remember to forgive I want you to show

empathy towards others everyone has a

story and deserves to be heard and

understood do not be quick to label a

person and instead attempt to understand

that person be more caring when your

heart trembles and you feel your heart

racing pray the best cure to an anxious

heart is prayer I am with you you can’t

let what others have done to you control

how you treat others around you not

everyone has bad intentions towards you

not everyone wants to bring you down

talk to M and more Andy will help you

discern the good and bad things in your

life remember that I created this world

I made you I love you and I am for you I

am not against you you are my beloved

you matter to me I know that you aren’t

perfect I still love you and forgive you

you’re my creation I love you L am very

thankful for all that you have done for

me at times I feel ashamed to turn to

you for help because I feel like you’re

tired of hearing me me help me get rid

of these distorted thoughts because I

know they are not real you love me thank

you for listening God today on I will

comfort you pray to me and ask me to

strengthen you and you will feel relief

life is messy so stay on guard life gets

hard so stay ready to battle call on me

and I will show up to provide the

victory I heard your cries I heard your

your tears I understand your pain LM

helping you keep your eyes open you

can’t let what others have done do you

control how you treat others around you

not everyone has bad intentions towards

you not everyone wants to bring you down

talk to me more Andy will help you

discern the good and bad things in your

life I want you to literally stop

doubting me stop looking at your problem

and thinking that it’s over don’t you ha

Faith all things work for the good of

those who serve me I know that you

stress a lot of times I don’t blame you

life can be hard life can be challenging

and life can overwhelm this at times

however when you are in a season of

trouble I want you surrender it all to

mine I will take care of you I want you

to stop living a double life don’t want

you to tell people that you love me and

follow me when you participate in the

things of this world getting drunk

getting high attending ongoing parties

fornicating disrespecting other people

Etc please be choose one the world or me

I am Eternal invest your time in get

closer to me everything on Earth is

temporary put me first in your life

remember that the world will hate you if

you love me do not be discouraged when

others bring you down for being a

Christian the pain you face on Earth is

temporary and the reward I will give you

in heaven is eternal be patient enjoy

the last day of the month reflect on the

good things that happened this month and

prepare yourself for the new month

people will make fun Mock and harass you

for loving me be strong and courageous

because L am with you do not give up on

me pain and suffering is temporary I

will reward you for being faithful I

will strengthen you pain is temporary

please don’t give up on me because of

the pain you endure while being on Earth

I will strengthen you and uplift you you

are loved is the first day of month this

month like every month will be filled

with joy laughter pain and problems hold

on to me put me first in everything you

do and I will bless your month

always remember that I love you so much

life has meaning it has purpose and

there is purpose in your life you are

important live your life wholly flee

from sin and help your brothers and

sisters be careful I know how easy it

can be to turn back to Old sinful habits

that brought only pain into your life

pray to me talk to me run to me for help

I am here for you I know that you want

to be set free I’m sorry for failing you

it makes me feel so bad each time will

sin against you because you are so good

to me I will be better rest assured that

I know what you are feeling there is so

much stress in your life right now and

it is waiting you down remember that I

am with you do not give up we will get

through it please calm my anger I don’t

want to hurt others because of my temper

help me to spread your love choose to

love instead of hate choose to care

instead of ignore remember that you were

made to do great things you have helped

me through

so much in my life I’m just going to

relax sit back and put my faith in you I

know you have my back keep in mind that

when you are close to approaching death

you will not be asking to see all the

wealth jewelry and cars you had one last

time you will be asking to see your

loved ones focus on what truly matters

while you are still alive instead of

worrying on materialistic things you do

not belong to the world and so it will

hate you my son Jesus came to Earth as

the the holiest Mano ever walked the

planet and yet they persecuted him if

you truly follow me the world will mock

harass and hate you I am with you I will

strengthen you you will succeed it might

not be the way you expect it but it will

happen trust me I am for you is the

start of the new week remain faithful

and your week will be blessed run to me

when you encounter problems and together

we will get through them declare

publicly that you follow me and

demonstrate it by the way you live and

think loving me means obeying my

commands do not take my forgiveness for

granted rest assure that I know how hard

you have been working you make me smile

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