SERIOUS ALERT “IT ENDS IN MAY 2024” | God’s Message Today | I LOVE JESUS |

my beloved child trust me completely and refuse to be swayed by the turbulent

currents that seek to pull you down and discourage you there will always be opposing forces trying to hinder your

progress and steal your desire to soar to new heights but with me as your

constant companion one who understands accepts and forever cares for you you

will overcome take my hand and receive the countless blessings I have prepared for

you I will never fail abandon or reject you no matter where you find

yourself in the midst of any loneliness or sorrow Embrace this liberating truth

my love for you knows no bounds it is a love so vast and profound that human

language cannot adequately express it to fully experience this love you must

choose to shut out the voices that demean and belittle you believing in my love for you is not merely an

intellectual exercise it is a choice you must make especially when facing great trials your own

strength and abilities are limited but by the power of my spirit who descends like a gentle Dove to rest upon you in

response to your faith you will emerge Victorious I am not impressed by

external achievements talents or material wealth what I desire most is

your simple sincere faith and a humble heart when you place your trust in me I

will exalt and deliver you no matter how oppressive your circumstances may seem

your shortcomings mistakes and weaknesses do not deter my love for you

I know the pain of failure and I understand your earnest desire to avoid repeating past

missteps approach my throne of grace with confidence seeking another chance

and refuse to let go of your faith be strong and courageous knowing that I am

with you wherever you go I will not only walk alongside you but also clothe you

in Royal garments dispatch my angels to protect you and equip you with my Divine

armor your faith in me is your most valuable asset rather than striving to earn my

favor through empty religious rituals or seeking the admiration of others simply

trust in my unfailing love remember I am not like human beings

who can lie judge or withhold affection my my love for you is perfect

unconditional and eternal nothing you do can ever change that my grace and mercy toward you are

Everlasting if you choose to turn away from my truth and align yourself with those who deny me you are making a

decision that will lead to deception and despair but when you walk with me you

will experience a love so profound that it surpasses human understanding I am

your protector guide and friend always ready to help you navigate life’s

challenges no matter how daunting they may appear with my intervention you can

conquer any obstacle that stands in your way when you feel like giving up

remember that I am your source of strength I will lift you up when you stumble and guide you back into the

light our love for each other is more powerful than any adversity you may

encounter my love for you is Limitless and uncondition IAL transcending your

failures and transgressions in my eyes you are forever cherished and

adored rest in the Assurance of my unfailing love and Let It Be the Anchor

that sustains you through every storm my precious child I want you to

know that my love for you surpasses all understanding it is an enduring

unshakable love that remains constant through every trial and tribulation when when sorrow threatens

to engulf you remember that I am always here ready to listen to your deepest concerns and provide the strength peace

and wisdom you need to overcome your well-being Matters To Me Above All Else I committed to caring for

you and loving you unconditionally embrace the happiness that I have in store for you and seek my

presence daily never doubt the source of your blessings or the guardian of your heart no matter what challenge you face

My Love Remains steadfast and unchanging the world may present you with false Solutions and deceptive

promises but I’ve come to Breathe new life into you fortifying your faith and

opening your eyes to the immeasurable value I see in you your flaws and

problems do not diminish my love for you I will always be there to lift you out

of the pit and place you on a firm foundation of spiritual strength each morning as the sun’s rays illuminate

your window let them serve as a reminder of my constant presence and renewed

mercies allow my spirit to draw you into a time of prayer where you can openly

share your feelings plans fears and requests with me as you spend time in

sincere Faith you will feel my loving Embrace and the

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