My Child: I See You Suffering Let Me Help You | God Message | God’s Message Now

God is saying to you today my child Let My Words resonate within you sparking the fire

of strength in your heart you have the resilience of a true champion strengthened by your unwavering

Faith embrace your challenges with determination because I am by your side every step of the way

believe in yourself Shout It Out confidently because with Divine help anything is possible

type yes God if you believe imagine yourself in my shoes how could I not offer my love and

blessings to Someone Like You My ultimate goal is to give you Eternal salvation don’t be afraid

you are deeply loved and protected by my care walk proudly in this world because I sacrificed myself

so that you could overcome obstacles rise above material possessions embrace the supernatural life

I have planned for you type yes Holy Father if you believe in this crazy world a lot of

people go through tough times feeling lonely facing challenges dealing with rejection and

experiencing pain but not you you’re different if you ever feel like you’re losing strength getting

tired or overwhelmed by Emotions Don’t Give Up Stand Tall Throw your arms up in Victory and let

everyone know that you are loved you’ve got inner strength courage and the Heart of a champion who

has overcome so much nothing can defeat you remember you’re never truly alone never lost

in darkness and despair type Amen to affirm yes I am reaching out to you you belong here

in my presence and when you’re feeling down my Army will come charging in with shining swords

cutting through the darkness and driving away evil when your inner demons sense the powerful

light and Glory that surrounds you they’ll run way scared they might try to threaten you from a

distance but they don’t have the guts to harm you listen up I’m here to strengthen your soul engrave

these truths in your mind and let them resonate in your heart lift your arms up high and Shout It

Out proudly I am forever cherished by my amazing father the incredible Lord I am whole free wise

and sharp I’ve got the skills and loyalty of a true winner this is the mindset I want you to

wake up with every morning let this Faith sink deep into your soul my dear child remember I’m

right by your side and you don’t need anyone else I want you to know that you don’t need to

seek validation or camaraderie from others I will go above and beyond to Captivate your senses and

show you my love do you feel the same way about me just be patient with yourself because I love

and understand you I’ve forgiven you and I’m here to support you believe in faith and positivity if

you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly Father for those

who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the words I really love you God and

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$ to $ as a sign of your faith and dedication don’t doubt your worth you are mine and I don’t

don’t judge you based on your past mistakes I’ve forgiven and forgotten them you are flawless in

my eyes I know your missteps were just a result of life’s challenges don’t be so hard on yourself

I won’t punish you or take my love away stop blaming yourself for everything I know life has

been tough on you but you need to trust In Me Feel My Love and guidance always I’m here to watch over

you and lead you in the right direction just stay calm have faith and believe in yourself type

to affirm believe that amazing things will come from your beliefs be kind to yourself and learn

from your mistakes to grow wiser I offer you the gift of forgiveness given with love and earned

through sacrifice your past is Forgiven so find comfort in that don’t dwell on past Sorrows or

missed opportunities a bright future is waiting for you but you have to trust me accept my love

and forgiveness and commit to following my teachings every day I know your experiences

fears and joys and I am always with you in tough times you may feel like I’m not there when you’re

struggling but today I’m giving you a sign that I am listening keep praying stay connected with me

and get to know me better because I am your guide my love is strong and my words are true believe in

what I say because it’s the truth even though some people don’t see the real me and reject me I feel

comfort in your acceptance and love I’m here as a servant who willingly took on sacrifices like

on the cross to help bring out the extraordinary in you remember to stay humble and protect your

spirit from negativity let me help you find peace and understanding keeping your faith and happiness

safe from doubt and impatience say with all your heart I want the divine presence to always be

in my heart a constant reminder of your promises when things get tough I’ll turn to your guidance

every morning listening closely with unwavering dedication I’m thankful for your kindness and

believe in the peaceful and prosperous future you have planned for me my dear may your family

be filled with Harmony free from negativity in Discord in your loving arms let me witness

Miracles and become the person you want me to be those who try to bring me down whether they’re

enemies or fake friends pretending to be wise will fail even though they think they’re smart and safe

they’re actually living in darkness consumed by jealousy my dear child I just want you to know

that you are my precious blessing a light to guide you through whatever challenges come your way life

can throw some tough stuff at you but don’t let those who try to bring you down get to you they

may act all tough but deep down they’re just full of lies and weakness you on the other hand have my

protection and support you’re not alone in this journey I’ve got your back your faith is real

rooted in the powerful presence of a Divine being I’m Your Guardian my love for you is endless and

my strength is evident in every part of your life when things get tough and lies try to trip you up

don’t give in I’m right there with you keeping you safe from harm hold on to my words accept my

blessings and Trust in my guidance I hear your heart’s cries and feel your pain deeply your

struggles don’t go unnoticed I’m here to help you when you need it most unlike others who may have

let you down I’m here for the long haul you may have been LED astray by false promises and hurt

by betrayal but deep down you still seek peace and healing don’t worry I’ll never leave your

side as the first light of dawn breaks a newfound sense of Faith starts to Bubble Up Inside you

you realize that no one else in this big world can offer you the kind of support and guidance

that I can with compassion patience and a strong commitment to helping you grow don’t give into

fear rise up once again your past mistakes and strugg strugles don’t Define you they’re just

temporary blips in the bigger story of your life I offer you forgiveness and a fresh start a love

so deep that it will bring peace and light to your dreams all I ask in return is for your

whole heart and unwavering loyalty my only goal is your well-being I’m not making empty promises of

wealth your true purpose isn’t about getting rich but about embracing love peace wisdom kindness and

forgiveness Embrace these qualities fully knowing that my love for you is strong and everlasting in

a world full of lies and betrayal find comfort in the healing and Redemption that come to those who

trust in me even in the darkest times of pain and despair there’s a glimmer of hope and the

chance for a fresh start for those who accept my love let’s take this journey together because I

hear your prayers and hold an endless love for you in my heart know that the miracle you’re looking

for is Right within your reach because I’m always by your side believe in faith and positivity if

you agree type and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly Father for those

who hold God close to their hearts express your love with the words I really love you God and for

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