God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video as it is a message from God’s

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world God said my dear son I wish for

you to understand the importance of

these words in your life the

transformation they can bring and the

hope they can ignite in your heart from

the moment I breathe the breath of life

into you I have been with you every step

of your journey every Joy you

experienced every tear you shed all of

this is part of your path your growth

and learning you are never alone for I

am with you in every moment guiding you

supporting you and loving you

unconditionally remember the words of

Jesus in Matthew and behold I Am

With You Always to the end of the age

trust in me and let my light illuminate

your path always remember the love I

have for you and the strength that

resides within you a crucial part of the

unique Mosaic that is your life it is

precisely at this point that this

crucial message comes into play the

message I bring today is a reminder that

you are loved valued and deeply

significant to me no matter the voices

that try to say otherwise no matter the

circumstances that try to undermine your

confidence you are a Divine creation a

unique being who has an Irreplaceable

role in this world even in the face of

challenges that seem insurmountable know

that I am by your side strengthening you

and empowering you to overcome remember

the words of Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope and a future trust in me and the

potential that resides within you

together we will overcome any obstacle

that presents itself in your path

concerns can be like dark clouds that

obscure our Horizon but know that you

are not alone on this journey I am here

by your side holding your hand guiding

your steps you are an an essential part

of my love story for Humanity trust in

me trust in the plan I have laid out for

you trust in your ability to overcome

adversity remember my promise that all

things work together for the good of

those who love me even in the darkest

moments I am the light that shines

guiding you out of the Shadows you are

endowed with unique talents precious

gifts that only you can offer to the


this message is a powerful reminder

never underestimate the value of what

you bring with you allow yourself to

trust allow yourself to shine together

we can dissipate the clouds and find

Clarity together we can transform

uncertainties into

possibilities together we can make a

difference and create a better world so

walk with confidence for I am here to

support you every step of the way every

skill passion and dream you possess is

an essential part of the purpose I have

laid out for you you are a vital piece

of the Divine puzzle in this often

tumultuous world it’s easy to lose sight

of your own importance amidst social

comparisons and pressures as well as

internal voices of

self-criticism but I want you to know

that you are precious just as you are

there is no need to try to be someone

else for you are already a masterpiece

of my creation your worth is invaluable

your contributions are unique and your

existence is Meaningful trust in

yourself and the path you are treading

together we can face any Challenge and

discover the beauty of your true Essence

allow yourself to shine for the world

needs your unique and authentic light

receive this crucial message with an

open heart let it dispel the doubts that

plague you let it strengthen your

confidence and let it ignite an inner

flame of Hope believe in yourself

believe in my loving presence in your

life and believe that the future holds

extraordinary possibilities for you

allow me to leave a message for you my

child my creation you are precious

beyond words the purpose I have for you

transcends human understanding do not be

shaken by negative voices worries or

fear instead let this crucial message

resonate in your heart know that the

true definition of who you are lies in

my love my grace and the infinite

potential you carry within you every

choice you make every step you take

shapes the fabric of your destiny the

free will I have given you is a precious

gift allowing you to to influence the

course of your life even when facing

Crossroads in every Triumph know that I

am with you you are never alone even in

the darkest moments I reach out my hand

to guide you trust in my plan for you

trust in your ability to overcome the

challenges that arise in your path the

future is full of

possibilities allow yourself to be

guided by the Light Of Hope and Trust

together we can face any obstacle and

reach Great Heights trust in me trust in

yourself and know that I am always by

your side guiding you with love and care

remember that I am here to guide you to

give you discernment and to inspire you

to make choices aligned with the greater

good amid challenges that seem

insurmountable I want you to look at

this crucial message as a promise that

you possess an in strength greater than

you imagine this is the same strength

that brought galaxies into existence

that painted the sky with breathtaking

colors and resides within you let this

crucial message be an antidote to fear

when fear creeps into your mind remember

these words and know that you are

stronger than you imagine you are

capable of facing challenges overcoming

obstacles and finding Sol solutions to

seemingly insurmountable problems the

power that flows from me to you is

Limitless sometimes circumstances may

seem dark and hope may feel

distant however I want you to know that

hope is a flame that never goes out even

in the darkest nights this crucial

message is a reminder that I am hope the

light that shines even in the darkest

places no matter what you face I’m I Am

with You Illuminating the way do not

underestimate the impact you can have

every action every word and every

thought has a reach that extends beyond

what you can imagine write thank you God

as a sign of gratitude when you look

back remember this crucial message as a

reminder that your life is a love story

that continues to unfold each chapter

brings challenges and joys but know that

you are never alone with every turn of

the page I am there writing and guiding

your journey my beloved child let me be

an anchor in stormy times a light in

darkness and a song of Hope in your

heart you are part of my perfect plan

and your journey is a love story Written

in the Stars you have a unique purpose

in this world something that only you

can accomplish do not let down doubts or

fears stop you from moving forward trust

in yourself trust in me and trust in the

divine plan unfolding in your life be

brave my son my daughter the road ahead

may be challenging but it is also filled

with possibilities and opportunities for

growth find comfort in knowing that you

are loved beyond words and that your

journey is being Guided by a loving and

compassionate hand

and above all may it inspire you to live

each day with love courage and gratitude

with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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