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manifestation God said my dear son I

call upon you so that with the light of

my eternal love you may release

everything that is stagnant blocked and

held back in the spiritual realm May

every knot of chain Every Chain of

imprisonment now be undone by the force

of my unconditional love for you may all

evil influence every Power of the enemy

and Every curse be broken and removed

from your life so that you may walk

freely towards your true Essence may my

Divine Light illuminate your path

guiding you to the peace prosperity and

happiness you deserve trust in me and

know that I am with you at all times

protecting you and supporting you with

all my love in this moment as I address

these words to you I wish for you to

feel the warmth of of my love enveloping

you the security of my presence by your

side and the promise of my guidance in

every step of your journey from the

moment I created you you were the object

of my deepest love an expression of my

care and benevolence towards you even in

the darkest moments of your life you

were never alone for I have been and

always am here watching over you with

love and ready to intervene when

necessary you are precious to me more

valuable than all the riches of this

world every fiber of your being is a

manifestation of my love and my purpose

for you when I look at you I see a being

full of potential destined to achieve

great feats and leave an indelible mark

on this world nothing can separate you

from my unconditional love not even your

own fears and doubts when you feel lost

or confused remember that you can find

refuge and comfort in me your heavenly

father who knows all your needs and

desires wonders and miracles will arise

as it is written in Isaiah

behold I will do a new thing now it

shall spring forth shall ye not know it

I will even make a way in the wilderness

and rivers in the desert the trials you

face are not signs of defeat but of

growth each challenge is an opportunity

to learn grow and strengthen stren

yourself the hardest moments are like

the forge that molds the metal

transforming it into something stronger

and more valuable everything that has

been taken from you will be returned

multiplied and blessed as promised in


and the Lord turned the Captivity

of job when he prayed for his friends

also the lord gave job twice as much as

he had before you were not created for

failure you belong to me from the moment

I formed you in your mother’s womb I

already knew every detail of your life

every dream every desire every tear shed

did not Escape my notice you are a

masterpiece of my creation endowed with

unique talents and abilities you were

not born to be a loser but a winner and

I love you deeply therefore my promises

have strengthened you do not fear for I

have been I am and I will always be by

your side my love for you is

unconditional and eternal no matter how

long the Dark Night of the soul may be

the light of my presence will never be

extinguished rise up with faith for on

this day I bless you abundantly I will

give you the courage to face the

challenges that lie ahead the wisdom to

make the right decisions and the peace

that surpasses all understanding I will

be with you every step of the way

holding your hand and guiding your steps

never ever will I abandon you I will

test you I will answer you and my word

engraved in your heart will be your

constant reminder that I am always with

you when the shadows of Doubt try to

Cloud your vision remember that the

light of my truth will guide your way

when the burden seems too heavy to Bear

know that I am holding it with you when

the storms of life Roar around you know

that I am your calm your safe Refuge in

the midst of the chaos and confusion of

this world you will find peace in me for

I am your refuge and strength a very

present help in times of trouble you are

precious in my eyes and your purpose in

this world is great even in the darkest

moments know that I am weaving invisible

wonders preparing the stage for the

Miracles to come trust in me trust in

your own potential for together we will

face all adversities you will never walk

alone in this world of

tribulations May these words penetrate

deeply into your heart bringing Comfort

hope and renewal may you always remember

my love for you and my unwavering

faithfulness you are loved beyond

measure and will never be alone I am

always with you today and forever for

you are my son my daughter and I love

you therefore let every word I Proclaim

over your life be like a shield of

protection guarding you from every

attack of the enemy let every promise I

make be like an anchor keeping you

steadfast amidst the storms let every

blessing I pour out upon you be like a

river of Living Water renewing and

restoring your soul for I am the god who

makes the impossible happen The God Who

turns lament into praise sorrow into joy

and defeat into Victory never doubt my

love for you for it is strong ER than

any adversity that may arise in your

path I have chosen you called you by

name and will never leave you so lift up

your head rise with boldness and

confidence for The Best Is Yet To Come

you are more than a conqueror in me and

together we will reach for the stars may

your faith be like a Burning Flame

illuminating your path and warming your

heart may your hope be like a firm

anchor keeping you steadfast and un

shakable amidst life storms and may my

love be like a river flowing in your

life bringing life healing and renewal

with each moment you are a masterpiece

of my creation and my plan for your life

is good pleasing and perfect fear not

the unknown for I am before you

preparing the way and opening doors that

no one can shut trust in me trust in my

love for you and know that I will always

be by your side

guiding protecting and blessing you

every step of the way may my peace which

surpasses all understanding fill your

heart and mind today and always and may

you rest assured that I am in control of

all things and I will make all things

work together for your good you are

loved valued and precious to me and I am

always by your side ready to give you

everything you need trust in me and I

will work wonders in your life

let my word be the lamp that illuminates

your path the sword that defends you

from evil and the food that nourishes

your soul meditate on it day and night

and you will prosper in all you do for

my word is living and effective sharper

than any two-edged sword able to

penetrate even to the division of Soul

and Spirit joints and Marrow and discern

the thoughts and intentions of the heart

trust in me and I will guide you along

Ong the path of truth and life I am the

way the truth and the life and no one

comes to the father except through me

come to me all who are weary and

burdened and I will give you rest for my

yoke is easy and my burden is light

surrender yourself completely to me and

I will transform your life from glory to

glory from Faith to Faith for I am able

to do infinitely more than all you ask

or imagine according to my power that

works within you do not limit what I can

do in your life for I am the god who

makes the impossible happen embrace my

will for your life and I will lead you

along the paths of righteousness and

peace for I have plans for you plans for

prosperity and not for harm plans to

give you hope and a future trust in me

and I will work wonders in your life I

love you my son my daughter and I am

always by your side to give you

everything you need trust in me and I

will work wonders in your life with love

God I hope this message has been an

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