today God is communicating with you my

beloved child although I Never Promised

You an easy life I did promise you a

happy one you undoubtedly have optimism

for the future and that hope won’t be

dashed thus regardless of what occurs

always be joyful always pray and always

give thanks to me you will always be in

accordance with my plan and well because

I’m the one who fashioned you don’t

worry then you might not always grasp

everything but you should always know

who I am man whether there is nothing I

can’t do you can choose to be happy

about what you did comprehend or you can

dwell on what you didn’t

grasp thus began to look out for my

goodness regardless of the situation

perhaps the door closes on one occasion

because I have something greater in

store that requires passing through a

separate door to get

to when things don’t work out the way

you want them to remind yourself of my

history and begin looking for the next

chance to discover my grand scheme I can

be relied upon and I will always be

faithful never forget that my unwavering

omnipotence and loyalty are a promise to

you so just have faith in me and don’t

worry if you are feeling a positive vibe

then like this

video I am your strength and shield I

prepare your daily schedule ahead of

time I offer the necessary support

during the journey instead then focusing

on your energy levels and future plans

prioritize being connected with me open

conversation allows for the ineter flow

of my power into

you refrain from stressing and gain

extra strength when you feel terrified

to remember that I am your Shield unlike

an animate armor I am constantly awake

and active my presence protects you for

both known and unseen perils my watch

care provides the greatest security

system accessible I am with you and will

keep you safe wherever you

go living reliant on oneself is an

exciting Journey many people rely solely

on their own power and abilities to

complete tasks some achieve great

success While others fail horribly both

parties miss the purpose of life which

is to live and work together with

me relying on me consistently transforms

your perspective you perceive Miracles

everywhere whereas others simply see

natural happenings and coin incidences

every day you eagerly anticipate my

actions accept weakness as a gift from

me understanding that my power is most

easily accessed via consecrated weakness

you keep your plans tentative knowing

that my plans are greater you

deliberately live move and have your

being in me wishing that I live in you

I’m and you and your in me to receive it


to then send this Divine video to

seven people who believe in

God come to me when you’re hurting and

I’ll calm you come to me with delight

and I will multiply it many times more I

am everything you need just when you

need it I alone can fulfill your deepest

fantasies this is the era of

self-help there are numerous books

available in bookstores about taking

care of number one emphasizing self-care

these techniques aim to promote

self-sufficiency and confiden you have

been invited to take A Road Less

Traveled constant dependency on me true

confidence stems from knowing you are a

whole in my presence I provide for all

of your

needs anxiety is caused by imagining a

future without oneself maintaining

communication with me is the most

effective way to combat worrying

focusing on me allows for more

optimistic thinking remember to engage

in a discussion with me both speaking

and listening

to consider impending occurrences follow

these rules one avoid thinking about the

future as it can trigger anxiety to

remind yourself of my constant presence

and incorporate it into your thoughts


images developing mental discipline can

be challenging due to the tendency to

prioritize one’s fantasies over

reality my presence with you now and

forever is more real than any fantasy

you could

create do not let clutter in your life

weigh you down there are several small

tasks that need to be completed at

different times and in no certain order

over focusing on minor tasks might lead

to a NeverEnding list they can consume

as much much time as you allocate to

them instead of trying to do all duties

at once

prioritize those that need to be done

today allow me to take priority over the

rest of your thoughts remember your

ultimate goal is to live near to me and

respond to my

initiatives I find it easier to speak

with you when your mind is clear and

focused on me seek my face throughout

the day allow my presence to bring order

to your thoughts and peace into your


being type on and if you believe in God

my dear child within the vast expanse of

Life your past missteps are merely

individual threads and a greater design

they do not dictate your future but

rather contribute to to its formation

under the nurturing influence of my love

place your trust in me and I will guide

you on a journey filled with grace and

abundance move forward fearlessly for I

am ever present by your sight a

sanctuary and source of strength in me

you will find a life enrich with

blessings and opportunities for

surpassing your imagin

ination no matter the challenges you

encounter look forward to the remarkable

things I am ready to perform in your

life my promises are solid and

trustworthy prepare to be amazed by the

Wonders I am set to

reveal they will surpass even your


expectations hold on to these promises

with firm faith and they will become

your your

reality be patient my child for every

blessing has its perfect timing bringing

with it immense happiness and prosperity

even in the darkest times do not lose

heart or back down though despair may

seem close at hand remember that I am

right beside you a beacon of hen any

Tempest stand strong WR strong in your

faith and do not let hardship soar

doubts divert you from the path I have

prepared for you although the challenges

may appear

overwhelming I have the power to enact

significant and wondrous sacks in your

life and that of your loved

ones if you have faith in God right am

so they to might trust in my Limitless

power gather your strength for you are

my beloved child and difficulties are

merely opportunities for your spirit to

grow stronger and shine brighter

anticipate with hope and expectation for

the Divine answer you seek will arrive


expectedly my power is within you ready

to be claimed as part of my divine plan

stand firm and do not let fear or doubt


you your path is marked by my love and

it leads to a place of infinite promise

and fulfillment trust in me and together

we will Traverse the low points and

reach the I once for my fidelity to you

is absolute and my love

boundless be assured that my commitment

to enriching your life with profound

blessings and enabling you to achieve

remarkable Feats as unwavering Embrace a

conqueror’s mindset be brave Resolute

diligent humble and few in your

intentions continue in prayer for during

those sacred moments I will share with

you a vision of the great things I am

arranging for you and the blessings that

will enhance your

journey do not give in despair your

breakthrough is nearly upon you no

matter the difficulties anticipate the

miraculous Transformations waiting for

you I have crafted incredible destines

uniquely for you filled with wonders and

yours yet to be

experienced surrender your worries and

and restlessness too me completely and I

will Revitalize what has been worn down

my grace and mercy will flow freely in

your life changing its Direction Forever

inside you I am preparing all inspiring

Deeds April forward with Resolute

determination my treasured one do not be

swayed my dear child child should you

stumble do not fear I will lift you back

up understand that when you were I do

not react with anger nor do I ever

contemplate abandoning you I am am not

fixated on your errors nor do I await

your failures as chances to turn

away typ a if you

believe my dear child from the very

moment you were conceived I imbued your

life with a profound purpose before you

even entered this world I selected you

to be a recipient of my Abundant

Blessings and to guide you toward

success in all that you pursue rest

assured I will always be by your

side abandoning you is not in my nature

let there be no doubt about this truth

stand up now my child face each

challenge with the confidence that you

are never alone do not shrink away in

fear of the world or those who

temporarily wield power within it remain

steadfast and brave knowing I am with

you through

every difficulty you encounter my

strength will be your Refuge giving you

the power to surmount any barrier or

hardship be patient and await the

realization of my promises you will see

how step by step the roads leading to

your dreams will open up before you each

one line with opportunities and

blessings crafted especially for you

keep your faith strong no matter the

weight of the burdens you carry if you

believe in God Jo yure support by liking

this message and leaving an all and N


comments know that I am always working

toward your ultimate benefit simply

trust in me and let patience be your

guide as you witness the unfolding of

the blessings are have in store for you

realize that with me you are more than

just a Survivor you are a

Victor bolstered by steadfast faith and

a firm belief in the success of your

endeavors within the quiet sanctuary of

your mind amidst the fertile ground of

your thoughts lies the power to shape


destiny remember your thoughts are like

seeds and with diligent care they can

grow into a harvest of wealth and

success as As you move forward remain

grounded and the lessons I have taught

you drawing on their wisdom too fortify


steps let your journey be illuminated by

the light of prayer and prayer you

connect deeply with me your source of

all comfort and guidance through prayer

you will find teas for your soul

direction for your path and insights

into the divine plan I have crafted just


you continue to advance undaunted by

doubt or hesitation even if you stumble

know that I am here to pick you up

always ready to support you and never to

leave you cling to the certainty that

Victory is already destined for

you with each step you take on this

Earth journey be conscious that my grace

favor and endless mercy accompany you so

my son my daughter March forward with

absolute certainty and Relentless

resolve for I have destined magnificent

and remarkable these to unfold in your

life trust with all your heart that the

promises I have made will indeed indeed

manifest build your dreams on the

foundation of unwavering faith for it is

within this belief that the power to

achieve the miraculous

resides do not falter in your faith for

even amid trials a significant blessing

is ready to emerge Amon my

child Comet Lord is stand with me the

psalmist urges us to take Delight in the

Lord this call goes much Beyond Simple

obligation or Duty it exhorts us to look

no further than the almighty for our

ultimate fulfillment and to lighten his

person and his Flawless qualities and

His Marvelous

Deeds we are called to rejoice in the

Lord whether that be via reflection ing

on the Everlasting triun Ence of God

marveling at his immeasurable power and

love or exalting over the Magnificent

tapestry of

creation as we rejoice in the Lord the

poet also promises that he will give you

the desires of your heart this is a

pledge to fulfill our spiritual

yearnings rather than financial money or

or worldly

achievement God provides us the greatest

joy of eternal life growth and Grace and

our deepest desires of relationship with

him when our hearts are in line with his

will so let us follow the advice of the

psalmist and turn to the Lord as the

source of our

joy may we do this and enjoy the many

rewards that come from a heart give over

to God May Our Lives serve as an example

of the joy that comes from delighting in

the Lord and may our hearts find Eternal

satisfaction in him Believers are viewed

as priests under the New Covenant

presenting themselves to God as holy


sacrifices through Christ’s intermediary

role these sacrifices are offered then a

spirit of Holiness and fervor agreeable

and acceptable to

God given the blessings and

transformation Believers have

experienced this service to God as judge

reasonable and in line with the truth

provided and the Bible the Apostle calls

on Believers to give their all to

God offering a service mark by spiritual

devotion and reason rather than only

ceremonial or worldly forms of worship

by dedicating our entire selves with all

of our skills and weaknesses as living

sacrifices to God we are committing to a

life of service and

purpose this devotional Act is a potent

means for us to express our love love

and thankfulness too God because it is

based on his mercy and Grace recall that

your efforts on behalf of God are not in

vain he is genuinely pleased and

accepting of your willingness to live a

life devoted to him governed by the

values of Holiness and Faith every act

of worship every prayer and every moment

spent doing what is right as a beautiful

sacrifice to him allow the mercy of God

and the honor of serving him to stoke

your desire and

enthusiasm your love and gratitude for

God make your service to him a rational

and meaningful Act of spiritual

empowerment rather than a

burden typs if you trust Almighty

Lord there is a man by the name of hmon

in the Book of Esther you can find out

who hmon was by reading the Bible’s book

of asther if you’ve already heard

his tale you already understood that he

was justly punished he experienced shame

as a result of his conceit and sense of

entitlement a king elevated hmon and

gave him a more important important

position even though everyone was

supposed to kneel down to the Monarch

and show him respect however Esther’s

Uncle morai enraged him by refusing to

submit to

him he was always indignant when he saw

morai he desired morai and his people’s

deaths to Summit nevertheless he was

ultimately found found guilty and

executed read the entire book of Vester

to fully get the

narrative his narrative teaches us

valuable lessons since he was so

conceited that he demanded respect and

homage from everyone according to


– disgrace follows

pride pride has destroyed our lives

numerous times as well our friendships

families and all other relationships

suffered as a result how much has our

sense of entitlement angered us because

we thought we deserved this or that we

neglected to be modest and treat others


respect self entitlement robbed our

happiness just as hmon did when he met

morai that may sound severe yet we have

all experienced this Brothers let us put

aside our arrogance and focus on Jesus

in order to cultivate humility because

shame follows Pride but wisdom and Glory

accompany The

Humble this verse teaches us that

working is necessary rather than just

talking perhaps some of us have strong

feelings about something but we never

start friends if you can’t work things

out your passion will be for not those

who put up the necessary effort T work

hard will be

rewarded that’s all it takes as to

Timothy to two six states for the farmer

to be entitled to the first share of the

crops it is the diligent therefore or go

after your passions complete it plan but

also work it out follow your call to

action start working right away and stop

talking because if we put in the effort

we will uncover more of our potential

instead of having a fixed attitude we

must adopt a growth mindset let’s take

some time to tone our

abilities even if things do not turn out

quite as we had hoped in the end we will

find that we have improved since profit

is a byproduct of all labor idle chatter

only results in

poverty God says comment Salon if you

acknowledge my

grace dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me Father the

word you speak to us indicates that your

purposes are set in stone you own the

power and might and nobody can stop you

everything is arranged to suit your

needs your plans will come to pass even

though we can develop our own and our

foes can prepare to harm us we find it

hard to believe at such OD obviously bad

actions can still occur in this

world when we witness the wicked

thriving while the defenseless suffer

and struggle we are left wondering there

are numerous and fair occurrences that

affect our life we observe a lot of

inappropriate things

happening we hear about difficult to

understand situations that people go

through yet you tell us in your word

that it is foolishness for anybody to

rebel against you you pledge to uphold

Justice you are holy and righteous you

are not made fun

of you will one day undo all wrongs and

reveal everything that has been

concealed A Day of Reckoning and

accountability is

coming please offer consol ation to

people who are waiting for you to act on

their behalf and are in need we want to

few comforted knowing that you are

always monitoring the background details

of our lives and that nothing eludes you

please remind us that the truth is

unavoidable righteousness will Triumph

and your light will shine in the shadows

you will give us strength

reassurance consolation and a reminder

that you are the Lord God Almighty the

one who was and is to come while we

wait you and your will shall triumph

over the plots of man kind and the Gates

of Hell doubt please assist us in

finding tranquility and Repose in you

today please help us to have faith in

your perfect word and perfect time

please provide us faith and belief in

things we are not yet able to

see you confuse the smart by using the

dumb things of this world your ear is

constantly attuned to the cries of the

righteous and your hand is never to

short to reach

us we appreciate and thank you for your

wellth thought out idea may you have the

same Authority on Earth as you do in

heaven we pray in the name of Jesus


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