My Child “CAN I GET YOUR 2 MINUTES OF TIME” | God Message | God Message Today

God says my child do not skip the

message because I have an important

message for you

so watch the video till the end without


do not worry as God has set you free and

removed all hindrances that have been

blocking your success

this Freedom extends to every aspect of

your life be it Financial spiritual or


despite the struggles you have faced

with people taking advantage of your

kind heart and betraying you in various

ways God has been with you

the devil may have tried to make you

lose your sanity but you have stood firm

amidst the storms

rest assured no weapon formed against

you will prosper

take courage and hold on to your faith

for God is about to turn things around

and bless you in the presence of your


believe in this blessing and you will

see the signs of it coming your way this

week symbolized by the number .

it marks a blessing in disguise

indicating that you are on the right


this is an important week for you as God

is working to beautify your life and

Usher you into a new season

prepare to LEAP with joy as favored in

Miracles will become your new normal

remember that God sees your beauty love

and value

he knows your strength and he assures

you that you will overcome any

challenges you face

be grateful for your life and never give

up for everything will fall into place

all the disappointments challenges

struggles highs and lows that you have

encountered will start to make sense

you will be thankful that you never gave

up for great blessings are on their way

to you

Embrace these blessings and claim them

by having faith in God’s plan

know that God has given you a special

talent that sets you apart

this Talent is a gift from him and it is

meant to make you shine and Inspire


get ready for God is ready to surprise


he has already spoken to the right

people and arranged healing freedom and

promotion for you

these blessings will happen suddenly

catching you off guard

claim them by tapping .

surrender your life completely to God

and Trust in his power

understand that he can change your life

in an instant just as he created the

heavens and the Earth in six days

believe that holds massive changes

for you and that your deepest wishes

will come true in a life-changing


type amen if you believe in God and do

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inspirational God messages thank you

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