says skip this at your own god message today

God says I don’t need you to be rude

dishonest nor to fight your own battles

in whatever way you want I have

commanded you to love your neighbor as

yourself palal take care of the rest God

says my

child you have overcome many

obstacles you have done things that you

thought weren’t possible continue to

seek me I love you God said says every

single day that you stay put in my

presence you are recovering stay strong

because changes occur relax because soon

you will ho peace i l you God says I

know what you are going through you’re

not alone many people out there may seem

to have it all together but even they

are hurting I’m here talk to me I love

you God says my beautiful child worrying

and trying to control the

outcome when you have already placed it

in my hands is not having faith faith is

putting it in my hands and stepping back

without trying to control the outcome

yourself I love you

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