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said my dear son on this blessed day I

wish to share with you words about the

transcendental importance of trust trust

in me your God manifests as an

inexhaustible source of strength wisdom

and peace flowing in incessantly within

you in moments of uncertainty when life

storms rage fiercely and in instances of

joy and gratitude trust emerges as a

meticulously intertwined golden thread

connecting your soul to my divine

presence trust in the Lord with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding acknowledge Him in all

your ways and he with his grace and

wisdom will direct your

paths Proverbs –

built on trust our relationship between

Father and Son forms a solid foundation

that supports every facet of your

existence when with humility you place

your concerns fears and aspirations in

me you allow my love and power to act

fully in every aspect of Your Life Trust

therefore in the certainty that

regardless of the turbulence of the

journey I am with you watching over

protecting and guiding each of your

steps share with me and I believe if

with an open heart you acknowledge this

truth remember that trust is not merely

the absence of concerns it is the

presence of a robust faith that in

moments of uncertainty manifests as the

strength that lifts you up trust in the

conviction that even in the darkest

circumstances I have a purpose and a

divine plan meticulously crafted

exclusively for you though my plan May

sometimes seem shrouded in mystery do

not forget that each challenge Triumph

and experience intertwine in a Sublime

tapestry unique to your

journey when with devotion you place

your trust in me peace flows like a

Serene River in your heart transcending


circumstances trust in God extends

Beyond Grandeur it permeates the small

nuances of Life trust in me to guide an

everyday decision decisions to inspire

in the pursuit of your mission to infuse

peace into your relationships and to

alleviate the burdens you

carry understand that by trusting in me

you release the elusory weight of trying

to control every aspect of your


alone express your gratitude with a

thank you God recognizing that in

moments of lost trust you resemble a


Leaf however by trusting in me you

become like an eagle that in the Heights

enjoys the gentle breeze of my love and

guidance remember that you can trust in

my guidance in my unconditional love and

in my constant care trust in God does

not promise the absence of challenges

but the certainty that with my

assistance you will overcome each one

believe that even in the most

challenging moments I am by your side

holding your hand and strengthening you

with aernal love trust in me and I with

my Divine Providence will straighten the

paths you tread leave a message for God

in the comments surrendering your

concerns fears and doubts to me allow me

with infinite Mercy to fill your soul

with trust and faith when trust in God

forms the primordial Foundation of your

life you will discover joy peace and

meaning in every step of your

journey trust in me my beloved Son for I

am eternally with you in every moment

caring with a love that transcends time

amen with love

God I hope this message has been an

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