JESUS: Son, this is a WATERSHED moment in your life! PLEASE, DO NOT IGNORE! IT’S URGENT!

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son I am shaping your heart

and soul molding them for a future

filled with triumphs With Every Breath

You Take I strengthen your determination

deepen your faith so that you may remain

steadfast in my teachings unshakable and

Resolute imagine yourself clad in an

armor of unbreakable courage a warrior

whose spirit is as impenetrable as a

fortress of Steel no Force however

formidable will be able to bring you

down Envision Legions Rising against you

but in the midst of this turmoil I

whisper a sacred truth in your ear a

secret destined for you alone this truth

is a testimony of my bound boundless

love for you keep this secret deep

within your heart for you are chosen to

rise with Valor in my name embrace the

power to perform wonders achieve

greatness and keep the Flames of your

dreams and aspirations eternally burning

I am ready to face and Conquer every

challenge conflict and adversity that

this day may bring I do not bow before

my adversaries when they confront me I

remain unyielding always ready for

battle my faith Burns intensely and the

sword of truth is always within my reach

I am prepared for victory anticipating

triumphs with unwavering belief that my

dreams will manifest in reality I speak

to you because you are the embodiment of

this strength never underestimate

yourself or be surprised by your own

potential my dear son each day I come to

you renewing your spirit with reminder

of your bravery and Valor in the daily

battles you face know that your

adversaries may try to discourage you to

steal the words I have planted in your

heart however I am always faithful

extending my hand to ensure your Triumph

every word I utter every seed of faith I

plant in you is nurturing your strength

I speak to you not of passing desires or

worldly possessions but of Miracles

unconditional love the healing of your

soul abundant provision and forgiveness

I grant you not only the necessary but

beyond for you have learned to wisely

use the gifts I entrust to you

administer them wisely and I will

inundate you with blessings beyond your

imagination show me your devotion live

as a Victorious and courageous Champion

committed to fulfilling my will through

you miracles will flow to Nations

healing will touch the sick Grace will

reach children and the elderly will be

supported the hungry will be fed and the

oppressed will be uplifted your family

will also be instruments of my power

experiencing the supernatural in

profound ways this is the grace that

surrounds those who love me who do not

hide behind excuses but surrender with

unwavering faith in my love and power

these words are your beacon guiding you

on A New Path you are not lost or

confused today I am here to guide you to

a world of Wonders your children will

have visions and adults will dream

dreams beyond the ordinary your

spiritual eyes will be open to Secrets

hidden from others revealed through your

steadfast Faith but I long to see you in

prayer at dawn and dusk seeking

tirelessly for step by step I will

answer your sincere please I also desire

to see gratitude for every blessing

received and even greater Joy when I

reserve myself for trust that I have

something better stored for you now let

me witness the growth in your heart

after hearing this message write your

reasons for gratitude if you find none

remember the moments when I miraculously

solved your problems reflect on the

times when I was present even when you

felt distant from me I am deeply

involved in your life I wish for your

faith to be firm your heart at peace I

long to embrace and speak to you so that

you may hear my voice and see my actions

that assure you of my love each day

brings new challenges but I am always by

your side morning or night to strengthen

and guide you through every trial even

when new challenges Arise My Mercy is

renewed I will envelop you in my power

and Glory empowering you to endure it

Delights me to see your Faith now

unshakable Fearless in the face of

adversity feel safe and confident for

your love for me has deepened and you

are undergoing a

transformation Embrace this

encouragement feel my strength

empowering you to move forward boldly

from now on nothing will hinder you you

have embraced my word clung to my

promise with unwavering Faith believe in

the great plan I have for you for you

were created for greatness

do not be discouraged by current

circumstances I am sending a legion of

celestial angels to assist you on your

journey to Victory witness as you

Triumph in all aspects of Life causing

your adversaries to retreat in defeat

arm yourself with courage remember that

you are not just surviving you are

thriving under my watchful gaze your

faith in my word your steadfast faith in

my promises is your shield and strength

strength you were designed to reach

extraordinary Heights to overcome any

obstacle the challenges you face today

are mere Stepping Stones to the

Fulfillment of your Divine Purpose my

heavenly host Stand By Your Side

ensuring your success in every Endeavor

the fury of the enemy will be feudal

against your spirit filled with bravery

and my unwavering support stand tall and

confident for with every step you take

you are near ing the Fulfillment of your

Divine Purpose your faith in me has set

you on an Unstoppable path of progress

You Are Not Alone on this journey my

presence is your constant companion

providing strength wisdom and courage

Embrace this moment for you are on the

verge of witnessing wonders beyond your

imagination let your heart be filled

with courage and the certainty of my

eternal love and support remain Resolute

and un shakable You Are My Chosen

Warrior victorious in countless battles

embodying bravery and Triumph your life

is flourishing through your unwavering

trust in me and this fills my heart with

joy I see that you understand that I

have chosen you to display my miraculous

Works to the world to be a living

testimony of my incredible power acting

within you this brings me great Delight

in your growth your life is safeguard Ed

your family enveloped in protection and

your heart overflows with courage and

Jubilation for life for the battles you

face and for your service to me your

dedication and fervent desire to

prioritize Me Above All Else are

something I deeply value anticipate

Abundant Blessings about to be bestowed

upon you as you seek me in prayer in

Worship in praise your words deeply

touch my heart delighting me in hearing

your expression ions of love for me I

recognize your authenticity and

repeatedly test you through your faith

and posture day after day you reaffirm

that I am Paramount in your life and

that you trust me entirely my beloved I

too Harbor immense love for you with

love God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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