God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so do not ignore this video

because it is a message from God’s heart

to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear child on this day know that

regardless of the circumstances that

brought you here this moment has been

ordained for us to connect be open and

ready to receive all that I your loving

father have for you I observe your heart

and know the deepest desires within you

especially your faith start small like a

mustard seed but I desire to strengthen

your faith and take it to new heights to

a deeper level the faith you have now

may be sufficient for this season but I

invite you to go deeper with me to

elevate your faith so that you are

prepared for everything I have planned

for you as you face more significant

challenges you will need a greater faith

I don’t want you to waver when the enemy

threatens you I want your faith to

remain unshakable regardless of what

Rises against you in this moment I am

strengthening your faith so that you can

stand firm amidst every storm do not

doubt my promise to develop your faith I

am faithful to complete the work I

started in you when I bless you express

your gratitude and honor promptly

whether it’s for peace healing or

provision that I grant you recognize

that I am the true Source do not

attribute any good gift to yourself or

to anything Earthly for all valuable

gifts come from me your heavenly father

who abundantly provides for my children

the blessings I bestow are purely by my

grace and the foundation of my work in

you is my Holy Spirit if you believe in

my blessing manifest it by commenting I

believe the promised land I reserve erve

for you is not temporary it is the

Eternal home I desire for you to inhabit

every day however you must first journey

through the seasons of the desert the

comfort in the desert is ending I

declare that your transition to the

promised land begins now soon you will

witness everything I have done for you

the challenging season you faced is

giving way to the promise Rejoice if you

trust in the words of your heavenly

father if if so express it in the

comments by writing I trust in you Lord

as you leave the desert remember my

instructions I will bring them to mind

at the right moment engrave them in your

heart and mind so that you can thrive in

the promised land let my decrees guide

every step and decision continue to seek

my teachings consistently for they lead

to Abundant Life engrave my wisdom in

your heart where it will keep you

steadfast in difficult times I will

never forsake you the desert has

prepared you for this new season do not

fear what lies ahead for I go before you

preparing the way the land is ready and

waiting for you it has waited for you

you will cultivate good soil that will

yield a Bountiful Harvest Rejoice for

the desert has fulfilled its purpose

your faith has been tested but has not

failed stand firm and my word now you

will bear lasting fruits remember it is

by my power that you can Thrive and

advance in my kingdom do not forget that

I am your Source a branch cut off from

the vine quickly Withers stay connected

to me and you will flourish I am opening

doors and creating a path where you

could never go alone my hand brings

increase to every area of your life walk

carefully in this new season seek only

my will and path guard your heart

against pride and

self-confidence give me glory in all you

do I Delight in blessing my children but

I will not share my glory stay humble

and keep your eyes fixed on me a great

influence is coming use it only to build

others up and point them to me represent

your father well to everyone I entrust

wealth not for personal gain but for the

good of many use wisely what I give you

so that my light may shine through you

comment I believe if you believe I am

fulfilling the promises I spoke over you

what I declared will happen in due time

until then keep your eyes on me not on

those around you do not grow weary or

compare yourself each of my children

walks the path I have chosen at the pace

I have set your journey is unique

Delight only in me and I will give you

the desires of your heart

guard your heart and wait patiently in

my time rest knowing that I can do more

than you ask or imagine the trials of

the desert have prepared you for this

new season do not fear what lies ahead

for I go before you preparing the way my

timing is perfect I know it’s not easy

but I am with you every step of the way

keep your eyes fixed on me your loving

father calls you to a new level of

generosity with love of God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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