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my precious child as you read these words let them sink deep into your soul

I am reaching out my hand to you grasp it and let me lift you up I will Infuse

you with renewed strength for this chapter of your Journey Keep The Fire of your faith Burning Brightly within you

don’t allow it to be snuffed out by encroaching Shadows if you desire to rise higher you

must trust my unfailing love for you receive it fully holding nothing back

don’t attempt to hide behind your shortcomings and failures I chose you Flaws and All

Because my love is greater than your imperfections this is not a cruel game or empty rhetoric but a sincere

outpouring of my heart open your eyes to the incredible gifts I am offering you

boundless love total forgiveness unmar favor and eternal self

salvation declare your wholehearted belief in me your acceptance of my gifts

your Devotion to me and your openness to my presence take stock of the Abundant

Blessings surrounding you cherish them as precious Treasures entrusted to your

care they are my gifts to you I know the love you profess for me is genuine

demonstrate your love and loyalty by valuing what I’ve given you come to me daily listening list in attentively to

my words quiet your spirit to understand and follow my guidance my deepest desire is to pour

out goodness and mercy on you place your trust fully in me my blessings are not

contingent on your capabilities or virtue but flow from my Limitless power and love if I have purposed to do

amazing things in and through you nothing can thwart my plans I have committed to shower your life with an

overflowing abundance an of all you need and immeasurably more in return I simply

ask for your devoted life and steadfast heart I am certain that your love for me

will compel you to offer yourself completely to me pursue me wholeheartedly and

experience the peace your soul craves cry out to me continually with

persistent Faith and unshakable Hope approach me with absolute conviction

that I am real and will answer you even when circumstances are far from

what you hoped for choose to trust me unreservedly once again I am orchestrating events to

unleash blessings on your loved ones and home if it appears you have suffered material losses look deeper your life is

securely held in my hands and I am committed to your welfare growth faith and inner fortitude what you have lost

will be restored to you in ways that surpass the original entrust your heart to my safekeeping I long to envelop you

in peace but you must allow your body and mind to rest release your worries

and anxiety-ridden thoughts to me instead of allowing them to rob you of sleep have faith your future is not

uncertain when it’s placed in my hands your tear-filled prayers wondering

how you will survive this crisis have reached my ears I assure you today that your faith will Propel you forward you

have grown so much stronger and your faith has matured stay closely aligned with me

your faith combined with my faithfulness is sufficient for you to accomplish The Impossible and experience the

miraculous let go of all fear face each new day armed with

courage and strength you are incredibly Brave your faith is enough I am now

placing my word in which you have placed your unwavering confidence as a glorious

sword in your hand feel its weight and power from this day forward wield it

whenever you face challenges remember I am always right by your side fighting alongside you my love for you is

unchanging I have destined you for blessing Triumph and success don’t let

anxiety about the future or uncertainty about what steps to take next consume

you you may feel ill equipped and lacking in resources to overcome the obstacles ahead but I am here

surrounding you in my love and calming your fears even though I am invisible to your eyes I am actively working on your

behalf with my boundless power I am uncapping a fountain of refreshing Living Water to quench your parched soul

and impart peace and strength it has never been my plan for you to be weighed down by pain and

anxiety allow my transforming love to permeate your entire being guiding you

out of your struggle simply trust me and watch How I pacify the worst storms that assail you never

forget I am the god who specializes in the impossible the one who floods your

life with good things and frees you from evil I am the one who surrounds you with

undeserved kindness and Tender Mercies I am your lord and

provider when your path takes you through Dark Places and shadowy valleys have no fear of harm for I am always

always with you place your total trust in me when you are weak I will make you strong when You Face hardship I will

raise you up when you are battered by life’s tempests I will steady you with

me you will find all the strength and Solace you need I am your solid foundation your unshakable Defender your

Eternal salvation rest in my love and lean on this promise you will discover that with me

at your side no Valley is too deep to cross and no mountain too high to

conquer focus on my voice and hold tightly to This Promise ignore the enemy’s voice and

reject his lies he wants to imprison you in fear

confuse you and block you from my light he schemes to make you a slave to Terror

and drag you into darkness be strong and brave remembering you are my child my

Victorious Warrior I will make Springs of Living Water erupt from deep within

you these Springs will quench your thirst and shelter you like shade in scorching deserts my beloved child

banish your doubts speak my word to activate healing provision and

protection don’t forget the innumerable blessings I am eager to Lavish on you

for my heavenly Storehouse just believe and whatever you request of me will be

done for you keep in mind that nothing is too difficult for me so when the evil one

tries to obstruct you with threatening barriers don’t cower in fear or Retreat

look at his PLO with unwavering faith and press forward confident that I am

beside you see I have vested you with authority to dismantle strongholds and

overpower every evil that comes against you tonight as you close your eyes to

sleep allow yourself to experience my loving Embrace listen for my voice reassuring

you of my love enabling you to accomplish anything through my strength declaring you are more than a conqueror

disregard the world’s opinions and the enemies deceptions place your trust in my word and my promises watch as I

transform your sorrow into Joy your weeping into laughter and your lack into

lavish abundance have faith my precious one believe me wholeheartedly and every

word I have spoken over you today will become your lived reality the time has come to stop

belittling yourself and wallowing in guilt over sins I have long since forgiven my dear child I want you to

know that I am a god of compassion grace and mercy you don’t need to be Shackled by

your past mistakes and failures stop punishing yourself for things that are already forgiven

don’t allow others to make you feel insignificant or hopeless remember I’m the one who sacrificed my life for you

my blood was shed so that you could live free from guilt and shame your identity and worth come from my words about you

not from the opinions of others you are my precious child my strong Warrior my

cherished treasure pay no attention to the condemning voices that want the worst for you I created you to be

victorious I to overcome challenges and win battles I have chosen to bless you

abundantly and give you a fulfilling life today I grant you victory over

every hardship you face sickness lack poverty and struggle I Empower you to

break every destructive pattern and scheme so stand tall and radiate the

light of my love never forget that I thoughtfully designed you with great care and affection every detail about

you is intentional and perfect you are destined to succeed to Triumph and to

inherit my eternal Kingdom walk confidently knowing that I am always

with you and your future is secure in my care pay attention my child to the

wisdom I impart Embrace these principles and allow them to guide you I offer you

invaluable insights so never abandon or disregard my instructions my my child do not lose

heart for The Best Is Yet To Come you may feel weary and unable to

continue as if every effort to escape your current struggles only leads you further from relief but remember you are

never alone I am with you in every moment in every tear and every Joy I

sustain you through the storms and the calm I am always by your side ready to support you whenever you need me so

today I ask you not to lose faith keep hope alive within you and press on

without wavering trusting that the promises I have given you will come to pass don’t give up or grow weary simply

trust in me knowing that the best is still ahead you may be facing difficult times

and it might be tempting to succumb to pessimism believing that things will never

improve but I want you to know that you are mistaken my desire is to bless you

transform your life and help you overcome any obstacle trial or challenge

you encounter no matter how dark the path may seem how Fierce the storm or how

heavy the burden you Bear My Love For You remains unwavering my hand is always extended

towards you ready to lift you up and lead you to places of peace and hope so

do not be afraid in the midst of the storm I will be your calm in the

darkness I will be your light and in your weakness I will be the strength that sustains you my beloved child never

doubt that I am with you every step of the way on this journey called life it is filled with both joyful moments and

trying times but know that each challenge you face and overcome will shape you making you more resilient and

wise the tears you shed along the way will not be in vain for they will teach

you valuable lessons and help you grow into the person I have designed you to be in the midst of these difficulties

hold fast to the truth that I have a plan to prosper you and give you hope

for a brighter future no matter how daunting the obstacles in your path may seem or how

Fierce the storms that rage around you my love for you remains steadfast and

unchanging I am here to guide guide you through the darkness to be your strength

when you feel weak and to Grant you peace in the midst of chaos trust in me even when the world

tells you otherwise believe that I have the power to transform your circumstances and lead you to a place of

Abundant Blessings when you feel overwhelmed by the weight of your burdens remember that

I am here to help you carry them you are never alone in your struggles life may

be unpredictable but my promises to you are not they are true and unchanging a solid

foundation you can build your life upon so when doubts and fears assail you

cling to my word for it will be a source of comfort strength and

guidance do not let the challenges you face Define you or dictate the course of your life your future is in my hands and

it is filled with amazing possibilities and Untold blessings ings embrace the journey ahead with courage and

determination knowing that each step brings you closer to fulfilling the unique purpose I have for you you have

within you the strength and abilities to overcome any obstacle and Achieve great things do not let fear hold you back or

cause you to shrink From the Path I have set before you face each challenge with confidence knowing that I am by your

side ready to help you and cheer you on when the way ahead seems unclear and

you feel lost in the darkness remember that I am your Guiding Light I will

illuminate the path and lead you in the right direction trust in my wisdom even

when you don’t understand for I can see the bigger picture and know what is best for you in a world that can be harsh and

unforgiving know that my love for you is constant and unconditional no matter your past

mistakes or present failures I am here to forgive heal and restore you my arms

are always open ready to embrace you and offer you the comfort and security you need do not be afraid to Lean on Me In

Your times of weakness I am your source of strength and I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand when you feel like you can’t take another step remember that I am here to carry you through in the midst

of your pain and suffering know that I am aware of every tear you shed and every hurt you experien

I will not leave you to Bear these burdens alone I will be your comfort and your peace bringing healing to your

Wounded Heart and joy to your weary Soul as you navigate the ups and downs

of life keep your focus on me and the promises I have given you they will

anchor you and give you the hope and stability you need to weather any storm trust that I am working behind the

scenes orchestrating events and circumstances for your good even when you can’t see it do not be

swayed by the opinions of others or the challenges that come your way hold fast to your faith in me for it

will be your source of strength and resilience when the world around you seems to be crumbling remember that I am

your Solid Rock and on me you can stand secure you are not defined by your

circumstances or the trials you face you are defined by my love for you you and

the destiny I have planned for your life embrace your true identity as my

beloved child knowing that you are cherished valued and destined for

greatness as you continue on this journey remember that I am always with you guiding your steps and empowering

you to overcome every obstacle do not be afraid to dream big

and pursue the desires I have placed in your heart trust that I will equip you with everything you need to succeed and

fulfill your god-given purpose in a world that can be filled with uncertainty and fear find your

security and peace in me I am your refuge and your strength a

very present help in times of trouble when the storms of life rage around you

run to me and I will shelter you beneath my wings no matter how difficult the

path ahead may seem know that I am with you every step of the way I will never

leave you nor forsake you I am your constant companion your faithful friend

and your loving father trust in my goodness and my unfailing love for you

as you face each new day remember that my mercies are new every morning no

matter what challenges come your way my Grace will be sufficient for you lean on

me and I will give you the strength and wisdom you need to overcome do not be afraid to step out in

faith and take risks for my sake I will honor your obedience and bless your efforts trust that I am able to do

immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine with me all things are

possible in a world that can be filled with darkness and despair be a light

that shines brightly for all to see let your life be a testament to my

goodness and my transforming power use the gifts and abilities I have given given you to make a difference in

the lives of others and bring glory to my name as you journey through life

remember that I have a plan and a purpose for you that is greater than anything you could ever

imagine trust in my timing and my wisdom even when the way ahead seems

unclear I am leading you on a path of Destiny and blessing no matter what challenges you

face or how difficult the road may be never lose sight of the truth that I love you with an everlasting love

you are precious in my sight and I am committed to seeing you thrive and fulfill your god-given

potential so my child do not be afraid step out in faith knowing that I am with

you every step of the way trust in my promises lean on my strength and embrace

the amazing future I have in store for you with me by your side there is

nothing you cannot overcome and no dream too big to achieve remember

you are never alone I am with you always loving you

guiding you and cheering you on you are my beloved child and in me

you will find everything you need to live a life of purpose joy and

fulfillment trust in me and watch as I move mightily on your behalf opening

doors of opportunity and blessing that you never thought possible I am your faithful God and my

love for you knows no bounds so hold fast to your faith keep

your eyes on me and embrace the amazing journey that lies ahead I am with you every step of the

way my dear child I want you to know that my words are true and Powerful they

can change your life and make everything work out for your good whenever you need help just ask me I’m always close by

paying attention to your prayers and needs today trust my promises and move

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