my beloved child I want you to receive

my words with a sense of calm and

peace don’t let anxiety or worry

overtake you just breathe in and out

allowing my message to settle into your

spirit I will speak to you the things

you need to hear so you can put them

into practice in your

life you have many different roles and

responsibilities that I’ve called you to

fulfill I’ve asked you to love others to

be a loyal friend to stand up for what’s

right and to exercise wisdom and

discernment walking closely with me

requires being equipped to handle all

sorts of

situations in past Seasons I have

prepared and empowered you for the work

I’ve placed before you tailoring your

abilities and strengths to the places

I’ve positioned you to

serve but now you are in a time of

transition I am ushering you into the

fullness of your calling and

Destiny the purpose and Ministry I have

for you is taking shape you are growing

in the spiritual gifts I’ve given you

tools that will help you in your work

with your family and in your personal

growth as you learn to recognize my

voice more

clearly don’t doubt your ability to hear

me speaking to you you belong to me and

I will always communicate with

you remember what I said my sheep listen

to my voice they will never follow a

stranger I am fighting on your behalf

against those who oppose you I have

opened doors for you that no one can

shut and I have closed doors that no one

can open have confidence in my presence

within you haven’t I told you that the

one who is in you is greater than the

one who is in the world you are more

than a conqueror through my

love put on the mind of Christ that I’ve

given you let my thoughts purposes and

intentions fill your heart and guide


steps as my word says become all things

to all people so that you can reach them

with my love and

truth be bold and unashamed of who you

are in me find your voice and speak up

for the things I’ve placed in your

heart I need you to rise up and step out

in faith proclaiming the message I’ve

entrusted to

you you can feel my spirit stirring

within you energizing you and preparing

you for the challenges

ahead you may not feel fully ready but

when you take that step of

obedience whether it’s leaving a bad

relationship seeking a new challenge or

following my leading in any area of your

life trust that I will equip you as you

go this is a season season of

advancement and promotion but it’s also

a time of further training and

preparation I am transitioning you and

teaching you new skills for the next

level of responsibility and influence

I’m calling you to you’re going to

fulfill your current assignments while

simultaneously being trained for the

next stage of your journey I’m elevating

you to places you haven’t even imagined

yet as my word says your eyes haven’t

seen your ears haven’t heard and your

heart hasn’t conceived all the amazing

things I have in store for you because

you love me as you abide in my presence

you are safe and secure protected from

every enemy and threat I am your rock

your Refuge your stronghold and your

deliverer even if thousands fall around

you you will remain standing watching as

the wicked receive the consequences of


actions no matter what challenges you

face stay focused on me

the path ahead may be intense and

require great perseverance at times the

situations you encounter may seem Petty

trivial or frustratingly detailed but if

you hold fast to me and press through

the fear and confusion I will give you

the Revelation and understanding you

need I’m opening your spiritual eyes and

ears so you can perceive things you

couldn’t before the spirit of wisdom and

Revelation is being poured out on you

even now as you hear these words

I’m setting you free from spiritual

deafness and

blindness so you can see your

circumstances with greater Clarity and

insight just as I promised in these last

days I am pouring out my spirit on all

people you will see visions and dream

dreams as my spirit fills you with Holy

Fire whether you feel timid or confident

step out in obedience to my leading I

will guide your every step and direct

your path commit your ways to me and I

will cause you to succeed in all you

do I have created you and established

you for such a time as this rise up and

soar like the eagle I’ve called you to

be I know you long for a community of

like-minded Believers where you can find

support and

belonging trust that I am leading you to

the right people and places where your

gifts can

flourish your abilities and calling are

far greater than you realize I have

shaped you into a powerful weapon for my

purposes and I prepared you to make a

significant impact in this

hour don’t say you’re too young too old

or too inexperienced to make a

difference don’t make excuses about your

ability to

communicate I will give you the words to

speak and the boldness to Proclaim my

truth I will Empower you to advance my

kingdom and push back the darkness in

the world around

you as you you navigate this new season

remember that my love for you is

unchanging and

unconditional I am with you every step

of the way guiding strengthening and

encouraging you lean into my presence

listen for my voice and follow my lead I

have amazing plans in store for you and

I can’t wait to see all you will

accomplish my dear child I want you to

reflect on who I am remember when I

asked Joe

who gave human beings their mouths who

makes them deaf or mute it was I who

formed you and prepared everything

around you I created the worlds that

surround you if there is sin in your

life stand up and

repent Godly sorrow leads to repentance

right now I am calling out to you with

my goodness I am drawing you closer to

me you cannot come to the father unless

my spirit beckons you and I am calling

your name inviting you to come to me

when you have no money come and drink

when you are hungry come and eat the

bread I

provide the way I am speaking to you

today is opening your spiritual eyes and

ears allowing you to perceive things in

the spiritual realm that you have never

seen before I am Gathering my Eagles and

I will use you to soar to Great Heights

but you will also be able to swoop down

and grab everything I need you to gather

bringing it back into my kingdom

do not think of yourself as strange or

odd you are part of a special people a


generation you are called to shine forth

my glorious light and bring glory to my

name remember when I healed the man who

was born

blind people asked if it was because of

his own sin or the sin of his parents

but I said it was not because of

anyone’s sin but so that the glory of

God could be revealed through him the

same is true for you the sickness and

struggles you are facing are not your

battles to fight they have already been

won because The Battle Belongs to

Me I have positioned you and placed you

in this specific time for a reason learn

grow and push past your fears and

inability to

comprehend present yourself as holy and

consecrated to me set apart to do what I

have called you to do

this is a season where you need to step

forth into all that I have prepared for

you do not be afraid or dismayed what

can anyone do to you what can you even

do to yourself just say yes to me and

watch what I will do in and through you

this is a word of instruction if you

want to see the Fulfillment of my

promises and the manifestation of my

plans remember that I am more excited

than you are to bring you into my

purposes this is my will my people and

my kingdom that I am establishing on

Earth as it is in heaven and I will use

you to be a part of that to bring in the

lost sheep and gather the

Harvest in this season you are being

discipled it is not enough to Simply

hear my word you must apply it to see

results this is the essence of

wisdom for months now I have been

positioning you and preparing you to be

ready as soon as the gate opens are you


prepare yourself for where I am taking

you remember that whenever you receive a

prophetic word the enemy will try to

snatch it away a good sign that a

prophetic word is true is when things

seem to get worse or more challenging

after you hear it this means that the

word will come to pass in your life but

you must work it out and stand firm I

send my prophets into the Earth to speak

forth my commands they decree and

declare what is meant for you and it is


established but I am also grounding your

feet making you stable and solid Like a

Warrior you can move around and strike

the enemy but you must have your feet on


Ground in the next few months prepare

yourself get your mind and body healthy

resist negativity and remember that the

words you speak have the power of life

and death you were created in my image

and just as when I speak it is

so too when you speak it is put a guard

over your mouth lest you sin against me

curse yourself or speak against your

situation I am here speaking my Living

Word to you and it is going out into you

and the

atmosphere but remember without faith it

is impossible to please me this is a

season where you need to push forward in

faith like Abraham speaking of things

that are not as though they

were prepare and make plans even when

you don’t see the full picture just as

the Apostle Paul while in prison told

his friends to prepare a room for him

not knowing when he would be released

your faith must be strong speak out your

desires knowing that you hear from me

this is a season where I am opening your

eyes ears and inclining your heart to me

you will hear me clearly for you are my

sheep and you follow me I will commune

with you and speak with Clarity and you

will hear me with a confidence like

never before my precious

child the worries and fears that consume

your mind will fade

away I am unleashing my purifying fire

to burn away everything that is weighing


down I am fighting against all that

fights against

you rivers of life-giving water flow

from my Well Spring directly to

you these rivers are cleansing purging

and purifying you From the Inside Out

preparing you for what’s to

come I know your current situation looks

nothing like what I am telling you it

appears to contradict the vision I’ve

placed in your heart but I work through

these contrasts and opposites I use the

challenges and hardships to shape you

and teach you valuable lessons you have

been wandering through a Wilderness

season hidden away in a cave but I have

been there with you every step equipping

you and readying you for your

training and now you have crossed a

threshold into a new season at the

precise time I

ordained it is time to begin honing your

gifts to uncover and pursue your true

calling and purpose what makes you come

alive what could you talk about for

hours with passion and ease align

yourself with those things Focus your

mind develop your talents cultivate the

fruit of your spirit I will keep

reminding you of this because of my

great love for you my child I have

called you for this exact moment in

history the time is now I need you to

shine my light into every area of

society rise up fast and pray whether

it’s for a few seconds minutes or an

hour just

pray if I’ve called you to intercede

then intercede if I’ve called you to

share my word then share share it with

boldness knowing it will not return

empty but will accomplish all I

intend you are entering a season of

results where I am accelerating Decades

of searching and preparation into mere

days and

months I am commissioning you this very

day you may feel unqualified and Afraid

like Gideon unsure of what to do but

know that I have armies of support

surrounding you in prayer I have heard

every prayer even the ones you could

verbalize I see how heavy your spirit

feels how you’re struggling to break

free like a chick pecking its way out of

an egg one push punch and word at a time

don’t get caught up in formulas just sit

with me in the quiet and commune with me

take the bread and cup remembering my

sacrifice for you as you eat and drink

repent and turn from sin with genuine

sorrow keep sharing in this remembrance

until I return because I am coming back

for you but I still have important work

for you to carry out my purposes are

still unfolding and I’m not finished

with you yet in fact things are just

starting to get good so don’t fixate on

your outward

circumstances this is an opportunity for

your faith to

soar I’ve called you to be a soldier in

my spiritual Army positioned In My

Kingdom for such a time as this you’re

getting your bounce back shaking off the

heavy chains and strongholds that have

was weigh you down I’ve been breaking

them off you for months now doing deep

healing in your soul setting the stage

for the Deliverance that is coming get

ready for my salvation to wash over you

pray fast seek my face listen for my

still small voice speaking divine

revelation to you I’m enabling you to

peer into the spiritual realm glimpsing

things to come and how to redeem your

past to propel you into your destiny

this is a serious word word not

something trite take it to heart and

walk in my wisdom which is not just

knowing the right things but knowing the

right actions to

take I have made you battle ready fully

equipped for the front lines I’ve called

you to engage in intense spiritual

warfare you have the weapons you need

the enemy has tried relentlessly to

silence your voice through trauma

anxiety lack poverty and loss but today

I declare the those chains are broken

you’re feeling my Holy Fire my soothing

love saturated presence enveloping you

that’s my manifest Glory my Holy Spirit

and Angels coming to strengthen and Aid

you keep showing up crying out to me

again and again keep fighting because I

am setting you free I declare the spirit

of the Lord is upon you anointing you to

Proclaim my good

news call forth those things that are

not yet as if they already are speak

with faith-filled confidence knowing who

your God is and who you are in me when

you generously plant seeds of kindness

love and service in people’s lives you

activate a spiritual principle of

multiplication just as a farmer scatters

seeds in a field expecting a Bountiful

Harvest your acts of giving set in

motion a chain reaction of blessings

that will come back to you pressed down

shaken together and running

over I have designed the universe to

operate on this law of sewing and

reaping whatever you sew you will


reap when you sow sparingly you will

reap sparingly but when you sow

bountifully you will reap a Bountiful

Harvest this principle applies not only

to financial giving but to every area of


life your time talents wisdom

encouragement and acts of

love as you step out and faith and start

sewing into the lives of those around

you I will multiply your seed I will

cause it to grow and bear fruit in ways

you cannot even imagine your small acts

of obedience and generosity will Ripple

out and touch more lives than you

realize sometimes the soil you plant in

may seem dry hard and

unreceptive the people you pour into may

not appreciate or reciprocate your

kindness but I am the lord of the the

Harvest I watch over your seed and I

will cause it to take root and flourish

at the proper time trust my timing and


faithfulness even as you focus on

blessing others I have not forgotten

about you and your

needs I see every seed you have swn

often in secret when no one was

watching I have recorded every selfless

act and every

sacrifice and in my perfect timing I

will cause you to reap a rich reward I

am the god of restoration and abundance

I love to take what the enemy meant for

harm and turn it around for your good I

Delight in blessing my children with


portions so as you face trials and

suffer loss for my name’s sake Rejoice I

will not just restore what was stolen

but I will pay you back double for your

trouble just as I gave job double for

his trouble after a season of intense

suffering I will do the same for you

trust that your time of fruitfulness and

favor is on the

horizon what you have swn in tears you

will reap with shouts of

Joy the enemy’s attacks are simply

setting the stage for me to Showcase my

goodness and lavish my blessings upon

you in the meantime don’t grow weary in

well-doing keep planting seeds even when

you don’t see results your labor is not

in vain your giving is not going un

noticed I am storing up treasure for you

in heaven where no moth or rust can

destroy stay sensitive to my spirit’s

leading on where to invest pray for

divine appointments and spirit-led

opportunities to bless

others generosity is not about having a

lot to give it’s about giving from the

heart no matter how small the gift may

seem remember the Widow who gave her

last two mites I valued her offering

more than all the rich people people’s

extravagant contributions because she

gave sacrificially from a place of Love

sowing is also an act of worship and

obedience it demonstrates your trust in

my faithfulness to provide it declares

that your hope is not in Earthly riches

but in me your Source when you open your

hands to give freely you position

yourself to receive freely from my hand

I will throw open the floodgates of

heaven and pour out blessings you won’t

have room enough to

store as you live a lifestyle of radical

generosity sewing into my kingdom and

the lives of those around you expect an

abundant Harvest expect double for your

trouble expect me to show up and show

off my goodness in your life I’m able to

do immeasurably more than all you can

ask or imagine so keep on sewing my

child keep on loving serving and giving

let my spirit prompt you on where to

plant walk in Humble OB obedience

trusting me with the results rejoice in

knowing an abundant Harvest is coming

you are my beloved child marvelously

created my Living Word resides in your

mouth I have given you authority to

trample on demonic Powers now walk in

step with me as I lead you into Triumph

Remember The Battle Belongs to Me with

eternal love amen

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