today God wants to say something to you

from the

heart my child don’t let the

circumstances cause you to lose trust in

me the Israelites complained about me as

I brought them across the Red Sea and

into the promised land that I had

prepared for them they advised staying

in Egypt since it was preferable by

concentrating more on what they can see

with there eyes then on me people have

lost their trust there are certain

things going on in your life it could be

causing you to doubt my

existence but keep one thing in mind

I’ve made you a promise a vow to keep

you blessed a pledge to uplift you a

pledge to keep you safe a pledge to

provide you just what you need to

survive you are also aware that no word

that leaves my lips will ever be

meaningless thus trust in me recall that

I guided the Israelites toward the

direction of the Red Sea to provide a

path to the promised land that I had

prepared for them thus trust in me every

action as a strategy in my mind never

forget that you made a vow I will

fulfill that commitment if has made

it watch the complete video to witness

Miracle my infants I have pledged to

provide for all of your needs out of my

wonderful wealth you are always and

really in need of my peace in the garden

of your heart where I reside I have sown

peace but weeds like as arrogance

anxiety selfishness and disbelief are

also sprouting

there I’m the gardener and I’m trying to

pull those weeds out of your heart my

job is done and a variety of methods I

personally light the light of my

presence into your heart when you sit

quietly with me weeds wither away and

peace thrives abundantly in this intense

light I say and hardships your way as

well when you put your confidence in me

during difficult times weeds with away

and peace

grows I am grateful for difficult

circumstances because the peace they may

bring about is much greater than the

hardships you face you are called to a

life of ongoing communication with

me learning to live above your

circumstance ances while dealing with

others on the congested plane of life as

part of basic training you want for a

simpler way of living so that you may be

in constant connection with

me however I’m putting it out there for

you give up on the idea that the world

is tidy find me in the middle of it all

and accept each day as it comes discuss

anything on your mind including your

emotions with

me recall that your main objective is to

continue communicating with me not to

repair or exert control over everything

around you even if you have a lot of

unfinished business at the end of the

day are good day is one in which you

have maintained contact with

me make sure your mental or written

to-do list doesn’t control your life

like an idol rather ask my spirit to

lead you step by step he’ll make sure

you’re near me you possess everything in

me complete in me your heart’s ability

to feel me is growing as a result of my

clearing out of congestion and garbage

you are progressively losing interest in

other things as your want for me

grows Desiring me above all else is the

ideal wait to life since I am infinitely

and abundantly available to you you

cannot possibly have a desire that I am

unable to satisfy I did after all create

everything even you even if it doesn’t

seem like it the world is still at my

disposal do not let appearances deceive

you those that are unseen are Eternal

whereas those that are visible are Trent

and shortlived permit me to shower you

with love happiness and

Tranquility these are Gifts of Glory

that come from my actual presence I made

you to hold Heavenly Treasures he even

though you are an Earthly vessel your

weakness doesn’t stop you from receiving


spirit God says type almond if you

acknowledge my

grace on the contrary it gives my power

a chance too show itself more clearly

throughout the day have faith in me to

give you the strength you need at every

turn spend no time worrying about

whether you are ready for the path ahead

of you

today you have more than enough of my

spirit inside you to handle anything

this day they throw at you that’s what

your confidence is built on your

strength is in quiety spending time by

me and confident Faith relying on my

sufficiency bring me the Thanksgiving

sacrifice Nothing in life should be

taken for granted not even the sun

rising before the devil seduced Eve in

the Garden of Eden giving thanks came

naturally to her as part of his

enticement Satan LED Eve to the one item

on her band list the garden was full

with beautiful desired fruits but

instead of being grateful for all the

wonderful things that were Ry accessible

Eve chose to concentrate on the one

fruit that she was unable to

eat her thoughts became clouded by this

negative concentration and she gave in

Temptation your mind also becomes darker

when you well on things you don’t have

or on

circumstances that make you

uncomfortable you take for granted all

of my gifts to you including life

salvation Sunshine flowers and many

more you search for the problems and

won’t enjoy life until those problems

are fixed the light of my presence flows

into you as you come to me in gratitude

completely changing You by cultivating

the practice of gratitude you may walk

in the light with

me I have no right to assume that Jesus

Christ must be wrong about what he says

just because I don’t comprehend what

he’s saying that’s a risky perspective

and it’s never appropriate to believe

that following God’s plan would make

Jesus seem

bad dishonor can only result from

Disobedience to him even while it could

originate from a sincere desire to save

him from being publicly humiliated it is

never proper to prioritize my opinion of

his honor above what he is clearly

telling me to

do the peaceful Persistence of the

instructions that’s me realize when they

are from

God however I am introducing a clement

that is not of God when I start to

consider the advantages and

disadvantages and doubt and argument

creep into my thoughts my only

conclusion from this will be that his

instructions to me were

incorrect while many of us are devoted

to our conceptions of Jesus Christ how

many of us are devoted to Jesus himself

following Jesus requires me to go even

in situations and in places where I am

unable to see anything Matthew

but in order to be true to my own

beliefs I must first psychologically

prepare the ground but faith is a

conscious commitment to the person of

Jesus Christ even in the absence of

clear Direction it is not intellectual

comprehension are you on the fence about

putting your trust in Jesus are holding

off until you have a clear understanding

of how to fullfill his requests just

give him unrestricted

obedience you argue with him when he

tells you anything because you don’t

comprehend what pleases him and what

doesn’t which are you more devoted to

your beliefs about Jesus or him are you

following his instructions exactly or

are you attempting to soften them with

ideas that you received from him

whatever he says to you do it if you

agree God’s words then share this video

who is closest to your heart in this

bustling loud world I reach out to you

please stop for a moment and hear me out

thve crafted something special just for

you I encourage you to pause really

listen because hidden in my words as the

clue to unlocking the secrets of your

path rely on me to lead you from the

shadows of Doubt into the clarity of

Truth my dear I beg you not to ignore

this call accept the present that’s

waiting for you

after a few moments spent with this

message I promise to address your

deepest queries and offer Comfort to

your tired soul but you need to give

this message your full attention first

are you prepared my

child don’t let skepticism erase the

solid fact that you’re incredibly

precious to me your light out shines the

most precious St Stone capturing my

heart in Indescribable ways your

presence is a cherished gift a proof of

the immense beauty within you my love

for you deepens with every moment

anchored in the essence of your being

you’re more than a fleeting thought you

are the essence of my life the tune that

plays in my

heart in times of Doubt when Shadows

Loom remember I am the light guiding you

back to my comforting arms your faith is

a treasure shining brightly through

skepticism and disbelief cling to it for

it steers you through life’s

tempests even as Skeptics cast their

Shadows let their doubts be drowned out

by our love’s Symphony where there

negative Whispers find no place

in those Quiet Moments an uncertainty

sneaks in recall the steadfast truth of

my love for

you my love is Limitless Crossing Beyond

time and space rest in the knowledge

that you were deeply cherished and In My

Embrace You’ll Always Find a safe

place rely on the certainty that within

me you have a affirm Foundation to build

your life upon unaffected by life’s

challenges or doubts as you navigate

life’s complex journey be mindful of the

friends you make they can either nurture

your growth or hinder your

progress look for those who share the

compassion and kindness of my spirit for

together you’ll create a community of

support love and shared

values in this Sacred Space find comfort

and strength a sanctuary for your spirit

to soar and your dreams to take flight

my beloved within the vast tapestry of

Life Your Existence is a Divine

Masterpiece lovingly shaped by my hands

filled with purpose and Endless

Love each breath you take each moment

you live adds to the richness of your

life story painting a picture of

endrance kindness and

Grace as the music of your life unfolds

each note carries the destiny I’ve laid

out for you filled with my eternal

love step forward with confidence for

the path ahead is beautiful lit by the

light of Faith pushing away the darkness

of Doubt let Hope anchor your heart

providing peace amidst the storms

remember you’re never alone I’m always

by your

side this vast noisy world may try to

distract you but take a moment to hear

what I have to say I’ve prepared

something just for you I invite you to

stop too

really listen because my words hold the

key to understanding your path in

life trust me to guide you from doubt to

truth please don’t walk away there’s a

gift here for

you listen to my message and I promise

to answer the questions that weigh on

you and to give rest to your soul But

first you must fully engage with what

I’m saying ready to listen my

child you are incredibly valuable

shining brighter than the most precious

Jewel your light captures my heart in

ways words can’t describe you’re not

just a fleeting thought to me you’re

essential the rhythm of my

existence when you feel lost in doubt

remember I’m here to lead you back with

my light your faith is invaluable

shining through the darkness of

disbelief hold on to it as it guides you

through life’s storms let the doubts of

Skeptics fade away their words lost in

our love’s

Harmony When Solitude brings doubt

remember my unwavering love for you say

amen and share this message allow God’s

work in your life my love for you knows

no bounds you’re cherished deeply always

welcome in my

arms trust in the solid foundation I

provide against which life’s challenges

can’t stand choose your friends wisely

as they influence your growth and

potential seek those align with my

spirit and together build a community of

Love support and

kindness this Sanctuary offers strength

and a place for your spirit to grow and

dreams to flourish your life is a Divine

creation each moment a brush stroke of

purpose and love let the music of your


Play Type Al if you believe in

Christianity God wisdom have you ever

thought about whether the changes that

result from being born of God are

reflected in your life do your decisions

and behaviors reflect the principles and

precepts of your

religion do you make an effort to live a

life that pleases God and follows his

will let’s analyze the meaning of this

stanza John makes reference to those who

are consistently and distinctly virtuous

throughout the whole of his

discourse a person who abides and Christ

stops doing sin he has the seed of God a

genuine Christian as in enduring quality

in his heart referred to by the Apostle

as seed that will shield him from

transgression a Believer who has been

regenerate will hate sin then in all of

its forms and will stop at nothing to

fight it since the regenerate life is

incompatible with sign the godchild

andage and this war does in fact sustain

wounds every day although it no longer

rules sign is always

present the greatest indication of

spiritual Unity with the Lord Jesus

Christ is the repudiation of sin being

born of God means experiencing an inward

renew under the influence of God’s

spirit signing in the same way as before

one’s birth is impossible for a

regenerate individual since there

connection with God has

transformed them those who genuinely

belong to him will not regularly commit

sin they lead virtuous lives and really

want to live in accordance with God’s

will hence I hope that our lives

represent what it is like to be born of

God thinking about this passage it

almost seems to be asking us to live a

life that is like that of

Christ it is advising us to live in a

way that will exalt him it instructs us

to live the kind of lives that will

reflect his character we must understand

that we represent Christ as

ambassadors in order for people to

believe in him we have to live in a

Christlike manner delegates of his it is

our duty to reflect God’s nature and

illuminate the world around us but if we

can’t stand our faith we can’t

accomplish it to live like the rest of

the world is not possible for us if the

differences between the world and

ourselves are invisible we are to live

like Christ Brethren it is our duty to

Proclaim his excellencies we must

steadfastly adhere to our religion let’s

refuse to follow this world’s

Norms it’s not benefiting Us in any way

we’re not feeling satisfied with it we

are being destroyed by it not only does

it negatively impact ourselves but we

are also encouraging others to reject

Christ because they see no difference

between us and them type

if you needed this rather of

persuading people to believe in Jesus we

intent Ally induce them to not believe

we can’t because of the way the outside

world acts Brethren let’s consider these

points in this sense modesty is a

respectful and humble attitude toward

oneself and other

people exhorts women to put more

emphasis on their inner attributes and

character rather than unnecessarily

focusing on how they seem the

significance of good deeds and a holy

lifestyle is emphasized in verse

it serves as a reminder to women that

they’re genuine duty is found in their

deeds and Devotion to God not in any


decoration this passage exhorts women to

put their pursuit of virtue and

Spiritual Development above love outward

looks it’s more important to dress

appropriately and respectfully than to

wear out of date or ugly

clothes our wardrobe decisions need to

be motivated by a desire to glorify God

and demonstrate respect in our

appearance rather than a desire to

attract attention to

oneself by dressing modestly we show

that our real beauty is found not in

outward looks but in our connection with

God and our character there is more to

modesty than what we wear it encompasses

our actions words and

mindsets we are expected to behave

properly with decency and Goodwill


others our Behavior ought to be

consistent with our beliefs showing

Christ’s love and grace in all we

do John is speaking to a group of

individuals in this text who may have

departed from the Christian Community

due to erroneous teachings or rejection

of Christianity’s Central

tenants joh is stressing that because of

their departure which showed that they

did not have the same dedication to the

religion these people were not really a

member of the Christian

Community faith that never wavers in a

community of believers who are eager to

share their beliefs are traits of True

Believers their dedication is grounded

on a sincere faith in Jesus Christ as

their lord and savior not on expediency


taste the purpose of John’s sermon is to

reassure the surviving Christians he

wants students to realize that because

these people never really belonged in

the community their departure was not a

loss it serves as a reminder at

individuals who really believe in Christ

and are dedicated to following him

comprise the community of

Believers we must never forget that

sincere Christians will persevere and

stay committed to jesus’ teachings and

the community of Believers and it

indicates a true lack of confidence in

Jesus if we


comment lord always with

me dear kind listener pray with me dear

Divine Creator you are instructed to

confidently approach your throne of

grace to inquire and it shall be

bestowed to approach and the entrance

shall be unlocked to place confidence

and we will be

granted the biblical text emphasizes the

need of confessing our sins in order to

prevent any potential hindrance to our

prayers dear father if there are any

aspects of our life that are

unsatisfactory too you or that we are

aware or morally wrong we express

remorse and seek

Absolution we humbly want your

assistance in purify and purify

ourselves we are informed that our

prayers will not be granted if we make

them with ill

intentions therefore we beseech you to

assist us in cultivating to your

motivations that are acceptable to you

may our objective be to conduct

ourselves in a manner that is deserving

of your


you have informed us that our prayers

are impeded when we Harbor anger bit us

or in forgiveness within our hearts we

kindly request your assistance in

relinquishing the harmful actions

inflicted upon you by


others we seek to surrender these

matters to your care in order to attain

your Liberation and Tranquility Lord

we now approach you and surrender

ourselves to you acknowledging the

formidable challenges we face in our

life your contributions extend beyond

just observation of life from the

periphery within the human body there

exists a reservoir of Living Water that

manifests as a

well we possess the whole holy spirit

inside us enabling us to accomplish

tasks only by unwavering Faith

comparable to the size of a mustard seed

assist us in exhibiting Courage and

resilience in the face of formidable

challenges not due to our personal

qualities but rather because of our


nature I appreciate you to still watch

watching this I invite you too share it

with others by spreading this words you

multiply the blessing in your life and

if you want you can donate through super


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