Satan Will Harm Jesus If You Ignore | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

beloved child listen carefully and let

these words resonate in your soul

throughout the day bringing you peace

firstly give me your heart completely

and sincerely without reservations or

fear my purpose is to Grant you eternal

life and happiness I have never intended

to inflict punishments or trials upon

you for your pain my plans for you are

prosperity and blessings and above abant

life filled with love and care Surrender

Your Heart To Me kneeling before my

Throne willing to do my will to nourish

your spirit with my word and to trust me

wholeheartedly doubts may come and go

and challenges may arise but my written

word will be the anchor of your faith

providing the strength to persevere yet

if you choose to offer me your heart

only partially or when it suits you your

faith will lack a solid foundation

your life will be tossed about by the

waves When Storms Come and your thoughts

and emotions will run a mock I do not

want this for you I ask that you give me

your heart and maintain unwavering

loyalty and Faith decide now Surrender

Your Life For Eternity and each passing

day will not be one less but truly one

more because you will be with me forever

experiencing the incredible wonders of

the universe everything will be more

beautiful and better than you can

imagine you will receive countless

blessings enjoy a harmonious family and

face all challenges together my

blessings will reach you and those who

seek to harm you will flee the reward

for those who follow me is eternal

Victory which has already been secured

your part is to give me your heart faith

and loyalty I ask you to do this today

secondly raise your hands if you can or

close your eyes and dedicate some time

in silence to offer heartfelt gratitude

compile a list of your blessings both

current and expected as well as those

received in the past include even the

seemingly small things that give you

strength and purpose Express gratitude

sincerely and completely even if you

believe you have no blessings give

thanks for your ability to give thanks

this act of Thanksgiving will bring

healing to your soul removing the

blindfold that obscures your vision The

Horizon will open revealing the many

blessings that have already reached you

and surrounded you sustaining your life

and providing reasons to continue and

fight they give you the strength to rise

each morning and persevere challenges

and struggles may be present but if you

look closely you will see the wisdom and

growth gain through each experience and

how your faith has blossomed now Express

gratitude to me let me hear your voice

and your sincere words words give thanks

for life for the air you breathe for

your family for your current

circumstances even if they are not as

you wish them to be give thanks soon I

will provide guidance on your path I

will reveal new maps and correct routes

to help you reach your destination but

for now be thankful here and now be

thankful even when your soul weeps be

grateful when you are joyful be grateful

when your heart aches give thanks for

the challenges the failures the bitter

trials look at yourself in the mirror

and thank yourself you are secure in my

hands sheltered and protected place your

trust in me completely my arms are

forever open to you I listen attentively

to your cries and prayers as you welcome

each new day open your eyes take a deep

breath and feel my encompassing presence

I Delight in your morning greetings

filled with confidence and trust you

know that I am here to listen

to answer every benevolent request you

bring to me it warms my heart when you

pray for your family for it holds great

significance do not let your focus drift

to trivial matters when life’s

tribulations leave you feeling lost seek

solace in me find a way when you feel

overwhelmed and surrounded by conflict I

am your solution I do not want anxiety

to enslave you or baseless fears to

consume you you’ve placed your trust in

me because you know I will not let you

down hold on to my word treasure it

within your soul keep it close to your

heart and remember the wondrous things I

have done for you in the past I rescued

you from adversaries saved you from the

clutches of death extended my hand and

delivered you from

Peril even in the most dire moments when

all seemed lost I returned with my

powerful word performing Miracles Beyond

imagination there are still Many Wonders

I can work for you have confidence in me

let me continue to assist you I desire

to protect you day and night do not

allow despair to take root in your soul

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