OPEN! IT WILL BE TODAY! I TOLD YOU THE DAY WOULD COME!????️ god message for you today, god message

god’s message my dear son!

Have you ever felt lost, with no direction in life?

Have you ever faced deep anguish that nothing seemed to relieve?

Don’t lose hope, because today I have an urgent message from God, a message from God for you

today – full of love, divine guidance, a message of renewed blessings and miracles.

God says Imagine being able to hear my loving voice in person, guiding every step of your


Imagine having access to eternal advice capable of bringing inner peace, even in the face

of the greatest challenges.

That dream is about to come true.

God’s message to you today says that what you are about to experience is a true heavenly

gift, channeled directly to heal your afflicted heart and rekindle the flame of your faith.

Today, my son, I bring you a message coated in love and care, something that pulses in

the depths of my being with the desire to reach you.

I ask you to dedicate your ears and heart so that these words can flow to you gently,

enveloping you in an aura of peace and security.

My intention is always to surround you with a love that warms, protects and guides, especially

when the challenges seem insurmountable.

So, even in the midst of turbulence, you can feel supported, guided and immensely valued,

because you have an irreplaceable place by my side.

It is essential that I share with you this message that brings the promise of healing

and renewal for your inner self.

As we grow closer and you come to understand and trust more deeply in the veracity and

strength of my word, it is necessary to put the advice I offer into practice.

I want to assure you that I don’t bring these words to discourage you or to make you give

up on your dreams.

On the contrary, I encourage you to accept my directions, because they will open the

door to a deeper connection with the divine, allowing miracles to flourish on your path.

Declare with faith Lord, I fully trust in your love and protection.

In order for you to experience these miracles, it is crucial to cleanse your heart of any

negativity or discontent.

Know that I celebrate your faith, but I warn you that complaints and pessimistic thoughts

can erode it little by little.

Get rid of those chains that prevent you from moving forward, stay away from environments

and people that perpetuate the cycle of negativity.

Bring me your doubts and fears, and allow me to demonstrate the immense love I have

for you.

By proclaiming your trust in me, I will be ready to remove the obstacles that hinder

your path and reveal the greatness that awaits you.

Comment with love My God, I open my heart to your guiding light.

At this very moment, my love for you overflows and fills your heart with joy.

So enjoy this video with fervor, share it with your loved ones so that they too can

be bathed in this torrent of divine love.

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I am prepared to free you from the chains that have caused you pain and to relieve the

weight that has been pressing down on you.

You have felt the headwind pushing you into unexpected storms, but I want you to know

I am here to guide you into calm and prosperous waters.

As your faithful guardian, I ask you not to ignore this divine grace that has been bestowed

upon you.

Fill yourself with positive words and allow heavenly happiness to fill your being.

This year represents a milestone, an ideal time to put into practice the wisdom you have


Type with hope You are my shepherd and I shall not want,

Remember, even if you can’t see me, I’m always by your side, as close as the sincerity of

your prayers.

I ardently desire to respond to the deep longings of your heart and to enlighten your path.

Listen carefully, receive these words and allow them to shape a tomorrow full of blessings

and accomplishments under my eternal watch.

Beloved child, You deserve a life full of purpose, joy and infinite fulfillment!

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As you enter this sacred space, filled with faith and hope, understand that you are being

covered by a shower of blessings.

Your faith is not merely a key; it is the power that dismantles the immense obstacles

in your path.

Now, with the way clear before you, walk with firmness and courage.

There is no room for fear when you walk in communion with me, because my presence is

a constant in your life, infusing strength and direction into every step you take.

To rock this wave of encouragement, I want to put words in your heart that will bring

joy and anticipation for what is to come.

The divine plan in store for you is full of wonders and great promises that await at the

bend in your road.

But first, let me reiterate how immense my love for you is.

At times when loneliness seemed your only companion, you sought me out and found me.

Your victories and learnings, even those that seem small, are great in my eyes.

Type with an open heart Lord, my trust and hope reside in you.

Before claiming the abundant blessings destined for you, it is imperative to understand the

purpose behind them and what your attitude must be to see them come to fruition.

Just as the farmer waits patiently for the opportune time for rain and sunshine, you

too must cultivate patience.

This waiting is not passive, but an active preparation that solidifies your intentions

and dreams.

Keep your heart hopeful, because countless blessings are on their way.

I invite you to start each day in conversation and communion with me.

Even before dawn, seek me out in prayer and let divine contentment fill your being.

Turn away from regrets and nourish your spirit with the teachings I offer you.

Keep them as precious treasures in your heart.

The love and respect I have for you, reflect it in the way you treat your family and those

who cross your path.

You will soon witness the miracles you have been waiting for.

Comment with affection Today and always, Lord, I will be a reflection of your love

in the world.

This invitation is especially for you, precious child, who daily seeks my presence.

Keep walking this path with me, because I look forward to blessing you with beautiful


Even in silence, with your eyes closed, allow yourself to feel the warmth of my affection.

Treasure these words of comfort; in them lies my wish for your happiness and peace.

May the challenges be overcome, giving way to a renewed cycle of prosperity for you and

your family.

Finally, even if you feel small in the face of the world, know that you are of immense

value to me.

Face my teachings with courage, because my home is also yours.

Here, you will be heard and valued, a place where deep and true love resonates in every


My dear child, my love for you is unwavering and I am the light that will dispel all the

shadows in your life.

Comment with gratitude In your presence, Lord, I find my true home and peace.

my son!

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At the heart of our bond is the call for you to seek my presence every day; this is the

throbbing desire of my heart.

When my words resonate with you now, receive them with sincere humility.

There is no need for anxiety and despair to weigh on your shoulders, nor for you to be

a prisoner of your own agitated emotions.

I long for an even deeper and firmer relationship with you, where trust in me is unshakable

in all circumstances.

Let go of the worries that cloud your mind.

Choose to surrender all your thoughts to me and I will set you free.

Face the days ahead with a heart full of optimism and faith.

I am here to instill in you a renewed dose of encouragement and heavenly self-confidence.

I wish to banish the fears that have plagued your home, especially those relating to finances,

ensuring that you and your family are safe and secure.

That is my solemn promise.

Type with faith My trust is in you, Lord, bringer of light and freedom.

Don’t listen to the voices of disbelief; immerse yourself fully in this current of strength,

love, freedom and miraculous transformation.

My divine light will illuminate not only you, but everyone around you.

Keep the faith and trust, because unparalleled blessings are already on their way into your


Invite me to be part of your journey, always remembering the moments when my interventions

were evident, bringing solutions and miracles that confirmed my power at work in your life.

It may seem complex, especially when confusion sets in, but remember I never abandoned you,

even when those you trusted took different paths, leaving you feeling helpless.

Know that I was, and am, always by your side, providing solutions and the necessary support

in times of doubt.

Recognizing these truths can be a challenge, but know that at dawn, a feeling of renewal

will be your reward.

This is what awaits those who rediscover their faith and recognize the detours along the


Comment with renewal In your love, I find the strength to believe again.

You don’t need to look elsewhere for words of comfort; I am here, ready to fill your

being with my Holy Spirit.

My teachings are sources of life; keep them in your heart, and you will be invigorated

with energy and blessings that transcend human understanding.

I am the answer your heart yearns for.

Believe me what was conceived against you, I will turn into stepping stones for your

ascent and prosperity.

Dream big, with courage, and know that when you hold my hand tightly, there are no limits

to what we can achieve together.

Believe with all your being, for I dwell within you, ready to bless you abundantly and manifest

miracles in your life.

Write with conviction My heart believes in you, Lord, the source of my life.

As my words of hope flood your being, you can’t help but share this gift with your loved


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love can always embrace you.

I invite you to renew your way of thinking, aligning it with mine.

Remember, through divine power, there are no borders, challenges or adversaries that

can stop you moving forward.

Stay away from defeatist thinking and don’t allow these feelings to consume your day.

Instead, dedicate precious moments to connecting with Me.

At the end of the day, before your well-deserved rest, bend your knees and share your experiences,

learnings and challenges with Me.

I promise to strengthen you in unimaginable ways, allowing miracles to manifest before

your eyes, transforming your reality and consolidating your faith in me as a trustworthy God and

a loving Father.

Don’t forget, I long for your affection and loyalty.

May your words and actions always reflect kindness and positivity.

The love I have for you is eternal, unshakeable.

Now, I ask you to reciprocate this love by recognizing the deep connection between us.

Declare with your heart “I love you, Lord, and I trust in your work in my life.”

Consider that, like a potter carefully shaping the clay, I am working on you.

Although it may seem invisible, I am actively removing your fears, polishing your imperfections

and reshaping your character to reveal the true essence that makes up your being.

After a period of waiting and nights of despair, when you finally receive the answers and blessings

you have been longing for, you will realize how much you have been transformed and strengthened

by this journey.

This is the moment to embrace the peace and happiness you so deserve.

I am in action, seeking to materialize these new beginnings for you.

So dive deep into my teachings, strengthen your faith and get ready to dream and plan

big again.

Have full confidence in me, because this time, your surrender and faith will propel you towards

achievements that will surprise you.

Type with confidence “I leave my plans and dreams in your hands, Lord.”

Come to me, for I am ready to shower you with unconditional love, listen to your needs and

unlock the doors to the greatest blessings.

It is promised to reveal heavenly territories and pour out upon you provisions beyond your


You will finally be freed from all oppression.

But in order to experience this freedom and overflow with blessings, an active step must

be taken stand up firmly, keep marching forward, rest when necessary, but always stand up again,

applying yourself diligently and facing challenges with courage and joy.

I call you today to promise to dedicate time to my presence every day, beginning this commitment

without hesitation.

For you, my courageous child, are filled with the strength and ability to stand firm in

your faith.

With this resolution, you will rise victorious.

Say with determination “Lord, I am ready for the blessings you have for me.””

my son!

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Today, I shower you with a state of unparalleled peace, serenity, strength and clarity.

Your prayers have not only been heard, but also welcomed with immense enthusiasm.

I joyfully observe your evolution in heavenly wisdom, noticing your growing ability to make

prudent choices.

Free yourself from the influence of company that neither brings peace nor strengthens

your faith.

Now, in the face of challenges, you are turning to me, seeking refuge and rediscovering your


The change will be visible to the world the sparkle in your eyes, the gratitude that emanates

from your heart and the smile that adorns your face will open paths and dismantle barriers.

Know that I am ready to saturate your life with untold blessings.

Rise up and claim this new dawn.

On your journey, never forget to recognize the importance of my presence.

Dive into the depths of my Word and let yourself be invaded by my Holy Spirit.

Even when discouragement tries to dim your brightness in this challenging world, stand

firm in hope.

I promise protection, love, guidance and endless blessings for you and all your loved ones.

Declare with joy “I accept, Lord, Your love and Your blessings with a grateful heart.”

I truly admire your noble spirit.

In adversity, your serenity will be a safe haven, an impenetrable fortress against tribulations.

If anything tries to shake your peace, my heavenly embrace will be your shield, dispelling

all sadness and infusing your heart with true joy.

Your light will shine so brightly that family and friends will notice this transformation,

marveling at your radiant happiness.

You will walk with your head held high, full of life, aware of your heritage as a child

of the creator of the Universe.

Your every step will be taken with confidence, radiant with abundant happiness.

Your upright character and gratitude ennoble my heart.

Always be grateful for having such a pure heart.

Pick me up before dawn tomorrow.

I’ll be waiting for you, eager to wrap you again in an embrace of unconditional love.

Your devotion to me and your love for your children touch my very core.

Affirm with love “I am ready, God, to be welcomed into your infinite love.”

You, my precious son, are a source of deep appreciation.

Keep walking under my guidance and affection, because in me you will always find the source

of all vitality, joy and peace.

I can see that the flame of faith is burning with renewed strength in your chest.

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They, your precious children, are equally under my divine care, occupying a special

place in my heart.

Just like the doves that have grown up and are now ready to explore the vast sky, your

children are on the verge of spreading their wings in search of freedom.

Encourage them to fly, confident that my protective embrace will accompany them on every adventure,

in every challenge.

By trusting in my promises and believing in the plan I have devised, you will find solidity

in the midst of the storms.

As tempting as they may be, worries and the desire to control every aspect of your children’s

lives will only bring you unnecessary anguish.

Know that I have set limits and a time for all things under heaven, and your children

are not exempt from this truth.

Your task is to provide for your family with prayer and love, leaving the rest to rest

in my capable hands.

The salvation that has transformed your life will also reach your children in due course.

And when that time comes, they will experience a transformation, returning home with joy

and contributing to even happier years.

Declare with faith “I trust in you, Lord, with all my heart, and I commit my children

into your hands.”

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Get ready to experience a deep and powerful connection with the Creator, capable of bringing

healing, blessings and divine guidance into your life.

It’s the spiritual revolution you’ve been waiting for!

Even though it may seem time-consuming, persist in your prayers for them, because a new dawn

of blessings for your family is on the horizon.

Stay confident, knowing that they are in my care.

You will be an instrument of peace and love at home, guiding each one along the right

path with words and actions that reflect my heart.

Comment with hope “My role is to reflect your love, Lord, every day.”

Soon, your whole family will recognize my presence because you have shared my unconditional

love through your attitudes.

“Well done, good and faithful servant,” these words will soon resound, as you witness the

joy and blessings pouring into your home and relationships.

Get ready for a bright chapter, full of celebration and gratitude, as you watch your whole family

unite under the banner of My love.

Affirm with conviction “Lord, I am ready to receive Your miraculous work in my family.”

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