My Child “I CHOOSE YOU TO SEE THIS FOR A REASON” | God Blessings Now |

don’t skip this video because God has a

message for you

today so watch this video till the

end my child I really want to help you

and I promise you’ll have so many good

things no one can stop me from helping

you whatever I say will happen for

sure when things get tough remember I’m

always here even if it does doesn’t feel


it type yes heavenly father if you

believe don’t Focus too much on the hard

stuff instead listen carefully to what


saying it’ll make you feel better

inside enjoy these moments when you

spend time with

me I’m teaching you important things and

telling you what to do and I’m putting

them in your heart

type yes Father if you

believe I don’t just want you to pay

attention to me I want you to trust what


promise be loyal to me and believe in me

strongly like I believe in

you you’re a special warrior with a


job stick to your path no matter what

happens around

you the things I promise you will happen

I won’t let you down

what I say will happen will

happen type yes God if you

believe I promise to do something and

your eyes will see it

happen I give good wishes to those who

are strong-minded who might feel unsure

sometimes but always stick with me

instead of falling for quick pleasures

and fake

Smiles I give success and strength to

those who stay loyal to me who accept my

cause with humility and follow what I

teach believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you God

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$ as a sign of your faith and

dedication the tough times you’re going

through will go away soon turning any

embarrassment into Victory happiness and

achievement get ready to carry my values

love patience hope and helping others

find a better

way a new happiness will shine on your

face and you’ll be surrounded by

kindness I’ll give you the ability to

heal many will look to you for advice

because you’ll have

wisdom your good actions will grow every

good thing you get will get even

better that’s the prize for those who

believe in me and follow my path and

NeverEnding life full of Peace joy and

having more than

enough type

to affirm your

belief you are always looked after by

special helpers from

above remember to read and understand

the wonderful lessons I share with

you pay close attention and learn from

them but don’t forget you will also see

a aming things happening around you with

your own

eyes in this world some people might

pretend to do magic tricks but the

Miracles I will show through you will be

even more

incredible don’t worry if things seem

tough even if it feels like a huge

mountain is blocking your path don’t be

afraid it will move away for

you don’t waste your time worry in about

people who try to bring you

down instead focus on the exciting

journey I have planned for

you stay close to me and you’ll grow

stronger and wiser every

day you’re special and I have big plans


you use the gifts I give you wisely and

they will bring you great

happiness you should work hard to make

the most of the good things and skills

that will come your

way I didn’t pick you to just get rich

and make others feel

small I picked you to bring goodness

into your life to stay humble to help

your family to feed the hungry to help

those who don’t have much and to do what

you can to make people feel

better promise me you’ll use the good

things I give you wisely and follow my


I really want to see that you’re loyal


honest watch what you say keep your

thoughts clean and stay away from bad

stuff don’t hurt anyone with your words

or actions don’t say bad things about

people don’t blame anyone without

knowing the truth and don’t spread

rumors that hurt

families when you wake up ask for my

love with a

smile say in your heart that I am your

friend and

guide use the smile I gave you to show

others the good things happening inside

you remember this message understand it

and share

it these words bring blessings I’m

writing them in your

heart believe them and you give me your

heart and I’ll guide you with my

love type if you believe

tee I’ll help you in tough times with

your head up and hands

ready anyone who tries to hurt you will


trouble I’ll protect you my sword is

ready to fight for

you I want them to see you calm and

strong surprising them with your courage


Faith they may shout lie or try to scare

you but stand tall

I’ll hold you up you won’t

fall with my love I’ll be with you

always like Wings around you warm and

safe I’ve seen how strong your faith is

when life gets tough and it makes me

feel really

touched you faced hard times with

bravery and

kindness now it’s time for you to rise

up and accept all the good things I want

to give you you forget about sadness let

go of pain and push away any thoughts

that make you feel

hopeless remember I love you so you

should love yourself too knowing how

special you

are don’t believe anyone who says

otherwise break free from any negative

thoughts and welcome my love

completely I want to set you free and I

want you to help others who are hurting

knowing that I’m with you every step of


way type yes God if you

believe I hope you always feel loved and


alone remember knowing your loved brings

peace and

confidence I’ve seen all your struggles

but you stayed calm and didn’t seek

revenge I’ll take care of those who

troubled you

this year I’ll bring you Joy health and

energy spend time with me and your

family every

day wake up with a smile and don’t hold

on to

anger don’t judge or shout at

others I’ll give you strength for


decisions Embrace hope and never forget

me I’ll guide you day and

night Trust me with

faith peace and comfort are coming your

way this

year believe and blessings will come in

the Name of Love and

Faith walk with confidence leaving


behind My Sweet Child I’m here to guide

you and protect you but I need you to

trust me

deeply I’m like your life’s best friend

your Future’s guide your inner strength

and your protective

armor believe that even if you can’t see

them now wonderful things are coming


way you can expect good things even if

you can’t see them yet you might feel

like your trust in me is small but

that’s all I’m asking for and it’s all

you need to keep receiving amazing

blessings keep your faith strong

remember the good things I’ve promised

you and listen to my words every

day get ready because what’s coming is

even better than your wildest

dreams your family can heal forgiveness

and love or knocking at your door make

sure to let them

in the people who hurt you before might

be coming back so be ready to forgive

them and give them another

chance don’t hold back your love from


I’m here to give you an amazing job and


success I’ll bring people into your life

who admire what you can do and will

appreciate how hard you

work keep being loyal and kind to me and

I’ll make your life incredibly special

and full of wonderful

surprises I know things have been tough

for you but don’t worry

anymore your family will always have

what they need and even more good things

will come your

way you’ve been so faithful always

praying and never giving

up now it’s time for you to see the good

things that come from all your hard

work I’ll give you more than you ever

thought possible because you deserve the

best your faith means a lot to me and

your humble attitude will take you

far get ready for New Opportunities and

lots of good things coming your

way I care about you very

much don’t be afraid because I’m always

looking out for

you don’t let the bad things people say


you if you trust in me and hold on to

what I say you’ll become even

stronger the things that used to make

you sad and worried will go

away every new New Day brings peace and

happiness even if you can’t see it right

away deep down you’ll feel

different I’m always around you giving

you love and

support you can talk to me anytime and

I’ll listen to you with

kindness it’s okay to cry and let out


feelings that way I can fill you up with

my peace

after the tears happiness will come

because I’m ready to bless

you believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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$ as a sign of your faith and

dedication you are the most important to

yourself and your goal isn’t just about

getting rich or famous

quickly you’re fighting a good fight

working hard only for what you and your

loved ones truly need to overcome tough


times you deeply love your family and

friends and I want to give you lots of


things I plan to bring you blessings

from above making your life full of

everything you need getting rid of

problems and giving you

peace believe in me and keep trying hard

be strong and keep

going rest when you’re tired but

remember to be smart about it you’ll

find amazing blessings waiting for you

behind the big

door tell me you believe and promise to

spend time with me every day starting


now my dear child you’re really Brave

have faith because you’ll

succeed you’ve already thanked me for

another day of life

today what are you waiting

for it doesn’t cost anything to say

thank you and it’s natural don’t worry

about it you already have it in

you sometimes life feels heavy with all

the things we have to

do we want our family to be safe our

home to have what we need and for

everything to be

okay but sometimes we forget to be

thankful and we start to

worry we might even feel scared and


but even in those dark times there’s

someone who loves us no matter

what they wait for us to look up and see

them they love us when we feel far away

and they keep loving us when we come

back to them they’re not angry when we


mistakes they don’t leave us because of


faults when we’re sorry for what we’ve

done wrong they understand

they know our hearts and they know why

we do what we

do and they’re always there for us ready

to forgive and help us through

anything you know facing tough times can

actually be a good

thing it’s like turning challenges into

good stuff like blessings peace and

getting what you need just by believing

in being

patient and guess what

my love for you is the best blessing of

all and it’s always there for

you so trust me have faith and feel safe

in my

hug my child you don’t need to worry

about anything because I’m taking care


you I’m always looking out for you day


night when you wake up each morning

remember I’m right there with you

don’t let things distract you instead

listen to what I have to

say my spirit will let you know I’ve got

everything under control from your

battles to your victories and even the


times now’s your time to

shine leave behind the old stuff and get

ready for something new and

amazing I’m here to change your life and

start a fresh exciting chapter for

you let me show you a new way full of

good things and smart

choices I’m giving you my love and peace

to calm your heart and

mind and when you accept them get ready

because I’m sending lots of good stuff


way my words will guide you as you do


things when life gets tough and things

don’t go your way don’t give up

keep going because your dreams are

important and you have a special purpose


life I’m always here with you guiding

you with love and

strength as you face challenges you’ll

become wiser and see things more

clearly you make a difference in the

World and Achieve great things with your

determination I care about your

happiness and

well-being you can trust me to look out

for you and help you become

stronger stay positive pray and believe

that I’m by your side ready to help you


anything let’s celebrate the love and

support I give you every

day believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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spreading love and inspiration wherever


go thank you for being a part of this

community until next time stay in

inspired stay motivated and keep shining

your light

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