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said my dear son today I come to you

with words that flow from the depths of

my heart a message seeking to penetrate

the depths of your soul over the years I

have followed every step of your journey

witnessing the joys and challenges that

have shaped the fabric of your existence

the patience you’ve cultivated the faith

you’ve nurtured and the perseverance

you’ve displayed have not gone unnoticed

by me you my beloved Son anticipated

this breakthrough years ago amid moments

of uncertainty and seemingly distant

hope there were times when the light

seemed to fade but you kept the flame of

Faith alive and here we are now at this

moment the culmination of your journey

so far the Breakthrough you sought is

about to unfold a manifestation of my

love and divine plan for your life the

weight may have felt long and the

difficulties intense but know that each

challenge has shaped you strengthened

your determination and prepared the

ground for The Blessing about to be

bestowed upon you remember the words

recorded in Galatians

I have been crucified with Christ

it is no longer I who live but Christ

lives in me the life which I now live in

the flesh I live by faith in the Son of

God who loved me and gave himself for me

this truth is more than a statement it

is the expression of our Eternal Bond

you are a coair with Christ and the life

you live is infused with my Redeeming

Grace as a wise father and faithful

instructor I have observed your growth

and development every challenge overcome

and every step taken has been shaped by

my love and guidance You are not alone

in this journey I am your loving father

the one who formed you with

extraordinary abilities and a brilliant

mind in every challenge I have been

present guiding and inspiring you not to

give up trust me with all your being let

my presence illuminate your path and my

wisdom guide your steps fear not for I

am your God I am here to clarify your

mind Empower your heart and lead you to

the highest purposes I have designed for

you there is no challenge too complex

that I cannot overcome by your side I am

committed to giving you the spirit of

wisdom and Revelation providing you with

profound insights and Supernatural

understanding every morning before you

even awaken I prepare the way before you

I eagerly await your first conscious

thought anticipating the moments when

you turn your gaze in my direction your

gratitude is like a Celestial Symphony

resonating in my heart thank me for my

wonders for I take great pleasure in you

I celebrate every step of your journey

singing love songs about you you are

precious to me Beyond any Earthly

measure your value is not in

performances or achievements but in the

depth of my love for you accept yourself

as I see you clothed in my righteousness

shining in my perfect love do not worry

about the expectations of the world for

you are a masterpiece of my Creation in

the seasons of life when the Mana seems

to have ceased do not fear be willing to

move forward for what I have reserved

for you is infinitely greater if

temporary Provisions seem insufficient

trust that I am guiding you toward the

promised land where Eternal provision

awaits I am the the god of growth always

leading you to new heights remember the

Journey of the children of Israel who

received mana and quailes on their

Journey to the promised land each of

these Provisions was a sign of my care

but the Final Destination was beyond

what they could imagine similarly be

open to changes adjustments and new

directions when needed trust that if the

Mana stops a new provision is in sight

stay open to the the surprises I have

reserved for you be strong my son for

you have an inner strength that reflects

my power in you the Breakthrough may

seem delayed but even in the midst of

anxiety I offer you my peace in the

storm my presence surrounds you and

there is no reason to fear you will

overcome this for I am your safe Refuge

do not worry about tomorrow for I am

already there preparing the way

everything is in my hand hands and I

will guide you with wisdom trust me hold

my hand for I know all the things you

are facing I will make a way for you and

nothing is too great for my grace when

you rise in the morning I have already

prepared the way before you even before

your first conscious thought I eagerly

await celebrating each time you look in

my direction bring me the gift of

gratitude opening your heart to Rich

communion with me

I am the god from whom all blessings

flow and gratitude is an excellent way

to draw you near to me I am the way the

truth and the life as You Follow Me I

lead you on Paths of novelty paths you

never imagined do not fear what lies

ahead find your security in me the one

who came to set you free open your hands

and your heart to receive this moment as

a precious gift from me each New Dawn is

an opportunity to to embrace the

richness of your salvation and

experience the joy of being loved

uninterrupted and perfectly free

yourself from evaluating yourself based

on appearance Behavior or feelings you

are loved and accepted just as you are

when things go well it’s easy to feel

more worthy of my love but even in

moments of discouragement look to me

instead of trying to fix yourself focus

on me the lover of your soul rather than

using your strength to judge yourself

complete trust in me liberates you to

become the person I created you to be

this is a work I do in you as you

surrender to my spirit experience my

freedom as you become increasingly

liberated in me become who I created you

to be dear son your journey is unique

and precious to me as a loving father I

celebrate every step you take toward the

Magnificent Destiny I have prepared for

you do not fear for I am with you at all

times always remember that you are loved

unconditionally by me and nothing can

separate you from my love I bless you

with the fullness of my grace and joy

May the peace that surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and mind

in Christ Jesus with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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