My Son, drop all and listen to me. This is urgent!! ✝️ Advice from God today

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signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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said my dear son healing is a gift that

emanates from my eternal love for you it

Embraces every aspect of your existence

restoring your essence and guiding you

to balance and wholeness it is not

merely relief from physical afflictions

it is a holistic transformation that

strengthens you remember I am always by

your side guiding you with love in every

step of your healing Journey trust in me

for my love for you is unconditional and

eternal may this healing envelop and

renew you leading you to your purest

fulfillment in Peter

the transformative power power of

Christ’s wounds is emphasized not only

providing physical healing but also

spiritual by bearing our sins in his

body on the cross he freed us from the

Yoke of sin allowing us to live in

righteousness and fullness this

redeeming offer not only reconciles us

with God but also restores our inner

being bringing healing to the wounds of

the Soul thus Christ’s wounds are not

merely marks of suffering but sources of

healing and renewal inviting us to

accept the gift of Salvation and walk

towards the Abundant Life he offers when

faced with challenges of physical or

emotional health it may seem like you

are lost in a sea of uncertainties and

pains but know that I am always with you

guiding and sustaining you in every step

of your healing Journey each experience

of pain each challenge is an opportunity

for you to grow learn and evolve towards

your True Divine Nature it is in moments

of greatest adversity that your inner

strength is revealed and it is through

overcoming these obstacles that you will

gain a deeper understanding of yourself

and my constant presence in your life

therefore trust in me and the healing

process that awaits you for I am with

you every step of the way Healing Begins

at the core of your being in the silent

sanctuary of your heart where the

Eternal Flame of my presence resides

from this sacred Place healing radiates

touching every cell of your body every

thought of your mind and every emotion

of your heart open yourself to receive

this healing allowing it to flow freely

through you dissolving blockages and

resistances thus you restore your

natural balance and vitality may your

heart be receptive welcoming the healing

energy that surrounds you trust in the

process for I am with you at every step

of your healing Journey guiding you to

wholeness and Harmony remember that

healing is not a fixed destination but a

continuous process of self-discovery and

transformation it requires patience love

and compassion for yourself do not dwell

on your weaknesses or imperfections

instead accept them with love and

compassion each step in your healing

journey is an expression of love and

Devotion to your soul Let each

experience strengthen you each challenge

teach you and each obstacle lead you

closer to your true Essence trust in the

natural flow of the healing process and

remember that I am always with you

lovingly guiding you through each phase

of your journey you also play a vital

role in this process it is through your

intention your faith and your commitment

to your own healing that miracles happen

believe in the power of your intention

and the ability of your being to

regenerate renew and restore itself when

faced with physical or emotional health

challenges I invite you to dive deeply

within yourself to connect with your

inner wisdom and to listen to The Gentle

voice of your intuition it will guide

you to the resources practices and

treatments that best serve your highest

good helping you align with the natural

flow of healing and find your way back

to health and well-being furthermore it

is important to remember that healing is

not just an individual phenomenon but

also Collective as you heal you send

waves of healing and transform

Beyond yourself touching the lives of

those around you and contributing to the

healing and elevation of the collective

consciousness of humanity therefore my

beloved trust in the healing process

Embrace each challenge as an opportunity

to grow and evolve and remember that I

am always with you guiding sustaining

and loving you unconditionally in every

moment of your journey when you find

yourself in conflict with your desires

when you feel torn between what the

world offers you and what your soul

truly Longs for turn inward to The

Silence of your heart and listen to my

gentle voice guiding and directing you

learn to discern The Whispers of your

soul from the noise of the world and to

follow the call of your higher self

remember that each desire is an

opportunity for growth and learning even

those Des desires that seem to lead you

away from me can be transformed and

redirected to lead you back to the path

of light and Love Therefore do not fear

the challenges that may arise on your

healing Journey they are opportunities

for your growth and spiritual Evolution

trust in the wisdom of your inner being

and the guidance you receive from the

Divine source with faith determination

and love you will overcome each obstacle

iCal and emerge stronger wiser and more

radiant than ever before may your

healing journey be an experience of

profound transformation where you can

discover the true essence of your being

and embrace the Limitless power of the

love that resides within you and may you

always remember that you are

unconditionally loved now and forever do

not judge yourself harshly for your

desires but embrace them with compass

passion and curiosity as Messengers

bringing valuable missions for your

journey the key to navigating the

tumultuous Seas of desires is surrender

and surrender to my Divine will when you

fully trust in me and open yourself to

receive my guidance your desires

naturally align with the flow of the

universe and find their harmonious place

in the grand scheme of creation as it is

written in the Book of Proverbs

and trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and he will make your path straight

authentic desire is the voice of the

Soul a connection to the Divine source

of love and power when allowed to flow

freely without restrictions it becomes a

creative Force capable of Performing

Miracles and reshaping Shing reality in

unimaginable ways it is essential to

cultivate an intimate connection with

your deepest Essence and Trust in the

wisdom that emanates from within through

this alignment you become a channel for

the manifestation of your deepest

longings open yourself to the flow of

life and let Divine love guide your

steps towards fulfillment and

realization honor your desires as sacred

gifts for they are are messengers of

your spiritual journey trust in the

guidance you receive from the Divine

source and allow your desires to lead

you to a life of authenticity and

purpose therefore my beloved honor your

desires as sacred gifts given to enrich

your journey and expand your

Consciousness cultivate Clarity

sincerity and passion towards your

desires and allow them to guide you to

the higher Realms of your existence

if you believe in this word trust and

surrender to the transformative power of

your desires for they are the Heralds of

your Divine Destiny by allowing the

light of your soul to illuminate your

desires you will discover a profound

connection with your higher Essence and

A Renewed confidence in the

manifestation process remember that you

are a co-creator of your own destiny and

that your desires are an essential part

part of this process Embrace each Desire

with gratitude and acceptance trusting

in the divine power within you to guide

you toward your deepest dreams each

authentic desire is a genuine expression

of your inner self a manifestation of

your unlimited potential and a blessing

for your spiritual journey by allowing

these desires to manifest you align

yourself with your true Essence and

invite abundance abundance and

fulfillment into your life navigate with

confidence and determination through

life’s challenges knowing that I am

always by your side guiding and

supporting you every step of the way

trust in the wisdom of the universe and

the guidance you receive from the Divine

source with love God I hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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