NOW LISTEN TO ME! I HAVE A BLESSING TO GIVE YOU!????️ god message today, god message

my precious

son have you stopped to listen to what

God has to say to you

today God’s message now is powerful and

life-changing God is saying words to you

today that could change your life

forever God longs to communicate with

you in a personal and intimate way God’s

message to you today is full of Hope

Direction and renewal being connected

with the creator of the universe is a

Priceless privilege God wants to touch

your heart calm your worries and guide

your steps towards an abundant

future to my beloved Son I want you to

know that you are permanently embraced

by a Divine love that I offer you every

moment of your life this immeasurable

love is always with you regardless of

the moment or place in Joys and

adversities whether at home or far

away my love for you transcends the

barriers of physical

proximity I am always waiting for you

with open arms proclaiming my love for

you so loud and clear that the whole

universe is witness to the fact that I

would never feel ashamed of you or turn

you away from me for you I have faced

challenges and with the strength of love

and understanding I have ensured that

you have an eternal place by my side so

I ask you who could take this love away

from you who could try to detach you

from me do not fear or worry about those

who groundlessly hurl accusation ations

at you for their false words only

distance them from the love that could

redeem them instead focus on this love

and kindness that I am offering you

right now affirm with an open heart in

God I find love beyond measure live

fully with a heart full of joy accepting

the compassion that I am kindly

extending to you today without putting

off acceptance until tomorrow draw close

to me letting me fill your life with

this Divine love enriching it and

bringing you a renewed existence full of

dreams and purpose with me you will lack

nothing every blessing you enjoy is a

gift emanating from my heavenly Kingdom

I am the source of your happiness and

the one who covers you with blessings

affirm with joy every day God’s grace

renews me remember in moments of Despair

or uncertainty that you have the freedom

to choose you don’t have to live in

isolation or consumed by sadness I am

here to heal your heart and protect you

with infinite affection wrapping you in

an Embrace that dispels all pain my love

for you is unconditional it remains

unshakable in the face of the signs of

time or physical imperfections trust me

and find Refuge by my side affirm with

gratitude God’s love is my refuge and

strength my child I am here Loving You

unceasingly guaranteeing and affirming

my love at every moment connect with me

now and allow yourself to live a life

full of divine love my beloved child

Proclaim to the world the immeasurable

love I offer you at every

moment like this video share with

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love that transcends barriers And

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forever in The Refuge of My Embrace

there is no room for fear in my presence

you find Safety and Security as the Holy

Spirit permeates you with love and

kindness reshaping your heart protected

by the powerful blood of Jesus you are

safe from all evil my beloved

child I’m I invite you today to take a

firm hold of my hand and embark on a New

Journey filled with the amazing

blessings joy and Precious Moments you

have longed for now it’s time to rest

from your arduous battles to let go of

the worries that cloud your spirit and

the trust I’ve planted in you remember

every season has its purpose times to be

brave and times to find peace and rest

rest assured I am with you every step of

the way Watching Over You day and night

a powerful Guardian on your journey as

soon as you decide to act with

determination and courage you will find

me waiting to help you come take my hand

and let’s move forward together towards

the Wonders I have prepared for you

assured of my unwavering love watch as I

work miracles in your life your family

and your livelihood declare in Walking

with God I find Hope and renewal accept

my peace and don’t let worries overwhelm

you believe and trust that no adversary

will prevail against you I am attentive

to your prayers intervening at the

perfect time calm down and be patient

focusing on the positive promises to

come Your Capacity to Love Remains

intact and the love you seek will surely

find its way back to me reflect on the

challenges you you have overcome the

battles you have won you have shown

yourself to be incredibly courageous

your tenacity and perseverance move me

know that I have never abandoned you in

every Triumph my hand was with you this

message reaffirms that there is no

reason to be discouraged May the deep

love I have for you encourage you to

persevere because your purpose and

Mission still await your firmness and

Faith affirm through the changes I find

strength and direction in God I created

you unique endowed with strength courage

wisdom and intelligence embrace the

changes never compare yourself to others

you have immeasurable value in yourself

which stems precisely from your distinct

individuality accept my peace today and

don’t let worries overwhelm you show

your love for me by liking sharing and

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voice can echo in your heart dispelling

all fears I am giving you valuable

instruments so that with them you can

break new ground and break down

obstacles with the strength of my hand

allow me to gently direct you towards an

environment of abundance and serenity

where your Soul’s longings for divine

affection and tenderness are fully

satisfied even in the face of adversity

stand firm for I will be by your side

refusing to leave you I understand the

moments when you feel fragile so I I

make a point of touching your heart and

reaffirming I am here with you instead

of letting you drift between uncertainty

and despair I call you to recognize your

true Essence my beloved child forgiven

restored overflowing with humility Joy

strength and

satisfaction don’t dwell on the past

your search for forgiveness and humility

has been heard I am in control dealing

with any adversity that tries to bring

you down or envies the blessings that

flow into your life comment in faith God

watches over me every step of the way

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was always meant for you sincere prayer

is the channel through which we talk

especially in challenging times it is in

prayer that you find the strength to

face battles for the power of prayer can

move the heavens I want to hear your

voice because even the heavenly Realms

move at the sound of it I guarantee that

you will never falter under my watch

protected always so persevere in prayer

strengthening your faith and you will

witness my transforming intervention

bringing resolution and peace to your

heart declare with hope my faith is the

foundation of my victory follow your

path with confidence towards the

wonderful Destiny planned for you walk

with joy carrying my word my life and my

love throughout the world confounding

the plans of your adversaries in my

company you will find True Value freed

from the chains that imprisoned you I am

dispelling all the limitations imposed

on your spirit and emotions freeing you

from all the evil that Afflicted you

because of your trusting nature say with

conviction free in God my soul finds

peace I come to you not in search of

riches or Earthly Goods but to claim a

deep place in your heart at times my

presence can feel intense almost

overwhelming but I ask you simply

believe the love I have for you

transcends borders it’s too vast to be


understood so instead of trying to

decipher it welcome it with open

arms I know you’ve been facing mounting

doubts as a result of the current

difficulties please don’t be too hard on

yourself uncertainties are part of the

journey but the adversary belongs to use

these moments of weakness to extinguish

your dreams and divert you from the

sublim destiny I have mapped out for you

affirm with hope God’s plan for me is

perfect and is unfolding imagine after

hearing my voice finding the strength

you needed to move away from the Shadows

not allowing despair to force you into

places you never wanted to be I know

it’s sometimes hard to believe but I’m

here to strengthen your faith and assure

you that your moment of blessing is just

over the horizon what you’ve been

waiting for is about to manifest

bringing a wave of joy to flood your

life this period of pain and trial is

about to end and soon the current

challenges will dissipate making you

aware of the constancy of my love and

guidance along the way I now declare God

is turning my pain into

Joy I understand the weight of the

struggles you carry and how arduous the

journey can seem the intensity of the

pain can sometimes overshadow hope

making surrender seem like the easy way

out however I say to you now is the time

to rise up armed with faith to fight for

what you believe in towards a new dawn

full of courage and contentment let my

spirit flow through you healing the

deepest wounds and completely restoring

your soul remember I am always always

just a prayer away attentive to The Cry

of your heart affirm with faith under

God’s grace I am healed and

restored I understand that the love I

have for you can be a difficult mystery

to unravel but remember that you are not

alone on this journey I am the light

that guides your steps The Rock on which

you can build your existence go forward

with confidence knowing that each step

driven by faith brings you closer to the

realization of your most sincere desires

don’t give up because a future of

fullness and satisfaction awaits you

when you embrace my love you will feel

my peace flowing through you

transforming all adversity into Triumph

declare firmly God is my strength and

with him I will overcome any challenge I

understand the challenges you have

already overcome and your tenacity moves

me to celebrate your triumphs and my

constant presence like this video share

it with those who need hope and sign up

to walk ever closer to me I promise that

I will always keep my promises to you

always keep in your heart the certainty

of my infinite love and my boundless

power to meet your needs including those

concerning your financial

challenges more than solving these

problems my longing is to see your

spiritual growth strengthen your faith

and deepen our connection with every

Victory and every challenge you face

believe my words because I will never

let you down my promises are firm and my

love for you is unconditional affirm

with confidence God is by my side his

promises are the foundations of my faith

if you stay close to me and trust in my

power you will see blessings poured out

in every area of your life cling to my

love and mercy and know that your

financial situation is in my hands I am

attentive to your efforts and guarant

aned the success of your journey believe

and you will see the manifestation of my

grace I beg you don’t ignore me because

I’m here by your side ready to surround

you with Words of Love and Hope talk to

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abundant and joy-filled future are

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blessings today I want I want you to

understand that I have never been far

away your prayers have always found my

listening ears and my forgiveness is

always available you are incredibly

precious and loved don’t let guilt or

regret distance you from me my Mercy is

infinite and my grace is always ready to

welcome you in my love you will find

peace consolation and countless

blessings contemplate God’s promise in

the Lord’s love I find my peace and


take a moment to reflect and open your

heart to me what lies ahead is a cause

for Joy not sadness even when life seems

insurmountable remember that you are

never alone I’m always here to light

your way and guide your steps I won’t

let you go I ask you to listen again to

my guidance and feel my palpable

presence in your life even if you don’t

hear my Audible Voice know that I am

speaking to your heart whether through

the wise words of others or in The Quiet

Moments When You Feel My closeness I

love you deeply and I will always be

here to help you love you forgive you

and bless you I have a special promise

for you one that brings peace to the

hearts of those who love me repeat it

with me in the promises of the Lord I

find my strength and My Hope don’t worry

about tomorrow or let today’s stress

take away your peace trust because with

me your future is secure and the success

of your projects is guaranteed it is

essential to understand that possessing

true wealth does not mean accumulating

material Goods instead seek my kingdom

first and live an upright life and

everything you need will be added to you

I wish you to be a Channel of blessings

who shares generously and finds

gratitude in the small gifts placed in

your path every day say with gratitude

my hands are open to receive and share

God’s blessings

stay diligent working intelligently with

the talents you have been given always

proceed with honesty and kindness in


actions you will then see how my grace

will prosper your work your Enterprise

and all your efforts accepting This

Promise is also accepting my blessing of

success and prosperity because as your

father I am committed to blessing you

and guaranteeing your Triumph always

remember God’s grace accompanies me

every step of the way my love for you is

infinite and my promises are firm show

your trust in me by liking this video

sharing it to inspire others and

subscribing so that I can constantly

reaffirm my eternal promises in your

life remember my grace and favor will

constantly be by your side making your

path prosperous and blessed there’s no

reason for doubt accept these words with

all your heart and you will witness how

they all come true my words are faithful

and I always keep my promises so my

beloved don’t hesitate or be afraid of

the challenges that life presents don’t

give in to the ephemeral distractions of

this world but stand firm in your faith

because the reward that awaits you is

great both in heaven and on Earth

declare with courage Faith guides me

through the challenges towards the

Divine reward see how my love flows from

my heart to yours turning problems into

opportunities failures into lessons and

difficult times into moments of

growth each Dawn will be a new chance

for you to inspire others and lead by

example on your Journey of Faith at

night you will find peace and security

knowing that no matter what the future

holds my support and blessings will

always be firmly by your side affirm

with confidence with each new day God

renews his promises and his presence in

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deeply touched your heart and calmed

your worries let God’s words of Love and

Hope fuel you to face your challenges

with renewed courage and don’t forget

this is just a small sample of the

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