In This Moment God is saying to you today my beloved child your family’s

future Generations will benefit from your faithfulness and obedience to God’s

words by doing so future generations of your family will benefit from your

legacy You are not alone and reaping both positive and negative outcomes from

your past it is crucial to consider the impact of your choices on future

Generations you cannot change the past but you may interrupt the cycle of hurt

abuse and ungodliness now establish my legacy via prayer love

giving and Faith like this video if you’re faith is

determination God says to you the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane

fell asleep when they ought to have remained alert and when they recognized

what they had done it caused them to become hopeless when we believe we have

done something IR rvic we often feel hopeless we think well it’s ruined and

over now so why even try again we would be wrong to believe that this type of

sadness is the exception it’s a rather common human occurrence we have a

tendency to give up when we see that we have missed a fantastic

opportunity however Jesus appears and Tenderly tells us to go to sleep now you

will never get another chance like that and it cannot be restored but stand up

and let’s move onto the following task to put it another way let the past

rest but let it do so in the beautiful Embrace of Christ and let’s move forward

into our Unstoppable future together everyone of us will go through similar

situations throughout our lifetimes real life circumstances will

send us into periods of depression from which we will never be be able to

recover in this case the disciples had done something completely

unimaginable rather of staying up with Jesus to watch they had fallen

asleep however in contrast to their hopelessness our Lord approached them

and took the spiritual initiative saying essentially get up and do the next thing

what should we do next if God inspires us it is to completely rely on him and

to pray based on his atonement never let a sense of past

failure to stop you from moving forward the well is deep much deeper then the

Samaritan woman realized John consider the depths of human nature and

existence as well as the depths of your own Wells have you been so limiting or

impoverishing jesus’ Mission that it is preventing him from working in your life

imagine if Jesus comes to you and says let not your heart be troubled and you

have a deep will of hurt and trouble within Of You John

– saying something like but Lord to well is to deep and even and you can’t

draw out quietness and comfort out of it might be a reasonable way to respond

well that’s accurate Jesus delivers things down from above not up from the

depths of human nature by focusing only on the favors we

have received from the Holy One of Israel in the past and by thinking of

course I cannot expect God to do this particular thing we limit

him share this powerful message is people who is closest to your

heart as followers of Jesus we should have faith that he will accomplish the

very thing that is on the verge of his ability the instant we lose sight of his

omnipotence we impoverish and diminish his ministry inside us it is not he who

is impoverished but rather us we will approach Jesus to be our

sympathizer or comforter but we will not approach him too be our all powerful God

some of us have failed to acknowledge that Christ is Almighty which is why we

are such bad models of Christianity although we possess

Christan qualities and experiences there is neither submission to or abandoning

of Jesus Christ we weaken his ministry when we respond of course he can’t do

anything about this when faced with challenging situations struggling to get water for

ourselves we manag to reach the bottom of our own well avoid taking a back seat

and thinking it can’t be done if you look to Jesus you will see that it is possible your

sense of incompleteness is profound so try focusing on him instead of

yourself Beyond endrance there is perseverance it is a combination of

perseverance and total confidence and assurance that the outcome we seek will

materialize more than merely hope building on which can just be a mask for

our fear of Letting Go and falling is what it means to be persistent our

greatest effort at perseverance is to never give up on our hero and to never

think that he will be defeated our biggest concern is not that

we will go to hell but rather that Jesus Christ will fail in some way we also

woring that the very principles that our Lord Champion May ultimately fail and

become an unreachable ideal for us the call to spiritual perseverance comes

next a plea to work purposefully in the knowledge that God will never fail

rather than to give up and do nothing kindness forgiveness Justice and love if

our hopes don’t seem to be coming true right now it’s just that they’re being

clean if a wish or dream is Honorable and originates from God it will come

true for Humanity but the stress of waiting on God is one of life’s biggest

sources of stress because you have kept my command to persevere he brings

fulfillment Revelation hold on to your spiritual perseverance

is there anything going on in your life that bothers you so much that it also

bothers other people if so you are always unable to handle things on your

own two concure enter to [Music] then those who went before warned

him that he should be quiet but he cried out all the more Luke

until you meet the Lord directly don’t give up on your disturbance do not

Elevate Common Sense rather than causing a commotion remaining silent merely

reinforces our Common Sense rather than causing a commotion

remaining silent merely reinforces our common sense it’s important to keep in

mind that Jesus only works in and Supernatural ways and will ask us what

we want him to do about the amazing challenge we are facing observe how we restrict the Lord

by focusing solely on the things we have previously permitted him to accomplish

for us we remark I always failed there and I always will as a result we refrain

from making requests rather we believe that asking

God to accomplish something is absurd should it be infeasible it is precisely

what we need to request it is not a true disturbance if it is not impossible and

God will do the seemingly unachievable the man gained his sight to

truly have completely lost all traces of your previous life life and become so

identified with the Lord is the most impossible thing for you too achieve if

you will beg God to accomplish it he will however you must reach the point

where you acknowledge Him as the all powerful in order to find faith we must

trust Jesus himself more than just believing what he says we won’t ever

believe if all we do is look at what he says the seemingly inconceivable things

Jesus does in our lives become As Natural to us as breathing once we see

him all of our pain stems from the purposeful shallowness of our own Hearts

we would rather woring than cut the line that ties the boat to the beach we won’t

admit we won’t let go type I love dearly you

father my dear child as you embark on this new chapter of your life I want you

to carry with you the knowledge that my grace and kindness will light your way

you are not alone on this path I am right beside you guiding you at every

turn together we will break free from the obstacles that have limited you and

I will lead you into a life filled with freedom and abundance it’s natural to feel some

doubts and fears as you face the unknown but remember these feelings are not a

reflection of your capabilities you have within you the potential to achieve

remarkable things and with my steadfast love and support you will find your true

call trust in my guidance and I will bring you to a place of peace and fulfillment

that surpasses all your expectations keep your plans and dreams

close to your heart as not everyone will understand or support your journey some

may even seek to discourage you out of Envy or

misunderstanding ignore these distra actions they cannot derail the divine

plan I have for you you have been transformed by my love and nothing can

stop you from reaching your full potential as you step forward into this

new adventure be prepared for challenges these are not setbacks but opportunities

for growth and transformation I will support you through through every difficulty

empowering you to surmount any barriers that arise have confidence in yourself

for with my guidance there is nothing beyond your reach do not dwell on past mistakes or

believe that you deserve harsh consequences remember you live in a

world that has already been overcome you are a child of the Mighty God and with

every step you take Victory is within your grasp I know there are times when

you feel overwhelmed by sadness sometimes without even understanding why this pain stems

from a deep longing for a reunion with me your heart misses me your spirit

yearns for my presence and deep down you know that without me you are and

complete life might feel Elusive and happiness just Out Of Reach but know

that I am always with you closer than you might realize there is a spring of blessings

that can rejuvenate your soul wash away sadness and quench your deepest thirsts

Embrace this gift let go of sorrow and you will find that you never need to

thirst again your faith has already begun to work wonders today you are

healed I have entered your life and I am here to stay blessing and protecting you

and your family granting you more than you could ever

imagine today I sense your sadness and see the struggle in your eyes you need

strength to keep moving forward with enthusiasm ASM remember I am your rock

and Fortress in me you will find the power to face any

challenge you are never alone I am always with you steering you through

life’s storms and guiding you towards peace and joy trust in me and together

we will overcome all hurdles approach me with confidence my

child I am ever present by your sigh and wavering in my love and support it hurts

me to see you struggle to see the burdens of Life weigh you down but do

not fear for I am here to lead you out of the darkness and back into the

light as your father I have always been with you through every trial and Triumph

feeling every pain and every every jaw and through it all my belief in your

strengths has never wavered my dearest child as you stand at

the threshold of new beginnings I urge you to hold my hand and let us navigate

the complexities of your thoughts together type alond in the comments to

affirm your journey and share this message with three friends to spread

their blessing let’s delve into what burdens your heart and what fears lock you in their cold

Embrace what make you shy away from the beauty of life and the possibilities

that each new day holds the world can indeed be harsh and

unforgiving I have witnessed the Shadows that can dwell in human hearts the sharp

pangs of betrayal and the sourness of disappointment however nestled within

you as a flame of Hope and strength that no Shadow can smother do not succumb to

despair my child remember the innocence of your

youth when the world seemed filled with wonder and your dreams were vast and

Vivid trust in me as you did then trust in the love I have for you and to

together we will surmount every hurdle defy every odd and carve a path to a

brighter future I know you deeply more than you know yourself I am familiar with your

fears your dreams your hopes and your uncertainties and I assure you no matter

how pitch black the night appears or how violent the storm rages my present will

always be a constant in your life I am here to support guy and love you

unconditionally as we move forward together let me paint for you a picture

of a place where you are deeply valued and celebrated a kingdom where your

essence is honored and you are adorned in Royal gar reflecting your true

dignity in this Majestic place your name is spoken with reverence echoing across

eternity here you are recognized as a cherished child of the Divine crafted in

the image of the great Creator in the sanctuary of my heart you

find a safe haven protected from the world’s harshness every moment of your

life is enveloped in love which he and nourishes your soul and Times of Doubt

or when you falter remember that you deserve immeasurable

Grace you have been chosen and Redeemed by the greatest sacrifice of pure

love shake off the shadows of doubt and insecurity within me you have a

sanctuary where you can always seek Solace and guidance Knowing You Are are

wholly accepted let go of past burdens they are washed away you are dressed in

forgiveness your spirit pristine and whole so come take my hand and walk with

me in the sanctuary of my heart you will always find shelter and

Rejuvenation embrace your worth and let it light your way with Divine glow

if you believe that my help is with you please subscribe to our channel for more

guidance from this moment know that you are securely held in my heart immune to

being shaken your place within me is permanent steadfast through love and

commitment despite life’s challenges you stand and Vanquish your spirit Resolute

against adversity this resilience is the proof of your

faith and my promises which endows you with Supernatural strength and makes you

invincible hold these words close let them be your armor against doubt and

despair you are never alone in your struggles I Am With You Always guiding

you from the darkness Into the Light No Force canem The Light Within you

for you are a Beacon of Hope and resilience cling to your dreams they are

the essence of who you are the force that drives you forward remember my

beloved you are irrevocably mine and nothing can break the bond that binds us

type palman if you have faith in God in this world things external

appearances often cap activate us the Grandeur of Earthly power and Status the

seduction of physical Beauty and the false charm of favors but as the poem so

beautifully puts it these external trappings frequently

conceal the actual nature of the person or thing beneath them and our only acts

of vanity and deceit the verse forbids us from falling prey to such tranent

allures because they are elusory and unable to provide genuine longlasting

fulfillment even Jezebel the of Rome and her meretricious deckings

dressings and ornaments are exposed to be nothing more than a flashy exterior

that delies the darkness that resides within rather the verse points as toward

the real source of value and worth which is the one who fears the

Lord this person a man or a woman is the one who deserves all credit because they

have chosen to develop the grace and wisdom that come from fearing the Lord

rather than focusing on the fleeting nature of Earthly favor and

Beauty this is how the chapter serves as a reminder to L past appearances and

discover the Ence of a person or thing including their morals character and

level of commitment to God because these are the things that really count and

these are the things that will last long after the worlds tranent Charms have

faded it can be simple to occasionally fall into the Trap of being a fool and

express all of your feelings and thoughts without

limitation everybody has experienced aying their emotions or annoyances to

overcome them In the Heat of the Moment however this text highlights the virtue

of being a wise man that is someone who controls their thoughts and emotions

until the appropriate moment The Prudent individual recognizes the

value of exercising restraint remaining silent and waiting before doing or

speaking my friends even though we’ve occasionally behaved badly we are still

capable of improving and exercising restraint we are all capable of handling

challenging circumstances with composure and practice if we apply ourselves avoid

the temptation to let everything out at once when you’re high rather inhale

deeply and make a thoughtful Choice the benefits of wisdom are

enormous you will find that you can communicate more effectively diffuse

tensions and have a bigger influence if you maintain your calm and hold off on

sh in your genuine ideas and feelings until the appropriate

time people will respect your judgment and acknowledge your maturity so instead

of being foolish let’s try to be wise even if it won’t always be simple

pursuing this worthwhile goal will benefit you greatly in life type thank

you God if you believe we have roomed to grow in this regard we experience safety

Serenity and the knowledge that our needs will be provided when we put our

trust in the Lord because he keeps his promises and is Dependable the Lord can

and will assist us man’s assistance on the other hand is

not always dependable and can be ephemeral as he might not have the

strength or determination to really help us people’s help is only good for this

life however God’s protection and Care

Last Forever The Prudent thing to do is to follow the psalmist counsel and give our

life to the Lord not just to depend on the erratic behavior of people find our

heart turning away from the Lord as the Prophet Jeremiah warns us cursed is the man who trust in

man and makes flesh’s strength the wisdom of the psalmist

instills confidence in faith in the Lord our Dependable Sanctuary may we come to

rely on our Heavenly father’s unwavering love and strength God gave us

a spirit of strength love and self-control instead of one of

dread the spirit he bestows upon us is not one of shinness or cowardice where

we would fear the words or deeds of others or the devil such a spirit would

depress us make us feel overwhelmed by our obligations or pull us away from the

work that the Lord is doing in the world preaching the gospel refuse sh in false Doctrine and

exposing sin this kind of scared mindset just causes problems it is not from God

the spirit God gives us is a spirit of strength

Instead This is the strength from above the same power that Jesus Promised his

servants he would give them Luke for the love of Christ this power

strengthens our Reigns against accusations and

persecution it fortifies us to withstand Temptation from Satan to suffer as

obedient followers of Christ to steadfastly oppose false instructors and

to carry out God W and work

God bestows upon us a spirit of love love for God love for Christ and love

for the church this kind of person seeks the glory of God the interests of Christ

and the welfare of souls rather than their personal comfort and

fame type I trust the divine plan to

agree dear listeners let’s join our prayers together dear Lord we offer up

all the people things and situations that are creating an Ever widening gap

between those who think differently many people see things through a distorted

view which is distressing there is so much happening

that is out of our control hurting our hearts and weighing heavily on us please

take these from us Lord we wish to focus our concerns on you we want to expel our

stress and inhale your peace you promis to provide rest when we

are weary and burdened we need your support to overcome the challenges we

face let us rise above the negativity we encounter help us turn our worries into

prayers as we do our best please allow us to rest and wait for you to complete

the tasks that only you can perform instead of worrying anxiety fear and

despair let our challenges lead us to our knees and into your arms

amen We Appreciate You viewing our videos it is essential that you

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