My Child You Must Prepare For This..”| God’s Message Today | God’s Blessings

today God wants to say something to you

from the heart my dearest one you had

been through a lot this year I

understand there are plenty of factors

for your mind at the moment your circle

of relatives your peace your price range

and your carrier you experience like

you’re wearing the weight of the Arena

on your

shoulders always take into account that

you are never alone lay all of your

concerns with me via prayer I will make

a way for you Heavens sources are at the

back of you don’t worry I actually have

your back and the Bible verses James –

always says but when you ask you should

agree with them not doubt due to the

fact the only who doubts is like a wave

of the sea blown and tossed by the wind

like the video of believe in Supreme

Lord dear kids anxieties are but

fleeting Shadows wisps that clout the

Brilliance of your spirit I see your

struggles your fears that Lit like tiny

Flames within the widespread expanse of

Lifestyles trust in my provision for I

actually have woven the tapestry of

Destiny with threads of compassion and

stirage like the stars that remove

Darkness from the night sky I provide

you the Beacon of Hope to navigate

through The Darkest Hours let Cross of

the burden that tethers your soul launch

your worries into the cosmic Symphony

for I shall seize them inside the gentle

Palms of

Serenity have faith my child the

universe conspires in mysterious

approaches to bring about blessings

Beyond degree as you tread upon the path

of Life remember that you are never on

my own I am right here guiding your

steps and supplying solace in moments of

unrest embrace the existing for it’s far

in which Miracles Bloom surrender your

issues to The Winds of time and permit

the tranquility of trust to live ins

sigh believe in the Divine Rhythm

orchestrating your life leading you

toward the shorelines of peace and

serenity Lord says enter our man if you

want my

direction affirm I am a effective and

Unstoppable Force capable of attaining

something I set my mind to I am robust

resilient and determined and

I will now not be held lower backfire

worry or

doubt I am thankful for the lessons I

actually have learned and the strength I

have gained and I am excited to hold

developing and getting to know typ ask

if you believe that God is your savior

my child probal M as a part of life they


inescapable woven into the very material

of this F Global you have a tendency to

go into trouble fixing mode all too

easily appearing as when you have the

capacity to Restoration the whole thing

this is a ordinary reaction so automated

that it bypasses your conscious

questioning not only does this addiction

frustrate you it also distances you from

me do no longer let solving matters be

your top

priority you are ever so constrained on

your capability to correct all that is

inaccurate within the global around you

don’t weigh your self down with duties

that aren’t your own instead make your

relationship with me your pry merry

concern talk with me approximately

anything is on your thoughts search from

my attitude on the State of Affairs

rather than seeking to fix the entirety

that comes to your attention ask me to

show you what is truly

crucial remember that you are end course

to heaven and let your troubles fade

inside the light of

Eternity welcome problems as perspective

lifters my youngsters generally tend to

sleepwalk through their days till they

stumble upon an obstacle that stymies

them if you stumble upon a problem T not

using a med solution your response to

that State of Affairs will take you both

up or down you can lash out at the issue

resenting it and feeling sorry for

yourself this will take you down right

into a pit of self-pity alternatively

the problem can be a ladder permitting

you to climb up and see your Lifestyles

from my angle viewed from above the

impediment that pissed off you is most

effective a light and temporary trouble

once your attitude has been heightened

you could appearance far away from the

trouble altogether turn in the direction

of me and notice the light of my

presence shining upon you

I am Wii T hu I am with you I am with

you Heaven’s Bells usually peel with

that promise of my presence some people

by no means listen the one’s Bells due

to the fact their minds are Earthbound

and their hearts are closed to me others

listen the bells simplest as soon as are

two times of their lifetimes and rare

moments of her seeking me in particular

else my preference is that my sheep hear

my voice continually for I am the

everpresent shepherd quietness is the

classroom in which you learn to listen

my voice beginners want a quiet vicinity

in order toss up their minds as you

develop on this field you regularly

learn to bring the Stillness with you

wherever you cross when you step again

into the primary circulative life strain

to listen to th glorious Bells I am with

you I am with you if you accept God’s

blessings type

onen listen carefully are you giving

thank you in each

circumstance may appear like a stretch

at the start specifically whilst you are

going through a season of trouble

but be aware latest verse does not say

to provide thank you for the entirety it

says give thank you in the whole lot and

different phrases no matter what is

happening locate something to be pleased

about don’t just recognition on what’s

in crack on your life attention on what

God will do in your Lifestyles when

you’re thankful it opens the door for

God to move move on your behalf that’s

whyatt says this is God’s will for you

he wishes you to be close to him to

acquire is energy and energy by means of

giving thank you that’s why we have to

continually have the mindset that

announces God in spite of what’s passed

off I pick out to be

grateful I can be ill however father

thank you for being my he heer thank you

for giving me First Rate friends and own

family or El may be suffering in my

marriage however God thank you for being


restorer thank you for giving me every

other Sunrise as you give thanks in the

whole thing you’ll see God’s hand flow

mightily for your behalf and you may pop

out of that trouble better more potent

and smart than before for if you adore

Jesus type thank you

God God says you may additionally have

suffered cried and asked why in personal

however I am going to bless repair and

redeem you in public in the presence of


enemies at this point I recognize your

wondering approximately a plenty of

things the stress seems to mount each


you’re exhausted let move and permit me

take care of your problem you can accept

as true with me I’ll help you don’t

worry approximately it I’ve got you

included I was there when you were down

I become there while you wish to assist

I actually have in no way failed you nor

will I ever fail you to accept it with

belief please type for

through him you agree with God who

raised him from the lifeless and

glorified him and so your religion and

wish are in God Teter

attention listener join this

devotional prayer with me and say it

with me Lord Jesus thank you for our

lives and our health today we are very

thankful for all your mercies and

benefits in our lives we are especially

thankful in your safety all through the

Beyond year we traveled walked run slept

labored and also you blanketed and

preserved us from any risks or injuries

we are virtually grateful and thankful

for that thank you for protective us and

our youngsters from all evil thank you

for saving us from all the risks we may

additionally have confronted within the

past months you shielded us from

shootings bombings robberies illnesses

and the evil in This

Global we bless you in your mercy for we

are not special as David stated What

Sour vicinity would you love us who are

we which you preserve to guard us the

manner you do we want you to realize

with each breath in our frame that we’re

really thankful to your by no means

failing love

amen we strive to bring happiness and

dedication to Jesus into your life so

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