wholeheartedly

receive me and my

blessings get ready my child

child prepare yourself to experience

abundance and overflow in your life this

year the time has come for the

generational blessings to be released to

you expect to see improvements in your

health and

strength get ready to experience joy and

happiness like never before in the

latter part of your life prepare to walk

in great power and authority in Jesus

for Satan no longer has any hold on you

fruitfulness is coming to your

relationships to your marriage and

increase to your

finances unexpected breakthroughs and

miracles are on the way but most

importantly get ready to experience my

spirit in ways you never have before I

am doing this because of all you have

endured what the enemy meant for harm in

your life I have turned around for your

good it is my deepest desire that you

receive this once in a life lifetime

generational blessing into your life

without any regret or sorrow added to

it I urge you to seek me for wisdom on

how to Steward these blessings in ways

that bring glory to my name I speak

blessing over you and decree that I will

never leave you or forsake you I will be

with you for all the days of your life

you are on this Earth for a purpose to

glorify me always remember that I love

you deeply and

completely my love for you is unwavering


unconditional when you walk through

difficult times I am right there with

you when you face trials and hardships I

will give you the strength to overcome

when you stumble I will help you get

back on your feet when you feel weary I

will renew your strength when You Face

confusion I will give you wisdom and

Clarity when you feel alone I will

comfort you with my presence I know

every struggle you have faced every tear

you have cried every disappointment you

have endured I have seen every time you

have been misunderstood every time you

have been rejected every time you have

been betrayed I know the depths of pain

in your heart but I also see your

resilience your determination your faith

I see the beauty and strength of your

spirit even when you feel weak I am so

proud of you everything you have gone

through I will use for good I will take

the broken pieces of your life and shape

them into something beautiful I will

take your pain and turn it into purpose

I will take your trials and use them to

make you stronger I will take the

rejection you have faced and use it to

help you find your true identity in me I

will never waste the difficulties you


endured even though people have let you

down I never will even though Others May

abandon you I never will my love for you

is perfect and unchanging you can trust


completely I will always be your

protector your provider your healer your

comforter your friend I will fill you

with a peace that surpasses

understanding I will guide you with my

wisdom I will strengthen you with my

joy I have incredible plans for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope and a future even

when you can’t see it I am working

behind the scenes on your

behalf I am making a way even when there

seems to be no way I am aligning the

right people the right opportunities and

the right circumstances to bring about

my purposes in your

life th trust in my timing and my

goodness I am calling you to a life of

abundance not just in material blessings

but in every area of your life I want to

give you abundant peace abundant Joy

abundant love abundant

purpose I want to restore to you the

years that have been stolen by the enemy

I want to heal every wound and make you

whole I want to set you free from every

fear Every Lie every

limitation I want to empower you to step

into the destiny I have for you this is

your time to arise and shine this is

your time to step into the generational

blessings I have for you this is your

time to experience my goodness like

never before do not let the distractions

or discouragements of this world hold

you back keep your eyes fixed on me keep

moving forward in faith believe that I

am working all things together for your

good believe that I will complete the

good work I have begun in you I love you

with an everlasting love I am for you

and not against you I will never leave

your side you are mine and I am yours

forever and always receive my love my

child receive my

blessings receive all I have in store

for you walk in the abundance of life I

came to give you and know that the best

is yet to

come my precious

child when an unclean Spirit departs

from a person it roams through Dry

places searching for a place to rest but

finding none then it declares I will go

back to the home I

left Upon returning it discovers the

house vacant tidied up and set in

order so it goes and brings along seven

other Spirits more evil than itself and

they enter and settle

there in the end that person’s condition

becomes worse than it was at the

beginning this is is what will happen to

this wicked

generation this Parable I share with you

holds a profound spiritual truth about

the Perils of leaving your soul empty

and The crucial importance of filling

your life with what is good and right

imagine yourself in the story you have

chosen to follow me to entrust your life

to my

care you recognize that you had opened

the door to the enemy’s influence but

now you’re determined to shut it firmly

so you start nourishing your spirit

attending church learning more about me

growing in your faith through this

process I deliver you from everything

evil that had attached itself to you can

you relate to this experience but the

unclean Spirit cast out and wandering

through Barren places finds No Rest evil

is always prowling always on the lookout

for an

opportunity unable to find respite it

resolves to return to the house it once

inhabited to

you yet when it comes back it finds you

unoccupied your life has been swept

clean your soul set in order you’re

living for me now delivered from those

negative influences with the door closed

to the enemy this is a powerful

transformation however there’s a crucial

lesson here it’s one thing to shut out

the darkness to leave behind old

relationships habits and addictions

that pulled you away from me you’re

purified now with my Holy Spirit

dwelling within

you but growth can’t stop there it’s

vital that you continue to fill your

life with things that will spiritually

nurture you you need to surround

yourself with people who will encourage

you to keep maturing in your faith

remain in fellowship with like-minded

Believers keep feeding your spirit

reading my word staying close to me

through prayer and worship consistent

growth is key if your life remains empty

devoid of spiritual substance you become

vulnerable to even greater spiritual

oppression the unclean Spirit finding

your soul

unoccupied returns with seven other

Spirits more wicked than

itself have you ever felt like you’ve

overcome a battle only to find

everything threatening to unravel

again it’s as if the enemy is Relentless

in its pursuit of your downfall this is

the Stark reality of the spiritual

realm when those evil influences come

back with

reinforcements you can end up in a worse

State than you were

before this is my solemn warning to you

about the dangers of spiritual

stagnation true repentance and ongoing

transformation are essential it’s not

enough to Simply remove the negative

from your life you must actively replace

it with the Positive fill your days with

spiritually enriching practices immerse

yourself in uplifting beliefs and

continually seek to grow in your

relationship with

me if you neglect this if you drift away

from fellowship stop nourishing your

spirit and allow your Devotion to wne

you’ll find yourself slipping backwards

that void in your soul will make you

vulnerable to the very things I

delivered you from you might find

yourself drawn back to Old Habits or

seeking fulfillment in the temporary

pleasures of this world this is

precisely what the enemy wants to see

you stumble and fall to derail the great

plans I have for your life so take this

message to heart my child there is a

constant need for spiritual growth for

vigilance against Evil’s attempts to

regain a

foothold your greatest defense is to

keep me first in your life to be

Resolute in your commitment and to

cultivate a consistent walk with

me when you do this when you make me

your priority stay determined in your

faith and persist in pursuing

righteousness you will find strength to

withstand every attack of the enemy my

presence will fill your life leaving no

room for evil to

encroach I Am With You Always guiding

your steps providing for your needs and

guarding your

heart as you abide in me and allow my

word to abide in you you will bear much

fruit your life will overflow with the

goodness and power of my spirit a

testament to the transforming work I am

doing within

you so keep pressing forward my precious

one don’t let complacency creep in or

allow spiritual emptiness to take root

pursue me with your whole heart lean on

me in every circumstance and Trust in my

unfailing love for you as you walk

closely with me I will lead you in the

path of life I will fill your days with

purpose and your heart with joy and no

matter what challenges come your way you

can rest assured that I am your strength

your refuge and your everpresent help

keep growing in Grace keep standing firm

in faith and keep shining brightly for

me I Delight in you and I am always with

you now and

forever my dear child as you continue to

walk closely with me and allow my

presence to fill your life

you will discover the incredible plans I

have in store for you I know the desires

of your heart the dreams that you’ve

carried for so long trust that I am

working behind the scenes to bring them

to fruition in ways that will exceed


expectations there will be times when

the journey feels challenging when

obstacles seem to block your path in

those moments remember that I am your

strength and your

Shield I will guide you through every

Valley and lead you to the Mountaintop

keep your eyes fixed on me and do not be

afraid for I am with you every step of


way as you stay committed to spiritual

growth and surround yourself with a

community of Believers you will find the

support and encouragement you need to

persevere iron sharpens iron and as you

fellowship with others who share your

faith you will be strengthened and

inspired to keep pressing

forward I have placed unique gifts and

talents within you abilities that are

meant to be used for my

glory don’t hide them away or let them

lie dormant step out in faith and use

them to make a difference in the world


you as you do you will find a sense of

fulfillment and purpose that can only

come from living in alignment with my

will there will be times when you face

opposition or criticism from those who

don’t understand the path I have called

you to

walk remember that your worth is is not

defined by the opinions of others but by

my unwavering love for

you I have chosen you and I Delight in

you keep your heart focused on pleasing

me and trust that I will vindicate you

and bring forth Justice on your

behalf as you continue to seek me first

in all things I will open doors of

opportunity that no one can

shut I will lead you to the right people

the right places and the right resources

to accomplish my purposes in your life

trust in my timing and my provision

knowing that I will never leave you

lacking my dear

child as you continue to grow in your

faith and walk in the abundance I have

for you remember the importance of

investing in

others just as I have freely given to

you I call you to freely give to those


need when you seow seeds of generosity

and kindness you open the door for my

blessings to flow in your life in even

greater measure don’t underestimate the

power of a simple Act of compassion or a

word of

encouragement when you reach out to

those who are hurting or struggling you

become my hands and feet in the world

you reflect my heart of love and mercy

and you make a difference in ways you

may never fully comprehend as you give

to others whether it’s through your time

your resources or your talents

trust that I will multiply your efforts

I am the god of abundance and I Delight

in pouring out my blessings on those who

are faithful and

obedient when you sow generously you

will reap

generously when you give with a cheerful

heart I will open the windows of heaven

and pour out blessings you won’t have

room enough to

contain remember your giving is not just

about meeting the needs of others

it’s also about the condition of your

own heart when you hold on to your

resources tightly you limit the flow of

my blessings in your life but when you

release them with a spirit of generosity

you create space for me to do more than

you could ask or imagine don’t let fear

or a scarcity mentality hold you back

from investing in others trust in my

provision and my ability to meet your


need as you step out in faith and so

seeds of kindness and

generosity you will experience the joy

and fulfillment that comes from being a

blessing to others I have called you to

be a light in the world and one of the

ways you shine brightly is through your

willingness to give whether it’s through

volunteering your time donating to a

worthy cause or simply being a friend to

someone in need every act of kindness

matters it has the power to change lives

and trans form

communities as you give do so with a

heart of humility and

gratitude remember that everything you

have is a gift from me and I have

entrusted you with resources to Steward

well when you use them to bless others

and Advance my kingdom you are

fulfilling your purpose and living out

your calling trust that as you seow

seeds of generosity I will bring forth a

harvest of blessing in your life you

will experience my favor and provision

in ways you never thought possible you

will see doors of opportunity open and

relationships flourish you will taste

the goodness of my hand and know the joy

of being a conduit of my love amen

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