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said my dear son from the moment I

created you you have been the light that

brightened my days the inspiration that

enliven my being just as as it is

written in Genesis so God created

Mankind in his own image in the image of

God he created them male and female he

created them every fiber of your being

is a tangible testimony of my

unconditional love for you as you were

fashioned in my likeness with utmost

Divine care in the far reaches of the

Universe I sculpted your essence with

tenderness and care care intertwining

the threads of your existence with the

most precious gifts the cosmos has to

offer you are more than a mere mortal

you are the embodiment of my eternal

love a pure reflection of my Divinity in

every moment of your journey I have been

present guiding you with my loving hand

sustaining you with my Infinite Strength

just as it is written in Isaiah

so do not not fear for I am with

you do not be dismayed for I am your God

I will strengthen you and help you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand these words are the promise of my

constant support and Care a

demonstration of my eternal and

unwavering love for you my beloved child

never doubt my love for you for it is

deeper than the ocean depths vaster than

the starry Skies in Every Beat of your

heart in Every Breath You Take I am with

you enveloping you in an Embrace of

eternal love through the highs and lows

of life I will never leave you I will

never forsake you you are my most

precious treasure and my love for you is

eternal and unchanging transcending all

barriers and limits in moments of joy

and in hours of sorrow in calmness and

in storm I am present present sustaining

you with my unconditional love trust in

me for I am your Safe Harbor your

constant guide the father who never

fails remember my child my promise

recorded in Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope and a future these words Echo the

truth of my unwavering love for you

expressing my desires for prosperity and

hope for your life I know the plans I

have laid out for you plans for success

and fulfillment to lead you to a

prosperous and happy future fear not the

challenges that may arise for I am with

you at every step of the journey by

trusting in me you will find strength

and courage to face the obstacles that

stand in your way every moment of

difficulty is an opportunity to

demonstrate your faith and trust in me

knowing that I am present to sustain and

strengthen you just as a loving father

cares for his child I am always

attentive to your needs and ready to

guide you towards your purpose therefore

move forward with determination and hope

knowing that my plans for you are of

goodness and not of evil stay firm in

your faith for we through it you will

find the peace and security you seek I

am with you my child today and always

guiding you with love and protecting you

with my infinite grace in these words

lies the promise of my constant care and

my unconditional love for you fear not

the unknown for I am always by your side

guiding you with wisdom and enveloping

you with my protective love trust in me

and move forward with faith for your

future is secure in My Loving Hands

Where the Light Of Hope shines eternally

when You Face challenges and

tribulations remember my words in


I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me with me by your side

there is no mountain you cannot climb no

obstacle you cannot overcome I am your

strength and your rock always ready to

help help you in times of need trust in

me for within you lies a strength fueled

by my presence with faith and

determination you will be able to face

any adversity that comes your way do not

let fear or uncertainty hold you back

for I am with you to empower and guide

you towards Victory rise up with courage

for you are stronger than you imagine

and with me by your side you will reach

new heights of overcoming coming and

fulfillment my dear child fear not the

future for I am with you in every moment

trust in me and surrender yourself to my

care for my hand acts powerfully in your

life my love for you is eternal

unchanging and

incomparable let this love guide sustain

and strengthen you on your journey in

times of uncertainty remember my

constant presence enveloping you with

love and protection You are not alone I

am your safe Refuge your strength in

adversity trust in my plan for you for

it is perfect and will lead you to

fullness walk in faith for I will be

with you guiding you with love and

wisdom until you reach your deepest

dreams trust for my love for you is

eternal and in it you will find peace

and Security in all the days of your

life from today day onwards you will

live a life of fervent and active Faith

each morning at Sunrise you will make

the decision to be happy regardless of

circumstances and you will not allow any

worry to extinguish that beautiful smile

that lights up your face you are my

child my daughter always remember that

you have given me your entire being my

Holy Spirit dwells within you you are


you do not have to imitate what others

do or say many tremble at any rumor

their hopes are shattered and they are

filled with fear but you are not like

that my Supernatural love is within you

your faith is wonderful and power

emanates from your words and prayers

soar now you are free be happy go and

share these words I have given you with

your family I love you I will take you

out of the desert I will lead you to

victory and the happiness you so

desperately need I do it because I love

you you are of Great Value to me and I

have a great purpose for your life pay

close attention for these words you hear

and read are true they are not empty I

know that this situation you are facing

has saddened you and made it difficult

for you to face each day with joy today

you are going through difficulties but

your life is about to change in a

surprising and Supernatural way there

have been many days of sadness and

misunderstanding but today your journey

in this desert ends the world tried to

Blind you tried to shake your faith but

it was not defeated you have reached the

end of this long and tough trial from

now on I will make your days better I

will make you smile again everyone

around you will see how my strength

strength and power have renewed you in

an amazing way my wisdom will help you

solve all the problems you have faced

after these lonely days you were thirsty

tired you felt weak but your faith and

your love for me and your family gave

you the energy to rise and keep walking

persevere until the end today I send

clouds loaded with a special rain Living

Water of blessing healing bomb for your


I am filling your soul with my spirit of

love I always listen to you I am

attentive I give you my ear whenever you

approach me in prayer and invoke my Holy

Name today you stand before a time of

great Miracles and wonders that will

reach you and your family because of

your loyalty and faithfulness because of

your perseverance in not giving up in

the midst of the Arid path because you

believed in me and entrusted your Destin

to me I will not fail you for I love you

very much I know the thoughts I have for

you they are thoughts of good and not of

evil I will deliver into your hands what

you ask of me so much with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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