God is saying to you

today my child during tough times keep

your faith strong and keep

praying remember these difficult moments

won’t last

forever eventually happiness will return

to your family and Harmony will be

restored in your

home type yes heavenly father if you

believe share your worries and prayers

with me first finding comfort and

guidance don’t let challenges bring you

down or steal your

joy type yes God to

affirm be kind with your words avoiding

hurtful language or

comparisons enforce the rules in your

household without yelling or


insulting before dealing with any family


stay calm seek guidance from above and

let Hope and strength guide

you I’m here to help you lead your loved

ones with Endless

Love I’m always here offering guidance

and protection day and

night let my teachings inspire you to

dream big and believe in The Amazing

plans I have for

you wake up each morning with a fresh

start and a peaceful mind ready to

tackle any challenge with

Grace type amen if you

believe trust that I won’t give you more

than you can handle and if things get

tough have faith that you’re on a path


Victory you have the strength to keep

going and with my help you’ll overcome


adversity type yes Father if you

believe keep your head held high and

keep moving forward without giving into

tears or

complaints every step you take brings

you closer to the rewards of your hard

work and

perseverance I want to recognize and

appreciate your dedication and

determination in pursuing your

goals your commitment and dignity do not


unnoticed I will give you strength to

overcome any obstacles that come your

way whether they are tough challenges or


people with your head held high and your

determination unwavering you have the

power to conquer any

challenge Don’t Be Afraid nothing can

stop you as you move

forward type

if you

believe I want to see your confidence

your spirit and your belief in the

bright future

ahead your trust in me each day brings

me great

joy in return I offer you a glimpse of

the amazing things to come to show you

how much I care and appreciate

you type yes Father if you believe in

me as you think about the promising

future ahead remember this you have the

ability to achieve greatness and I am

here to support you every step of the

way Embrace life’s challenges without

fear tackle difficulties headon and

approach conflicts with

courage with my guidance and support you

can bravely face your

troubles promise me that you will stand

strong not letting your emotions

overwhelm you or any illness hold you

back I am here as your healer caretaker

provider and

supporter I will meet your needs enhance

the results of your hard work strengthen

your faith and bring stability to your

mind type

if you

believe most importantly today I want to

fill your heart with a deep conviction

and unwavering trust in the endless love

I have for

you even in moments of stumbling or

mistakes my love for you remains strong

always ready to help you in any

way your life is a journey full of

pleasant surprises countless

opportunities and growth that leads to


accomplishments your faith-filled

demeanor and confident smile Inspire

those around

you let’s face each day together with

determination and positivity knowing

that that with love and perseverance we

can overcome any

obstacle your interactions especially

with your family show how strong and

loving I

am when you fully embrace me you can see

the amazing changes I can

bring remember every challenge you face

has a

purpose don’t let fear or anxiety get in

the way of your inner peace

stay strong on your journey knowing I’m

always by your side offering love peace

patience and

resilience my presence brings joy and

calm to your

life I want you to know that my love for

you is endless and I’m inspired by your

strength keep going with determination

exceeding even my

expectations your action show your

commitment and loyalty to

me it’s amazing to see the potential

I’ve planted in you grow into great

achievements better days are coming and

you’re reaching your goals and moving

towards a future full of blessings and

happiness type yes heavenly father if


believe I know there are times when

things just don’t seem to go your

way it can be really tough when your

feelings get hurt especially when you

feel like people are jealous or

rejecting you even if they claim to care


you it’s disheartening when instead of

recognizing your strengths they keep

trying to bring you down by bringing up

painful memories to make you feel

bad but today as you listen to me I want

to encourage you to make a

choice just like you’ve shown how strong

you are in tough situations choose to

have a mindset of

Victory don’t let anyone stop you from


good don’t let them mess with your

feelings believe in what I’m saying and

stick to the promises I’ve made to

you remember you’re important to

me I will surround you with my love and

stand up to anyone who tries to disrupt

your peace or or make fun of what you


in so push away those negative

thoughts when you’re feeling overwhelmed

by challenges stuck in conflicts unsure

of what to do and feeling down come to

me for

comfort in my presence you’ll find peace


hope no matter how big your problems may

seem they can’t take away your value

because I’m looking at for

you stay strong and

determined you have what it takes to get


this trust me and we’ll beat the tough


together believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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