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said my dear son from the very beginning

even before the creation of the heavens

and the earth I have loved you with an

eternal love my beloved child in the

farthest reaches of infinity I laid the

foundation of the universe and marked

the boundaries of the Seas I the Lord am

your unshakable Rock The Fortress where

you find refuge in times of

tribulation I am your Liberator

unraveling the bonds of Destruction that

seek to entangle you as a protective

shield I am the power that saves you and

my presence is the Towering Fortress

that never crumbles when the Torrance of

Affliction surprised you and the cords

of death int angled you you cried out to

me and I who am worthy of Praise heard

your voice from my Celestial temple in

response to your cry I extended my

mighty hand even when the darkness of

sheld seemed to envelop you I was the

light that guided you the Earth trembled

before my wrath and the foundations of

the mountains shook my presence

manifested as smoke and consuming fire I

opened the heavens and descended upon

you riding on cherubs and gliding on the

wings of the wind dark clouds were my

cloak and the radiance of my presence

caused hail and lightning to fall from

the sky when I thundered your enemies

were scattered and my arrows struck the

rebellious Hearts the foundations of the

sea were laid bare and from the depths I

held you and delivered you nothing is

too great for me and no enemy is too

strong to face my wrath you my son

followed my ways kept my decrees and I

in my righteousness rewarded you to the

faithful I reveal myself as faithful to

the pure I reveal myself as pure The

Humble I find and save but the proud are

humbled your lamp I keep it burning

transforming your Darkness into light

with you I can attack armies and

overcome walls I am the god whose way is

perfect and my word is genuine I am the

shield for all who take refuge in me who

is God besides me who is a rock except I

your lord in me find the strength you

need for I clothe you with power your

feet are Swift as the deers and in the

heights I uphold you firmly I trained

your hands for battle and your arms

strengthened to face challenges I gave

you the shield of Victory and my right

hand sustains you I descended to exalt

you for I cleared your path you pursued

your enemies and I with you destroyed

them you turned them to dust and the

wind carried away their memory you are

my son the head of foreign Nations that

submit to me I the Lord live eternally

Blessed Be My Rock exalted be the God

your savior in your favor I execute

Vengeance subjecting Nations to you I

delivered you from aggressors from the

violent and made you Triumph therefore

beloved Son praise me among the Nations

sing praises to my name for I grant

great victories to my king I am kind to

my anointed one to David and his

descendants forever in the pages of time

our story unfolds A Tale Of Love

protection and Triumph in each chapter I

am your Refuge your strength the god who

guides you continue my son with the

certainty that my faithfulness is

eternal and my love for you knows no

limits as you progress through the plot

of Life understand that just as chapters

succeed one another my presence remains

constant I am the compass that guides

your steps the light that dispels

shadows and the sustenance in adversity

in each page delve deeper into the

understanding of my uncond conditional

love which transcends ages and permeates

every moment of your existence I walk

with you my son writing together the

upcoming chapters of our journey with

the assurance that our story is an

eternal Testament to my love for you

with love God I hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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