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said my dear son may these words find a

home in your heart and become a refuge

for your soul just as it is written in


even though I walk through the valley of

the shadow of death I will fear no evil

for you are with me your rod and your

staff they comfort me May these words be

a bomb to your soul dissipating all fear

and bringing the certainty that you are

not alone my love for you is as vast as

the heavens manifested in countless ways

but I desire for you to not only

perceive it but to dive deeply into it

speak to me now from the depths of your

soul just as it is written in Matthew

come to me all who labor and are

heavy laden and I will give you rest do

you seek a brighter chapter in your life

do you feel a overwhelming thirst for

release from the Relentless grip of

stress does your heart yearn for the

warm embrace of Joy allow me to be your

guide your unwavering support as we

navigate the tumultuous Waters of Life

towards Serenity and happiness trusting

in the words of Philippians

I can do all things through him who

strengthens me together we will turn

every challenge into an opportunity for

growth and every moment of joy into a

celebration of our unwavering love I

stand before you at this moment to

dispel your doubts to speak directly to

your heart you are aware of my existence

you feel my unwavering Presence by your

side and perhaps you do not need further

proof nevertheless I am willing to offer

signs not only to strengthen your belief

but also to show those around you the

powerful force that is with you I

encourage you to start each day with

gratitude even before you rise even if

your spirit is weary or if confusion

clouds your mind close your eyes in

silent gratitude be thankful for the

gift of life for the freedom to

communicate with me even if your faith

is as small as a mustard seed be

grateful for it thank those around you

despite their imperfections for they

carry love in their hearts be grateful

for your ability to think to read to

receive these words for you have the

power to transform your perspective

in the comments of your life declare

your gratitude writing thank you for

everything Lord every morning when a new


Dawn understand that every word I speak

is a manifestation of my love for you I

am here to guide you to support you on

your journey regardless of the

challenges you face in times of

uncertainty remember that I am by your

side as a light in the darkness as a

Safe Haven in the storm allow yourself

to feel my presence to trust in the

power of my guidance You are not alone

just as the dawn brings with it the

promise of a new day know that each

morning is an opportunity to start a new

to renew your faith and gratitude let

these feelings permeate your soul

strengthening you to face whatever the

day may bring for as it is written in

Psalms verse for his anger is but

for a moment and his favor is for a

lifetime weeping may t for the night but

joy comes with the morning may that joy

that peace that gratitude be your

constant companions along your

journey understand that the practice of

gratitude is more than just an

observation of the good things it is a

fundamental transformation of the mind

and heart when you allow ow yourself to

find gratitude even in the most

challenging circumstances you are

consciously choosing to see the world in

a brighter way each Act of gratitude is

like a small flame that ignites within

you Illuminating the dark corners of

your soul and as this light grows you

begin to see life in an entirely new way

the problems and obstacles that once

seemed insurmountable are now seen as

opportunities to grow and learn you

realize that each challenge is a

disguised gift a chance to become

stronger wiser and more

compassionate therefore let gratitude be

your compass guiding you through the

storms of life and lighting the way to a

future filled with hope and Endless

Possibilities my beloved Son it is with

immense love and compassion that I

address you in these words allow me to

envelop you in my my eternal love and

guidance for you are a Precious part of

my creation molded with Care by my

Divine hands know that Joy will overflow

in your heart when you enter my presence

with a spirit of gratitude this is the

key to unlocking the Wonders I have

reserved for you as you begin each day

be grateful for all the blessings you

have received large and small for

gratitude opens the doors to abundance

and joy Joy seek strength and guidance

in my word for therein you will find the

comfort and wisdom needed to face life’s

challenges listen to these messages with

a heart in prayer allowing my truth to

penetrate your soul and guide your steps

engrave them in your heart and share

them with love for the light shining

within you is meant to illuminate the

path of others who are also seeking

truth know that my promises are firm and

true and they will unfold into reality

for those who wait with faith and

patience I am aware of your most

intimate needs and the plans I have for

you are powerful and purposeful do not

be intimidated by the challenges you

currently face for each obstacle is an

opportunity to grow and strengthen in me

fear not for I am always by your side

ready to lift you up when you fall and

guide you through the storms of life

life open yourself to the words I impart

to you and resist the urge to respond

with anger or negativity to the

challenges you encounter allow me to

graciously Adorn your face with a smile

and anoint your head with the sacred oil

of my Holy Spirit do not misinterpret my

actions for I am not a vengeful or cruel

God I love you unconditionally and am

always ready to forgive your

transgressions when you turn to me in

Repentance do not blame me for your

trials but find comfort in my presence

and trust that I am working all things

for your good fear not the obstacles or

temporary conflicts for I Am with You

strengthening and empowering you to

overcome them seek truth in me for I am

the god of light truth and eternal love

my divine presence envelopes you and

soon your spiritual eyes May Glimpse the

Heavenly hosts guarding you against the

world’s malice promise me you will not

forget this when you turn off the light

before sleeping recite these words I

dwell in the shelter of the most high I

am surrounded by love under the shadow

of the

almighty remember though the world may

mock you my gaze upon you is full of

love I love and accept you as you are I

am aware of your dreams and ask

aspirations there will come a time when

you seek significant changes in your

life leaving behind the harmful habits

that consumed you there will be a day a

moment when you will learn to Value love

and care for yourself this is not

selfishness it is my commandment

remember love your neighbor as

yourself you must recognize and embrace

your true value this understanding will

not lead you to arrogance on the

contrary I will endow you with a

Compassionate Heart to sympathize with

those who suffer yet you will also be

fully aware of your own value and

potential you will joyfully accept the

gifts and blessings I bestow upon you I

bless you out of Love and Desire not out

of your Perfection I see your mistakes

and weaknesses but I also see your

strengths and talents my blessing come

to you through grace and mercy this is

the essence of my heart with love God I

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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