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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son it is I the god of

Divine Healing and today I bring words

of comfort hope and renewal to each of

you my love for you is unfathomable and

I desire for you to understand that

healing is a blessing I offer with the

intention of bringing complete renewal

to every aspect of your lives Divine

Healing is not limited only to the

physical body but also encompasses the

wounds of the soul and the heart in the

face of adversity and illness it is

understandable to feel fear and

uncertainty however I invite you to find

peace in me through prayer and deep

connection with your inner Divine self

believe in me for I am always present

ready to offer my loving hand of healing

remember the inspiring words of


for to this end we toil and strive

because we have our hope set on the

Living God who is the savior of all

people especially of those who

believe this passage reminds us that our

hope is in God the Savior who brings

brings healing and salvation to all who

believe sometimes suffering makes us

question the purpose behind

tribulations however know that the world

you live in is a place of Duality where

good and evil

coexist nevertheless I am always present

ready to offer my love and healing to

all who seek do not let fear dominate

you instead trust in me and my promise

to be by your your side at all times let

Faith strengthen you and feel my love

enveloping every aspect of your lives

therefore do not despair in the face of


adversities have faith in me for I Am

The God Who heals and restores Trust in

my promise to be by your side at all

times bringing relief and renewal to

your life may Faith strengthen you and

may you feel my love enveloping every

aspect aspect of your lives know that

you are always in my Loving Hands and

that you are never alone may hope and

Divine Healing accompany you on your

journey guiding you to a life of

fullness and

restoration my beloved Sons and

Daughters it is I the god of Divine

Healing and I bring you words of Hope

comfort and renewal today the love I

have for each of you is infinite and I

want you to understand that healing is a

gift I offer with the intention of

restoring wholeness in all areas of your

lives Divine Healing transcends the

physical aspect reaching into the depths

of the soul and the heart in the face of

adversity and illness you often question

the purpose of

suffering however know that in my

infinite Mercy I am always present ready

to extend my healing hand over you as it

is written in Isaiah chapter

fear not for I am with you be not

dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

if you believe in this word manifest

your faith healing is a process that

goes beyond mere physical restoration it

is a journey of inner and spiritual

renewal awaken the Inner Strength needed

to face any challenge for your souls are

Eternal and your Divine Essence remains

unshakable understand that in my plan

all things intertwine for the greater

good even if sometimes healing does not

occur in the way you expect take care of

yourselves on all levels physical mental

emotional and spiritual nourish your

bodies with healthy food exercise and

adequate rest cultivate inner peace

through meditation and strengthening of

Faith open your hearts to unconditional

love for it is the powerful bomb that

heals the deepest wounds remember that

amidst healing you have the potential to

be instruments of healing for others

healing is Within Reach of all for I am

the god of Divine Healing inviting you

to live in health wholeness and

well-being receive my blessing and allow

healing to begin in your hearts

radiating through your entire existence

trust in my power and love for I am

always present to guide and strengthen

you on your healing Journey desire

healing and it will manifest in your

lives for my love for you is

unconditional and eternal know that I am

with you now and always enveloping you

in my loving care may this message be a

reminder of my con instant desire for

healing and well-being for all my

children that they may live in peace and

Harmony your fent prayers seeking relief

in the midst of the darkness of

suffering have found refuge in my

compassionate love with unwavering Faith

you have entrusted your fears and

concerns into my Divine hands the

miracle of healing is a powerful

manifestation of my unconditional love

for you when illness seeks to undermine

the strength of your bodies and drain

the Hope from your souls it is the

Divine Light that shines upon you

dispersing the shadows of illness and

bringing renewal and

restoration my healing actions can take

different forms sometimes I operate

through science and the talents of

Health Care Professionals inspiring them

with wisdom and knowledge to alleviate

your pains and treat your illnesses each

gesture of healing is an expression of

my love for you a reminder that you are

not alone in your journey of recovery

allow yourselves to be enveloped by my

grace trusting that healing is within

your reach not only physically but also

emotionally and spiritually in this time

of Affliction remain steadfast in faith

and know that I am by your side guiding

you toward complete healing remember

remember that each step taken toward

healing is a testimony to the power of

my love and my ability to transform

lives through Divine Healing in the

biblical passage of Jeremiah

we read for I will restore Health

to you and your wounds I will heal

declares the Lord these words are a

reminder of my eternal commitment to the

well-being and healing of my sons and

daughters just as I promised to Jeremiah

I promise to you that I will restore

your health and heal your wounds

therefore do not be discouraged in the

face of

difficulties instead place your trust in

me and allow my Divine Light to guide

you through the healing process be

patient and persistent for healing often

requires time and effort seek support

from one another share your burden and

strengthen each other with love love and

compassion know that I am always by your

side even in the darkest moments my love

for you is infinite and my capacity to

heal is Limitless trust in me and let me

be the guide on your healing Journey

with faith love and perseverance you

will overcome all adversities and emerge

stronger and healthier than ever my

beloved child know that I am always

present enveloping you you with my

unconditional love and infinite Mercy in

every challenge you face I am by your

side ready to offer Comfort guidance and

healing there is no burden too heavy for

me to bear with you and no obstacle that

cannot be overcome with my help in

life’s journey when you encounter

illness pain or Affliction remember that

I am here to heal your wounds both

physical and emotional trust in me and

surrender your worries fears and anguish

Into My Loving Hands let me be your firm

rock your safe refuge in the midst of

the storm allow my Divine Light to

penetrate every area of your life

bringing healing peace and renewal with

faith in my power and love you will find

strength to face any Challenge and

resilience to overcome it always

remember that you are loved beyond

measure and that you are never alone on

your journey I am with you today and

forever guiding you with love and care

every step of the way with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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