Message from God to you: “Pay attention to whether you love Jesus.” God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

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said my dearest and beloved Son it is

with a profound and ineffable sense of

love that I pen down these words

allowing The Melody of my eternal

affection to resonate through the

corridors of time from the very

Inception of our bond love has been the

unbreakable golden thread intricately

weaving the tapestry of our relationship

it is a love that transcends the

limitations of human understanding a

love so profound that it compels me to

willingly surrender what is dearest to

me ensuring that you Traverse the path

of life in all its fullness in moments

of weakness I implore you to recognize

the indomitable strength that resides

within you a strength that surpasses the

constraints of

circumstance fashioned in my image and

enveloped in my omnipotent power you

must never underestimate your

capabilities stand firm for you possess

the fortitude to confront any challenge

that may come your way a strength

graciously bestowed upon you by me in

The Labyrinth and journey of Life place

your unwavering trust in me do not

confine yourself to the confines of

limited human understanding instead

permit me to guide your every step at

every Crossroads acknowledge my presence

and I shall illuminate your path

transforming it into a purposeful and

meaningful Expedition take solace in the

knowledge that I have intricately woven

plans for your life plans filled with

prosperity hope and a future bathed in

glory let this realization Inspire and

Infuse courage within you embrace each

step of your journey with unyielding

Faith understanding that every

experience whether joyous or challenging

contributes to the unfolding Narrative

of your unique story do not be a mere

spectator in the grand spectacle of life

rather become an active participant in

the Symphony of Love Let The Light

Within You radiate disseminating Love

and Truth wherever your path may lead be

mindful that wherever you tread said my

unwavering presence accompanies you

providing guidance and comfort in the

tempestuous Seas of Life recall that I

am your Shepherd entrust me with your

cares and I shall guide you with Divine

wisdom there shall be No Lack when you

place your trust in me for you are a

cherished sheep within the folds of my

flock and I vigilantly watch over you

with ceaseless love even amidst the most

formidable challenges have faith in the

certainty that I am diligently working

for your ultimate good every trial every

tear shed and every smile shared

contributes to the Masterpiece I am

sculpting within you accept my sovereign

hand at work recognizing me as the

skilled Craftsman who transforms all

things into Beauty cultivate the virtues

that I ardently desire to see

flourishing within you love joy peace

patience kindness goodness faithfulness

gentleness and

self-control let these virtues Blossom

within the garden of your soul rendering

you a radiant expression of my boundless

love in the world in summation my

cherished son let this missive serve as

a poetic expression of the Eternal and

unfathomable love I hold for you receive

it as a love letter inscribed in the

Stars a narrative unfolding in the

Everlasting Realms of Eternity live each

day with the unwavering certainty that

you are profoundly loved and guided by

me your heavenly father with love God I

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