Please Don’t Ignore Me If You Need Help | God’s Message Now | God’s Daily Message

dear friend God is always with you that

means he is present at all times

continually perpetually throughout all

time in your day of trouble he promises

to be a help to you how is he your

help help means something different to

each person that’s because help is

specific to your need if you need money

to pay your bills a chocolate cake isn’t

going to be much help but we serve a God

who is very specific and because he is

always with you he always knows exactly

what you need and is always ready to

provide it today are you facing trouble

or adversity know that God is with you

look to him for help trust that he has

the answer and that he is working things

out in your favor as you continue to

believe him and follow his Direction he

will lead you in the way that you should

go he will comfort you revive you

restore you you and bless you he will be

your everpresent help because he is

forever faithful to his word a prayer

for today Father God thank you for being

my everpresent help I trust today that

you are with me that you are comforting

me and restoring my soul I lift my eyes

to you this day help me to follow your

commands and honor you as you direct my

steps in jesus’ name

amen like if you believe in



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